Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

June 2010

"Rapid service. Cant believe how quick the money is in my bank from the time i sold the phone. Rapid. Thanks" - James from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3878388) 30-06-2010
"Does exactly what it says on the tin!

Spot on. I wish every business transaction was this easy." - Russ from Sussex (Order No. M3870659) 30-06-2010
"excellent service... cheque received today...thursday... phone sent to you ion tuesday!!! vary good service. " - val from Ayrshire (Order No. M3889479) 30-06-2010
"Your service was very quick and easy to use. Help is provided all the way through the process. Will definately recommend you to others!" - Emma from Cheshire (Order No. M3897185) 30-06-2010
"FIRST CLASS, SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE SYSTEM! WELL DONE TO YOUR TEAMS! " - David from Cheshire (Order No. M3877711) 30-06-2010
"Fantastic service. Sent my phone in on Monday afternoon and by Wednesday lunchtime the agreed amount was in my bank accout. Will recommend to all my friends." - Christine from Kent (Order No. M3889600) 30-06-2010
"Dear sir / madam
I would just like to say thank you for such a fast service!
Less than 24 hours ago I posted my phone and have just received an email saying my payment has been sent to my bank account!
Excellent service
Thank you so much " - Mark from Surrey (Order No. M3898344) 30-06-2010
"This site is fantastic, we found it through the Martin Lewis, Money, Mazuma sent the pre paid envelope etc to us within two days and within two days again of us sending my phone back, the cash was in my bank account, will be using Mazuma again without a doubt, thank you for your promt service !!!!" - Melanie from Huntingdonshire (Order No. M3887817) 30-06-2010
"Fantastic service. All sorted within 3 days. I would highly recommend this service to anyone. They offered me the highest price of anyone. Had money within 24 of sending the phone. Thank you Mazuma, you have a very happy customer." - Daniel from hants (Order No. M3894345) 30-06-2010
"Awesome service very very fast hope to use the service again" - Finbar from Carmarthenshire (Order No. M3892812) 30-06-2010
"Hugely impressed by Mazuma; I was slightly sceptical of the whole phone recycling business and had avoided doing it, but after a little research, Mazuma looked the best and I wasn't dissapointed. Phone posted in freepost bag on tuesday, confirmation of payment into bank on wednesday.
Five star service, highly recommended - now I just need to find some more old phones!" - Robert from Oxfordshire (Order No. M3871261) 30-06-2010
"I will be using your company again... payment was in the bank within 48 hours! Thank you so much I am glad you have given a new life to my old mobile. :)" - Kacie-Leigh from North Somerset (Order No. M3899059) 30-06-2010
"Super quick bank transfer. Sent my phone one afternoon and received the payment within 24 hours! Excellent service and kept up to date the whole time. Will recommend! " - Holly from Dorset (Order No. M3850787) 30-06-2010
and Hasstle Free.

Conclusion: "Chuffed"

Thank you." - David from Sussex (Order No. M3889723) 30-06-2010
"yet again another excelent service provided by mazuma mobile. very fast and quick from start to finish, thank you for an excellent service. " - Emily from Norfolk (Order No. M3898198) 30-06-2010
"I would to say I have never made £70 so quickly and so easily , Mazuma so professional , I would like to say if you ever want to advertise / sponser a set of football strips dont hesitate to contact me , as most of the lads in our team change their phones more than they change there socks , but to be serious I have been very impressed with speed and effort , I could have made a few more quid with a couple of your rivals ,but I am glad I delt with Mazuma and will recomend you company if anyone mentions that they are looking to sell a handset." - George from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3890088) 30-06-2010
"This is my 2nd flawless transaction. I only posted my phone yesterday and the money was in my account within 24 hours. Fantastic service!" - Andy from Manchester (Order No. M3884645) 30-06-2010
"Mazuma offer a fantastic service. Really easy to place an order and then Mazuma make it very clear and simple to complete. I received my payment superfast. " - Ross from Bristol (Order No. M3879629) 30-06-2010
"hi thank u once again i found ur brilliant and quickly only heaed on tv i ent to phone zone in newton abbot they werent any good and thank u" - Kieran from Devon (Order No. M3898307) 30-06-2010
"Fantastic service. Well done Mazuma. I posted my phone at 1.00 p.m. yesterday and the money was in my bank account by 6.00 p.m. the next day. A truly amazing service that I can highly recommend and will be happy to use again in the future. " - Chris from Bedfordshire (Order No. M3893963) 30-06-2010
"you just get better everytime thank you you are still no 1" - john from north lanarkshire (Order No. M3893578) 30-06-2010
"Thanks for a great service. Haven't yet received my cheque but you have confirmed it has been sent. I am going to put some of the money in Guide Dogs for the Blind so they'll benefit too from your service. Regards" - Barbara from Yorkshire (Order No. M3891500) 30-06-2010
"Extremely fast and high quality service. Absolutely faultless!" - James from Hampshire (Order No. M3889708) 30-06-2010
"Excellent service thankyou very much" - Nigel from Pembrokeshire (Order No. M3872610) 30-06-2010
"Once again speedy fast efficient service, will be back again next year upon renewal." - Peter from Yorkshire (Order No. M3884402) 29-06-2010
"Very pleased with the process, best price offered for my phone. Sent the phone on Saturday, money in the bank Monday PM. Great service, definitely use Mazuma again and recommend to friends. Thank you" - Magdalena from Middlesex (Order No. M3887757) 29-06-2010
"Thanks MAZUMA for your very fast service, no hassle / no fuss, very prompt. Would use you again." - John from Tyne and Wear (Order No. M3888801) 29-06-2010
"Very good fast and prompt always use Mazuma best I have tried thanx x" - Karen from Staffordshire (Order No. M3891747) 29-06-2010
"Fantastic service. Sent phone at luchtime Monday and £154 was in my bank by 3.30pm Tuesday. Thank you." - Claire from Norfolk (Order No. M3891330) 29-06-2010
"Very impressed, sent off my phone yesterday and received exactly what was quoted today. Kept updated throughout the process as well. Thank you very much!" - Katie from Worcestershire (Order No. M3891347) 29-06-2010
"1st class service from start to finish. You set the benchmark for how all web based operations should be ran. Well done!" - Craig from Fife (Order No. M3859432) 29-06-2010
"My old phone had been stuck in the cupboard was going to bin it but saw your add so got in touch so thanks for the £2 will donate it to charity very quick service will definately recommend you Thank you once again." - Sylvia from Yorkshire (Order No. M3877934) 29-06-2010
"OMG! Wow! Was it really that easy, to make so much money from my old phone? £183 richer in TWO days, unbelievable. Thanks!" - Cos from East Finchley (Order No. M3891730) 29-06-2010
"10/10 GOOD AND FAST" - IAN from Staffordshire (Order No. M3892776) 29-06-2010
"I've used Mazuma twice now and have been really pleased with the service on both occasions.
I submitted my sale request late on a Thursday afternoon, received the envelope on Friday, posted it back on Saturday and somehow the money was in my account on Tuesday!!! Absolutely great service and I'll continue to recommend you to friends and family." - Leighanne from West Lothian (Order No. M3889970) 29-06-2010
"The service you have provided has been impecable. No fuss or nonsense and you did what you said you were going to do - well done. " - John from Glamorgan (Order No. M3874545) 29-06-2010
"It was so easy.

From entering the details the freepost bag arrived very quickly. I posted it monday and had the money in my bank account tuesday.

I did not expect it to be so quick!" - Nathalie from Lancashire (Order No. M3890707) 29-06-2010
"I was very impressed with how quick the time was for completion of everything.I have never used a service like this before and was unsure how reliable it would be.I was pleasantly surprised when only after posting the phones off to you on Friday 25th JUNE, I received an email the following tuesday stating that payment would be in my bank account that same day and it was.I will definitely use your company again and will be recommending you to friends and family.Thank you for a wonderful,speedy service mazuma mobile." - Helen from Northamptonshire (Order No. M3889766) 29-06-2010
"I'm very happy with Mazuma - very fast and reliable customer service.

