Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

September 2010

"Your service was fast, easy and efficient. Thank you." - Sandra from Yorkshire (Order No. M4076571) 30-09-2010
"Yet again excellent service speedy proccesing and very very fast payment. Look forward to doing buisness again.
Thanks.." - Huw from Monmouthshire (Order No. M4084599) 30-09-2010
"I would just like to thank you for the very sppedy service you deliver. I recieved the envelope to return the phone in the next day & had my cheque 3 days later! All in all i was very impessed with the service i reveived & would definatly sell any futue phones toy you. Many thanks!" - Samantha from Kent (Order No. M4078829) 30-09-2010
"Great service will use again" - Joel from Dorset (Order No. M4086352) 30-09-2010
"very fast friendly service, very impressed with your service. thankyou" - kealeigh from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M4089462) 30-09-2010
"Very pleased with the service and speed of payment.Will certainly use and recommend
Thank you" - Robert from Lancashire (Order No. M4088154) 30-09-2010
"AMAZING!!!!!!!! best price for phone, quick and easy service. Fast payment. i have told all my friends and co workers about this website. and i will continue to do so. would definatley use again and i will be recommending to everyone i meet. GREAT SERVICE. " - Margaret from Lanarkshire (Order No. M4076564) 30-09-2010
"what a great service sent my phone wednesday payed in bank next day i was worried as i never done this before i trust mazuma now and will use again.well done and thanks for you honesty" - stephen from Cheshire (Order No. M4090346) 30-09-2010
"Was very impressed with the fast service and good price. Will use again and recommend. Many thanks" - Andy from Devon (Order No. M4087094) 30-09-2010
"how good was that! what an amazing service. thankyou" - terence from Staffordshire (Order No. M4084623) 30-09-2010
"How easy was that!! will recommend you to my friends..." - Robert from Warwickshire (Order No. M4056315) 30-09-2010
"Thank you very much, I found the transaction very simple and easy to do and was very happy with what i got in return. If i have any more phones in the future to let go i know where to send them to, thank you again" - Carl from Leicestershire (Order No. M4083670) 30-09-2010
"Fantastic! Completed the online details on Monday & received my money on Thursday. Will def use you again in the future." - Mohammed from Berkshire (Order No. M4088827) 30-09-2010
"Brilliant service. very impressed." - Janet from Kent (Order No. M4079263) 30-09-2010
"Very fast Processing all I can say is fantastic and will be using again.
*****" - David from Ayrshire (Order No. M4086144) 30-09-2010
"Excellent service! I'd read some pretty grim reviews of similar companies paying much less than their original quote, but I didn't have any trouble with Mazuma. Received the money into my account within a few hours of my phone being delivered. Will definitely use you again if I want to sell another phone." - Neil from n/a (Order No. MM4075764) 30-09-2010
"I love you all! Many thanks for a refreshingly simple, ultra swift and all round pleasant online sales experience (To be fair, I guess Royal Mail should take some of the credit). Anyway, many thanks, I will be heartily recommending you to everyone!" - Peter from Kent (Order No. M4087648) 30-09-2010
"I have been very impressed by this service.
From enquiry to money in bank less that 5 days.
Wow!!!" - David from Somerset (Order No. M4080920) 29-09-2010
"excellent quick payment highly recomened" - andrew from bedfordshire (Order No. M4072909) 29-09-2010
"great buyer great webside" - leeanne from Yorkshire (Order No. M4085683) 29-09-2010
"Excellent service and a great price for my phone!" - Richard from Suffolk (Order No. M4081655) 29-09-2010
"Very quick response when sold my phone. Took a day to do so. I don't think I can get that service anywhere else." - Clare from Gloucestershire (Order No. M4088536) 29-09-2010
"Recieved payment for my phone 48hrs after completing online request form..cant thank you enough for the speedy service you have provided me...Excellent Company to deal with..thank you very much." - Kelly from Leicestershire (Order No. M4088305) 29-09-2010
"Thank you it was so easy,took me about 10 minutes to list my 7 phones,packaging was ther at my house the very next day and I had my cheque within 5 days of logging on to your site..................Thanks once again,so easy the whole thing was........good luck toy you in the future and thanks for the money,the phones were just sat rotting in my kitchen draw !!!!! " - ray from Yorkshire (Order No. M4083728) 29-09-2010
"I was really happy with my mazuma experience. The whole process was really quick and easy. Thanks!" - Hannah from Worcestershire (Order No. M4086967) 29-09-2010
"Cannot tell you how impressed I've been with the service. I was a little wary before I used you, but the website couldn't have been simpler and the speed with which you dispatched the pre-paid envelope and then transferred money into my bank account was faultless. The updates via text was a great touch. I'll definitely use you again and recommend your service to others," - Thomas from Middlesex (Order No. M4083109) 29-09-2010
"excellant service,will reccomend to family and friends" - steve from Glamorgan (Order No. M4080664) 29-09-2010
"Excellent and quick response to the order that was processed. Really easy to use and Superb service.
Thank you :)" - Mike from Uk (Order No. M4081802) 29-09-2010
"EXCELLENT Service. Very Pleased. Cheque came very quickly. Many thanks, Linda" - Linda from Lincolnshire (Order No. M4073902) 29-09-2010
"i pop it in the post, you pop it in my bank, hastle free every time, thankyou." - richard from Lancashire (Order No. M4077760) 28-09-2010
"Effortless, professional, fantastic service. Very highly recommended. Thank you very much." - Helen from Durham (Order No. M4062066) 28-09-2010
"The whole process was very easy. Tr site was simple and done in an easy step by step process. Once i had applied for my postage ba it arrived very quickly, 24 hours later. I posted my phone on a Friday and by Monday afternoon had recieved an email informing me that my monetize been transferred. All in all I was very impressed an satisfied, the valuation price of my phone was very realistic as well. Thank you Mazuma!" - Guy from Surrey (Order No. M4079707) 28-09-2010
"Once again a great service...thanks" - Rodger from Essex (Order No. M4078884) 28-09-2010
"Excellent service, very quick would use again and again - thank you" - Debbie from Kent (Order No. M4076646) 28-09-2010
"i was very happy with how fast your services was,and how you keep me informed at every step thank-you." - yvonne from Lancashire (Order No. M4082403) 28-09-2010
Just like the TV said quick fast and easy.
Guess what the best prices compared to other similar services." - chris from Angel (Order No. M4078988) 28-09-2010
"A really good level of service. I made the sell order on Friday morning, received the postage paid return envelope on Monday morning, posted the phone on Monday afternoon at 15:02 and the money was credited to my bank account by 13:25 on Tuesday. Fantastic. The whole excercise took less than four days including the weekend. Thank you." - Robert from Hampshire (Order No. M4083426) 28-09-2010
"I found the service easy to use, fast and had already had a lot of good reviews online, only took around 4 days from start to finish. I would recommend the site to friends and use it again myself." - Derrick from Yorkshire (Order No. M4061875) 28-09-2010
"excellent service, payment made exactly when they said they would.I would certainly use mazuma again without hesitation." - Philip from Lancashire (Order No. M4049998) 27-09-2010
"Amazing service. Thank you" - Adrian from Sussex (Order No. M4080779) 27-09-2010
"Excellent service. Five stars all round.Highly efficent." - Adrian from Yorkshire (Order No. M4081670) 27-09-2010
"was going to throw it in the bin but got money back off it" - tony from merseyside (Order No. M4076975) 27-09-2010
"An excellent service, thankyou! Will definitely reccomend you to others." - Mike from Hertfordshire (Order No. M4081572) 27-09-2010
"Fantastic service, I will have no problems recommending you to friends & Family
Thank You" - Anthony from Yorkshire (Order No. M4077171) 27-09-2010
"Just want to say a really quick and easy service. I posted my phone on Tuesday and received payment on Friday. Thank you! (Much easier than other places eg envirofone)" - Charlotte from Yorkshire (Order No. M4064648) 27-09-2010
"Quick, Very efficient and professional, what else is there to say?" - Peter from Warwickshire (Order No. M4066124) 27-09-2010
"Excellent service and so easy to use - 10/10" - Nick from Gloucestershire (Order No. M4074578) 27-09-2010
"Extremely pleased with the whole experience of dealing with mazuma.
Fast,easy and straight forward,cash for something that would normally have spent the rest of its life in the kitchen drawer " - martin from Staffordshire (Order No. M4071155) 27-09-2010
"Incredible Service, cannot fault it!" - Carl from Hampshire (Order No. M4082658) 27-09-2010
"I loved your service, u guys were very fast and efficient. I received the funds in my acct sameday. " - Jennifer from london (Order No. M4081407) 27-09-2010
"excellent first class comms and fast money transfer have used you twice highly recommended to all" - iain from Leicestershire (Order No. M4079442) 27-09-2010
"Excellent service. Would definitely do business again. Thank you!!" - Clare from Cheshire (Order No. M4072320) 27-09-2010
"Excellent service, very quick all round. Thank you" - Mike from Warwickshire (Order No. M4077782) 27-09-2010
"in less than a week i had received my bag posted the phone and received payment
great customer service
" - sandra from londonderry (Order No. M4075448) 27-09-2010
"I have used you before and will continue to do so. You were extremely quick. I will always recommend you to friends. " - Terence from Surrey (Order No. M4071101) 27-09-2010
"Excellent service, thank you!" - Liz from Northumberland (Order No. M4069752) 27-09-2010
"I would just like to say thank you for processing my order promptly once again.

