Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

August 2010

"fantastic fast and extremely efficent.....i will definatwely use your services again! " - claire from Staffordshire (Order No. M4011375) 31-08-2010
"extremely pleased with the speed and ease of the process, have recommended to friends and would happily use the service again :)" - Yasmin from Devon (Order No. M4002852) 31-08-2010
"amazing service - pleasure to deal with you , being kept in contact at every stage gives confidence and you will get replacement HTC phone in a year or two or 3" - Paul from Suffolk (Order No. M4021817) 31-08-2010
"Fabulous service.....does what it says on the tin!!!" - Chris from Hampshire (Order No. M4024408) 31-08-2010
"very efficient and helpful service!" - mehrunnisa from London (Order No. M4020075) 31-08-2010
"This is the first time that I have used Mazuma and I am delighted with the price I received for my IPhone 3G 8gb. Excellent service, fast payment and communications from this company and I will definetly recommend them to others. " - Brian from Midlothian (Order No. M4022057) 31-08-2010
"Excellent service!
" - Carole from Kent (Order No. M4022543) 31-08-2010
"Excellent service!! Posted phone in Freepost bag provided on Bank Holiday Monday morning and funds were in my bank account Tuesday teatime. Received 3 emails throughout the whole process keeping me well informed. Would recommend using this service to anyone, 10 out of 10, cheers guys and girls!! :-)" - Graham from Angus (Order No. M4020275) 31-08-2010
"Really quick service, the money arrived days before I expected, would definitely use this service again" - Steven from Kent (Order No. M4020036) 31-08-2010
"Excellent company very professional to be recommended.Deal complete in 3-days.Would not hesitate to use company in future." - Jim from Lanarkshire (Order No. M4010908) 31-08-2010
"Dropped the phones into Watford office as live local about 12. Money in accound by end of the day. Close to £300 for 5 old phones!!! Didnt think it would be this easy. Nothing but good things to say. Recieved 3 email, 1 got the phones, 2 payment will be made, 3 payment has been made. Very happy" - daniel from Hertfordshire (Order No. M4030243) 31-08-2010
"Fast, efficient and professioanl service. Definately would recommend.Thank you" - David from Hertfordshire (Order No. M4020962) 29-08-2010
"I was amazed at how quick and convenient the whole process was, will definately be using you again in the future." - wayne from Staffordshire (Order No. M4012372) 29-08-2010
"A fair price and amazingly quick payment. Same day as your receipt as promised. Very pleased. Many thanks" - Barry from Essex (Order No. M4017242) 29-08-2010
"An excellent service that I will definitely recommend to my friends" - Don from Hertfordshire (Order No. M4018353) 28-08-2010
"Very fast service, sent phone details tuesday,pre paid bag arrived wednesday, posted phones thursday, received payment into bank account friday.
Well done Mazuma" - Mal from Shropshire (Order No. M4018717) 28-08-2010
"Just like to say what a fantastic service you offer! All done from start to finish in three days, thanks simon" - simon from Somerset (Order No. M4016496) 27-08-2010
"Wow. I know a few people who have sold their phones to other companies, the payment usually takes 5-10 days and is £15-ish less than agreed. I posted my iphone to Mazuma on Thursday at 3:15. £156 (as agreed, not less like the others do) in my account before 1pm on Friday. Blimey that's quick. Well done!" - Dan from Lancashire (Order No. M4016751) 27-08-2010
"second time i've used mazuma and quite impressed how fast they work as a team to check the mobile and fast track your payment. thanks guys. I'll be sending more to you in the near future." - clive from Derbyshire (Order No. M4016468) 27-08-2010
"A great pleasure selling my phone to Mauma Mobile. I don't think it could of been any better, Simple process and fast at making making payments. Look forward to sending you my next mobile. Thank you :)" - Desmond from Wiltshire (Order No. M4018169) 27-08-2010
"Amazed, excellent work!" - Kyle from Isle of WIght (Order No. M4017272) 27-08-2010
"Clear & easy to use website. From the date of the sale of my phone on the website, receiving their pre-paid envelope, sending in the phone and receiving my Argos vouchers - took just 5 days. That's what I call a slick operation and an A+ customer experience." - Shabira from Middlesex (Order No. M4014473) 27-08-2010
"Just amazing how quickly you have processed evrything. I will be recommending you to everyine" - Martin from Oxfordshire (Order No. M4019289) 27-08-2010
"Seriously impressed with the service recieved from you guys at Mazuma. Decided to sell late Tuesday, had the letter with freepost envelope on Wednesday, posted the phone to you on Thursday and had the money in my bank on Friday and it was the exact amout originally quoted. Emails were sent throughout to keep me updated. Couldnt have been more impressed and will most definitely recommend to others and use again myself when i next have a phone to sell. Thank you for the great service." - Olivia from Wales, united kingdom (Order No. M4019426) 27-08-2010
"find this service brill . it was so easy and very very quick . would defo do it again xxxxx" - kerry from Leicestershire (Order No. M4000302) 26-08-2010
"Very happy with the service. Fast and reliable. Will recommend to friends.

Thank you very much

" - Rebecca from Lancashire (Order No. M4006182) 26-08-2010
"I have sold two phones separately to Mazuma in the last month. I sent the first to test the service before sending my second phone. All I can say is that the service has been outstanding on both occasions.They offered a fair price, kept me up to date via e-mail and were unbelievably fast with the service. Start to finish only took four working days to get my cheque.I used the freepost envelope which I did take to the post office so I would have proof of sending.Fabulous, cannot praise enough !" - William from Lancashire (Order No. M4000020) 26-08-2010
"Very pleased with the speed and ease of selling my old phones. Should of done it a long time ago." - Adam from Middlesex (Order No. M4012210) 26-08-2010
"Excellent service. Very quick and easy process. Thank you!" - Sam from Kent (Order No. M4016640) 26-08-2010
"hey mazuma thanks for the cheques for my old fones!! it was very easy and i was very satisfied with the results!!!

CHEERS :)" - ally from Stirlingshire (Order No. M4016846) 26-08-2010
"Very impressed with the whole experience thanks Mazuma. I highly recommend this and definitely use again. " - Simon from Hertfordshire (Order No. M4016888) 26-08-2010
"After looking throgh Ebay to see what my Nokia N95 was selling for, i decided to try Mazuma, they gave me what the phone was going for on Ebay, only difference was: Mazuma wanted the phone and paid me next day, unlike idiots some Ebay ... Well done Mazuma, next time i get an upgrade i will be selling you my old phone.. 10 out of 10.. " - Gary from London (Order No. M3572417) 26-08-2010
"easy to navigate around website, very quick delivery of post bag, very quick turnaround, kept informed every step of the way via emails, this is the second time i have used mazuma and i am very impressed. oh, and not to mention the money paid out is the best i could find. " - tristan from Suffolk (Order No. M4017043) 26-08-2010
"Great service, was delighted with the payment of £92 for my old phone which would probably have ended up in the bin. Would definately use this service again. Thank you." - MARY from Stirlingshire (Order No. M3884777) 26-08-2010
"The service you provide is excellent. The speed you forwarded the envelope & then sent the cheque was amazing. Thank you I will recommend Mazuma to friends." - Jeanette from Perthshire (Order No. M4016380) 26-08-2010
"This is the second time I have used mazuma and I must say they are probably one of the the most proffesional and efficient companies I have ever dealt with !" - russell from rhondda cynon taff (Order No. M4017940) 26-08-2010
"Thanks - a truly brilliant service. Most impressed with the speed with which you dealt with this purchase: hugely impressive." - Tim from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M4017357) 26-08-2010
"Found the whole process simple, fast and friendly. To be honest, too good to be true. You gave me the best price for the mobile phone. I have been singing your praises to all my colleagues at work!" - Mohammed from Lancashire (Order No. M4009344) 26-08-2010
"Ive found your service amazing - so very impressed with the speed and efficiency. I had the money in my account in less than 24hrs from sending the phone to me. Couldn't fault one thing. I will be recommending you to all my friends. A*. Thank you very much." - Helen from Nottingham (Order No. M4014412) 26-08-2010
"1st class, hassle free makes a refreshing change" - george from Cheshire (Order No. M4013969) 26-08-2010
"I have used mazuma a few times before (and another well known site once). Mazuma gives excellent customer service - they do exactly as they promise. Their service far outweighs that of their competitors. " - Donna from Suffolk (Order No. M4014638) 26-08-2010
"have used one other company to recycle a mobile phone and it was nowhere as easy and comfortable as dealing with yourselves. everytime !! thanks" - t c from Yorkshire (Order No. M3990931) 25-08-2010
"just wanted to say how easy it was.posted it one day got money in bank next day.will recommend you to everyone i know" - barry from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M4007270) 25-08-2010
"Great: know other words can be sead thank you" - Chich from Surrey (Order No. M4010133) 25-08-2010
"Really impressive service - Thanks. " - Tom from london (Order No. M4005298) 25-08-2010
"Excellent service. Can't fault you. Fantastically fast and smooth transaction.
Thank you so much." - Michael from North Yorkshire (Order No. M4010705) 25-08-2010
"Fast efficient service and no hassle.
I was thinking of selling my phone on ebay, but Mazuma offered me as much as I was likely to get for it there without the hassle of listing it, waiting 2 weeks, and vetting the winner, not forgetting the Paypal fees. I sent the phone in one day and the money was in my bank the next. Brilliant!
" - Alistair from Essex (Order No. M4005793) 25-08-2010
"Great service. I received my envelope on tuesday, I posted back that day and money was in my account by 13.00pm Wednesday.
I would recommend anybody who wants to make some money quickly.
Game On Mazuma!!!! " - Matthew from Hampshire (Order No. M4014676) 25-08-2010
"Thank you what a service i have recived from your company " - andrew from Middlesex (Order No. M4012279) 25-08-2010
"Very good price ! Fast money transfer . Would use again !!! Thank You" - Ewa from Hampshire (Order No. M4004564) 25-08-2010
"great service, cannot complain. it was excellent. well worth it.