I've recommended you to friends and once my iphone4 has had it's day I'll be back myself!" - Alex from Flintshire (Order No. M3891167) 29-06-2010
"Fantastic! very fast and secure!
tks so much" - Mauricio from dyfed (Order No. M3891735) 29-06-2010
"Fantastic service, I only posted my phones at the weekend and completed and paid by the Tuesday, will definitely tell everyone i know to use your service =)" - Heather from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3886367) 29-06-2010
"Excellent service, I'm very impressed, so much so that I've already recommended it to friends! Thanks" - Paul from Sussex (Order No. M3890992) 29-06-2010
"Very efficient service with good communication. Every phone should be sold this way" - David from United Kingdom (Order No. M3881778) 29-06-2010
"Very pleased with your service. I received a cheque back for the full quoted amount just 7 days after putting my old phone in the post to you. All very straightforward over the internet too. I hope to be able to send another phone to you in the next couple of months." - Cameron from Derry (Order No. M3878887) 29-06-2010
"Well, what can I say...This is the first time I have used any kind of phone trader and I was somewhat sceptical. However, I am absolutely delighted with the speed and efficiency. Will certianlly keep you in mind when my next phone contract expires. Thanks Mazumba. Brilliant." - Andy from Cheshire (Order No. M3888001) 29-06-2010
"Thankyou once again for hassle-free, speedy selling of my mobile. This is the 2nd time I've used your services and this is the 2nd time I've been literally impressed. In all my 10years on the web, you seem like the only company really delivering streamlined and trustworthy service which leaves others standing. Amazing. " - Kieran from Surrey (Order No. M3884414) 29-06-2010
"Very impressed at how quick and easy it was to use your service iwill be using it again so thank you" - Sandra from Durham (Order No. M3887441) 29-06-2010
"Very Very good, fast and reliable service thank you mazuma!!!!!" - Michael from Devon (Order No. M3888949) 29-06-2010
"Very fast service and a very reliable free posts service thank you mazuma!!!!!" - Michael from Devon (Order No. M3889009) 29-06-2010
"Posted phone at 1647 on monday money in my bank at 1505 on tuesday! Can't get better than that!" - Gregor from Midlothian (Order No. M3891140) 29-06-2010
"Amazing Service couldn't believe it when I got notification that payment was made the day after I had posted my phone. Great stuff will definitely use this service again." - Brian from Cheshire (Order No. M3892489) 29-06-2010
"Thanks for a quick service this is a great idea.

As i have a number of contract to help memeber of my family sometimes a new phone its always required.

To change phones for cash is great. Not the best price but great service all the same " - wayne from Warwickshire (Order No. M3884058) 28-06-2010
"Fantastic service, easy to follow website, great price offered for my old phones!! thank you " - katie from Essex (Order No. M3893052) 28-06-2010
"Very impressed with the service, very fast and so easy to use. Thanks so much." - Simon from Hampshire (Order No. M3889735) 28-06-2010
"wow, what can i say. i am so impressed with how quick and easy this transaction was.i put the order through on friday, received the envelope to return the phones on saturday ,which i returned that day and the money was in my account by monday lunchtime. would def use again for any old phones i have." - claire from Gloucestershire (Order No. M3892641) 28-06-2010
"I wish all orders where as quick and painless as this. The world would be a better place :) " - john from lancshire (Order No. M3890332) 28-06-2010
"Didn't realize a transaction could still be completed so easily and efficiently. I feel I was given a great price for my phone. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I will do this again next time I upgrade my iPhone 4!" - John from Renfrewshire (Order No. M3891292) 28-06-2010
"You have to be the most efficient organisation in Britain. Couldn't fault the service, well done." - tim from Berks (Order No. M3890446) 28-06-2010
"First Class" - martin from nottingham (Order No. M3889750) 28-06-2010
"first class service, cant believe the quickness of processing, will def use again, never thought of doing it before, its worth giving it a go." - Jackie from Clackmannanshire (Order No. M3890421) 28-06-2010
"Just wanted to say thanks for a quick, painless transaction. First time user of Mazuma, and was thoroughly impressed. You told me what would happen, and did exactly that, and for me you can't ask for more. Would not hesitate to recommend you to friends and family - long may you continue!
Thanks again." - Debbie from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3884035) 28-06-2010
"Fantastic service: easy, very quick and transparent. Payment received within hours of notification that Mazuma had received my phone - very impressed. " - Nick from London (Order No. M3870984) 28-06-2010
"Exellent service sent phone away on Thursday and received cheque on saturday." - Charles from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3885143) 28-06-2010
"What a service! I am really pleased with the speedy turnaround. This time last week I hadn't even thought of selling it and now I am £92 better off! I will definitely recommend Mazuma to my friends" - Kay from Glamorgan (Order No. M3889297) 28-06-2010
"Incredible service - professional start to finish and best prices paid for mobile phones.

Will definitely recommend to my friends and use again." - Christine from Lancashire (Order No. M3868772) 28-06-2010
"Fantastic service very quick and hassle free.
Would definitely recommend." - david from nottinghamshire (Order No. M3892573) 28-06-2010
"Excellent service. Extremely prompt payment for my 'phone. I would recommend your company to anyone considering selling their 'phone," - Keith from Cheshire (Order No. M3887653) 28-06-2010
"I was going to use another mobile recycle company as I could have got 16.00 more for my I phone. but sense prevailed and I read some reviews and the only one that had excellent reviews was Mazuma mobile so I signed up online on the Thursday by the Friday received envelope sent this by special delivery on the Saturday and just as it says on the add it was received checked and my bank credited with the total money by 6.30pm Monday. Amazing. I feel this service was well worth 16.00 less for my phone. I will be selling my next I phone the same way. Great!!!!!" - LESLEY from Kent (Order No. M3889822) 28-06-2010
"Your service is top-notch and I recommend you to anyone wishing to sell a mobile conveniently, securely and easily. I sent my original request in on a Thursday; the bag arrived and was returned with the phone on Friday....and the cash arrived in my bank account on the next Monday!! Well done Team!! What a service!!" - Kenneth from Essex (Order No. M3889999) 28-06-2010
"im so happy with your serivce. fast,easy and reliable.. im deffo using this site again
thanks soooooooooo much!!!!!!!!" - Annique from Lancashire (Order No. M3886066) 28-06-2010
"I am so impressed with such a fast and efficent service. I posted the phone Saturday and the money was in my bank for Monday. I would recommend you service to anyone." - Alan from Staffordshire (Order No. M3885979) 28-06-2010
"This is the fifth time that i've an old old mobile to you after i've upgraded to a new one, and every time i've received a first class service. Every time i've submitted an online form to you to sell a phone, i've received the freepost pouch the very next day. I've sent you my mobile the same day and have always received the cheque the day after. So from submitting the online form to being able to put the cheque in my account in just 48 hours, i find that amazing. Now your able to transfer my money straight into my account, it's made the process even better! " - David from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3889496) 28-06-2010

Really pleased with the whole process. From start to finished I was very impressed with the service I got from you guys, well done!! " - John from Berkshire (Order No. M3889861) 28-06-2010
"This is the second time that I have used Mazuma and have been impressed both times. I have and will recommend Mazuma to my friends and family without hesitation. A very smooth and swift transition.

Thank yo Mazuma " - Joanne from Glamorgan (Order No. M3854635) 28-06-2010
"I obtained a price from Mazuma and agreed the offer for my iPhone G3 using it on the internet whilst I was queuing to purchase my iPhone 4. The remittance instructions arrived the next day & I sent it straight off to you. Payment has been received the next business day directly into my bank account.

Fantastic service and a good price!

Thank you Mazuma." - John from Cleveland (Order No. M3888728) 28-06-2010
"Have sold two phones in two weeks to Mazuma - AMAZING service - extraordinarily fast service - thoroughly pleased - thank you!" - Jenny from Middlesex (Order No. M3886164) 28-06-2010
"Brilliant service. I sent my phone in on a thursday morning, and received the cheque on friday afternoon. This is the second time i have used Mazuma. 10 out of 10." - Tony from Greater London (Order No. M3865489) 27-06-2010
"Thank you for an easy, fast, straightforward and uncomplicated transaction. The e-mails you send kept me fully up to date with the transaction and the literature sent was clear and very well presented. I would recommend your service to others. Thank You." - Paul from Staffordshire (Order No. M3878630) 26-06-2010
"I have been using Mazuma for almost 2 years and havent had anything but 100 percent satisfaction." - Chris from West Dunbartonshire (Order No. M3876576) 26-06-2010
"I have used Mazuma on several occassions in the past but not for sometime. Since the last time the option to have the money by bank transfer has been introduced. You were always very quick to pay but this time it was more than impressive! I got my 'quote' on Wednesday, received the Freepost envelope Thursday which I sent via normal first class and received the payment in my bank account on Friday afternoon!!!Outstanding! 3 days from start to finish, thank you Mazuma!" - Louise from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M3886893) 26-06-2010
"Excellent service. Cannot fault for speed, courtesy and efficiency
Well done , will deal with you again..
Thank you " - Malcolm from Northamptonshire (Order No. M3878161) 26-06-2010
"Great doing business with you. Very speedy. Sold my phone online Monday and my cheque arrived on Friday. Thank you for you great service.Will definately spread the word." - Margaret from Lancashire (Order No. M3881638) 26-06-2010
"What fantastic service I shall definitly be recommending you to friends and family . THANK YOU." - zen from Middlesex (Order No. M3881583) 25-06-2010
"Very impressed by the easy way to send both phones to you, and for your quick response to both orders, thank you from Lorraine." - Lorraine from Gloucestershire (Order No. M3877980) 25-06-2010
"2nd time I have used you, very fast and efficient service. I recommend you to my friends." - Peter from Oxfordshire (Order No. M3877724) 25-06-2010
"Am very impressed with the service. I first went online on Tues afternoon and placed order and received my cheque on Friday. Have already recommended to friends." - Naomi from Northamptonshire (Order No. M3884963) 25-06-2010
"Thank you for a highly and super fast service. I can't fault you in anyway and communication and ease was brilliant. I have recommended Mazuma to ALL my friends and family and thanks to you I can treat my girls to some lovely garden toys for the summer .
Top Marks to Mazuma !!!!!" - Sara from Kent (Order No. M3838296) 25-06-2010
"YET AGAIN BRILLIANT!" - MIKE from KENT (Order No. M3877765) 25-06-2010
"excellent!" - jay from Leicestershire (Order No. M3882247) 25-06-2010
"Thanks you so much for everything!