I have used your service several times now and I can't believe how quickly you process and issue payment. I Sent my handset to you on Friday and you made payment today (Monday). Fantastic service.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your company to anyone wishing to sell an old mobile.

Thank you" - DANIEL from ESSEX (Order No. M4069429) 27-09-2010
"Fantastic service have used it twice now and would 200% recommend the service to anyone! " - Michelle from Shropshire (Order No. M4062397) 27-09-2010
"I was very impressed with the service you provided which shows you operate very effectively and efficiently. You could hardly have been more prompt in sending out the envelope and once received by you the deal was processed the same day and I got the voucher the next day. Thank you." - Peter from Hampshire (Order No. M4076274) 26-09-2010
"Just received my argos reward card and can't believe how quick your service is. Very impressed and would definitely use your service again and i'll be recommending you to family and friends. " - samual from Cheshire (Order No. M4072461) 25-09-2010
"what great service would let all my friends know" - Claire from Essex (Order No. M4070146) 25-09-2010
"WOW! You really are as good as your word - a rarity these days - thanks!" - Ida from London (Order No. M4069351) 25-09-2010
"Just wanted to say thank you for such a smooth and quick serice cheque arrived this morning didnt think I would get it until next week, so to get it today was fab. Now thats what I call a good service, thanks again will defo recommened you to family and friends." - Patricia from West Midlands (Order No. M4078710) 25-09-2010
"the best site i know to recycle your old mobile phone,easy to use and response is very quick,many thanks mazuma" - mary from tyne & wear (Order No. M4074470) 25-09-2010
"In one word FANTASTIC.
was not sure about phone recycling but glad i did.
thankyou for a great service " - Ian from Essex (Order No. M4068273) 25-09-2010
"First class service, in fact first class everything
MARVELLOUS*****" - Philip from Staffordshire (Order No. M4069585) 25-09-2010
"Thanks once again Mazuma.

From placing order to receipt of cheque took 1 week. Great service!" - John from Down (Order No. M4071139) 25-09-2010
"thank you for buying my old phones and trying to save the planet" - richard from Kent (Order No. M4076508) 25-09-2010
"Fantastic service, so quick and hassle free thank you" - Hayley from Kent (Order No. M4077700) 25-09-2010
"Excellent from start to finish !" - Preston from Hampshire (Order No. M4071369) 24-09-2010
"1st class service does what it says on the tin, no hassle no fuss" - scott from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M4070177) 24-09-2010
"Great service and friendly, well worded instructions etc. Just waiting for my argos vouchers now. THANKS!" - blain from Durham (Order No. M4074922) 24-09-2010
"Service was fantastic. Fast, simple and effective." - Louise from United Kingdom (Order No. M4070271) 24-09-2010
"Really good, quick response. Great with communication and feedback.

Thank you! " - Emily from Kent (Order No. M4074676) 24-09-2010
"Very happy with the servive would use you again thanks very much :)
" - Liam from Yorkshire (Order No. M4070253) 24-09-2010
"Good Afternoon, i would just like to say that this is the second time that i have recycled a mobile phone with you, i was very impressed with the speed and service i got the first time i used you.i was very happy with the way you kept me informed all the way through the process and that the chq. was delivered the next day.I will happily tell other people to use you to recycle there old mobile phones and of your excellent service you give!!!" - David from Wiltshire (Order No. M4078672) 24-09-2010
"Thank you for providing an outstanding professional service when I sold my phone to you recently. I will pass on your exemplary service to my friends and family. I wish you continued success in the future." - Christine from Oxfordshire (Order No. M4069692) 24-09-2010
"Very Fast Service... took 1 day to check and send cheque :)" - Lee from Essex (Order No. M4074963) 24-09-2010
"wonderful idea - great model- brilliant service - thanks for the cash - " - barry from herts (Order No. M4071051) 24-09-2010
"very very fast service, even had problem with sendingone of the phones that was sorted instantly via email with one of your reps, great fast service once i had sent phones to!! just waiting to send my next one now :) def use again " - David from Torfaen (Order No. M4079498) 24-09-2010
"Excellent service, received cheque today - thank you - will certainly use the service again. Kind regards" - Mary from Wiltshire (Order No. M4073037) 24-09-2010
"was as easy as 123

cheers" - ross from Essex (Order No. M4067836) 24-09-2010
"wow thanks alot , yes buy buy old phone , you realy do what you say, thanks again. will deff tell my friends." - jason from Dorset (Order No. M4074945) 24-09-2010
"This is now the fourth mobile I have sold via your site over a period of about 2-3 years. Would not look elsewhere." - Brian from Ayrshire (Order No. M4073798) 24-09-2010
"Mazuma mobile service is incredibly amazing...." - Kojo from Kent (Order No. M4062479) 23-09-2010
"sold my non working mobile and received a quick reply and payment in a couple of days thankyou" - deborah from Yorkshire (Order No. M4056383) 23-09-2010
"The response was very fast. im happy Ive chosen mazuma to sell my mobile. Im looking forward to doing business with you again. Im very satisfied. keep it up." - Moni from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M4073524) 23-09-2010
"Thankyou for such a quick and efficient service. I will definitely recommend you to friends." - Margaret from Somerset (Order No. M4073914) 23-09-2010
"great, fast, service
no hastle and professional will do it again when my new contract runs out x" - Ben from Yorkshire (Order No. M4071875) 23-09-2010
"Brilliant, fast, reliable service. I recommend Mazuma to all my friends and Family." - Amanda from cheshire (Order No. M4074645) 23-09-2010
"A great fast and efficient service, I will certainly use Mazuma again." - julia from Surrey (Order No. M4072693) 23-09-2010
"fantastic service, really quick & easy to use.
thank you!!" - karon from Norfolk (Order No. M4070668) 23-09-2010
"Sent my phone off to you yesterday, and I got the money for it today! Can't complain about that. Great service, thank you." - Matthew from Surrey (Order No. M4074656) 23-09-2010
"What an amazing service you supply, so many companies could learn so much from you !
THANK YOU SO MUCH" - tina from west sussex (Order No. M4074880) 23-09-2010
"i think this service is great, very fast and friendly service thank you." - thomas from Leicestershire (Order No. M4075073) 23-09-2010
"Dear Mazuma
Thank you for the very speedy service I will check my bank later But I never expected to be dealt with so soon I was thinking next week
Excellent service and professional " - Mark from Lancashire (Order No. M4073820) 23-09-2010
"your team has served me very well through the transaction, i am very pleased and i will recomend you to my friends,yours sincerly morris spencer" - Morris from Lincolnshire (Order No. M4042818) 23-09-2010
"excellent service this is second time i have used your service i will use it again keep the good work weldon" - muhammad from Yorkshire (Order No. M4067992) 23-09-2010
"Fantastic service. I was given a good price and the payment was in my account and cleared within 24 hrs of postage. I will definitely be using this service again and recommending Mazuma to my friends. 5 star all round." - Laura from Hampshire (Order No. M4070364) 23-09-2010
"Very fast to hear back from, loads of information provided if needed to contact and always kept up to date. Thank you very much, good value!" - Stuart from Berkshire (Order No. M4076254) 23-09-2010
"I am absolutely amazed at how quick you were from start to finish! I will be recommending you to all my friends and family.Thank you so much x" - Debbie from Cheshire (Order No. M4077685) 23-09-2010
"I cant tell you how pleased I not only am with the service, but also the price offered for my old phone. Thank you Mazuma" - Anthony from Sussex (Order No. M4073913) 23-09-2010
"my son dealt with you a while back and had outstanding service ,i to have had great service iwill use you again in the future" - vivian from Glamorgan (Order No. M4076714) 23-09-2010
"Once again very pleased with the service from Mazuma. Even though the rates are a little bit less, I think your t & c are fair. I recently sent a one year old samsung away to Mobile phone excnge and they ripped me off. They quoted me £38.00 and said when they received it, it was in very bad condition; which it wasnt as I had wrapped it in bubble wrap like the one I sent you. I told them I didnt accept that, and asked for my phone to be sent back. They said they didnt get e mail msg and sent me a cheque for £7.00. When I complained they sd there ws nthg they cd do. poor srve" - Cameron from Lanarkshire (Order No. M4077598) 23-09-2010
"Excellent Service. All promises were met from recieving the sales pack till the payment was made. " - ankit from Tooting Broadway (Order No. M4058582) 23-09-2010
"Fantastic service, incredibly easy to use.Information all the way.Would recommend Mazuma to every one. Many thanks." - Michael from Sussex (Order No. M4069178) 22-09-2010
"Courteous and efficient service yet again. Valuations are competitive too. Keep up the good work!" - Nigel from West Yorkshire (Order No. M4039929) 22-09-2010
"Excellent and fast service...would reccomend, thanks!" - Robert from Essex (Order No. M4065185) 22-09-2010
"I found that your communication and very quick service is second to none and I am very pleased and will recommend you to my friends and family." - michael from Lancashire (Order No. M4067023) 22-09-2010
"excellent service thank you.I will recommend your company to family and friends.Again thank you" - John from Yorkshire (Order No. M4074489) 22-09-2010
"Seamless service - thank you!!!" - Joanna from Huntingdonshire (Order No. M4068791) 22-09-2010
"Excellent service and cheque arrived quickly. Will use you again." - CHERYL from Lancashire (Order No. M4064462) 22-09-2010
"Cheque received two working days after posting - what a pleasant surprise. Thank you for your first class customer service.
The overall process was straightforward, efficient, well-explained. Would certainly recommend.