thank you" - john from avon (Order No. M4014241) 25-08-2010
"Absolutely fabulous I can't believe how quick and simple this scheme work, i would recommend Mazuma to anyone "brill"" - John from CHESHIRE (Order No. M4013376) 25-08-2010
"i would just like to say what a great service you provide this is the second time i have used mazuma and both times i have had fast and efficient service. the payment was in my bank account the day after i posted the phones. now thats what i call good. i would have no hesitation in telling my family and friends to use mazuma in the future" - andy from Yorkshire (Order No. M4009294) 25-08-2010
"Great speedy service!... You may not give the most amount of money for phones, but you can be assured that the service and attention given is first class. keep up the good work. Highly Recommended" - Alan from FIFE (Order No. M4013183) 25-08-2010
"Excellent service, easy, convienient and fast, only to pleased to use your service again when i upgrade" - lee from Warwickshire (Order No. M4011936) 25-08-2010
"This is the second time I have used your service and I am impressed by the speed. The payment is very prompt. Will recommend to friends." - Kathleen from Merseyside (Order No. M4011332) 25-08-2010
"Mazuma mobile is quick and easy to use the payment was made very quick and there was no problems as promised. I would recommend mazuma mobile to my friends any day. Thank you Mazuma " - Cheryl from Fife (Order No. M4008103) 25-08-2010
"Very impressed with the service from Mazuma. Prompt payment made direct into my bank account the day they received and processed my order (iPhone 3G). Also, full payment was made as stated before sending in my handset, unlike Envirofone who reduced the price when last used. Highly recommended......" - Jason from South Gloucestershire (Order No. M4009712) 25-08-2010
"great service.everything done as mazuma says it does.wonderful in this day and age. " - john from Yorkshire (Order No. M4010983) 25-08-2010
"Didn't know what to do with my old mobiles until I found Mazuma on the web.
Easy to navigate website, information plain to see and brilliant service.
Thanks for the experience." - Rob from Gloucestershire (Order No. M4008872) 25-08-2010
"First time user - excellent service, speedy, efficient and would recommend with absolute confidence. Checked out other sites, but although some offered more money for the phone, the reviews did not inspire confidence.
thanks again." - Jenny from Kent (Order No. M4008148) 24-08-2010
"Amazing service, super fast and hassle free. Payment same day as receipt of my phone, I can't fault it. I have used other companies previously but never again. Mazuma are the best!! Thank you very much." - Angela from Somerset (Order No. M4008068) 24-08-2010
"Brilliant, fast payment!" - Grant from Worcestershire (Order No. M4010677) 24-08-2010
"Excellent, thank you, good price paid, and no messing about, payment in my account the same day. Will recommend you to all my friends " - KERI from Staffordshire (Order No. M4009909) 24-08-2010
"Fast and efficient service. MONEY IN ACCOUNT 24HOURS LATER. poST oFFICE QUERIED IF I ACTUALLY NEEDED TO PAY £5.00 SPECIAL DELIVERY AS PRE PAID RETURN PACK INDICATED POSTAGE PAID. Paid it as phone worth £127.00" - lynne from suffolk (Order No. M4008539) 24-08-2010
"Excellent service - you kept me informed throughout the process ... one which was simple, efficient and fast!" - Colin from Antrim (Order No. M4009915) 24-08-2010
"Super fast service thank you." - Lee from Hertfordshire (Order No. M4002030) 24-08-2010
"2nd time using you, excellent service throughout." - Richard from West Midlands (Order No. M4012336) 24-08-2010
"Excellent service, i would reccomend to anyone.

Thanks very much Mazuma :o)" - nichola from Yorkshire (Order No. M4009910) 24-08-2010
"Very good and speedy service. Payment was made into my account within a day of phone being posted." - Donny from Lothian (Order No. M3999283) 24-08-2010
"2nd time I have used you, excellent service
fast and very efficient." - Philip from London (Order No. M3993446) 24-08-2010
"I have sold two phones with you so far. What a GREAT service and SO quick. I have recommended you to all my friends. Thanks Mazuma !!!!!" - Lisa from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M4007016) 24-08-2010
"Fantastic service... Will def recommend Mazuma in the future... Thanx " - Colin from Yorkshire (Order No. M3996407) 24-08-2010
"Very quick and professional service. Thanks" - Paul from Dorset (Order No. M3979312) 24-08-2010
"I am very impressed with your service. Couldn't believe it could be so easy" - Gillian from Sussex (Order No. M4010695) 24-08-2010
"straightforward, quick and easy!" - Alison from Berkshire (Order No. M4010472) 24-08-2010
"The whole process from start to finish was so quick and easy to do! Most of all the money was paid in to my bank in less than a week! Brilliant!" - Kerry from Norfolk (Order No. M4009653) 24-08-2010
"Thus is the second time I have used Mazuma and the service in excellent. Regular emails keep you informed of progress and having payment direct into my bank account meant I received payment within hours of you receiving the phone. Brilliant!" - Sue from Anglesey (Order No. M3995613) 24-08-2010
"Amazingly quick turnaround
Would recommend them to
Thanks again ....." - Ashley from merseyside (Order No. M3995670) 23-08-2010
"FANTASTIC service! This is the second time i've used your company to sell my mobile phones. Each time I've had a fantastic service at an unbelievable speed. Thank you so much.

Only critisism offer a little better prices for mobiles haha.

But overall I will continue to use you's everytime!" - Jordan from Durham (Order No. M4007543) 23-08-2010
"excellent service, posted phones on the Wednesday afternoon, received cheque on Sat Morning,very happy, would def recommend. Thank you " - Samantha from Bedfordshire (Order No. M4005730) 23-08-2010
"Really impressed with the speed and service afforded by Mazuma I would definitely recommend to friends and use again" - Derek from Cheshire (Order No. M4006260) 23-08-2010
"Dear Mazuma,

I would like to congratulate you on offering a great service!
Highly recommended!!

Thanks" - Nik from Surrey (Order No. M4000559) 23-08-2010
"Fantastic service, I was really impressed with the speed of payment. Would definitely use again." - Ree from Bristol (Order No. M3985067) 23-08-2010
"at first i was weary to use you service but the speed and the way it was handled was fantastic I shall be recommending you to everyone I know.