Wait for checque now." - Steve from England (Order No. M3873918) 25-06-2010
"Outstanding service! Sent my phone off via special delivery yesterday, received full amount quoted by mazuma today! Just over 24 hours from posting to payment being made. Fantastic!" - Tom from Leicestershire (Order No. M3881761) 25-06-2010
"I have been surprised and delighted by the speed and efficiency with which you have dealt with me. Well done. I shall certainly recommend you to my friends and will as the occasion arises use you again." - Barbara from Sussex (Order No. M3878012) 25-06-2010
"Absolutely brilliant. Sent Thursday, money in the bank really was that quick. Cannot fault.
Thank you Mazuma! :-)" - Dan from Kent (Order No. M3878747) 25-06-2010
"Once again you have been brilliant, i am happy to send my phone to you everytime your always on the ball, i sent my phone to you yesterday and the payment will be in the bank midnight tonite outstanding service" - lynn from Yorkshire (Order No. M3885121) 25-06-2010
"As always I found the mazuma service exceptional. I sent my old phone by special delivery and in less than 24 hours the money was in my bank account. Excellent. Will use again (and again). Many thanks. " - Eliska from Middlesex (Order No. M3878732) 25-06-2010
"A brilliant service. Posted my phone the morning before. By midday the next day, I get an email saying a cheque has been posted to me.

Service is first class. " - George from Middlesex (Order No. M3863624) 25-06-2010
"The process was very simple and easy.
The instructions were well clear.
The selling price of the phone was ok.
The confirmation of the sell order and payment was quicked than expected.
Overall, a very good service for now.
" - Pablo from Yorkshire (Order No. M3879891) 25-06-2010
"excellent service shame all companies can't be so quick " - kate from bedfordshire (Order No. M3876216) 25-06-2010
"very good of sending payments " - paul from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3883047) 25-06-2010
"Mazuma has been very helpful in selling my old mobile phone. I like the way they keep me up to date on everything, so i can have an estimate on when the cheque will be arriving, ect. I would totally recomend to my friends and family. Mazuma is the only company we use to sell our old mobile phones.

Thank you!" - Charlotte from Essex (Order No. M3879829) 25-06-2010
"Really quick and easy. Great Service" - Clara from Gloucestershire (Order No. M3878031) 25-06-2010
"Just to say thank you for a great and speedy service, the whole process has been made very simple, with no unnecessary or cumbersome communication, and a good price for the old handsets. " - Paul from Norfolk (Order No. M3878057) 24-06-2010
"brilliant service--and very quick payment received within 2 days of posting phone." - sharon from antrim (Order No. M3831081) 24-06-2010
"At first i had my doubts about selling my mobile for cash but i read the reveiws and mazuma seemed to have the best reviews off all. and its true looked for my phone agreed to sell recieved the freepost envolope ,posted it off,recieved the conformation and the bank transfer and yes i had recieved the money for my old phone and quick too thanks mazuma for a great and honest efficiant service." - philip from Durham (Order No. M3881262) 24-06-2010
"Fast, efficient service! A great price for a phone I would have just given or thrown away. Very good customer service also well done." - Michael from Middlesex (Order No. M3834881) 24-06-2010
"it really is as easy as it says on tv,sign up,get your bag,send your phone and get the money the next day,excellent service,would recommend to others,no hasle free way to get money,thankyou" - johnathan from Derbyshire (Order No. M3881314) 24-06-2010
"VERY impressed by the speed of the paymnet etc...i tihnk it's great that yous end a free post envelope, and overall very happy. thank-you." - luca from Glamorgan (Order No. M3875012) 24-06-2010
"What a fantastic speedy service, completed with cleared funds in bank in less than 3 days

A Big Thank You" - Ryan from Kent (Order No. M3884425) 24-06-2010
"Excellent service provided, quick, completley hassle free will definatey be recommending mazuma." - Sally from Cheshire (Order No. M3873103) 24-06-2010
"Fantastic! Great communications throughout. Easy-to-use system. Would highly recommend. Thanks" - maria from Cheshire (Order No. M3877335) 24-06-2010
"Everytime I deal with mazuma mobile its been brilliant service and always recommend people too!" - jonathan from Norfolk (Order No. M3881545) 24-06-2010
"exellent!!! posted wednesday at 2pm got paid tuesday 2pm!!fab!!!thanx xx" - kelly from Flintshire (Order No. M3883055) 24-06-2010
"I have used your company before and truly find it fast, easy and reliable.
I registered my order 74 hours ago and the money has reached my account.
Thank you." - Donna from Renfrewshire (Order No. M3883349) 24-06-2010
"Was so quick it was unreal . sent order of and the next day the envelope came and sent it off . all complete within 4 days amazing !!!" - James from Essex (Order No. M3884564) 24-06-2010
"Great service each and every time we deal with you.
Cheque went missing in the post the other week and you re-issued a new one without delay which arrived the day after I reported the other one missing.
I was impressed with the swift service I received from you so a big thanks." - rob from LANCASHIRE (Order No. M3884752) 24-06-2010
"Great service as ever. Very implressed. This is how to build a good business :o)" - Peter from Cheshire (Order No. M3881452) 24-06-2010
"well what can i say i really needed the money fast ..sis'nt think i would get it THAT FAST ...thank you so much great job keep up the good work mazuma :-)" - paula from Kent (Order No. M3884580) 24-06-2010
"A quick and easy to use service. Very efficient company. I will recommend your service to others. Thank you for your help." - judith from Glamorgan (Order No. M3860041) 24-06-2010
"What an excellent service! Was worried that it would be a slow process and as I am moving next week thought I wouldn't get the pack in time. I will be recomending to friends! Also the only service I could find that gave a rate for non-working phones up-front. One small thing - you could pre-populate the above order info!!" - Emily from Sussex (Order No. M3880179) 24-06-2010
"Fantastic service, so easy to do, would recommend you to others" - JULIE from Lancashire (Order No. M3878419) 24-06-2010
"Oustanding communication keeping customer updated all the way.Very fast as well,you deliver what you say you will a sign of good teamwork.Look forward to my cheque in the post.Keep doing what you are doing !" - STEVE from Oxfordshire (Order No. M3879253) 24-06-2010
"Simple and an outragously fast service! I didn't believe it until I received the cheque." - Azad from Lancashire (Order No. M3878623) 24-06-2010
"Thank you. I have been very impressed with speed and efficiency, and coomunication. I only booked in my phone Sunday night and have received my cheque today (thurs) I am happy to recommend to everyone." - Deborah from Carmarthenshire (Order No. M3880905) 24-06-2010
"Fantastic service would recommend and use Mazuma again." - Joanna from Essex (Order No. M3872401) 24-06-2010
"I thought mazuma mobile was amazing, really fast service. Thank You Very Much :D" - jenny from Renfrewshire (Order No. M3871901) 23-06-2010
"I was very pleased with the service i got. I sent my phones of on the friday and by the following tuesday i received my check. I will definitely use mazuma again." - julie from Staffordshire (Order No. M3868073) 23-06-2010
"Excellent fast service, giving me what I expected for my phone. Thanks" - Justin from Staffordshire (Order No. M3874633) 23-06-2010
"Excellent service! makes me want to root through the cupboards for any other old phones I may have laying around! Will certainly be using the service again and spread the word to use Mazuma" - Mark from Lincolnshire (Order No. M3873492) 23-06-2010
"thank you very much this operation was very quick in three days i send the phone and i receive the money.good deal thanks" - giorgiu from Hampshire (Order No. M3873989) 23-06-2010
"I must admit that I was really wary of the service, but I took the precaution of sending my mobile special delivery at 16.20 last night and the money is clear in my bank less than 24 hours later! Utterly brilliant!!!! I will certainly be recommending Mazuma to my friends and family, I am seriously impressed not only by the speed of the service, but also the communication and updates. 10/10!" - Chelle from Durham (Order No. M3868238) 23-06-2010
"Excellent service yet again, sent the phone back one day and payment made the next. Will definitely use again and will recommend to friends!" - Brendan from n/a (Order No. MM3876080&rlm) 23-06-2010
"Perfect, couldn't have been easier, and honoured the original valuation." - Marc from East Lothian (Order No. M3860338) 23-06-2010
"Sent phone on monday (standard delivery)
Paid wendesday, simple smooth and very impressed, i am digging old phone out as we speak. many ,any thanks" - oliver from Staffordshire (Order No. M3865773) 23-06-2010
"Excellent service.
Payment was recieved in my bank day after i sent the phone off.
Couldn't be more pleased!" - Alison from Yorkshire (Order No. M3866988) 23-06-2010
"Briliant - I thought it was to good to be true, but it was so true, got £70 for my Nokia N95 in a couple of days. Easy and very efficient. Thanks Matzuma" - Nic from England (Order No. M3877597) 23-06-2010
"Could not ask for better service. Super fast and hassle free. Thank you" - Joyce from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3870092) 23-06-2010
"Was very pleased with service. Very quick and efficient. Just so easy." - rebecca from shropshire (Order No. M3855238) 23-06-2010
"I couldn't be happier with the service. Fast and efficient. " - Nicole from Walsall (Order No. M3864249) 23-06-2010
"very good service,i will recommend to anyone
first class service" - mark from n/a (Order No. Mm3871940) 23-06-2010
"I found the service very fast ans simple, thank you" - Jenna from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3881673) 23-06-2010
"Hey There Mazuma, amazing transaction! So fast and efficient! Excellent ! Will Deffo recommend you to a friend ! Many thanks look forward to doing it again ! " - Sue from Kent (Order No. M3875728) 23-06-2010
"Incredible! Realising that I needed money for the Iphone 4, my wife had the idea of selling my old phones to raise the money. With the help of Mazuma, I have been able to do that. Although they can't guarantee it, phones sent Tuesday, payment on Wednesday. That really IS fast! After comparing them to other sites, Mazuma appeared to be the best. And it has proven so. I will recommend anyone to use this site to sell their phones as the service I have received has been great (and even though I have only had a few emails from them, the fact that I haven't had to complain is cool!) Thank " - Udall from Essex (Order No. M3876694) 23-06-2010
"This is the second time I have sold a mobile phone to you and on both occasions you have given a 1st class service. Sent you the latest phone on Saturday and the funds were in my account Monday. Thank you, I will definately recommend you" - Geof from Hampshire (Order No. M3873354) 22-06-2010
"first of all thanks for a swift transaction.secondly i couldn't believe there was no quibbles want for a better word
so thanks again" - patrica from Lancashire (Order No. M3871663) 22-06-2010
"Received pre-paid envelope by return. Posted phone on a Saturday, received Cheque for £30 on the Tuesday.
Can't get better srvice thatn that.