Thanks again!" - Michael from Oxfordshire (Order No. M4044361) 22-09-2010
"A fantastic user-friendly service which was prompt, personable and efficient.

thank you" - frances from Northumberland (Order No. M4068252) 22-09-2010
"Well what can i say? Thank you for an excellent servive. I logged onto the site on Sunday and booked a sale. I recieved the postage pack on Tuesday which i paid the extra for special delivery and the money was available in my allocated bank account by 2.30 on wednesday afternoon. Thank you once again and i assure you i will use the service again and will reccomend that others do the same" - Ian from Kent (Order No. M4072069) 22-09-2010
"very pleased with the transaction! sent phone yesterday and money already in bank today. Exellent service. Thankyou!" - Hawwa from Yorkshire (Order No. M4070728) 22-09-2010
"Really smooth transaction, will def use again. " - Emma from Yorkshire (Order No. M4064534) 22-09-2010
"Great service. Took only only 3 working days from posting phone to money received in bank. Couldn't wish for more. Will definitely recommend to others and use again." - Tina from Essex (Order No. M4064873) 22-09-2010
"Really fast transaction, can't believe how quick and easy it was!" - Joanna from Yorkshire (Order No. M4069181) 22-09-2010
"Fantastic Service, sent my phone by Special Delivery yesterday, payment received today! For all the doubters, this really is the best! :) Thanks Mazuma!" - Joseph from Derbyshire (Order No. M4068964) 22-09-2010
"Very fast transaction thankyou very much " - Diane from Sussex (Order No. M 4053811) 22-09-2010
"Excellent service. Posted Monday, received cheque Wednesday same week. I would definitely use Mazuma again." - les from Derbyshire (Order No. M4064191) 22-09-2010
"i have found Mazuma very fast and reliable and will be using them again in the near future" - Gareth from Lancashire (Order No. M4069280) 22-09-2010
"the best site i have ever been on, so easy! help always there and payment there so quick. legends!" - mark from Devon (Order No. M4065542) 22-09-2010
"Brilliant! Exactly as you said - posted the 'phone to you yesterday, money in my bank to-day. And more £££'s than I thought that I'd get anyway. Many thanks" - Alastair from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M4071080) 22-09-2010
"Quick and easy service,well impressed thank you" - Dean from Yorkshire (Order No. M4074419) 22-09-2010
"First time I have tried recycling a Mobile, I was very impressed with the level of Service and how speedily everything was completed.
I was kept up to date with every stage of the Sale, and would have no problem recommending you to others.
Many Thanks" - Richard from Midlothian (Order No. M4064280) 21-09-2010
"good efficient service" - PETER from Lancashire (Order No. M4065670) 21-09-2010
"An efficient, excellent service from start to finish. Thank you!" - Paul from Sussex (Order No. M4063795) 21-09-2010
"Fast, efficient service, no problems and the money was in my account on the day you said it would. Thankyou!" - Natasha from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M4044210) 21-09-2010
"Quick and esay to use. No hassle at all." - Andy from Hampshire (Order No. M4062259) 21-09-2010
"as ever excellent service.although royle mail let me down by takeing a week to deliver. but as soon as mazuma recieved my phone payement was sent out same day.thay are the best in this marketplace.recommond to everyone" - tony from Lancashire (Order No. M4050343) 21-09-2010
"Thank you for speedy service and for also keeping my order open whilst I was in hospital.

Much appreciated and I look forward to the cheque that's in the post!!

Ta. " - Lucie from Surrey (Order No. M4029003) 21-09-2010
"im realy pleased and very quik wiv the payment iv hav sold severly fones thru mazuma and happy wiv the service " - cheryl from Durham (Order No. M4064385) 21-09-2010
"just checked and have the money in the bank already, less than 24 hours since I posted special delivery, excellent service indeed and I will definitely recycle future phones and recomend friends to Mazuma. Thanks." - Alan from Derbys (Order No. M4048142) 21-09-2010
"Amazing service so simple and quick i have been preasantly suprised" - Samantha from Hampshire (Order No. M4060951) 21-09-2010
"Outstanding service. I rarely leave feed back for anyone but the whole experience has been first class. Thank you" - Richard from London (Order No. M4058498) 21-09-2010
"Great service, very easy to use although I forgot to turn off my daily alarm (as well as the handset) so it was going off in the bag!
thanks again, Brian." - Brian from Aberdeenshire (Order No. M4064304) 21-09-2010
"Excellent service and like the same day payment service, this is a nice feature. I have mazuma before and will def use again." - kevin from west yorkshire (Order No. M4044724) 21-09-2010
"Great fast efficient service and very competative price for phone." - william from lanarkshire (Order No. M4065618) 21-09-2010
"great way to sell an old mobie,quick and simple.thanks a lot." - tom from Staffordshire (Order No. M4056661) 21-09-2010
"Excellent Service, fast delivery of payment and a good price will reccomend to all my freiends and contacts on facebook.

FIRST CLASS WELL DONE TO YOU ALL, will sell me next mobile here when my new one is up graded.

Thank You" - Stuart from London (Order No. M4058752) 21-09-2010
"Very efficient system. Thank you for your professionalism." - Emma from Yorkshire (Order No. M4069222) 21-09-2010
"Fantastic Service! less than 24 hours to complete transaction. Many Thanks, will use you again in the future!" - Karl from Hertfordshire (Order No. M4067331) 21-09-2010
"Excellent service." - Ola from Hertfordshire (Order No. M4061313) 21-09-2010
"Brilliant service thank you. I posted the phones back yesterday and today the money is in my bank!

I will be writing about this on my linked-In profile as its the best service I have experienced in a very long time.

This service exceeds all expectations - thank you again


S Pearson" - Sue from Staffordshire (Order No. M4048244) 21-09-2010
"Absolutely brilliant! No hassle, No fuss! It was so simple and amazingly fast, many thanks for such a great service! " - Kirsty from Hampshire (Order No. M4056558) 21-09-2010
"fantastic service prompt return of post envolope email confirming phone recieved and then cheque posted out all in all 4 working days how good is that thank you mazuma very much best offer and prompt service for a phone that would have been stuck in the drawer" - arthur from cleveland (Order No. M4066552) 21-09-2010
"im very glad i used mazuma they where very fast and i found them 100% satisfactory many thanks" - steven from Essex (Order No. M4057095) 21-09-2010
"excellent service, quick and no problems at all used twice now ,will definetely be using again thanks " - sharon from Flintshire (Order No. M4047637) 21-09-2010
"Thank you for a brilliant service. From start to finish the whole process of selling my mobiles with you was brilliant. would definately use again and would recommend you to my friends. At last a company that does what it says with out any complications. Thank you" - Emma from Yorkshire (Order No. M4054558) 21-09-2010
"Fantastic service yet again - only sent phone on Friday and payment already processed - have recommended Mazuma to numerous friends and family!! Thank you." - Susan from england (Order No. M4059356) 20-09-2010
"Very efficient and fast service. Will not hesitate to use you again. I will also recommend you to anyone." - clive from n/a (Order No. M4502742) 20-09-2010
"Second time I've used Mazuma and the service was as good as the first time round. The website is very easy to use and excellent turn around with payment for the phones issued very quickly... and that is opting for the cheque payment. The bank transfer would be even quicker!
" - Anika from Cheshire (Order No. M4047685) 20-09-2010
"Excellent service. Other sites offered a slightly better price but Mazuma had far better reviews. These reviews are well deserved. Valued phones on Thursday, Sellers Pack arrived Friday and package posted. The money was in my account by 2pm on the Monday. Excellent service! Thank you." - John from Lanarkshire (Order No. M4066387) 20-09-2010
have to say absolutely brilliant service. The phone only arrived this morning and already the money has been transferred to our bank account. I wish all service providers worked like this.