Thankyou for the way this was handled and the money both are very much appreciated" - Scott from Stirlingshire (Order No. M4009116) 23-08-2010
"Simply an Unbelievable service sent the phones on Friday got paid Monday..... Thank You" - PHIL from Berkshire (Order No. M4008013) 23-08-2010
"Thank you so much! I posted the phone a few days ago, and the payment is already in my bank account. No fuss, fast and reliable transaction. I will definately use your service again." - Allyson from Ayrshire (Order No. M4010446) 23-08-2010
"Thank you for fantastic service. I would recommend you!" - Lee-Anne from Hertfordshire (Order No. M4000869) 23-08-2010
"absouletly excellent service i sent for a bag on thursday then the postal bag came the next day (friday) and i also posted it this day it then got to them on the monday by 1:00pm and then the payment had been paid in my account the same day and cleared the same day thankyou mazuma for your spped in this i will always sell all my phones hear go MAZUMA!!!!!!! a++++++++++++++++++++++++++" - zak from Wiltshire (Order No. M4010441) 23-08-2010
"Very fast quick and fair service. kept me updated all the way and dealt with my service withi 4 days of placing order" - Ethel from Surrey (Order No. M4010177) 23-08-2010
"Mazuma is excellent, fast service, efficient payment and hassle free. The biggest inconvenience was posting the phones, apart from that it was a pleasure doing business with Mazuma. I will be recommending Mazuma too friends :)" - Gavin from Lanarkshire (Order No. M4007486) 23-08-2010
"very easy to do very quick payment excellent service thanks" - john from Staffordshire (Order No. M3992605) 22-08-2010
"really fast service,second time i have used mazuma,thanks guys :)" - tracey from cumbria (Order No. M4005797) 21-08-2010
"Brilliant, fast, efficient service! Even though my phone was quite old, i got something back and the phone itself can be recycled properly! Many thanks!" - Hayley from Glamorgan (Order No. M3982192) 21-08-2010
"I used Mazuma for My IPhone 3GS. I used them because I had read some very good reviews by previous customers. I have to say that I found the service fantastic. I placed the order on Tuesday received the pack on Wednesday sent by recorded delivery on thursday and received the agreed price in my bank on Friday afternoon. Brilliant !! Mazuma delivered exactly what the other customers said and I will have no reservation in using Mazuma again when it is time to trade in my current phone. I would strongly recommend Mazuma to anyone looking to recycle their phone." - Mike from Middlesex (Order No. M4005254) 21-08-2010
"Very easy and quick! " - Stuart from Huntingdonshire (Order No. M3988018) 21-08-2010
"i would just like to say how shocked i was to recieve my argos card so quickly,youe fast and efficient and keep to the price you quote,where as others dont i will certainly use you again.thanks happy customer." - donna from Derbyshire (Order No. M4005513) 21-08-2010
"Thank you very much for such fast and good service." - Elvina from Kent (Order No. M4006354) 21-08-2010
"Excellent service I will definitely recommend your service to friends. Pre paid envelope arrived next day and payment into my account the day after phone sent. Your service cannot be faulted -if only other companies were so efficient" - Chris from Gloucestershire (Order No. M3998372) 21-08-2010
"Could not be better Mazuma received phone AM money in my bank PM You can't beat that !!
I Would definitely recommend these people (no promises of megabucks)" - JOHN from Cheshire (Order No. M4004989) 21-08-2010
"Great service !
thanks" - martina from n/a (Order No. M399329844) 21-08-2010
"This is the 2nd time I've used Mazuma and both times the service has been superb. Very quick and efficient" - Alex from Middx (Order No. M4002836) 21-08-2010
"Sent the phones on Thursday at noon
Via post box, received the money in my account on Friday 3pm. Very impressed with the service." - Sarah from Staffordshire (Order No. M4001162) 20-08-2010
"thanks for the fantastic customer service.I sent away my phones and the next pay i had the payment. Meaning i can get my iPhone 4 quicker !!! thanks :D Will be using this service again and will def recommend to family and friends! cheers again ;)!" - Andrew from Lanarkshire (Order No. M4002850) 20-08-2010
"Really fast payment. Highly recomended." - Asoka from Surrey (Order No. M4001580) 20-08-2010
"brilliant service, very quick, asked for your envelope on friday, posted phones to you monday, got check wednesday. excellent!" - amanda from northamptonshire (Order No. M3997330) 20-08-2010
"Thankyou for your easy and efficent service. It is a very useful way to dispose of unwanted mobile phones." - Tracy from Leicestershire (Order No. M4003161) 20-08-2010
"Very pleased with the quick and efficient service you offer, will def use again and recommendd the service to friends and family." - Emily from Essex (Order No. M4006944) 20-08-2010
"great! simple and quick payment :) " - Jill from Kent (Order No. M4006657) 20-08-2010
"Congratulations on providing such prompt service. 4 days from start to finish is outstanding. I will certainly recommend you when the opportunity presents itself. Thank you very much." - Brenda from Kent (Order No. M4006601) 20-08-2010
"I was very impressed with the turn around. I sent my phone off yesterday ( 19th Aug) and received an email today ( 20th Aug ) confirming receipt of phone and payment all in less than 24 hours! Highly recommend. And fantastic service would definitely use again! Thank you! :) " - Hannah from Lincolnshire (Order No. M4005824) 20-08-2010
"Thank you for such amazing customer service. It was very easy and quick. I am really impressed and will be recommending you to others.
Mia" - Mia from Surrey (Order No. M4007607) 20-08-2010
"My cash was in the bank 25 hours after I put the phones in the post box. Outstanding 5 star service. Other companys may offer a bit more, but remember Mazuma pays your postage. Well done Mazuma......Will use again." - Ray from Merseyside (Order No. M4007093) 20-08-2010
"Excellent service-3rd time I have used Mazuma mobile and I would not use any other company now.Posted my phone off on WEDNESDAY and received my payment on the FRIDAY!Very fast and efficient and reliable service." - DAVID from DURHAM (Order No. M3985691) 20-08-2010
"Outstanding service. The money was in my account 25 hours after I put the phone in the post! Congratulations on providing truly excellent customer service in a world where the opposite is the norm." - H from LONDON (Order No. M4004714) 20-08-2010
"Very very impressed with the quickness and communication of transaction, normally companies are slow to give/return money. But I received cheque 3 days after I sent the phone, one of those days being a Sunday. So thank you very much, have told my friends to send theirs to you." - Charlotte from Staffordshire (Order No. M3990949) 20-08-2010
"Sent phone using freepost envelope supplied on Thursday 19th Aug 2010 and received my money on the 20th Aug 2010. Very quick service. I will use mazuma every time." - George from West Lothian (Order No. M4005962) 20-08-2010
"Thanks for your super fast dealing with the sale of my phone. All done in 3 days and cheque received! Excellent! Thanks very much" - Gillian from Berkshire (Order No. M4005314) 20-08-2010
"Fantastic service yet again, Will be using you again definately
THANKS" - nicholas from caerphilly (Order No. M4002956) 20-08-2010
"fantastic service cant beleave how easy and fast it was Many Thabks." - Amanda from n/a (Order No. M397725) 20-08-2010
"Thank you for such a hassle free transaction - amongst everything else that is going on 'out there' in the sellers world, youve made this a hassle-free, fast and completely reliable service. Many thanks again. Sara" - sara from Staffordshire (Order No. M4003478) 20-08-2010
"Thank you for the efficient way you have dealt with the purchase of my mobile. This is the second mobile i have sold to you and will definately recommend you to all my friends and will be using you again. Thank you very much." - Diane from Notts (Order No. M4000256) 20-08-2010
"A pleasure to do business with you, very quick service and business completed in a very professional manner.Would recommend you to other sellers." - John from Yorkshire (Order No. M4003216) 20-08-2010
"tnk u very much this i a very good website nd u guys are very quick at feeding back nd everything fantastic service id recomend u your wayy better than that envirophone nd the other sites" - jessica from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3993064) 19-08-2010
"Fantastic service! Really helpful and quick at responding to my email. And the payment being transferred into my account the same day was as an added bonus! Such an easy, straight forward service - many thanks!
" - Katie from n/a (Order No. MM3975053) 19-08-2010
"excelent service great speedy perfect thankyou " - mark from Gloucestershire (Order No. M3996580) 19-08-2010
"Hi - just wanted to say thanks for such a swift and professional service. It made having a broken blackberry slightly less awful! Thanks again, susie" - Susannah from Surrey (Order No. M3999222) 19-08-2010
"well what can i say, perfect fast and easy.. mazuma is by far the greatest company to sell you phone on!! Thank you" - Raymond from Essex (Order No. M4005862) 19-08-2010
"Fantastic service, phone posted Monday afternoon cheque received wednesday!!!!! Will use again without a doubt" - jason from Worcestershire (Order No. M3969959) 19-08-2010
"Outstanding service! Amazed at the speed and efficiency of your process! I sent the phone to you at 1.45 pm on Wednesday and by 1.40pm on Thursday the money was in my bank account... a huge thank you for making this so painless!" - Sue from Kent (Order No. M4004181) 19-08-2010
"Thanks for the extra cash, really came in handy and very fast, great service will defo use you guys again!" - jason from greater london (Order No. M4002755) 19-08-2010
"Posted Friday, money in the bank Monday. Brilliant." - Trevor from Monmouthshire (Order No. M3999961) 19-08-2010
"Absolutely incredible service i have used this on two occasions now, sent the phone one day payment the next via a fast bank transfer, certainly seems the best of the recycling services out there with comptetitive prices, great communication and quick payment...will definately use and recommend in future... Thanks" - Matthew from Renfrewshire (Order No. M4000387) 19-08-2010
"Really happy fast customers services payment straight into bank will recommend to friends fab company " - linda from Lancashire (Order No. M3996723) 19-08-2010
"Great service. Fast payment which was also the highest offer for my phone. All in all delighted nd would definitely recommend mazuma to my friends :D " - Reiss from London (Order No. M3997346) 18-08-2010
"This is the second time i have used the service and i am very impressed at the service. The instructions for sending your phone are very clear and payment reachs you by return. I have had one Argos voucher and a bank transfer. Thank you so much for outstanding customer service." - karen from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M3999642) 18-08-2010
"excellent service and fast too. many thanks" - lesley from kent (Order No. M3999378) 18-08-2010
"So easy, so quick, great price. I can't believe how good the service is. Took about 5 mins to fill in online form; the next day I got the reply envelope; wrapped phone up and posted the following day. Mazuma received a day later and sent payment to my bank account the day they got the phone, money received in bank almost immediately.

Best price for phone was Mazuma; I checked various other sites.

Would recommend Mazuma to anyone.