Thank you" - Bill from Tyne and Wear (Order No. M3872962) 22-06-2010
"very pleased with the speed of delivery. the email updates have been great in tracking my phones progress. very fast and easy to do. " - Gillian from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3872306) 22-06-2010
"This is now my second order with yourselves, and I have been impressed both times. Very quick turnaround, a professional service and never had any problems with either your prices or speed of payment.

I will gladly recommend your services to anyone who asks for a phone recycling service!" - Peter from Cheshire (Order No. M3869742) 22-06-2010
"Thank you for such a quick and easy service, and the best value for money of all competitors, this really was a simple process, thank you, " - Darren from Lancashire (Order No. M3867122) 22-06-2010
"Great service, fast, efficent! Sent my phone yesterday and recieved payment by midday today...Thanks loads! " - Kelly from Kent (Order No. M3868925) 22-06-2010
"would just like to say how easy and quick the process was would definately use mazuma again!!" - rochelle from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3873226) 22-06-2010
"A quick & hassle free way to get rid of your old mobile, whether its working or not!" - John from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3873330) 22-06-2010
"very good service fast payment no hassel will tell all my mates to use you" - simon from Shropshire (Order No. M3870062) 22-06-2010
"mint easy money thanks!" - lee from Lincolnshire (Order No. M3870201) 22-06-2010
"Fantastic service, no sooner had I posted 2 phones to you, I rcvd a chequ for the full quoted anount a couple of days later. I WILL use again... and I WILL recommend you to everyone I know. Thanks for money for my old phones.

Yours Sincerely
A new and happy customer." - Tracey from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3863534) 22-06-2010
"Excellent easy to use service with extremly prompt payment" - Adrian from Berkshire (Order No. M3869671‏) 22-06-2010
"Thank you very much for the payment so quickly. And thank you for the response." - john from Essex (Order No. M3868549) 22-06-2010
"really easy and very quick payment.
i will definitly recommmend to others." - ryan from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3874951) 22-06-2010
"Fantastic service, I posted the mobile on Friday 18th June, received my voucher in the post on Tuesday 22nd June. Couldn't ask for anything better !!!!!" - Glenda from Gloucestershire (Order No. M3865173) 22-06-2010
"It is more common these days for consumers to file complaints with a business than the offer thanks. In this case I offer the latter. It is rare that a company impresses and excels in what they do to such a degree however credit where credit is due you have demonstrated incredibly expediancy and an informative customer service. I have used Mazuma 3 or 4 times now and have always been happy with the service I recieved. With the dawn of the iPhone 4 upon us you are certain to be busy yet you still find time to process and complete my order immediately. Thanks again Mazuma you've got me for " - Tom from Wiltshire (Order No. M3876167) 21-06-2010
"I recieved good money for the phone and im very pleased it only takes 48hrs to recieve the money." - aliyah from Somerset (Order No. M3873317) 21-06-2010
"Fantastic service, I sent my phone away Friday lunchtime, and the payment was in my bank on Monday before lunchtime.

I Would definitely recommend this service and use it again.

" - Dan from Lancashire (Order No. M3871288) 21-06-2010
"I found that it was quick and easy to send my phones and i had very quick feedback. Every thing was quick and easy to do." - Kerry from Cheshire (Order No. M3866182) 21-06-2010
"I was very impressed by the service I received off you, the whole process was easy to use and the reminder E-Mail was great. I will definatly use your company again when I next have a phone to sell and wil be recomending you to family and friends, thank you once again." - Joanne from Yorkshire (Order No. M3850645) 21-06-2010
"excellent... very fast payment... thank you" - michal from Angus (Order No. M3872445) 21-06-2010
"mazuma mobile were great to work with they were really easy and really quick they did everything they promised they would highly recommend " - jack from Kent (Order No. M3867857) 21-06-2010
"Great communication Hope to deal with you again. Thank you" - alireza from Yorkshire (Order No. M3868155) 19-06-2010
"Awesome. Super quick. Environphone BROKE my phone so I had to claim it back as they'd only give me £19. You gave £28 cash instant. Brilliant, thank you" - kevin from west yorkshire (Order No. M3869370) 19-06-2010
"thank you very much for a quick and efficient service will highly recomend." - stuart from Yorkshire (Order No. M3864774) 19-06-2010
"Fantastic service! so easy to do, i'm digging out more old phones as i type!" - jaime from Yorkshire (Order No. M3867084) 19-06-2010
"Quick, reliable service, thanks very much!" - Anne from Yorkshire (Order No. M3849598) 19-06-2010
"Very fast and efficent service.Kept informed every step of the way.Brilliant" - tracy from Devon (Order No. M3868008) 18-06-2010
"Fantastic service, very fast , second time iv used it , well recommended" - David from cheshire (Order No. M3871087) 18-06-2010
"Excellent service, thank you very much." - Angela from Monmouthshire (Order No. M3865699) 18-06-2010
"Subject to me receiving my cheque (!) that was excellently handled, thank you! :-)" - Mike from TYNE & WEAR (Order No. M3869285) 18-06-2010
"WOW 2nd time i have recycled a fone with you,I thought you was good first time but you really couldn't get better then this time 4 days from start to finish thats really is great servise Thankyou " - lee from england (Order No. M3866209) 18-06-2010
"I was wary of using this service, but i have to say i am amazed at how fast and easy it was.
sent my moble via special delivery on thursday at 2pm, money in my bank by 1pm the next day!!!
I would definitely use this service again.
also gave best price of the 5 sites i looked at.
THANKYOU MAZUMA." - mike from antrim (Order No. M3869766) 18-06-2010
"Absolutely fantastic service. Quick and efficient. Would use this service again. Have recommended to many friends. Thanks again for your speedy service." - Lynsey from Stirlingshire (Order No. M3859878) 18-06-2010
"great service
like lightning as always keep up the good work!" - tom from NOTTS (Order No. M3868031‏) 18-06-2010
"So fast....outstanding.
Many thanks." - nick from Essex (Order No. M3870864) 18-06-2010
"Outstanding service, posted my phone and received payment less than 24hrs later. Superb! Will recommend to others.
Thanks." - William from Antrim (Order No. M3867074) 18-06-2010
"Super efficient. Easy, quick, no hassle, perfect. " - Gwen from Northamptonshire (Order No. M3865894) 18-06-2010
"Just thought i would lyk to send a thank you, you've been really helpful and i found your process/service very simple, very quick and easy to use. Thank you!" - John from Dumfriesshire (Order No. M3868521) 18-06-2010
"This is the 1st time I have used Mazuma and I have to same I am very impressed with how easy and quick the process was to trade in my old phone. I will defenitely recommend Mazuma to friends and family.