Thanks" - Patricia from Surrey (Order No. M4062395) 20-09-2010
"I was very impressed with the speed and efficiency of this service. I will be recommending this to others." - Gilda from Essex (Order No. M4060987) 20-09-2010
"excellent service - logged request wed, got envelope thursday, sent phone off thursday and received money friday - faultless - thanks !" - ruth from West Yorkshire (Order No. M4032337) 20-09-2010
"Hi There
Just wanted to thank you for processing the purchase of my old Nokia N73 so quickly." - Lee from Yorkshire (Order No. M4066097) 20-09-2010
"I have just sold my approximately 5th phone to Mazuma this one was a 3g i phone. every time you have been honest quick to pay and a pleasure to deal with. you must have a realy good team. you are great all of you x x " - adrian from Kent (Order No. M4063160) 20-09-2010
"An absolute fantastic service and so quick. Thank you" - rosanna from Essex (Order No. M4059931) 19-09-2010
"I have used your website twice now and the service i have received has been brilliant and would recommend you to others" - SALLY from Yorkshire (Order No. M4055539) 19-09-2010
"absolutely fantastic service, I didn't expect the process to be so straightforward and I expected a lengthy wait, but my phone was turned into a cheque within 4 days!
will recommend to all my friends!" - sandie from Hampshire (Order No. M4064202) 19-09-2010
"great, was so impressed on how quickly the money was in my bank account, sent on the Tuesday money in my account by 3pm on wednesday, was given the price quoted. will def use again. Thank you" - neil from Kent (Order No. M4054201) 19-09-2010
"Excellent and fast service thank you!" - Sharon from Dorset (Order No. M4056917) 19-09-2010
"Brilliant company sent my phone on a Thursday an got my money on Friday. Can't ask for better than that and got the price you quoted me. Excellent very fast and to your word company thank." - Matt from wigtownshire (Order No. M4042140) 19-09-2010
"Great service, thank you!" - Elroy from Surrey (Order No. M4050556) 18-09-2010
"I was a little sceptical, and half expected to hear back offering me much less than I had been quoted on the website, but I was wrong. These guys were absolutely straight down the line, everything worked just as they said it would, the value they promised was in my bank the day after I posted my old iphone - £156; fantastic service. Thank you " - Stephen from Renfrewshire (Order No. M4029064) 18-09-2010
"I was absolutly amazed at the speed and ease of the transaction, a truly safe and professional service which I'm sure I will use again in the future. MAZUMA Mobile gets a 5 star thumbs up from me. Many thanks" - Peter from Norfolk (Order No. M4061484) 18-09-2010
"excellent service cheque arrived next day as promised have no bother in recommending Mazuma" - ian from Ayrshire (Order No. M4054494) 18-09-2010
"simple, fast and friendly as they said
got my cheque for full amount quoted and defo do again if required nice work mazuma" - Filippo from Yorkshire (Order No. M4038464) 18-09-2010
"excellent efficient simple to use service." - william from Renfrewshire (Order No. M4052737) 18-09-2010
"Fantastic, what an easy why to do things, very helpful and a very speedy payment. Easier than what you think, thank you Mazuma." - Dean from Wiltshire (Order No. M4056651) 17-09-2010
"Very pleased with the very fast & efficient service provided." - Maxwell from Essex (Order No. M4058645) 17-09-2010
"very goood service, managed to get rid of my old useless phones in a quick and easy way." - Megan from Derbyshire (Order No. M4054898) 17-09-2010
"Excellent. Phone sent and money in bank within 3 days." - Julie from Gloucestershire (Order No. M4046277) 17-09-2010
"i think it was amazing this service and would love to use it in the future for my mobiles it was a very very quick service i couldnt belive that i sold my mobile i got the pack the next day comnfirmed the day after that and had my money sent the day after that its an amazing service x" - claire from Cheshire (Order No. M4062335) 17-09-2010
""1st CLASS"Old phone posted Wednesday noon,cheque recieved Friday morning.Thank You." - Roy from Warks (Order No. M4053762) 17-09-2010
"great service" - Nicole from Essex (Order No. M4055582) 17-09-2010
"Great service, really simple and quick...thank you Mazuma!!" - Kate from Staffordshire (Order No. M4049838) 17-09-2010
"What can I say, I am so impressed with the service received from Mazuma Mobile and the speed with which I received my payment.
Thank You." - Julie from Cheshire (Order No. M4057943) 17-09-2010
"very simple and easy to use, will deffo use it in the future:)" - sabrina from Surrey (Order No. M4054885) 17-09-2010
"Great service. Could not be happier.

Will definately use again and have already recommeneded to others" - Amber from Yorkshire (Order No. M4060541) 17-09-2010
"yes thanks for buying my old mobile it was all done in a few days " - DENNIS from Lincolnshire (Order No. M4062419) 17-09-2010
"very quick and and full payment as promised.
very good." - hannah from Hampshire (Order No. M4060680) 17-09-2010
"Incredible. I sent my phone yesterday, and the money was in my bank by 12 today. Thank you for such a speedy service. " - Tom from Surrey (Order No. M4054253) 17-09-2010
"i found mazuma really good,the payment came though straight away and in full, i will tell family and friends about mauma" - natasha from Worcestershire (Order No. M4053966) 17-09-2010
"Brilliant service. Absolutely first class. You delivered on every promise made on your site." - Stephen from Ayrshire (Order No. M4022128) 17-09-2010
"great service and will recommend you to anyone thanks" - sharon from lancs (Order No. M4062171) 17-09-2010
"Excellent and fast service
Kept informed at all times" - Dawn from Yorkshire (Order No. M4055085) 17-09-2010
"Really pleased with the service, faster than i thought it would be as i'd asked for a cheque. Thankyou i have a very happy teen!" - Mary from West Midlands (Order No. M4059967) 17-09-2010
"Great service! Sent my phone on Tuesday and recieved my cheque on Thursday!! :)" - Megan from Pembrokeshire (Order No. M4052009) 16-09-2010
"Fantastic way in selling your phone super fast postage and super fast payement!!!
Many thanks" - Michael from Middlesex (Order No. M4054021) 16-09-2010
"Perfect timing and payment! really happy with the service!" - Massimo from London (Order No. M3995313) 16-09-2010
"a1 service would use your service again or recamend u to a friend " - andrew from tyne and wear (Order No. M4060360) 16-09-2010
"Great Service Guys .. second time I've sent mobiles in and the first time using the direct payment option.. very fast and efficient job