Thank you so much Mazuma" - Andy from Bedfordshire (Order No. M3995559) 18-08-2010
"I was delighted with the service i got.
Easy, friendly and very fast. I have already recommended you to friends and colleagues.
Thank you!" - Lorna from Cheshire (Order No. M4000751) 18-08-2010
"Brilliant. Less than 24 hours between posting to cash in bank account. " - Tim from Dorset (Order No. M4000904) 18-08-2010
"Very efficient, quick service - best prices I found on the internet. Thanks" - PAULINE from Northamptonshire (Order No. M4004104) 18-08-2010
"Mazuma offer a great service. The value given to the phones is better than any other site and the service - from placing your sell order to receiving payment is second to none.Will continue to use and will recommend to others. Keep up the good work " - Claire from Huntingdonshire (Order No. M4002163) 18-08-2010
"Superfast transaction with great communication. Very impressed indeed! Will be recommending to others......" - Stephen from Glamorgan (Order No. M3942439) 18-08-2010
"Dont usually leave feedback, but very impressed with Muzuma mobile. Impressive website which is very user friendly and good, simple ordering process, keeping the customer informed every step of the way. Order complete without any problems. Well done." - Ngai from Yorkshire (Order No. M3998937) 18-08-2010
"excellent service and really fast payments :)" - laura from Northumberland (Order No. M4001761) 18-08-2010
"a really impressive service ,which I shall use whenever I change phones.
I have also been endorsing you too all my mates as well.
keep up the great work!!" - Alistair from Devon (Order No. M4003003) 18-08-2010
"Just posted the phone yesterday, everything was REALLY well explained and loved the way they offer a online service on clearing the phone! This is the first time ive ever used anything like this and was a bit optimistic but i can safely say id use mazuma again and again thanks again *****" - Alan-lee from Londonderry (Order No. M4002854) 18-08-2010
"Absolutely brilliant and efficient service. I will recommend you to everyone I know." - Anne from Lancashire (Order No. M4001555) 18-08-2010
"Your service is incredible its like a really fast thing going really really fast. Well done you should be proud." - barry from Flintshire (Order No. M4002058) 18-08-2010
"Awesome service, very efficient and swift payment! Will always use you in the future!" - Ben from Yorkshire (Order No. M3993541) 18-08-2010
"First time I tried it and didn't think I would get a good price but I didn't so glad my old phone is not sitting there gathering dust and I got the money I was offered so quickly. :-)" - Manj from West Midlands (Order No. M3987836) 18-08-2010
"dam, what can I say, it is actualy very easy and fast, will 110% use again! " - Saqib from Yorkshire (Order No. M4000223) 18-08-2010
"You guys are great! so quick, and so simple!! Fantastic!!! :D" - James from Somerset (Order No. M3995260) 18-08-2010
"Excellent service! Really quick and easy, I sent off my phones one day and received payment the next! I was dubious about using this service having heard some bad stories about other phone purchasing firms but I needn't have worried with Mazuma! I shall be using you again thank you! " - Clare from Northumberland (Order No. M3987555) 18-08-2010
"very quick and easy" - Fergus from Stirlingshire (Order No. M3998005) 17-08-2010
"Superb Service!

Second time I have used Mazuma - and wouldn't use anyone else.

First Class and straight forward service." - Darren from North Yorkshire (Order No. M3992553) 17-08-2010
"Thanks, found this really easy to do! great!!" - Hannah from Kent (Order No. M3990755) 17-08-2010
"Excellent service - old phone put in the post on Friday and the money was in my account on Monday. " - Tracy from Gloucestershire (Order No. M3975686) 17-08-2010
"Very impressive..Easy, quick smooth transaction! 10/10!" - Kevin from Kent (Order No. M3998404) 17-08-2010
"first class service! Have used you before and am always highly impressed how efficiently it all goes. Highly recommended. In fact, I have recommended you to many friends and colleges. " - glenn from antrim (Order No. M3996661) 17-08-2010
"First class service, thank you" - Stuart from Antrim (Order No. M3999703) 17-08-2010
"First class service thank you" - Stuart from Antrim (Order No. M3999741) 17-08-2010
"Excellent service,and great price for a phone you would probably just throw away.All done in just a few days! " - bruce from Derbyshire (Order No. M3998336) 17-08-2010
"Thanks for the excellent service. The step by step guide really helped too and i was kept up to date every step of the way. Would highly recommend your company to friends. " - Rosalyn from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3995413) 17-08-2010
"Very impressed. Posted the package Monday, money paid Tuesday before 5pm. Makes me sorry I don't have more phones to sell!" - Martin from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3997388) 17-08-2010
"Really fast, only took about 2 days! Money same day as you receiving my phone. Would defo use again and recommend to a friend! " - Rachael from Denbighshire (Order No. M3994976) 17-08-2010
"This is the 1st time I have used you and the experience was professional, impressive and totally faultless. Congratulations on providing a first class service in every way." - Roger from Middlesex (Order No. M4000008) 17-08-2010
"A great service. Placed sale order Friday, received envelope Saturday, posted phones Monday and money in my account Tuesday.

Simple and easy with no hassle." - Alison from Leicestershire (Order No. M3999162) 17-08-2010
"fast & efficant, paying into bank great idea" - paul from Somerset (Order No. M3988094) 17-08-2010
"I have to confess that I thought that the business of mobile selling was perhaps going to be a bit . . . err . . risky? I am pleased to say that Mazuma proved me totally wrong - everything they claimed to do was done to the letter. The instructions, arrangements and then the payment was spot on. Thanks to them I am now £156 better off than I otherwise would have been. I will definitely recommend Mazuma to my friends and relatives without hesitation. Thanks!" - Gary from East Sussex (Order No. M3996996) 17-08-2010
"Brilliant service! money was in my bank less than 24 hours after i posted my phone." - Lee from Cheshire (Order No. M3996569) 17-08-2010
"So impressed with this service! Posted the phones on Monday, arrived at Mazuma on Tuesday and money in my account the same day!!! Also received emails to confirm what was happening. Literally all happended in 2 days, wasn't expecting that kind of service.I'm impressed. Thank you! " - Cynthia from Middlesex (Order No. M3990200) 17-08-2010
"Excellent service that is seamless,simple and totally satisfactory.
Thanks Mazuma'
Alan" - Alan from South Gloucestershire (Order No. M3993920) 17-08-2010
"5* service, free post bag cam within two days. Sent the phone away and the next day had my money in the bank. Now i have some money towards my new Phone :) Thanks Mazuma" - Matthew from Stockton-on-Tees (Order No. M3990705) 17-08-2010
"thanks for taking my fone and giving me money for it becasue i would never had used it. Your service is fast thanks" - Samantha from Scotland (Order No. M3998447) 17-08-2010
"Great service very speedy and efficient.
" - Ian from n/a (Order No. MM3989945) 16-08-2010
"absolutely perfect company regarding comunications delivery and payments, fantastic thankyou very much mazuma.will use again." - graham from Yorkshire (Order No. M3994415) 16-08-2010
"An absolute pleasure to do business with you. I cannot believe how simple, straightforward and efficient your service is.
I posted my phones to you by special delivery on Friday afternoon, it's now 2.30pm on Monday and the money is already in my bank...terrific.
I will recommend you to everyone I know. Many thanks for doing exactly what you say you will do, a refreshing change." - Stephen from Glamorgan (Order No. M3997351) 16-08-2010
"Very fast and efficient. Its been a pleasure dealing with you again, thanks for taking it off my hands." - Mark from Cheshire (Order No. M3995394) 16-08-2010
"That was the fastest deal ever! Everything from sending the phone to money in my account was completed in less than 48 hours! How I wish I have more "Old Phones" to process!

I recommend Mazuma to everyone reading this feedback!
" - Joseph from Essex (Order No. M3988166) 16-08-2010
"Excellent I sent my mobile off on the Friday and mobile was recieved Monday with the money in my account practically straight away.

Very impressed wil reconmend you to friends when recycling phone" - Hayley from Kent (Order No. M3981590) 16-08-2010
"Quick, painless and simple to do. Not the best price and you offered me £8 the week before but couldn't get out to send it then, but considered reliability more important." - Catherine from Northamptonshire (Order No. M3997316) 16-08-2010
"Excellent, quick service, quick payment, really pleased, will definately use Mazuma again." - GEMMA from Somerset (Order No. M3989963) 16-08-2010
"Wow Wow Wow, these are the words I could really say every promise they said came to past, i sent my 3 unused phones to mazuma for 65 pounds on Friday afternoon, On Monday I got an e-mail from Mazuma saying about the phones being checked, I was excited, within 1 hour They said that order was recivied payment sent Tuesday Morning I got my Money. 10/10 Muzuma Keep it up! I will recommend this strongly to anyone who is reading this." - Emmanuel from Northamptonshire (Order No. M3998096) 16-08-2010
"This is the first time I have used a service such of yours and I am very impressed with both the value you offer and the speed at which you dealt with my order. I will definitely use your service again and would have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends." - Dan from Hampshire (Order No. M3989883) 16-08-2010
"Excellent and a great site and service. Keep the good work up." - Chris from Essex (Order No. M3971651) 16-08-2010
"From the initial process of identifying my mobile for valuation to receipt of the payment cheque, was simple and rapid. In my case the process took 4 days And I delayed the business by a day at my end.
The matter was simple, the next-day after selling, delivery to me of a prepaid return envelop with clear instructions was reassuring and surprising. At each stage confirmatory emails were very welcome.
A good experience in which I felt like the only customer. Excellent" - John from Devon (Order No. M3991932) 15-08-2010
"Fantastic service! Amazingly fast from start to finish - will definately use you again and will recommend to friends and family! thank you" - Bonnie from Essex (Order No. M3989366) 15-08-2010
"Very fast, easy and efficient service - thanks" - Joanne from Devon (Order No. M3987519) 14-08-2010
"Exellent service, at first I was a little unsure but with Mazuma there are no worries. Regular email updates and the whole process was completed in days and the money was in my bank.