Many Thanks" - Stuart from Kent (Order No. M3867984) 18-06-2010
"Thanks! I can't say how impressed I am with the service. I posted my mobile via special delivery at 8am on Thu 17/06 and had the money in my account by 1pm on Fri 18/06.

Got the full money quoted online, which was better than o2 were offering.

I would highly recommend to anyone selling their phone and would definitely use again.

Thank you" - Graham from Dunbartonshire (Order No. M3868174) 18-06-2010
"excellant service as usual many thanks" - samantha from Shropshire (Order No. M3870957) 18-06-2010
"Excellent service! Obtained quote on Monday, phone sent on Wednesday, money in my account on Friday. No hassle and excellent customer service. Thanks Mazuma" - Kirstin from Essex (Order No. M3865959) 18-06-2010
"Fantastic! Mazuma offers a really fast, really easy to use service which I've used a few times in the past. Any more old mobiles I may have in the future will definitely be sent off to Mazuma!

Mazuma also offered the best price for my mobiles above all other mobile-recycling companies.

Very impressed!

Thank you :)" - Eleanor from Cheshire (Order No. M3864831) 18-06-2010
"so pleased with the fast response processing and payment 2 days thankyou" - jack from n/a (Order No. MM3870695) 18-06-2010
"This is the third time I've used Mazuma and I've had nothing but fast and consistent service, offering a good price for my phones. I don't bother using anybody else." - Regina from Surrey (Order No. M3843483) 18-06-2010
"fast, friendly transaction from start to finish, all instructions very clear and the entire service is so easy to use...
will definately use mazuma again :)" - nigel from Oxfordshire (Order No. M3863483) 18-06-2010
"service was excellent from start to finish,only requested bag on monday,it arrived tuesday,posted it straight back and money was in my account wednesday evening.will definitely use mazuma again and reccommend them to all my friends.Thanks for excellent,painfree service." - martin from Durham (Order No. M3866618) 17-06-2010
"I've found your system to very efficient & quick. I'll definately be recommending you to friends and using you again!! Thankyou!!" - charlotte from KENT (Order No. M3854948) 17-06-2010
"Very fast and efficient and incredibly easy to use." - Mark from Kent (Order No. M3863512) 17-06-2010
"Absolutely wonderful. I have used this fine company several times and they are 5 star 1st Class - simply the BEST !" - Donald from East Lothian (Order No. M3863602) 17-06-2010
"I feel that mazuma offers an ecellent service for old or unwanted mobile phones. I always recommend Mazuma to my friends, colleagues and family at all times. Mazuma is a great company to deal with at all times and makes the selling experience hassle free." - kevin from Devon (Order No. M3869354) 17-06-2010
"I have been amazed by the fantastic service provided. It has been the easiest transaction I have ever made to any company Thank you so much it's been a pleasure" - Zoe from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M3866587) 17-06-2010
"I only put my Phone to be posted yesterday and I have already recieved the money and it's in my bank!! Excellent and fast service thanks!! Ben " - Ben from Kent (Order No. M3862421) 17-06-2010
"Excellent. Really fast payment. Very happy, thankyou." - April from Lancashire (Order No. M3858598) 17-06-2010
"Brilliant Price paid for mobile. Money Paid into bank account within 24 Hours of posting.
Excellent Service Thankyou.
" - Nigel from Worcestershire (Order No. M3868687) 17-06-2010
"A very quick and easy service from start to finish! Will definately use again and pass companies name onto friends! " - Lynne from Hampshire (Order No. M3863059) 17-06-2010
"I love you! Was really dissapointed when my HD broke but you offered an option that wasn't just binning it! :D" - Joseph from Cornwall (Order No. M3855462) 17-06-2010
"great fast efficient service,brilliant will be using you again.thanks" - ruth from DEVON (Order No. M3867169) 17-06-2010
"I am really impressed!" - Anna from Lancashire (Order No. M3842785) 17-06-2010
"Quick,easy to use service thanks Mazuma." - Michael from Lancashire (Order No. M3855335) 17-06-2010
"Absolutely brilliant as last time.
Number one Company - Thank you so much.
Will use again!!!" - Ian from Shropshire (Order No. M3864333) 17-06-2010
"It has been a pleasure doing business with your company amazed at how quick this has been you should change your name to Amaza Mazuma.
Many thanks" - Roger from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M3865212) 16-06-2010
"Thank you for a fast, efficient and easy to use service." - Matt from London (Order No. M3857671) 16-06-2010
"My experience with Mazuma couldn't have been better. It has taken just under 48hrs from the moment I placed my order online to the money going into my bank account. I also received the full amount quoted for each phone despite cosmetic defects. Am very impressed with the service and will definitely be back when it's time to recycle my next phone." - Katrina from Norfolk (Order No. M3866423) 16-06-2010
"Just fantastic,I will let all my friends know about your company." - david from vale of glamorgan (Order No. M3865544) 16-06-2010
"The service was second to none. Fast and easy and all completed within 5 days.

Thank you" - trevor from West sussex (Order No. M3864849) 16-06-2010
"What a FANTASTIC service ! Simple and easy to follow instructions and money for what was just kicking about the house with minimum effort! A +++++" - Gail from Hampshire (Order No. M3840636) 16-06-2010
"Super fast service, envelop came in 2 days, I posted my phone on Tuesday and had the money on Wednesday, very impressed. " - Maureen from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3858704) 16-06-2010
"Very satisfied with this smooth & super fast transaction - you're the top of the class in this type of business, really can't say a single complaint! Thanks." - Jana from Staffordshire (Order No. M3851237) 16-06-2010
"Thankyou for your prompt and proffesional dealing with the recycling of my phone you gave the best offer and the best price and stuck by it , not like other so called big recyclers i look forward to my next upgrade,i will tell evrybody about this service" - Jon from Perthshire (Order No. M3862950) 16-06-2010
"That was very easy and very quick, sent phone Tuesday got paid Thursday, excellent, will defineately use again." - Clair from Flintshire (Order No. M3853810) 16-06-2010
"this has been very helpfull, as i could sell the phones i would never use again instead of keeping them in the attic. " - nikki from somerset (Order No. M3852976) 15-06-2010
"I thought that was so easy and felt a bit silly that i had put it off for so long...thanx so much" - Ian from Durham (Order No. M3855915) 15-06-2010
"from registering to payment within 3 days! Amazing. Thank you so much. recomended to all my friends." - barry from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3859971) 15-06-2010
"Amazing service. Sent off my iphone 3g 8gb special delivery on the monday, recieved and money already in my account by 1pm the next day! 100% reccommend mazuma." - Kaye from Wiltshire (Order No. M3859277) 15-06-2010
"Great service, nicely updated on email, not intrusive. Money was in my bank account very quickly!! Will be using you again when my next phone expires!