Many Thanks and will definitely use you again" - Mark from Avon (Order No. M4054940) 16-09-2010
"Excellent Service, thank you." - Heidi from Yorkshire (Order No. M4052084) 16-09-2010
"absolutely brilliant
on tuesday 14 on 12 am i applied for a free post bag, i recieved this the very next day. i then sent my items on the wedneesday and on the thursday less than 20 hours later i got my money no problems at all

this is totally trust worthy and extreamely fast will use again as this is the fantastic service" - ayaz from west midlands (Order No. M4061734) 16-09-2010
"absolutely delighted, so easy and very professional. Also very impressed the way that you protect the use of the argos vouchers, - having to validate the card first in case of theft. Will certainly recommend you to others. Well done!!!!" - sidney from Vale of Glamorgan (Order No. M4048594) 16-09-2010
"Great Service! Quick and esay. Stress Free. Sent my phone and by next working day had my money paid into my bank account. Was also updated with the status of my order via e-mail. Will certainly use MazumaMobile in the future and I will highly recomend it to my friends and family!" - STEVEN from Norfolk (Order No. M4038691) 16-09-2010
"Very impressed with the speed, ease and convenience of the transaction. I only wish I had more old phones to sell." - Matthew from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M4056402) 16-09-2010
"excellent fast and easily <thats if you hav internet> very easy free post <--------> very quick also brilyant" - patrick from antrim (Order No. M4053585) 16-09-2010
"Easy to use, quick and simple. Thanks." - Glenn from Devon (Order No. M4057047) 16-09-2010
"excellent first class service and very quick in a matter of 3days from putting the phone in the post office i received the cheque highly recommended and i will be sending more" - john from manchester (Order No. M4050237) 16-09-2010
"Excellent service. The money has arrived in my bank. Highly recommended." - David from Bucks (Order No. M4054925) 16-09-2010
"EXCELLENT FAST SERVICE AND PAYMENT REALLY PLEASED WILL DEFINATLY USE AGAIN A+++++++" - emma from Staffordshire (Order No. M4060300) 16-09-2010
"Awesome service! I posted my phone off yesterday & I've been payed today! :D . It's so refreshing to find a business that delivers (to an unexpected level) on what it promises. Extremely pleased. Would recommend it to anyone. Awesome!!" - Joaquim from Berkshire (Order No. M4058545) 16-09-2010
"Awesome, fast & reliable service, thanks." - Stephen from Kent (Order No. M4059052) 16-09-2010
"I thought the service was excellent. I have to admit I did not think the money would be paid that quick! so quick service and great price. Some offer a bit more for the handset but I feel you are a trusted brand.

I am going to tell my friends to do the same with their unwanted handsets, and I will def use you again in the future. Many Thanks!" - Matthew from Derbyshire (Order No. M4046083) 16-09-2010
"Excellent service, an effortless experience. Transaction complete within 4 days. Cash paid as promissed (unlike other sites) Does exactly what it says on the tin!! Will be more than happy to use again, thankyou." - Paul from Durham (Order No. M4056057) 16-09-2010
"it was very fast brilliant service well happy." - helen from Somerset (Order No. M4028087) 16-09-2010
"Excellent service - I am well impressed! Definitely will come back :)

Thank You" - sylwia from Middlesex (Order No. M4058494) 16-09-2010
"fast service easy to follow instructions will use this service again" - Helen from Carmarthenshire (Order No. M4053474) 15-09-2010
"An excellent service, easy instructions to send my phone and a very quick payment was issued." - Paul from Derbyshire (Order No. M4047369) 15-09-2010
"Excellent service. Have recommended you to several friends and colleagues. If only more companies could be as efficient!" - Antony from Kent (Order No. M4051199) 15-09-2010
"Very fast and very good service. Would use time time again, does make a change to have really good customer service as most places these days offer nothing in customer service. 100% happy well done to all the team at Mazuma keep it going. " - Simon from cornwall (Order No. M4049320) 15-09-2010
"very very fast service,and very very good. many thanks" - michael from Lincolnshire (Order No. M4054409) 15-09-2010
"Amazing service, so speedy and great price for my old phone. Just wish you could do something with the chargers too? Thank you, definitely recommend you." - Jennie from Middlesex (Order No. M4058854) 15-09-2010
"Excellent service. Prompt and professional. Entire process from initial enquiry to receipt of payment was approx 48 hours. Would definately recommend Mazuma." - David from Renfrewshire (Order No. M4058850) 15-09-2010
"Very impressed with Mazuma's service. They made selling my old mobile effortless. The whole process was quick and easy and I would recommend them to anyone thinking of selling their old mobile phone." - David from Lancashire (Order No. M4048002) 15-09-2010
"really good thank you very much!!!
very quick!
delivery bag was recived the day after i sold the phone i sent it of that day and a couple of days later my money arrived! Thanks! x" - Hannah from Leicestershire (Order No. M4052577) 15-09-2010
"Whilst the site did not offer the most amount, it was not far short. The difference is more than mode up by the very quick and proffesional way in which the trandsaction was carried out. Fully completed with payent in my bank within three days. Very efficient, no complaints at all. Thank you Mazuma." - steven from Suffolk (Order No. M4058412) 15-09-2010
"as ever superb service, always recommend your company to friends and family. Delivery intructions were posted the day after i completed my order, and now 2 days after i posted the item the cash is in my account :)" - Heather from Hertfordshire (Order No. M4049189) 15-09-2010
"second time i`ve used mazuma and will defo use again, seamless transaction and superfast payment. from applying to completion took 3 days!" - jarrod from cheshire (Order No. M4057795) 15-09-2010
WILL DEFINATELY USE AGAIN!!!" - J from Monmouthshire (Order No. M4056955) 15-09-2010
"I am very happy with the service provided by Mazuma, they were very quick and efficient, I will definitely use them again." - David from Sussex (Order No. M4054525) 15-09-2010
"Amazingly fast service - Competitive prices - I will definitely use Mazuma again :o)" - Sara from Hampshire (Order No. M4052143) 15-09-2010
"Posted phones at 5pm Tuesday, Money in my account 13.30 Wednesday. The service is quick, efficient and as exactly how you describe it. Furthermore you recycle for further use - Genius! I preach to everyone to dig out phones and sell them to you." - Ben from Berkshire (Order No. M4058227) 15-09-2010
"Excellent service and turn around.I was very dubious about using this service, but I am extrememly pleased! Constant email contact and kept up to date constantly" - Marie from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M4049701) 15-09-2010
"1st class service will recomend to anyone. will use again......" - dean from Yorkshire (Order No. M4050215) 15-09-2010
"WOW! What an amazing company to deal with. I got an online quote, continued through the easy process, the bag was sent the very next day, I sent my phone off. The following day I received an email to say that the phone had arrived and just a few hours later the money had been transfered into my bank account..... Not just simple,it was amazing! Plus if you call you get to speak to a 'real' person! I would definitely recomend this site and use it again.Thank you very much I am one happy person :D" - Lisa from Rutland (Order No. M4054511) 15-09-2010
"i think mazuma is a great way to get rid of your old mobiles i thought my mobile was worth nothing at all and at a time of great need i checked and got 15 pound for a phone i thought was worthless!! thankyou mazuma !!" - holly from Yorkshire (Order No. M4057201) 15-09-2010
"Seemless experience. Can't fault Mazuma. Can't recommend enough, thank you." - James from Staffordshire (Order No. M4045464) 14-09-2010
"Excellent, easy to use service. Would use again in the future and recommend to friends and family. Thanks!" - Paul from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M4043490) 14-09-2010
"Brilliant service!! Posted Phone Midday Yesterday Received Payment Miday Today. Very Fast And Efficient. Would Use Again and Recomend" - Jenni from Cheshire (Order No. M4049849) 14-09-2010
"A great, speedy service. A pleasure doing business with you. I shall definitely be in touch next time I upgrade :)" - Daniel from Lincolnshire (Order No. M4043648) 14-09-2010
"Vary Good Service.." - NIsh from Warwickshire (Order No. M4046065) 14-09-2010
"Thank you very much for excellent service." - sergey from tyne and wear (Order No. M4050247) 14-09-2010
"Superb customer service, every stage I got an email, I wish all companies took this comprehensive approach with their customers. Payment went in very fast after delivery had been confirmed. I am dead chuffed with mazuma, thank you very much! " - Donna from Yorkshire (Order No. M4052089) 14-09-2010
"Very fast efficient service, would certainly use you again, no delays, kept updated as to progress, very good." - Victoria from Kent (Order No. M4051468) 14-09-2010
"I would just like to say how impressed I was after using you for the first time around a week ago. I cannot believe how quick the turnaround was from me selling my phone on the website through to recieving payment - it was all of 2 days to complete the whole transaction and it was so easy. Your website is a joy to use and it is really user-friendly and any questions I had in my mind i found the answers to within seconds.

Thanks again and keep up the good work!" - Robert from West Yorkshire (Order No. M4046891) 14-09-2010
"What can I say??? Excellent service and customer support....From start to finish I have just recieved the payment I will definatly use this service again. I read the customer feedback before I used the service and all were excellent, Definalty lives up to those statements thank you :)" - Heather from warwickshire (Order No. M4048233) 14-09-2010
"WOW! Less than 24 hours between sending the phone and the money being in my account. It couldn't have been a more seamless transaction. Many thanks!" - maria from London (Order No. M4051182) 14-09-2010
"Excellent service, super fast, payment, 100% recommend
" - louise from Surrey (Order No. M4051907) 14-09-2010
"Your service was truely fantastic, money was put straight into our account extremely fast, will definitely be using you again in the future." - Andrew from Suffolk (Order No. M4046946) 14-09-2010
"Posted on Friday and recieved payment quick and easy on the following Monday morning. Would recommend to friends/family... Thankyou." - Matt from Derbyshire (Order No. M4047858) 14-09-2010
"The best experience I've had so far. Truly magical. The speed of delivery and completing of the transaction is second to none. I will sincerely recommend the service to anyone looking for a hassle free way of disposing their old phone and making some money." - Niyi from Midlothian (Order No. M4045230) 14-09-2010
"Very fast payment, thank you. Excellent service, very highly recommended." - Molly from West Midlands (Order No. M4050015) 14-09-2010
"I ordered my pack and it came the very next day!! Ohh my lovely Nokia E71 she was a beauty, so shiny, so reliable, so non-standard headphone connector and small screen grrr! She went everywhere with me and we travelled the world together but only 2 days ago she went on her very last journey with me to the post box and off to Mazuma! I wonder if I will ever see her again!!