Well done Mazuma I could not ask for a better service, its nice to know there are still companies out there who pride themselves with first class customer service." - Karl from West Midlands (Order No. M3982247) 14-08-2010
"Wow - fantastic service - got my vouchers within a couple of days - thank you" - Helene from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3991990) 14-08-2010
"Really pleased with absolutely excellent service. You gave the best price for my non working N86 which I registered on Tuesday and by Friday morning I had received the cheque in the post. Brilliant, super fast and hassle free. Thank you Mazuma x x x" - BEVERLEY from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3993728) 14-08-2010
"Thank you for the fast efficent service that you provided in purchasing my phone. This was from start to finish an excellent service and all completed within a few days. I will definitely recommend you to friends and colleagues. Once more thank you very much." - David from Greater London (Order No. M3993982) 14-08-2010
"The service was really quick! It is a quick, reliable, excellent company. And we are glad to get rid of so many phones for lots of money!
Thank you" - Juliette from Hampshire (Order No. M3992196) 14-08-2010
"So simple, so fast. I wish more things in life were this easy! Many thanks." - Angie from London (Order No. M3993584) 14-08-2010
"Excellent service can't believe how fast we got the payment, they deffently keep to their word, when they say you get prompt payment, we opt for the fast track payment straght in to our bank account, it was in our bank with in 24 hours of us sending the phone to them,
GREAT SERVICE THANK YOU" - Angela from Durham (Order No. M3986131) 13-08-2010
"I found the service, fast, easy and efficient. I would definitely use Mazuma to sell any future mobiles that don't get used anymore." - Siobhan Theresa from Cumbria (Order No. M3983465) 13-08-2010
"Service first class - very quick, easy to use web site. The complete service was easy to use - extremely happy would definately recommend.

Keep up the good work.

Regards" - Karl from n/a (Order No. MM3993806) 13-08-2010
"I just wanted to say that the service on both orders has been excellent! very efficent and payment on the same day the phone was received. Keep up the good work as I will certainly recomend you to all of my friends.

Thank you" - Della from UK (Order No. M3992139) 13-08-2010
"very prompt service will gladly use you in future an recommend you to friends" - CAROL from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3994154) 13-08-2010
"Excellent, no nonsense service i was very impressed by the expediency of the whole transaction and i was very please with the value offered for my mobile phone - on rhw whole would recommend this company" - Murielle from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3972903) 13-08-2010
"the service i received was quick and easy. look 24hrs from posting my phone to receiving the money!! And unlike other site Got FULL Amount!

Wonderful site really pleased! would defiantly recommend." - Michael from Middlesex (Order No. M3989362) 13-08-2010
"literally amazing service..posted out and paid the very next day. Has to be the most tightly run and well organised systems i've ever used online- with emails updating me on every aspect of the service it couldn't be any easier. Just wish i had more phones to sell! well done." - D from Middlesex (Order No. M3988306) 13-08-2010
"Many thanks. I'm totally amazed how simple, quick and efficient the whole process has been" - Jamie from Waterlooville (Order No. M3989040) 13-08-2010
"Excellent! Really very impressive service. Staff on phone were helpful and speed of service was amazing. Sent yesterday afternoon, confirmation of receipt this morning, confirmation of payment early afternoon. Less than 24 hours. Well done.

Already have and will continue to recommend you to friends and family." - Stephen from Devon (Order No. M3991844) 13-08-2010
"Very fast and efficient service, with really good prices.
will recommend to friends." - Samantha from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3989164) 13-08-2010
"Fantastic service, very straightforward and was kept updated all the way through the process, would highly recommend and would definately use again." - LAURA from Cheshire (Order No. M3986182) 13-08-2010
"Superb service. Why can't other companies be as efficient as 'Mazuma'? I will certainly be recommending you. " - Steven from Cheshire (Order No. M3988394) 13-08-2010
"This is the second time I've used your service and I very rarely give feedback, but would just like to say thank you again for by far the simplest, fasted and clearest process for selling old phones. I recommend you to everyone all the time! Siddharth" - siddharth from oxfordshire (Order No. M3993557) 13-08-2010
"I posted my old phone off on Tuesday and received a cheque today(Friday).Living in Northern Ireland generally means a slightly longer wait so to say I am impressed is an understatement!! Many thanks mazuma :-)" - Elizabeth from Down (Order No. M3988028) 13-08-2010
"Clucking brilliant! Posted normal post Thursday afternoon, money in my account by Friday afternoon." - Louise from Greater Manchester (Order No. M3986079) 13-08-2010
"a very good service from start to finish. clear and precise instructions and a very good value . thanks l j benstock ps would recommend to everyone " - linda from Essex (Order No. M3992315) 13-08-2010
"excellent service cheque arrived next day will certainly use again and recommend to friends." - gloria from Yorkshire (Order No. M3990826) 13-08-2010
"Very, very pleased with the level of service, ease of navigation around website and speed of transactions. Superb, thank you!" - Kim from Berkshire (Order No. M3993356) 12-08-2010
"BRILLIANT SERVICVE! Contacted you Monday, Pack arrived Tuesday, sent the phone Wednesday, money hit my account Thursday! What more could I ask for. I will definately recommend Mazuma to anyone I know who needs to recycle their phone!" - James from Bucks (Order No. M3992268) 12-08-2010
You are everything you say you are. The best service I have had in years.

Thank you guys." - Daniel from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3988451) 12-08-2010
"Great service, quick and easy!" - luke from Kent (Order No. M3989467) 12-08-2010
"posted phones on tuesday received cheque on thursday.bloody marvellous. cheers Mazuma" - Sara from Gloucestershire (Order No. M3985545) 12-08-2010
"I am very impressed with your fast and efficient service. Posted my old mobile on Tuesday morning and received the check today (Thursday)" - Alfred from Huntingdonshire (Order No. M3985160) 12-08-2010
"i thought the service was very efficient and rather prompt.the whole transaction was completed within a few days and i had £60 for a phone i no longer used.i would recommend mazuma to anyone interested in exchanging a used phone for some free beer money!" - barrie from Dunbartonshire (Order No. M3988897) 12-08-2010
"amazing aervice!!! really easy to use and really fast! i sent my phone off and the money was in my account less than 2 days later! all in all the prossess, from receiving the bag to recieving my payment took 3 days and i am very satisfied! i would recommend any one to use this site rather than the alternatives and mazuma pays for postage so u basicly just get money for unwanted phones ITS GREAT!!! THANKS MAZUMA!!!" - tim from cornwall (Order No. M3987828) 12-08-2010
"Very efficient & speedy service.I would highly recommend your services.Thank you." - Joyce from Lancashire (Order No. M3990612) 12-08-2010
"I would like to commend you on your fantastic service. I will definately recommend you to friends and family. Thank you" - aileen from Stirlingshire (Order No. M3990173) 12-08-2010
"Amazing Service! Posted Ipone to Mazuma on Saturday and received by them on Tuesday morning. Delivery acknowledged to me by e mail and 2hours later futher email confirmed agreed price had been paid direct to my Bank Account AND IT WAS ALL - IN 2 HOURS. That is service. Have used before and will use again. Thanks and well done." - James from Shropshire (Order No. M3973120) 11-08-2010
"Thankyou, great service offered. Very efficent.

Shall be using Mazuma again, " - sham from Bedfordshire (Order No. M3984613) 11-08-2010
"Though not the best rate for the exchange, the procedure was secure and professional. Very reassuring." - Brian from ANTRIM (Order No. M3982769) 11-08-2010
"Couldnt be so much better!
Fast, accurate, reliable service! Only room may be for improvementvis Option to deduct
Special Delivery from offered price i think.
Thanks Mazuma,
will definetly use you again! " - Aliz from Wiltshire (Order No. M3974851) 11-08-2010
"Posted phone off to you on Monday morning, received cheque Wednesday morning. Amazing!! Will definitely recommend Mazuma to friends. Thank you." - David from Greater Manchester (Order No. M3985150) 11-08-2010
"I was astounded at the speed and efficiency of the whole process. From going online to money in account was only 5 days, and that included a weekend. Also very impressed with the fair rates given - there were one or two higher, but I paid the postage etc., and many were lower." - Simon from Hampshire (Order No. M3982823) 11-08-2010
"Very fast, easy and convenient experience. Congratulations on your effective and efficient processes. Overall very pleasant experience. Glad I chose Mazuma! Now I go and look for other old mobiles.
Keep it up!" - Oliver from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M3986879) 11-08-2010
Best price, got payment the day my parcel was rec'd.
Very, very good. Will use again!" - Amy from Kent (Order No. M3982916) 11-08-2010
"just wanted to say how impressed I am by the speed of your service. Only registered with you sunday, and today wednesday I will have payment into my account by midnight. If only everything in life was this simple. thanks for great service! (and by the way it was because of my daughter's recommendation I used you - I hope I can refer you to someone else)." - david from Staffordshire (Order No. M3989961) 11-08-2010
"Thank you for you quick and easy service! Posted my phone and a day later the money was in my account. Fantastic!! Will be recommending you to friends and family.

Will also definatley use your service again

Thanks Again" - Gary from Worcestershire (Order No. M3987247) 11-08-2010
"Very organised, very impressive, very satisfied.
Many thanks" - Kenneth from Fife (Order No. M3987077) 11-08-2010
"Thank you so much, sent my phone via recorded delivery on Tuesday, Received email confirming they'd recieved and processed my order and the money was in my account by 2pm on Wednesday (nextday) amazing - thanks Mazuma" - Graham from Yorkshire (Order No. M3986598) 11-08-2010
"Brilliant service first class service all round was kept up to date with the order and will use again in the future and recommend other people" - David from Derbyshire (Order No. M3986552) 11-08-2010
"I found the service easy to use and would definitely recommend/use again. Many thanks." - Alison from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M3969968) 11-08-2010
"I have to say I am totally imppressed by the overall service offered by Mazuma, everything has been straightforward and smooth.

Absolutely no qualms in recommending your company to friends and colleagues.

Other companies could take a leaf out of your book.