:o)" - Philip from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3818510) 15-06-2010
"Excellent service. Very very good price. Many thanks for everything!" - Reg from Essex (Order No. M3861219) 15-06-2010
"the service at mazuma was very fast and efficient and i will definately be using them in the future.from my first enqurie about the value of the phone to recieving the payment,it took less than a week.thanks!" - jane from Derbyshire (Order No. M3861698) 15-06-2010
"very efficient service, can't believe how easy the process was. will definately use you again when we next upgrade." - jo from Devon (Order No. M3860489) 15-06-2010
"Excellent service, very quick postage of my voucher. Great communication. Will definately recommend you." - Sue from Wiltshire (Order No. M3850981) 15-06-2010
"Have used you twice now, fantastic service cheers! =D " - THOMAS from Yorkshire (Order No. M3856243) 15-06-2010
"Fantastic service, 4 days start to finish and money in my account quicker than i ever expected. Am recomending mazuma to everyone i know." - Lynsey from Worcestershire (Order No. M3858987) 15-06-2010
"I have just received an e-mail to say my cheque is on its way to me - I can't believe how quick my order has been handled. This is the second time I have used Mazuma and cannot fault the service. Thank you." - Sue from Lancashire (Order No. M3857581) 15-06-2010
"I would like to thank Mazuma, for your very easy service. I found you guys to be very pleasent with your comunications, and what a lovely way to do business in these frustrating times !

Thank you" - ritch from Dunbartonshire (Order No. M3851151) 15-06-2010
"Great service really pleased, thank you" - Graham from Notts (Order No. M3859280) 14-06-2010
"I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the speed of your service, I posted the phone on Saturday and the money was in my account today (Monday), can't recommend your company enough." - Wayne from Durham (Order No. M3859304) 14-06-2010
"great super fast service thanks will recomend and use again" - craig from Stirlingshire (Order No. M3851320) 14-06-2010
"Fabulous service!!!" - Dee from Cheshire (Order No. M3857739) 14-06-2010
"the service was first class. end of..." - david from Lancashire (Order No. M3857723) 14-06-2010
"Thank you for the wonderful quick service that i received from your company. would like to deal with you in future. i'm very impressed with your service.thank you!!!" - Jagruti from Surrey (Order No. M3852762) 14-06-2010
"Thank you so much for your fast service. Although your prices are not the highest your service is the best I have ever seen and I will recommend you to everyone.
Thanks Mazuma!" - Benjamin from Huntingdonshire (Order No. M3858083) 14-06-2010
"The service I recieved was very fast and easy, and thanks to the Mazuma mobile website I was able to keep myself updated at all times as to what was happening with my order. I enjoyed my experience, and I believe I will have more fun when I cash my cheque." - R K from Essex (Order No. M3851257) 14-06-2010
"I was really surprised at how easy it was to log on and use this facility, I had a couple of phones lying around the house and used the money to help my daughter go to Mongolia next year as part of the World Challenge. Really quick and easy, would definitely recommend to a friend" - patricia from Devon (Order No. M3825921) 14-06-2010
"I was really impressed with how straightforward the process was. Clear instructions made it really easy and the money landed in my account very quickly indeed." - Martin from Staffordshire (Order No. M3854244) 14-06-2010
"What fantastic service!!! Posted my mobile on Saturday and today(Monday)the cash is in my account. Would highly recommend anyone to use this service. Thank you Mazuma :)" - Susan from Yorkshire (Order No. M3857975) 14-06-2010
"very impressed, fast payment, would lke to do business again with you" - usmaan from Lancashire (Order No. M3859950) 14-06-2010
"Fantastic service. All completed and money in the bank in 3 days.Would highly recommend to everyone!! Thank you!!" - Janice from Glamorgan (Order No. M3853731) 13-06-2010
"Brilliant service, would definately use again in the future
" - Karen from Shropshire (Order No. M3856240) 12-06-2010
"Brill service again many thanks" - Peter from Cheshire (Order No. M3856450) 12-06-2010
"Fast payment, very good service. I have no complaints what soever and will certainly be using again. Thank-you ever so much. A* rated." - Sammi from DERBYSHIRE (Order No. M3851948) 12-06-2010
"A prompt and efficient service. Thank you, I shall use Mazuma again" - Nick from Essex (Order No. M3851492) 12-06-2010
"Simply stunning service, entire process from start to cheque in my hand in 4 days ! Amazing !! Keep it up, thanks !" - Lawrence from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3855751) 12-06-2010
"i thought your service was excellent and will be passing my thoughts on to all my family and friends about your service so thankyou" - diane from Yorkshire (Order No. M3855563) 12-06-2010
"Absolutely fantastic service and so quick and simple. I have recommended Mazuma to all my friends and family!

Tank you." - Karen from Berkshire (Order No. M3841829) 12-06-2010
"Amazingly fast service and so simple.
Would highly recommend and would use again.
Thank you" - Nicola from Hampshire (Order No. M3849418) 11-06-2010
"I found it amazing, really quick and so simple ! Thank you mazuma ! " - Meredith from West midlands (Order No. M3853686) 11-06-2010
"wanted to say thank you for a pleasent and fast process ." - paige from england (Order No. M3854444) 11-06-2010
"I just want to say how quick and simple your service is. I have been thinking about selling my phones now for the last few months but havent done it becasue i have not wanted the hassle, however it could not have been any easier. I only posted the phones yesturday and the service has been so quick. This is an amazing service! Thanks!" - Charlotte from Kent (Order No. M3856616) 11-06-2010
"wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow

What a service well done.

Thank you" - barry from Kent (Order No. M3852427) 11-06-2010
SUPERB SERVICE" - MICHAEL from KENT (Order No. M3855124) 11-06-2010
"Fast, professional, efficient and kept to promises.
Excellent service." - Malcolm from Norfolk (Order No. M3855500) 11-06-2010
"Excellent prompt service, would use again." - Patrick from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3849521) 11-06-2010
"Very happy with the service from Mazuma, simple , very quick to process and quick with payment. I would definitely use Mazuma again and would recommend to a friend!" - Vikki from Gloucestershire (Order No. M3857490) 11-06-2010
"Many thanks to Mazuma team - made very easy to sell my phone - I would recomend any one to give a try and see how prompt they are. Best wishes." - John from Surrey (Order No. M3844772) 10-06-2010
"Fantastic service, less than 72 hours from sending old phone at the Post Office and the money was in my account. Highly recommended! 5 stars!!" - sean from Durham (Order No. M3847856) 10-06-2010
"Excellent service,i was shocked how quick Mazuma emailed me to tell me they recieved my phone, and the following day the cheque was in the post, you really cant get any better than that, very pleased with Mazuma, would use again and recommend friends." - Jonathan from Warwickshire (Order No. M3837432) 10-06-2010
"Excellent service!
Should have used you sooner" - Claire from Surrey (Order No. M3842539) 10-06-2010
"very fast, very efficient service. Less than 48 hrs to recieving my money :-)" - Sophia from Cheshire (Order No. M3851531) 10-06-2010
"thanks for the fast service - from start to finish has taken less than 48 hours" - George from West Midlands (Order No. M3852487) 10-06-2010
"brilliant, efficient and easy to use service, thanks very much. " - Bidisha from South Yorkshire (Order No. M3849937) 10-06-2010
"brilliant service fast, friendly and really easy to use website.
look forward to business again" - david from n/a (Order No. M385246) 10-06-2010
"good service" - afsan from tyne & wear (Order No. M3848161) 10-06-2010
"Brilliant! Fast, efficient and does exactly what it says on the tin!! Would definately use again and recommend to my friends." - Samantha from Yorkshire (Order No. M3840695) 10-06-2010
"Amazingly fast and efficient!! I was kept up do date with everything as it happened. Sounds a bit smarmy but its the first time that everything they said they would do - they did. Will definately recommend Mazuma! Thanks very much." - Vera from Lancashire (Order No. M3854986) 10-06-2010
"Very fast service did not expect the money to be in my account within 24hours!" - Stacey from Renfrewshire (Order No. M3851759) 10-06-2010
THANK YOU." - kim from manchester (Order No. M3851413) 10-06-2010
"Can't fault the service, I wanted to sell my old phone got a very fair price. All done within five days internet late Monday posted phone in your envlope on Wednesday told cheque in post on Thursday, quick and very easy. Can't recommend you enough. I'm happy your happy. Cheers Wayne" - Wayne from Glamorgan (Order No. M3853751) 10-06-2010
"fast service paid excactly what was offered" - Niall from Wiltshire (Order No. M3851975) 10-06-2010
"Very quick service, very happy with how much money we got for broken phones. thanks ." - Jenna from Lancashire (Order No. M3844004) 10-06-2010
"Wow. What service.. I was amazed at the efficiency of your processes. I sold my phone online on Sunday night. My Envelope arrived Tuesday, sent it back on weds with phone and the money was in my account on Thursday night!!! God,, I wish the airline ash cloud compensation was as efficient!! Thanks Maxuma." - G from Yorkshire (Order No. M3851999) 10-06-2010
"A fantastic speedy service with clear instructions. Can't believe how fast and easy the whole process was completed. Excellent and thanks you mazuma." - les from Durham (Order No. M3837476) 10-06-2010
"Absolutely brilliant service. Payment was in my bank account in less than 24 hours after posting phone. Highly recommended" - Tom from Antrim (Order No. M3852077) 10-06-2010
"excellent! got full payment next day of sending mobile
" - ian from Lancashire (Order No. M3855052) 10-06-2010
"Thank you for a fast simple service, money in account the next day....Great!!!!!" - joanne from Bedfordshire (Order No. M3855182) 10-06-2010
"im very happy with you mazuma." - Rafal from glos (Order No. M3840938) 09-06-2010
"very quick payment,thanks" - sumontha from uk (Order No. M3842664) 09-06-2010
"WOW what a quick turnaround . only posted monday . had cash by wednesday . first class service" - Quintin from Cornwall (Order No. M3846217) 09-06-2010
"I cannot believe how qickly the money was in my bank account. Not only did you give me the best quote for my phine, but the money was in my account less than 24 hours after i put it in post." - David from Surrey (Order No. M3850731) 09-06-2010
"What great service, very quick and easy to use. Cant believe I left it this long to exchange my old phone's for cash, I will be sending another phone next week when I upgrade. So far we have received £119 for 2 phones which is great as we are getting married in 3 months and extra cash is very helpful. Thank you for helping to give my old phones a new home in exchange for a lovely cheque!!" - Sarah from Essex (Order No. M3845731) 09-06-2010
"Excellent service-so quick, efficient and easy, and above all very friendly!