But what replaced her? With the money I got from Mazuma (that should arrive in the bank tonight) her soul lives on in a brand new Nokia 5230 with bigger screen and standard headphone connector! I also had enough money" - Gareth from Northamptonshire (Order No. M4051424) 14-09-2010
"As always, it's a pleasure to do business with you guys! Prompt, reliable, no fuss, just send the phone & payments is made. You make it so easy! Cheers!!! xx" - Anne-Marie from n/a (Order No. MM4051850) 14-09-2010
"Posted old phone on Friday and by 11am Monday received confirmation it had been received and by 2pm money was already in my bank account. Amazing service. Thankyou mazuma!!!" - Andrew from Hertfordshire (Order No. M4039506) 13-09-2010
"Fast, Easy, Great Service" - Michael from Yorkshire (Order No. M4048106) 13-09-2010
"An excellenet, fast and efficient service. Would have no problem recommeding Mazuma to others." - Erin from Isle of Wight (Order No. M4052823) 13-09-2010
"Excellent service would recommend to anyone fast and efficient " - Karen from Kincardineshire (Order No. M4044894) 13-09-2010
"Fantastic Service :)" - Gary from Kent (Order No. M4047732) 13-09-2010
"An exceptional service! Posted my old phone on Friday afternoon and received payment straight into my bank account by tea time on Monday - will definitely use again!" - Martyn from Monmouthshire (Order No. M4038265) 13-09-2010
"Good price, incredibly fast and efficient payout!

Thanks" - Ranald from Perthshire (Order No. M4052290) 13-09-2010
"Fantastic Service, would use again & recomend to friends" - Christopher from Glamorgan (Order No. M4030021) 13-09-2010
"yes found your service very good, thanks." - jim from antrim (Order No. M4045613) 12-09-2010
"I must admit I was a bit skeptical. But, I needn't have been. I sent one of my old phones and I received a cheque which I will bank. I have other phones which have been collecting dust, so, I'll been sending them too! Thanks - a great idea and a great service!" - Amanda from Antrim (Order No. M4041672) 12-09-2010
"Even though I was a bit slack with posting by the original order date , I sent my items off a week later after being offered a further 7 days. Posted on the Monday and got my Argos voucher Wed. Great service and really easy will recommend and use it again." - Grantley from Bedfordshire (Order No. M4002861) 11-09-2010
"what a fantastic service and so quick and easy thank you so much will be sending old phones to you again " - jennie from Worcestershire (Order No. M4041374) 11-09-2010
"Wow - Received my money, cleared funds in my account, that day after I posted. Does what it says on the tin!" - Jason from Glamorgan (Order No. M4047181) 11-09-2010
"fab service very speedy delivery will recommend to friends" - james from Dunbartonshire (Order No. M4038916) 11-09-2010
"I used mazumamobile for the first time to get cash for an old phone i had lyin around at home. the service was absolutely first class i would highly recommend it to anyone its fast and easy to use and had no problems whatso ever thank you mazuma for makin my bank balance more than it was the day before " - LISA from Lanarkshire (Order No. M4043215) 11-09-2010
"this is the scond phone i have sold to mazuma and is the second time i have recieved the cheque in 3 days.brilliant" - tony from Devon (Order No. M4040639) 11-09-2010
"Excellent service very fast whole process complete in 2days couldnt ask for more, will definately reccomend and use again in the future
thanks!" - lindsey from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M4046348) 11-09-2010
"Really simple, straightforward process and excellent service. Many thanks." - Chris from Surrey (Order No. M4040038) 11-09-2010
"Great service again!!!
Fast and easy and very prompt payment.
Used a different site at first, because they offered more money.
However, I got fed up waiting for their bag, so signed up with Mazuma and got paid very quickly.
Still waiting for the other site's bag by the way.
Many thanks, will happily recommend your site to others." - will from Tyne and Wear (Order No. M4041869) 11-09-2010
"thank you , wow how quick , amazing" - michelle from DURHAM (Order No. M4047818) 11-09-2010
"Easy To use , Fast and keep you up to date Grate Service will use again," - Ian from Lancashire (Order No. M4037698) 10-09-2010
"think its fast and easy.. %100 better then other company..." - javan from Birmingham (Order No. M4046034) 10-09-2010
"Brilliant service, I'm recommending you to all my colleagues as we speak." - Julie from Yorkshire (Order No. M4035744) 10-09-2010
"painless, simple and quick. definetely use again. cheers" - jon from Lancashire (Order No. M4039831) 10-09-2010
"fantastic service.ordered monday, envelope came tuesday, i posted phone back wednesday and received the cheque on friday. could'nt ask for better...." - Dawn from Derbyshire (Order No. M4043127) 10-09-2010
"Thank you for a very efficient & quick way of selling on my old mobile phone, your process was very simple to follow & very quick to get payment, thanks again " - carole from West Glamorgan (Order No. M4043030) 10-09-2010
"Fantastic, effortless, easy and so very quick. Thank you. " - Neil from Worcestershire (Order No. M4034157) 10-09-2010
"Very quick, easy and good value." - Matt from Wiltshire (Order No. M4043285) 10-09-2010
"Very happy with the service, amazingly quick and glad I used Mazuma!" - Matt from Lancashire (Order No. M4048581) 10-09-2010
"fast and good service ...
recommend..." - Arkadiusz from Armagh (Order No. M4037415) 10-09-2010
"hi wowwwww you were so quick sent the phone to you on thursday and friday night you paid money into my bank will recommend you highly once again thanx for a swift painless transaction" - kevin from Norfolk (Order No. M4048665) 10-09-2010
"Great Service and very Promt .Will use again." - Brian from Essex (Order No. M4043555) 10-09-2010
"Your service has been slick and efficient and I'm very impressed. You put your competitors to shame." - Chris from London (Order No. M4044974) 10-09-2010
"Excellent service, received payment extremely promptly. Envirophone take money off which I was expecting however I got the full amount. Will be recommending Mazuma to all friends." - Victoria from Aberdeenshire (Order No. M4040125) 10-09-2010
"Second time I have used you know in the last 3 months and I must admit the service is perfect - very quick and no hassle whatsoever. I wasnt expecting the service to be this good. Will use you again." - Darshan from Northamptonshire (Order No. M4021654) 09-09-2010
"Couldn't have wished for an easier, speedier service! This is the second occassion I have used Mazuma and have recommended your services to my brother in Australia!" - Angela from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M4038724) 09-09-2010
"I posted my old phone on Tuesday and a cleared payment was in my bank first thing Thursday morning. Being in my sixties I was a bit sceptical but Mazuma sent me a freepost bag with instructions showing how I could obtain a receipt, free of charge, from the Post Office for proof of posting that would cover my payment in the event of my mobile being lost in the post. This system certainly works well and I recommend senior citizens to use Mazuma " - john from Renfrewshire (Order No. M4042904) 09-09-2010
"Very efficient and quick service- the money was in my account the same day the phones arrived. Would definately recommend this service." - Rachel from West Midlands (Order No. M4033979) 09-09-2010
"Totaly fantastic!!! I was going to sell on ebay but as there were a couple of minor scratches was worried about negative feedback even though I would have mention them in listing...

I expected to get about £60 on ebay which would have incured listing fees and paypal fees...

To get £65 the next day is amazing... Will use you again and recomend you.