Thanks for all." - Julia from Renfrewshire (Order No. M3991276) 11-08-2010
"excellent service as usual !
thanks" - frank from Suffolk (Order No. M3983864) 11-08-2010
"Really pleased with your service, particularly as there was an issue with the post office losing the original welcome pack. Gemma Newman and Juile Hudson were extremely helpful. In the end, the transaction was smooth and fast. First class. Would definitely reccommend. Thanks." - Adrian from Middlesex (Order No. M3885632) 11-08-2010
"I was very pleased with the service and the speed my mobile got sort out in, posted at 5pm then money in my bank by 1pm the next day, i will tell all my friends on Facebook by putting a message as my status, thank you" - Adam from Derbyshire (Order No. M3988447) 11-08-2010
"Fantastic, this is the 3rd phone I've sold with you, very,very, quick and simple service, have recomended you to friends and they have used you with the same outstanding service. thank you very much." - Richard from Bolton (Order No. M3987183) 11-08-2010
"Although I have not yet checked my bank, I am really pleased with the fast response and customer service that Mazuma provide. Credit to yous. I will deal with yous again in future." - Paula from Durham (Order No. M3982477) 11-08-2010
"an absolute seamless fantastic survice of complete excellence
thank you" - warren from Middlesex (Order No. M3986352) 11-08-2010
"I was a bit duboius upon using this service, I was half expecting a lesser offer to be made once the phone had been delivered but true to your word the full value was given.
Posted it on tuesday and by late afternoon wednesday I noticed the money was in my bank account. Great service and highly recommended.
Will use you again in the future.
Thankyou :)" - tim from Warwickshire (Order No. M3974975) 11-08-2010
"excellent once again. the fastest service available" - rob from Derbyshire (Order No. M3992058) 11-08-2010
"Fantastic Deal,3 Days to completion Nobody works that fast,only Mazuma,Full Amount Paid
Many Thanks." - Francis from Staffordshire (Order No. M3990251) 11-08-2010
"Exellent service!!
What more can I say?
" - Mark from tyne&wear (Order No. M3986164) 11-08-2010
"I was told about this company through an O2 store. I have to say how fantastic the service has been, its so quick and easy. I will certainly use this company again, and will thoroughly recommend the valued service. Thank you Mazuma." - Naomi from Hampshire (Order No. M3988743) 11-08-2010
"I was very very happy indeed with the service from Mazuma mobile. The service was easy and accessible, with a great price for the phone. I was very impressed with how efficient Mazuma was at processing my order - I posted the phone on Saturday and received the payment on monday. Thanks!" - Mark from Surrey (Order No. M3983922) 10-08-2010
"Super easy service. I have used this service a couple of times now and the quality of service is unbeatable. Impossible to improve on . 10/10 thanks" - Darren from mid glamorgan (Order No. M3978292) 10-08-2010
"How efficient was that, being kept informed immediately it was received, very impressed and will recommend your service to all my friends and family.

Thank you." - Pamela from Essex (Order No. M3982658) 10-08-2010
"thank you so much for the excellent and speedy service
" - catherine from n/a (Order No. M) 10-08-2010
"Big Thank you Mazuma,
i was very happy with the speedy process and service i experienced from start to finish.
It was so easy to sell my old phones! I will definitely use Mazuma again and recommend them to my friends and family." - Miss G from London (Order No. M3973932) 10-08-2010
"I was surprised how easy it to sell an old mobile, it couldn't have been easier with Mazuma's super fast service. Thanks" - Alan from Devon (Order No. M3984269) 10-08-2010
"Absolutely amazing service - sold all our old company mobiles - order went on Friday at approx 5pm - freepost envelope arrived Monday, sent Monday - order confirmed & moey in bank Tuesday - would certainly use again. Well done on a fabulous customer service experience" - Jane from Surrey (Order No. M3987260) 10-08-2010
"excelent i dont know what to say they are realy good thanks mazuma" - mehmet from Stirlingshire (Order No. M3977779) 10-08-2010
"fantastic the service was fast and efficiant and hassle free thanks for the service thanks regards gcooper " - gerard from Staffordshire (Order No. M3986927) 10-08-2010
"I would just like to say how impressed I have been with your service. The communication between Mazuma and me has been second to none and I would not hesitate to use the service again. Thanks again" - Adam from Yorkshire (Order No. M3980971) 10-08-2010
"I was very impressed with your service and will certainly tell my friends and family how efficient you are! well done" - JUlie from Suffolk (Order No. M3984261) 10-08-2010
"I posted my old broken mobile phone on Sunday and the Money has just cleared directly into my account on the Tuesday! Fantastic service, I would deff use again." - Kathryn from Essex (Order No. M3985808) 10-08-2010
"Thankyou very much for a very professional and efficient service. I would certainly re-cycle my old mobile phones through you again in the future. Thank you once again." - Deborah from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3981909) 10-08-2010
"What a terrific service. Just sold my Nokia 5800 music express, was a bit worried about posting the phone in the post paid bag, but got a receipt from the post office, sent it off on Saturday, money was in my account by Monday evening. Pity I haven't got more old mobile phones to sell!!!" - Janet from Essex (Order No. M3982628) 10-08-2010
"thank you for your prompt service, i will recomend you to all my friends and will also use your services again thank you " - craig from Lancashire (Order No. M3978111) 09-08-2010
"great service fast payment certainly would use again" - Andrew from Essex (Order No. M3980120) 09-08-2010
"First class customer service. " - Peter from Gloucestershire (Order No. M3947120) 09-08-2010
"Brilliant & quick. Best price for my phone compared with so many of the other sites!
Thank you" - Amy from South Glamorgan (Order No. M3977275) 09-08-2010
"I am very impressed with the speed and easyness of the service! I'm glad I decided to do this via Mazuma! Excellent Service and will certainly recommend! Many thanks!" - Lani from Suffolk (Order No. M3985048) 09-08-2010
"It has been a pleasure doing busines. A very quick and easy proces from start to finish. Well done and look forward to the next time." - William from Ayrshire (Order No. M3983066) 09-08-2010
"Excellent service, fast payment. The best way to sell your phone." - Darren from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M3983715) 09-08-2010
"Super easy would use again. Original pack never arrived with me but new one dispatched with no quibbles. Amount paid as advertised A+++++ " - Viv from Sussex (Order No. M3944897) 09-08-2010
"As usual, superbly outstanding service. Order processed today and payment already in my bank account. Surely, the best service available in the UK! Will certainly use you again should the opportunity arise. Thank you." - Andy from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3985556) 09-08-2010
"Great service and immediate payment - Got a great price for my mobile too. Will definitely use this service again." - Matt from Lancashire (Order No. M3984576) 09-08-2010
"Excellent and quick service. Not the highest price offered by such companies but worth a few quid for the painless process. Price paid was the same as price quoted - no last minute changes. Will use again." - Diarmuid from Kent (Order No. M3981804) 09-08-2010
Really quick and efficient.
Thanks!" - Mav from Middlesex (Order No. M3978670) 09-08-2010
"Thank you for your excellent service and prompt reply.

I will certainly recommend your company to friends and colleauges " - John from Kent (Order No. M3983793) 09-08-2010
"Absolutely fantastic service from you. This is the 2nd mobile I have sent to you and am impressed with the speed you process the order. Well done." - Alan from Staffordshire (Order No. M3974619) 09-08-2010
"Thanks for making this such an easy process. I was late with sending my phones, and was really relieved to find I could just get an extension on the order. I would say mazuma-ing my mobiles was convenient and efficient!" - Sarah from Devon (Order No. M3943174) 09-08-2010
"Excellent service and top communications. Pleasure to do business with you and would do so again in a heartbeat. Cheers " - David from Lancashire (Order No. M3984525) 09-08-2010
"A1 service from start to finish,,,,,thankyou" - DARREN from Warwickshire (Order No. M3977195) 09-08-2010
"I am astounded by the excellent efficient service mazumo has to offer. I am very satisfied by the speed and ease of this transaction. I am now £213 richer. A very good company who I will certainly recommend. Thank you. " - Anne from Sussex (Order No. M3973261) 09-08-2010
"amazing service, 1st time i have used mazuma mobile, sent phone on friday recieved an e-mail l on the Monday letting me know that my order had been completed and a cheque has been posted out to me. Will gladly use again and would reccomend to anyone" - alan from north lanarkshire (Order No. M3963195) 09-08-2010
"Very happy with Mazuma.
Sended my phone on friday and find out that my payment approved on monday.
haven't received it yet, but cannot wait for it.
trustful website, would highly recommend to turn your mobile into cash with mazuma.
thanks a lot." - Olga from West Midlands (Order No. M3980432) 09-08-2010
"A briliant service from start to finish, highly efficient, will use mazuma in the future." - Ian from Yorkshire (Order No. M3977452) 08-08-2010
"Briliant service can't believe I hav my cheque so quick I have found some more phone I am going to sell to you. I will be recommending you to friends and family.
Keep up the good work" - Rosalind from Yorkshire (Order No. M3971146) 08-08-2010
"This has been such a good way to sell my old mobile. Its so easy to do anyone could do it. Such a good website. Thank you ! !!" - Tara from Surrey (Order No. M3977175) 08-08-2010
"fast response and a pleasure to deal with, used quite a few times and would highly recommend to friends" - dave from lancashire (Order No. M3967980) 08-08-2010
"fast response and a pleasure to deal with, used quite a few times and would highly recommend to friends" - dave from lancashire (Order No. M3967980) 08-08-2010
"Dear Mazuma:

I've used you guys before and I was very impressed then. Again your service is excellent.

Thanks very much.