Thankyou." - Julie from Yorkshire (Order No. M3813720) 09-06-2010
"Amazing Service! Sent my phones on Tuesday and the money was in my account by lunch on the Wednesday! Would definitely recommend....." - Christine from Greater Manchester (Order No. M3849092) 09-06-2010
"Super quick service sent phone one day got the money the very next! Also got more than I thought I would for my old mobile. Very impressed" - Russell from West Lothian (Order No. M3848094) 09-06-2010
"Fast and speedy service,
no problems at all
thank you very much!" - Luke from Lancashire (Order No. M3852890) 09-06-2010
"Absolutely brilliant to use. No hassle in the slightest and payment is always received quickly and efficiently." - Chris from Antrim (Order No. M3841195) 09-06-2010
"Fast service, got the money in the bank the day after sending the phone. Thanks!" - Jonathan from Derbyshire (Order No. M3847614) 09-06-2010
"Excellent and timely service despite Royal mail delivery issues.
Thanks" - Roger from Durham (Order No. M3841385) 09-06-2010
"Amazed at how quick and efficient the whole process was.
Very impressed!
Like the fact you get e-mailed updates on the status of your order.
First company I haven't had to chase up in ages!
Thank you" - HELEN from Surrey (Order No. M3817763) 09-06-2010
"super fast service much quicker than envirofone." - alison from bedfordshire (Order No. M3850299) 09-06-2010
"amazing" - carl from Warwickshire (Order No. M3850418) 09-06-2010
"Thank You The service was very efficent and it was a pleasure to do business.
When I want to sell my next phone I will be using Mazuma." - Mark from Essex (Order No. M3853303) 09-06-2010
"Excellent service. Sent mobiles off and received cheque within 3 days. An easy way to make some extra cash from something I don't use anymore. Well done Mazumamobile! :-)" - Julia from Monmouthshire (Order No. M3852472) 09-06-2010
"Excellent service.Posted phones Tuesday and payment received in bank account Wednesday.
Highly recommended" - Ray from Cheshire (Order No. M3850465) 09-06-2010
"Fast service, and good prices for some really old phones." - Sophie from Hampshire (Order No. M3839410) 09-06-2010
"Really pleased with Mazuma. this is the second time I have used this site, and can honestly say it was great. So simple to use, and Mazuma had the payments in my account within 48 hours! Brilliant!!!" - Ann from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3845696) 09-06-2010
"thank you for your fast and no messing service I will be using your trade in service more " - Henry from Cheshire (Order No. M3849508) 09-06-2010
" what a quick turnaround . only posted Tuesday had cash by wednesday . first class service. Well done." - Dave from Lanc's (Order No. M3852993) 09-06-2010
"just a big well done to all at mazuma ill be using/recommending again

thanks" - Peter from Hampshire (Order No. M3831525) 09-06-2010
"Wow what can i say from posting my phones to cash in my account all within 48hrs i will definetly recommend you to others who has old phones.
thank you." - barbara from Hampshire (Order No. M3845617) 09-06-2010
"Mazuma mobile is the BEST. excellent service. Superfast payment . GREAT communication.
i have recycled around 5 mobiles with Mazuma and each experience has been a wonderful one.
Other recycle co. ask you to send phone and dont provide with freepost envelope but mazuma sends envelope plus a guide on how to send the phone. East or West MAZUMA MOBILE is the best :)
Thanks Mazuma. " - Jasmeet from Middlesex (Order No. M3833273) 08-06-2010
"Fantastic service fast and easy pleasure doing buisness with." - Sarah from Glamorgan (Order No. M3838831) 08-06-2010
"Really easy to use.
Fast and efficient..!!" - Donna from Staffs (Order No. M3845471) 08-06-2010
"Excellent service, fast, friendly, very efficient. Well done.
Will definately recommend to family and friends. Thank you." - Paul from South Yorkshire (Order No. M3840407) 08-06-2010
"Thank you, very easy to use, good communication and extremely fast." - Anne from Midlothian (Order No. M3827574) 08-06-2010
"Thank you maxima mobile, this was a very quick and efficient service. I sent my mobile to you yesterday using a recorded delivery and payment has already been sent to me. I am very pleased with the service and would recommend maxima to anyone!" - James from Hampshire (Order No. M3846540) 08-06-2010
"Hi there Mazuma team, many thanks for prompt cheque. 48hrs from sending phone to receiveing payment just excellent! well done and thank you." - Carol from Cheshire (Order No. M3846286) 08-06-2010
"Quick and easy, would definately use the service again." - Ben from Berkshire (Order No. M3830255) 08-06-2010
"fantastic service!very fast & professional,you are definitely no"1" !!!" - michele from south ayrshire (Order No. M3847463) 08-06-2010
"Very impressed with the service. Sent my two mobiles off on friday and received a cheque on tuesday!" - Kay from Wiltshire (Order No. M3844057) 08-06-2010
"Excellent first class service" - JULIE from Yorkshire (Order No. M3749009) 08-06-2010
"Wonderful service!
Phones posted Saturday 5 June 2010, received email Monday 7 June 2010 to say cheque in post. Cheque arrived Tuesday 8 June 2010. Would definately recommend Mazuma to anyone selling their mobile phone.
Thanks so much Mazuma" - Dawn from Warwickshire (Order No. M3845745) 08-06-2010
"Many thanks for making this a STRESS FREE sale I didn't think it could be this easy Once again thanks" - Robert from Northamptonshire (Order No. M3847080) 08-06-2010
"what can I say - FAST SERVICE!!
Thankyou" - sue from Yorkshire (Order No. M3847171) 08-06-2010
"Really simple to do. Kept up to date on progress. Prompt response. Looking forward to receiving my cheque. Fantastic Service. Thanks" - Paul from Derbyshire (Order No. M3846968) 08-06-2010
"Excellent quick service, many thanks" - JULIE from Yorkshire (Order No. M3832571) 07-06-2010
"very pleased with your quick and efficient service." - Linda from Hampshire (Order No. M3833444) 07-06-2010
"i Thought the service was excellent quick, clear keeps you in the loop at all time with emails very good service. Mazuma i would reckomend to every one who has old phones" - Katie from East sussex (Order No. M3831998) 07-06-2010
"This was a fantastic experience,i was quite worried when i sent my phones of,will they do what they say,but hand on heart i got a good amount,cheque sent when promised." - mark from Hampshire (Order No. M3842349) 07-06-2010
"Your service is absolutely brilliant! The on-line valuation and order process is simple to follow and the process of sending the phones through is simplicity itself -and so fast! I would recommend this to anyone. Thank you very much indeed." - Andrew from Worcestershire (Order No. M3848666) 07-06-2010
"Absolutely fantastic, phone was sent off on a friday and money transferred into the bank on monday!! Brilliant, thank you!! " - Matthew from West Midlands (Order No. M3846299) 07-06-2010
"What a professional and straightforward process it has been to return old mobiles to you - and get paid for them too!! Fantastic! Thank you for all your assistance and prompt service - and I will most certainly recommend this service to everyone I know! Well done and thank you!" - Sue from Warwickshire (Order No. M3812891) 07-06-2010
"I am SUPER IMPRESSED with this service, I will be send any phones I have in the future to you, efficient, reliable and just alround convienient service, thank you very much!" - Debbie from Wandsworth (Order No. M3814063) 07-06-2010
"I have sold my phone in the past with you and after looking around at better deals, decided to stay with the one I trust g " - Paul from Shropshire (Order No. M3843566) 07-06-2010
"A speedy and excellent service. Would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is considering recyling their old mobile phone." - Stuart from Lancashire (Order No. M3846655) 07-06-2010
"Fantastic service; super-quick, efficient, will definitely use Mazuma again and recommend you to other people. Really impressed, thanks." - Tracey from Essex (Order No. M3841974) 07-06-2010
"fantastic thank you very much very quick very easy will highly recommend you again" - Paul from Teesside (Order No. M3838299) 07-06-2010
"Thrilled. No other words. Would recommend to friends, family, strangers! Thanks!" - Lauren from Cheshire (Order No. M3846285) 07-06-2010
"excellent fast efficient service and simple from start to finish, thank you" - thomas from Cheshire (Order No. M3844114) 07-06-2010
"The whole transaction was very quick and easy and I was sent the voucher straight away. I was very pleased with all of it." - Jane from London (Order No. M3797879) 07-06-2010
"Mazuma thanks a lot your service was exellent,I was paid what I was quoted and the transaction was very fast money in my account next day,,,brilliant thanks once again, would highly recommend." - chris from Yorkshire (Order No. M3836729) 07-06-2010
"I am very pleased with the excellent service and speedy turn around, i would highly recomend mazuma to anyone." - stephen from Worcestershire (Order No. M3838502) 07-06-2010
"I am very pleased with the excellent service and speedy turn around, i would highly recomend mazuma to anyone." - stephen from Worcestershire (Order No. M3838502) 07-06-2010
"What a fantastic service. Thank you once again" - Julie from Northamptonshire (Order No. M3836938) 06-06-2010
"I am very satisfied with your service, it’s excellent" - Christine from West Midlands (Order No. M3838964) 05-06-2010
"Brilliant service, many thanks." - Pete from Devon (Order No. M3841152) 05-06-2010
"I found the whole process very quick and easy, the order was processed and paid within 24 hours of me sending the phone off, no complaints at all." - Andrew from Oxfordshire (Order No. M3838470) 05-06-2010
"Once again a smooth transaction, completed from start to finish in only a few days, including super fast payment! Completely hassle free. THANK YOU!!!" - Jane from Devon (Order No. M3834973) 05-06-2010
"I was very impressed with the swift and efficient service that I received in selling my phone.
I would definitely recommend Mazuma to other people." - Mark from London (Order No. M3841439) 05-06-2010
"well that was so quick and easy i normally give my old phones to friends but i saw advert on telly decided to give it a go well cant believe how quick it was monday i filled in form by wednesday had envelope to return phone posted it thursday by saturday i got my check thank you so much i recomend you to my friends " - sandra from London (Order No. M3842067) 05-06-2010
"WOW what service posted tues cheque thursday.I posted my daughters phone at the same time she had money in her account on the wednesday.also thanks for emails to keep us informed.I am telling friends and colleagues about your fantastic service.Please feel free to use this as a testimonial." - christopher from Kent (Order No. M3834719) 04-06-2010
"Good price. Excellent service.