Thanks" - Tanya from Wiltshire (Order No. M4045387) 09-09-2010
"execellent fast service no catches Thanks for all your help .will defently deal with you again " - Robert from Devon (Order No. M4046230) 09-09-2010
"Thankyou very much for the fast and painless sale of my i-phone 3g. The whole process was seemless, simple and very fast.
I am very pleased that I decided to use your company." - Jayne from West Midlands (Order No. M4042348) 09-09-2010
"Superb service from beginning to end. I was sent the envelope the next day after requesting it and I returned the mobiles and had money transferred into my account three days later....Brilliant!! I Will recommend this site to friends and family and I will use again in the future." - Julie from West Lothian (Order No. M4036223) 09-09-2010
"I only posted teh phone at 4.30pm yesterday and the money is in my account today. I am very impressed and extremely delighted with the service and will recommend you to all my friends" - Carolina from Stirlingshire (Order No. M4038851) 09-09-2010
"Fantastic service, easy and super quick!!! Will recommend to others for sure!" - Clare from Hampshire (Order No. M4035961) 09-09-2010
"What a brilliant idea. I had 3 mobiles sitting in a drawer for ages, such a simple way to get rid of them and make some cash. Well done Mazuma, will recommend to all friends and family." - Nikki from Glamorgan (Order No. M4041075) 09-09-2010
"This is the 2nd phone I have sold with mazuma and I would definitely use them again and recommend them. The website is simple and easy to use and everything is dealt with so quickly." - Jo-ann from Kent (Order No. M4040488) 09-09-2010
"I would like to thank all concerned for your brilliant customer service, my money has already gone into my bank account 15mins after your email top stuff well done !! : ) " - paul from n/a (Order No. MM4043755) 09-09-2010
"It's really amazing how Mazuma works magic! I ordered one day, received the free postbag the next day and it was bang the third day.I have found a friend in Mazuma!" - olusola from LONDON (Order No. M4022662) 09-09-2010
"Super fast work great thanks" - Barbara from Stirlingshire (Order No. M4043863) 09-09-2010
"Very good service I shall tell my friends" - gwynfor from Flintshire (Order No. M4041513) 09-09-2010
"Thank you very much, is really very easy to deal with you guys!
I'm very pleased." - Rodrigo from Lancashire (Order No. M4036011) 09-09-2010
"Thank you for processing my order so quickly, I found the whole system very easy to use." - Kay from Suffolk (Order No. M4028800) 09-09-2010
"Really good. Sent phone on friday, recieved cheque following wednesday. very quick! sent 2 phones to a different place and still waiting for confirmation that they have even recieved! wish i just sent all 3 here!" - Ginny from Bedfordshire (Order No. M4034047) 08-09-2010
"Mazuma is a very straight forward and easy site to use. With lots of help options and the service is very good.Will use again and happily recommend Mazuma to friends and family. " - Dawn from Dorset (Order No. M4033972) 08-09-2010
"Absolutely brilliant service and quick payment. Must say that I am very impressed." - Nicholas from Pembrokeshire (Order No. M4031479) 08-09-2010
"i have used you several times, and each time i have been really pleased by the swift delivery of my bag to send phones, and how fast i recieve payment, thanks alot " - Joan from kent (Order No. M4040350) 08-09-2010
"too good,sent phones on tuesday got paid by 13:00 on wednesday,brilliant !12 out 10 !" - grant from Hertfordshire (Order No. M4041093) 08-09-2010
"just wanted to say thankyou for a very good efficiant and fast service,coulnt have been any better top marks thankyou" - allan from Lanarkshire (Order No. M4036197) 08-09-2010
"Hugely impressive system, but the best thing is the continual flow of information that keeps you posted!" - Colin from Derbyshire (Order No. M4019162) 08-09-2010
"Excellent Service, just wish I had used you guys before. Will definately reccomend you to my friends !" - mark from Berkshire (Order No. M4022578) 08-09-2010
"Thanks mazuma!!! Another company offered me more money for both of my phones however their feedback was not very impressive. I had read many reviews of mazuma none of which bad so I decided to give them a try instead. Brilliant service, I posted my phones yesterday afternoon and they put the amount they quoted in my bank by 2pm today. Very impressed, they keep you updated throughout the process, will definately use again, excellent service." - Caz from Yorkshire (Order No. M4038678) 08-09-2010
"A little cheaper but alot faster payouts..... thanks a bunch" - darryll from Leicestershire (Order No. M4038707) 08-09-2010
"First of all impression is great. Prices are extremely reasonible that they offer and the service is stupidly fast. 5 star service" - michael from Berkshire (Order No. M4040323) 08-09-2010
"thankyou for a quick service and keeping me informed of every step of information once again thankyou" - Michael from Hampshire (Order No. M4031442) 08-09-2010
"what an amazingly efficient service!" - Jo from Hampshire (Order No. M4041762) 08-09-2010
"very fast processing and prompt payment.This is the 3rd time i dealt with you...I'm very happy about your service and will recommend to my friends as well.." - Deepa from Lancashire (Order No. M4010430) 08-09-2010
"thank you very much for the smooth and very quick transaction. looking forward to receiving my payment.
Origionally went to envirofone but they were RUBBISH!
Thanks again" - maxine from Dorset (Order No. M4008293) 08-09-2010
"Brilliant, brilliant service. Fast, efficient, great prices. I'll be back again!" - Paul from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M4036078) 08-09-2010
"Extremely fast and excellent quality service. Thank you." - Kate from Somerset (Order No. M4033259) 08-09-2010
"i am amazed at how quick the service from you has been all done and money put into my account within 2 days well done and thanks" - barbara from Stirlingshire (Order No. M4043891) 08-09-2010
"This is the first time I have used you and I am very impressed. I have been kept informed and the whole transaction was completed quickly. I'll certainly recommend you to my friends." - jean from Yorkshire (Order No. M4034263) 08-09-2010
"Extremely pleased with the excellent response. Order put in on 2nd Sep and payment made on 6th Sep for the full amount as agreed. Whole experience was professional, fast and I will certainly use Mazuma for redundant equipment in the future." - Philip from Sussex (Order No. M4036622) 08-09-2010
"Fantastic service!!! Only requested the sale on Saturday - money in th ebank by Wednesday!! Thanks" - Ross from Devon (Order No. M4043260) 08-09-2010
"Easy, simple process. Very happy." - Bethan from Glamorgan (Order No. M4034522) 08-09-2010
"Great and helpful with enquiries, fantastic response to items being sent and quick payment made. Thank you " - Suzanne from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M4010225) 07-09-2010
"got quote on thursday,put cheque in bank on tuesday.
no messing,very good service." - mark from worcestershire (Order No. M4037631) 07-09-2010
"Thank you for taking my old phone. Very happy with how quick your customer services are.
Thank you" - Katie from Pembrokeshire (Order No. M4027977) 07-09-2010
"Fast, efficient, does what it says on the tin!! I will be using this site again and again and..." - Jon from Lancashire (Order No. M4031518) 07-09-2010
"First class service, phones were received tuesday morning and payment was in my account the same day." - dean from Berkshire (Order No. M4021472) 07-09-2010
"It's so easy to Mazuma no hassle just great service.
If only everything in life was so easy!" - Lee from Durham (Order No. M4037903) 07-09-2010
"Fast delivery,and very fast payment will defiantly use this service again .
" - joanna from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M4034416) 07-09-2010
"Sent the phone on Monday morning, had the money by tuesday afternoon. Thanks, a quick and painless exercise in how to get money for something that is no use anymore." - Ian from West Dunbartonshire (Order No. M4033969) 07-09-2010
" I was very impressed with the quick service that I received from Mazumamobile.A highly recommended service for those who have unwanted mobile phones!!!!!!!!! " - Jane from Somerset (Order No. M4036639) 07-09-2010
"This is not my first time using Mazuma and won't be my last, excellent service as usual" - Peter from Northants (Order No. M4031904) 07-09-2010
"Excellent service from start to finish. Highly recommend to others to use this company. Many Thanks" - John from Durham (Order No. M4034797) 07-09-2010
"Thank you for such a quick and easy service. The whole process is so easy to follow and complete that it made it a breeze, and to make it even better I earned £56 out of it. Thank you, the whole experience was great and I will definitely be recommending you to as many people as I can." - Mark from Essex (Order No. M4025256) 07-09-2010
"Excellent service, liked the inclusion of the bag to post back with clear instructions. Prompt payment also. Will recommend to friends" - Stephen from Greater London (Order No. M4036851) 07-09-2010
"thanking you for a speedy deal hope to deal with you again" - james from n/a (Order No. M phone) 07-09-2010
"I am very happy with the level of service I have received. I work in customer service myself and know just how much pressure we are under just to maintain an excecllent level of service satisfaction with customers. The service was fast, precise, friendly and very straight forward.I am one happy customer. Thanks for all your help." - Samuel from Kent (Order No. M4031822) 06-09-2010
"Brilliant fast service, really impressed. Dead easy too....