Regards, Ian" - Ian from Kent (Order No. M3961129) 07-08-2010
"thank you for you quick service" - claire from Kent (Order No. M3982585) 07-08-2010
"great service. fast and very easy. thanks mazuma!" - adrian from Middlesex (Order No. M3973233) 07-08-2010
"Fantastic, the whole process couldn't be simpler. Everything was processed and delivered promptly and I was paid the full quoted amount. Have and will be recommending your services to others. Thank you." - Ian from Northumberland (Order No. M3977693) 07-08-2010
"Contacted Mazuma on Saturday, received envelope and returned on the Tuesday, and received my cheque for the full amount on Thursday. Excellent service and I would highly recommend to anyone!!" - Harvey from Antrim (Order No. M3976028) 07-08-2010
"Tuesday e-mailed Mazuma received bag Wednesday sent same day cash on Thursday Quality Service!Follow the instructions don't forget to bubble wrap your phone....." - M from Northamptonshire (Order No. M3980443) 06-08-2010
"Very happy with your service you made it very simple to use and payment was by return post. Thank so much " - Sook from Essex (Order No. M3977378) 06-08-2010
"Sent my phone in for sale on a Monday, it was completed by Wednesday, and Friday the money went straight into my bank account. A truly great service, have used before and I will now only use Mazuma. Many thanks for a professional service." - wayne from Kent (Order No. M3974684) 06-08-2010
"Very quick and easy..if i need to get rid of any phone in the future mazuma is my first choice. would recommend to anyone" - Ethan from Yorkshire (Order No. M3980615) 06-08-2010
"Excellent fast service. No complaints at all. Thanks!!!!
:0)" - Anthony from Staffordshire (Order No. M3970573) 06-08-2010
"it was a quick and easy process,and i am pleased with the outcome." - olivia from Glamorgan (Order No. M3980964) 06-08-2010
"10 out of 10
greatly recommended
im a very happy boy!" - Mikey from London (Order No. M3981883) 06-08-2010
"Wow, that was quick! I only posted the mobile 2 days ago. A very good service - although I was worried that the bag you sent me was a little flimsy, and that my mobile might get damaged in transit. But overall, a quick, efficient service. " - Richard from Surrey (Order No. M3978876) 06-08-2010
"Great service, excellent experience, easy to do and some cash in the Bank. My wife has been on to me for a while to get my act together so I have a happy wife too. Thanks" - Mike from Monmouthshire (Order No. M3975526) 06-08-2010
"i sent my phone at lunchtime one day, and the next day at 3 o clock i had to originally stated amount of money in my account! i was really shocked that i recieved the said amount and also that it was so quick and easy. i had doubts obviously about this service as i had never used it before but am absoloutly delighted and think its a fantastic service which i would definitly use again! thanks" - leah from down (Order No. M3962557) 06-08-2010
"First class service. Order placed on Tuesday and money in my account by Friday lunchtime. Second time I have used Mazuma and I cannot recommend them highly enough" - Chris from London (Order No. M3980760) 06-08-2010
"Just wanted to say how impressed I am by the service you have provided. Unbelievable speed!!! Thanks once again!" - Michelle from Warwickshire (Order No. M3960467) 06-08-2010
"thank you some much roder was very quike just what i like i will be sugesting you to my friends and family." - kayleigh from tyne and wear (Order No. M3973982) 06-08-2010
"First class service, super quick and great communication. Thanks." - David from Lancashire (Order No. M3978445) 06-08-2010
"Excellent service, helpful staff and very fast!" - Robert from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3984816) 06-08-2010
"Your service has been truly impressive and outstanding. Not only did I receive the mailing back in next to no time but I only sent the phone to you yesterday and the money you promised is already in my account today. The email updates were also excellent throughout the whole process. Mazuma staff must be a credit to the company. Customer service how it should be - absolutely spot on. You could certainly show quite a few companies how to do it. I will use you again and I will recommend you to all.

Many thanks." - Andrew from Berkshire (Order No. M3971235) 06-08-2010
"Very pleased with Mazuma. Kept me informed and fast payment. Thank you. Would definately reccomend to friends." - Anna from Berkshire (Order No. M3955962) 06-08-2010
"Absolutely brilliant transaction. If only other things in life were this efficient! You do what you say...good business, thank you!" - James from West Lothian (Order No. M3975496) 06-08-2010
"Why isnt every online company as honest, as ethical and as wonderful to deal with as Mazuma?" - Paul from Northumberland (Order No. M3980373) 06-08-2010
"Delighted with my experience of Mazuma. Posted my phone on Monday and received payment today. First class and fast service." - John from Armagh (Order No. M3970360) 05-08-2010
"What excellant service, fast and stress free and all done in 48 hours THANK YOU VERY MUCH" - Keith from SURREY (Order No. M3976974) 05-08-2010
"Hi I would just like to say thank you for the fast efficient way in dealing with the selling to you of my mobile.
I would definately use you again." - Andy from Yorkshire (Order No. M3973962) 05-08-2010
"Recived my money for old phone straight into bank account. So quick and a pleasure to deal with you again. Cheers. Many thanks." - Linda from Ayrshire (Order No. M3975377) 05-08-2010
"Great Service!! Very Fast And efficient. Will use you again!!! " - Samantha from lancashire (Order No. M3978882) 05-08-2010
"Thankyou for your service.I Only had to wait a couple of days from ordering the bag till a payment was made into my account. It was very rapid very impressed.Will use you again if needs be Thankyou again." - Haley from Nottingham (Order No. M3971339) 05-08-2010
"Very straightforward. I was a little sceptical before, but have to admit it worked just like the adverts. No complaints at all." - Mark from Suffolk (Order No. M3973833) 05-08-2010
"fantastic service. unbelievably quick - made enquiry on friday, posted it tuesday, money in account by wednesday. other companies could learn a thing or two from mazuma.

pleasure doing business with you.

thanks" - Dan from Kent (Order No. M3977592) 05-08-2010
"I am mightily impressed!

The money for my phone is now in my bank account, just one day after posting it to you.

The whole process, from using your clearly set out website, your precise instructions regarding data removal, posting and packaging etc, and your regular status updates is just first class.

One of the best experiences of customer service on the web. I will certainly recommend your site to friends and colleagues.

Great job. Thank you." - Ged from Lancashire (Order No. M3974929) 05-08-2010
"Cheque received 2 days after sending you my phone. A very impressive fast, friendly and efficient service. Good price too! Thank you." - Nick from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3975025) 05-08-2010
"Thank you for your very fast service...didnt think transfer would be done so quick.i will use mazuma again .
" - Adrian from Hampshire (Order No. M3981072) 05-08-2010
"what an excellent service you provide" - JOANNE from Lancashire (Order No. M3978922) 05-08-2010
"***** 5 Star service. I live in Northern Ireland and the speed of service is awesome. Posted on the Monday - Got payment on Thursday. Mazuma Rules !! " - Steven from Down (Order No. M3956644) 05-08-2010
"Letter came through on time. Processed FAST. Money in my account the following day. YOU CANNOT GET ANY FASTER COULD YOU!? Well done. Will reuse and reuse so long as I have old mobiles!" - Alex from Hampshire (Order No. M3979825) 05-08-2010
"WOW that was quick!!!" - tony from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3978009) 05-08-2010
"Many thanks. I received your cheque today. I am very impressed by your service. I only posted my phone to you on Monday and today Thursday Your cheque arrived. I will certainly recomend your service to my friends.
Thank you once again." - Ronald from Devon (Order No. M3977285) 05-08-2010
"excelent service. speed of transaction unbelievable. 4day turnaround. well done" - chris from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3981507) 05-08-2010
"One tip: Keep going the way you are because your service is outstanding!

I cannot believe I only just sent the phone on Tuesday and on Thursday morning I have my cheque.

Absolutely outstanding - thank you very much and I won't hesitate to recommend you." - Dipesh from Middlesex (Order No. M3972659) 05-08-2010
"first time using this sort of thing, very fast service,simple to do.I started the process on 1.8.10 and all completed by 5.8.10 I would recommend anyone that wants to sell their phone to use mazuma. thanks mazuma" - david from Norfolk (Order No. M3978061) 05-08-2010
"Thank you for the quick payment, clear information and fast response." - michelle from Merseyside (Order No. M3971646) 05-08-2010
"A very quick easy process, second time i've used the website and will use again in future." - fiona from Devon (Order No. M3978140) 05-08-2010
"Excellent first rate service. From registration online to payment confirmation, a real seamless and well communicated experience at all times. I'm still amazed that it took only 6 days (including weekend to complete) so much so that I have already mentioned #mazuma on Twitter and of course will recommend you to all my friends and family.

A job really well done!" - Craig from Glamorgan (Order No. M3976233) 05-08-2010
"Thank you mazumamobile thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - assar from UK (Order No. M3980882) 05-08-2010
"This is a truely excellent service! So impressed with the speed and professionalism of Mazuma. Thank you Mazuma! Pleasure doing business with you!" - shara from Yorkshire (Order No. M3971262) 04-08-2010
"Phone sent Monday, notification safely received Tuesday, cheque received Wednesday. Can't ask for more. First class, Recommended. Many thanks." - Barry from kent (Order No. M3963504) 04-08-2010
"very good service very fast would use again. " - claire from Devon (Order No. M3972388) 04-08-2010
"What an excellant service, sent my phone off on the Tuesday morning by registered delivery which cost 45p and got email wednesday to say phoned was checked and money had been transferred into my account.
Unbelievable fast service, highly recommend this Company." - sandra from Norfolk (Order No. M3975499) 04-08-2010
"Absolutely fantastic service and I would not hesitate to recommend you to family and friends! I sent my phones via special delivery and couldn't believe it when I had the money in my account the very next day!" - Alan from Kent (Order No. M3956043) 04-08-2010
"sorry it has taken so long to get feedback to you. very prompt service and very pleased with this site overall compared to other sites. got payment very quick." - michelle from tyrone (Order No. M3907887) 04-08-2010
"Brilliant! Simple (provided you follow directions) and very quick, efficient and logical service. Have used Mazuma once before and thought it was great then. Even better now. Keep up the great work. PJL" - Paul from Middlesex (Order No. M3968356) 04-08-2010
"excellent service thank you" - Andrew from west midlands (Order No. M3972193) 04-08-2010
"Excellent - was really easy to do was really fast - very impressed very happy. Thanks" - Helen from Yorkshire (Order No. M3977398) 04-08-2010
"I have sent several phones now & each time have recvd the money in my bank account the day after I send the phones, excellent!" - tina from essex (Order No. M3979558) 04-08-2010
"Very fast and high quality serivce. Even when i forgot to include important details my queries were answered in a matter of seconds due to customer service. YAY:) " - Ryan from Worcestershire (Order No. M3974748) 04-08-2010
"Amazing 1st class service. Full quoted price paid & in my bank within 48 hours of actually posting the iPhones to Mazuma. Would 100% use again. :)" - Leanne from Essex (Order No. M3970594) 04-08-2010
"Brilliant and efficient service. Already recommended you to a friend. Thank you" - Lynn from Gloucestershire (Order No. M3977189) 04-08-2010
"thanks for sending the cheque for the phone so quick & for the amount you quoted, no quibbles no hassle & no problems thanks very much & will look forward to dealing with you again in the future, hope you received the phone in good order as i do try to look after them whilst they are in my possession. regards" - Stephen from Norfolk (Order No. M3951308) 04-08-2010
"Great quick and easy service very efficient. Was extremely impressed and will certainly tell my friends. Thanks " - Liam from Staffordshire (Order No. M3944706) 03-08-2010
"I just wanted to say thank you for one of the most efficient services I have come across. From registration online to the payment, the experience was seamless. Many thanks from a happy customer." - Simon from Warwickshire (Order No. M3968199) 03-08-2010
"great deal, excelent and fast payment,thanks" - pedro from abbey wood (Order No. M3968273) 03-08-2010
"I will definitely recommend your service! Incredibly fast and easy to use - thank you for making what could have been a painful process an enjoyable one! Thank you!" - Harriet from Yorkshire (Order No. M3968116) 03-08-2010
"Wast and easy no long wait and money paid quickly. Thank you" - Kay-leigh from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3972472) 03-08-2010
"thank you for a great service very pleased you kept me up to date and swift payment will definately reccomend and use you again best wishes!" - simon from Glamorgan (Order No. M3967468) 03-08-2010
"Absolutely fantastic service! I can not believe the speed and ease at which you enable an old phone to be taken off my hands in return for a great price.

A friend of mine recommended Mazuma to me and i can definitely say that i will be doing the same should anyone ask me. In fact even if they don't i'll tell them regardless as service as swift and efficient these days can sometimes be hard to find. Well done, keep up the good work." - Nick from Midlothian (Order No. M3972132) 03-08-2010
"Posted Saturday lunchtime and the cheque arrived Tuesday morning! Great service,which I will recommend to others." - Ray from Berkshire (Order No. M3969009) 03-08-2010
"Incredibly quick service! I only sent the phones yesterday and already I have received payment!! Thank you - I will recommend you to others..." - Colin from Co. Antrim (Order No. M3955418) 03-08-2010
"yes very quick and easy
reasonable price
very friendly
and well informed thank you very much mazuma " - ashley from west midlands (Order No. M3972566) 03-08-2010
"i would like to say a big thank you and say what excellent service you offer i will be useing you again and i will recomend you and your service to all friends and familey a massive thumbs up thank you again " - jason from Yorkshire (Order No. M3972492) 03-08-2010
"Fantastic service, prompt, fast & constant communitcation with the customer at all times throughout. I would definately deal with Mazuma in the future. Brilliant! Thank you Mazuma!" - Clare from Staffordshire (Order No. M3974144) 03-08-2010
"So simple, quick and easy to sell your unwanted mobile. Keep up the good work." - Stephanie from Yorkshire (Order No. M3973562) 03-08-2010
"Absolutely marvellous service! Mazuma received my phone this morning and about 2 hrs later the money was in my bank account. If I had sold my phone on ebay I wouldn't have got a better price after all theirs and paypal's fees.
If you are sending a phone that you're getting a fair whack for, then please send Special Delivery with insurance like I did. Common sense... but worth stressing! Not worth risk with some of those dodgy characters at Royal Mail!!" - Richard from North Lincolnshire (Order No. M3973216) 03-08-2010
"Very professional approach giving good information and feedback on progress of order. Will recommend and be happy to use again." - Chris from Berkshire (Order No. M3971915) 03-08-2010
"Better than I ever would have guessed! Was very worried despite reading v. positive feedback...strapped for cash and would have been in big trouble if the phone at got lost etc etc (all the usual fears!) but sent it on monday just using their normal free envelope, got an email in the afternoon the next day and was paid about two hours later! Truly truly brilliant AND I got such a good price for the phone!

Don't have any doubts...use straight away! If you're worried about damage/loss in post just use special delivery or first class recorded :)

" - Elon from Leicestershire (Order No. M3970034) 03-08-2010
"Quick correspondence and quick payment and a very pleasant transaction" - Mark from Lancashire (Order No. M3973754) 03-08-2010
"Thank you very much for the excellent service! I've always used mazuma to exchange my old phones for cash and I've always received an outstanding service, I have recommended you to all my family and friends, once again thank you so much for the keeping me informed from day one, very simple process and super fast money transfare! A+++++++++++++++" - Aymen from LONDON (Order No. M3972947) 03-08-2010
"Absolutely first class service. Made 1st enquiry about selling Sony Satio Thursday evening. Received pre-pay envelope Friday 1pm!! Posted 1730 Friday and received £135 payment into my account at 1430 on the Tuesday.I cannot recommend highly enough. Superb service" - Scott from Hampshire (Order No. M3971959) 03-08-2010
"super service quick and simple thank you " - alan from Yorkshire (Order No. M3959872) 02-08-2010
I sent my mobile to you at 11am on Saturday and the £172.00 was in my bank account by 1.10pm on the Monday.
This is the first time that I have used your services and totally amazed at the speed.
Thank you very much indeed. Mark" - Mark from Lincolnshire (Order No. M3970319) 02-08-2010
"This whole process could not have been any easier. The online instructions were very straightforward, the paperwork and post bag came within a few days and you even sent me a gentle reminder several days before the deadling to ensure I got the phone to you in plenty of time. Absolutely brilliant, I will be doing this again.

Thank You" - Sarah from n/a (Order No. MM3942868) 02-08-2010
"Fast and prompt service instructions were clear and easy would use your service again" - Lloyd from Surrey (Order No. M3944825) 02-08-2010
"As always, a first class better than that....a SUPERB SERVICE from Mazuma.
Thanks!" - Barbara from Herts (Order No. M3969166) 02-08-2010
"Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant - super fast service, very prompt bank transfer. Without doubt, the best service for selling your mobile phone. Congratulations." - Andy from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3971948) 02-08-2010
"wow...what an easy way to make some money from unused mobiles. Very easy to follow process and fast service. thanks" - janet from Yorkshire (Order No. M3970148) 02-08-2010
"I thought the service was 10/10 no fuss, so easy! And the cheque really was sent within 48 hours! I really can't fault them! Just brilliant! I'm a very happy customer! :D
Sarah" - Sarah from northamptonshire (Order No. M3959299) 02-08-2010
"Excellent Service, Payment received quickly." - Chad from Warwickshire (Order No. M3960856) 02-08-2010
"I have got to say this,mazuma are very good,Respect and thanks." - roy from england (Order No. M3966853) 02-08-2010
"i have used Mazuma about 4 or 5 times now and think that the service is great, well done & thanks" - trudy from Leicestershire (Order No. M3961096) 02-08-2010
"very fast service posted phone on friday at 11.00am special delivery money in my account on monday am, well done" - malcolm from Oxfordshire (Order No. M3967365) 02-08-2010
"An exceptional company. Very fast and efficient, every step explained thouroughly and made very easy,fully informed at evey stage of the process. Payment cheque sent out on same day as receiving my phone. If all businesses were this efficient life would be much easier. Thank you. " - Steve from n/a (Order No. MM3966801) 01-08-2010
"Fantastic service. Easy website to understand. Very fair prices paid for my old mobiles. Price quoted was price paid no quibbles, cheque arrived when stated. Emails sent at each process which put my mind at rest. Overall I'm extremely impressed with the level of professional service provided. Definitely use your service again and tell friends and family to do the same! Thankyou and well done!!" - Martino from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3951505) 01-08-2010
"i found this process very quick and easy" - lisa from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3967038) 01-08-2010
"This is the first time i have used any form of sending a phone away but i have to admit it was very easy to follow and very quick. I will use you again and definatly recommend you to other people. Excellent service." - Linda from Newcastle upon tyne (Order No. M3967868) 01-08-2010

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