Cheers" - Lee from Lancashire (Order No. M4025709) 06-09-2010
"BRILLIANT. THANKS VERY MUCH.I WILL USE YOU AGAIN." - TERRY from Hertfordshire (Order No. M4035522) 06-09-2010
"This is an excellent, faultless service.

Mazuma virtually did everything for me with the envelope they sent along with the clear instructions.

The only thing I did was sent my mobile back by special delivery, as I wanted peace of mind, and the very next day the transaction was completed - my cheque is in the post.

I cannot recommend this more highly for your unwanted mobile phones. I will definitely use this service again." - Mike from Middlesex (Order No. M4028634) 06-09-2010
"I'm not really one for giving feedback but I have to mention that I'm extremely impressed with the excellent service I received!! My order details changed half way and was delt with promptly and in a friendly but professional manor. I would recommend this service to anyone!! Keep up the brillant work!! 5 star service with 100% satisfaction!! " - Endrasinh from Middlesex (Order No. M4031679) 06-09-2010
"iv now sold 5 mobiles to this company..every time i get a 5* my cheque within days..deffo recommend" - tina from Lancashire (Order No. M4015119) 06-09-2010
"Couldn't fault the service. Quick, efficient, and good price paid! Would recommend highly!" - Claire from Warwickshire (Order No. M4026643) 06-09-2010
"Excellent, efficient, easy to use service. Money paid into my account immediately once phone had been received. Highly recommend to others. Thank you. " - Helen from Yorkshire (Order No. M4026806) 06-09-2010
"Yes I would like to say how quick and easy it is to sell your old phone to Mazuma. And better to recycle whatever you get back. Thanks again Mazuma." - Anthony from n/a (Order No. MM4033395&rlm) 06-09-2010
"Brilliant service, kept me updated by email and very quick from start to finish." - Anika from Cheshire (Order No. M4018155) 06-09-2010
"Thanks for a very speedy and simple service." - Edwin from Cumberland (Order No. M4025865) 04-09-2010
"Excellent as always. Posted Thursday. Cheque sent Friday. Payment Saturday! Highly recommend! " - Katherine from Staffordshire (Order No. M4026866) 04-09-2010
"This is the first time ive used your service and would really recomend it to everyone, i am really surprised at how quickly you have processed this order, just wanted to say thank you. Its been great doing business with yourselfs :)" - yousof from Lanarkshire (Order No. M4033295) 04-09-2010
"Received cheque today. Great, simple to use service. Would recommend to friends and family." - Gwenda from Midlothian (Order No. M4026191) 04-09-2010
"This is the first time I have used your service and will certainly be recommending it to my friends. I found the service quick, efficient and receipt of payment extremely prompt. Thank you again." - Lesley from Wiltshire (Order No. M4028903) 04-09-2010
"Thank you for a very speedy and quick service. I will recommend you to others." - Patricia from Berkshire (Order No. M4031813) 03-09-2010
"Absolutely brilliant!! First time I've used your service and I'm so impressed!! Dealt with super quickly! Will recommend! Thanks! " - Sophia from Gloucestershire (Order No. M4030118) 03-09-2010
"first class transaction
would definitely recommend u to family & friends." - gary from Lancashire (Order No. M4030296) 03-09-2010
"best service i think i have ever used, will be using again if i do come across any old mobile phones again. 10 out of 10. thank you " - vicky from Suffolk (Order No. M4025294) 03-09-2010
"Super quick, smooth and painless. Good Price for my phone. Clear from the start and easy to do

Would recommend to many friends" - Anthony from Durham (Order No. M4020256) 03-09-2010
"Brilliant. Posted my phone yesterday and money has been credited already to my bank.There are sites that quote a higher price than Mazuma but they are unreliable & I would rather take a smaller amount for my mobile and be sure of the payment and receive great service. Thank you, will definately use you in future and recommend you also." - Melanie from Gloucestershire (Order No. M4024613) 03-09-2010
"Fantastic service, I only posted the phone at 15.50 last night and the money was in my account by 2pm today - thanks" - Graham from Lancashire (Order No. M4021816) 03-09-2010
"its really fast! and its well worth it and its easy and simple and useful!
" - Trishna from Surrey (Order No. M4031507) 03-09-2010
"Very quick and easy - excellent service!" - Shirley from Northumberland (Order No. M4024504) 03-09-2010
"Thank you very much for a very good service. I posted my phone at 2 oclock on thursday afternoon and i had the money in my account the next day friday. i would highly recomend Mazuma to sell you phone to" - trevor from Essex (Order No. M4031710) 03-09-2010
"Excellent service will certainly use you again,many thanks" - stuart from Surrey (Order No. M4031032) 03-09-2010
"Excellent easy fast service.Highly recommended" - Beverley from Glamorgan (Order No. M4026261) 03-09-2010
"Excellent service.
So quick.I will recommend you.Thankyou.You deserve the Queens Award." - Adrian from Kent (Order No. M4029018) 03-09-2010
"very good service - keep it up This is the 2nd time I have uses you

well done" - Cora from Renfrewshire (Order No. M4028516) 03-09-2010
"everything from start to finish was very quick and efficient. we would definifitely use this site again" - martin from Durham (Order No. M4028966) 03-09-2010
"Very, very good and speedy service. Was put off by comments on other similar sites who would pay slightly more for my phone. I found the comments on your site very encouraging so decided to go with yourselves instead and so glad i did. Very happy with your service and will definately be coming back to you in the future. I am a very happy customer, many thanks :):)" - Lisa from Lancashire (Order No. M3998141) 02-09-2010
"Speedy, hassle free service. Cash was in my account within 48 hours of posting my old phone. Highly recommended." - Richard from Kent (Order No. M4022315) 02-09-2010
"Brilliant service, dig out those old phones you may be suprised how much they are worth! Thanks Mazuma!" - Nick from Devon (Order No. M4009416) 02-09-2010
"Fantastic, does exactly what it says on the tin!" - Tony from Greater Manchester (Order No. M4025628) 02-09-2010
"Excellent process. Very quick and easy to use with prompt payment > Will highly recommend you to friends and family." - Ray from Hampshire (Order No. M4017120) 02-09-2010
"Very fast payment thanks you!" - gemma from Glamorgan (Order No. M4022355) 02-09-2010
"1,000,000 times better than envirophone , have recommended the site to many friends :) because you are a very quick and simple service " - kieran from Somerset (Order No. M4027908) 02-09-2010
"Brilliant" - Les from cambs (Order No. M4006920) 02-09-2010
"Excellent service, can't believe how quick I was dealt with. Will use again and recommend." - Alison from Hertfordshire (Order No. M4031084) 02-09-2010
"brilliant service, really fast and easy will recommend to friends." - john from Yorkshire (Order No. M4019485) 02-09-2010
"I posted my phone and received next day payout with bank transfer(Faster Payment). Have to say its the best and fastest service i have ever used. 10 out of 10 Thank you" - S from London (Order No. M4020293) 02-09-2010
"fantastic service, was surprised at how fast it was all processed! will definitely use you again. Thanks again..." - Andrea from Lancashire (Order No. M4009941) 01-09-2010

From the time i completed the online sale to the time i have received the money it was a total of 6 days. Excellent service and i would always recommend you to other people" - Brian from Essex (Order No. M4024217) 01-09-2010
"Absolutely fantastic, professional and very prompt service. Would highly recommend to anyone. Will definitely use you again. Jane" - Jane from Cheshire (Order No. M4022536) 01-09-2010
"Really please with the service I have received from Mazuma. The whole process from having my phone valued and signing up the deal to receiving my payment has taken less than 5 working days. Great cannot fault the service....Thank You" - Victoria from Somerset (Order No. M4021366) 01-09-2010
"Very happy with the service provided" - Richard from Derbyshire (Order No. M4019091) 01-09-2010
"Super fast payment, dropped it into the office and it was promptly received. Thanks!" - Jai from Middlesex (Order No. M4028126) 01-09-2010
"Good fast payments, worth the money and easy to work with" - Avril from Ayrshire (Order No. M4014967) 01-09-2010
"Thank u for a fast service will recomede u to freinds and family , nigel " - Nigel from Staffordshire (Order No. M4018178) 01-09-2010
"great.posted phones on saturday,had email monday to say recieved phones,then another to say phones were allright,then tuesday got the cheque for what they said and it was more than any of the other sites would pay.shall use them again" - tony from Devon (Order No. M4008305) 01-09-2010
"very quick easy to use instructions thank you would recommend" - julie from Yorkshire (Order No. M4023652) 01-09-2010
"fast and easey way to sell unwanted mobiles would use again and have recommend mazuma to friends and family" - theresa from norfolk (Order No. M4013315) 01-09-2010

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