Sent phone on June 2, cheque received June 4.
Speedy, eh!

Third time I've used Mazuma.

" - Peter from Bedfordshire (Order No. M3840493) 04-06-2010
"I just want to say thankyou. Your service was amazingly fast, & you gave me a very fair price for my old iPhone & N95. Im off to buy myself a 42" LCD HD TV for the World Cup. Once again thank you." - Nick from Kent (Order No. M3841644) 04-06-2010
"Thank you, I received my payment without any problems. Your service is very easy, fast and professional." - Kriste from London (Order No. M3819457) 04-06-2010
"As a 1st time user I found your service excellent easy to use well done to you all.Thanks." - Dave from Denbighshire (Order No. M3838822) 04-06-2010
"As simple as ABC,first class would use again.Cannot believe how easy it was
Thank You Mazuma" - brian from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3826408) 04-06-2010
"Mazuma mobile is a great fast service ! great money Would defanutly use again " - Andy from Berkshire (Order No. M3838972) 04-06-2010
"very pleased with the quick positive response thank you" - Evan from Worcestershire (Order No. M3840154) 04-06-2010
"am surprised ,
such a quick response
yesterday i posted a phone and today i recd my money in my account
thats great

thanks" - ash from Middlesex (Order No. M3837383) 04-06-2010
"Fast no quibble service, from logging in phone to recieving cheque
all took less than 4 days!

Many thanks!" - Laurent from Essex (Order No. M3839923) 04-06-2010
"Fantastic service made enquiries on Wednesday money in bank account Friday afternoon thank you very much." - Colin from Antrim (Order No. M3844397) 04-06-2010
"Very fast service. Iam looking forward to my cheque! Thank you." - Helen from Yorkshire (Order No. M3832526) 04-06-2010
"The whole process is very quick and transparent, got cheque in my hand in 3 days. I really amazed to see cash for my old phones which are sitting idle for last six months.

I recommend Mazuma to sell your old phones." - reddy from Kent (Order No. M3834890) 04-06-2010
"Cheque received yesterday, wow! that was quick. Thank you for such prompt and efficient service. I will recommend you to all my friends and family" - margaret from Devon (Order No. M3825249) 04-06-2010
"thanks for a quick and easy transaction i will highly recommend mazuma to all my friends,cheers once again" - DAVID from Lancashire (Order No. M3842526) 04-06-2010
"Excellent service, right from the prompt posting of the collection bag for my old mobile to payment.

Would definitely use you again.

Thanks!" - Marc from Gloucestershire (Order No. M3836610) 04-06-2010
"I have used mazuma three times know and all three times i have been pleased with the fast and easy service that mazuma has provided, Thank you" - Callum from Gloucestershire (Order No. M3844863) 04-06-2010
"great service...
posted yesterday, money in my bank today!!!" - barry from w yorks (Order No. M3836613) 04-06-2010
"Superb fast service and payment" - Paul from Aberdeenshire (Order No. M3839293) 04-06-2010
"thank you for the quick & easy sale,VERY HIGHLY RECCOMENDED" - martin from Lancashire (Order No. M3829969) 03-06-2010
"amazing service you do exactly what say and pay the price you say and you pay it fast fantastic will always recommend mazuma....thankyou" - simon from middlesex (Order No. M3827360) 03-06-2010
"this is a great service, very good at sending freepost bags and payment, would use again if i need to. would reccommend it to other people" - amy louise from Yorkshire (Order No. M3833749) 03-06-2010
"A fantastic and very quick sell process.
Incredibly fast payment.
I could not recommend you highly enough !!
First class service, thank you !!" - Kenneth from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3841066) 03-06-2010
"An absolutely faultless service. Nothing more I can add apart from thanks very much again!" - Joyce from Fife (Order No. M3839813) 03-06-2010
"Absolutely delighted with your service - can't get over how quickly the payment arrived. Excellent communications, too. Thank you!!" - Andrew from Berkshire (Order No. M3835322) 03-06-2010
"What a quick easy service you offer. I was really impressed. " - Jane from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M3843249) 03-06-2010
"after the post office losing the first envelope i e-mailed gemma newman who got a new envelope posted out to me, i am very impressed with the speed she dealt with me, i would like to thank all the team at mazuma for making the sale of my mobile phone very easy and worry free....2 days after i posted the phone to you i had a cheque come through my door... excellent customer service. " - paul from essex (Order No. M3817375) 03-06-2010
"It was so easy to sell the phone it was sorted within days .I would reccomend it to everyone as it was great serviceAS my phone would just be lying in a drawer " - mary from n/a (Order No. M38327054) 03-06-2010
"Guys, abolutely fantastic level of service !! I sent my phone to you yesterday, cash in my bank already. I have used you, I think, four times now and you have, without any doubt the highest level of service I have received from any company for a long long time ! Many thanks indeed and keep up the good work. Thanks to all your staff, if I could, I would buy you all cakes. " - Paul from SOMERSET (Order No. M3837691) 03-06-2010
"Quick and easy service. Mazuma pays what they say they will pretty much instantly. Many thanks" - Damien from Essex (Order No. M3838145) 03-06-2010
"thanks you very much you are all a+++++++++" - callum from Gloucestershire (Order No. M3842021) 03-06-2010
"Brilliant, fast, easy to use service. Excellent!" - Mandy from Somerset (Order No. M3840526) 03-06-2010
"Good work guys. Professional service . you are the first on my list " - Adam from Warwickshire (Order No. M3841127) 03-06-2010
"This is the 3rd phone I have sold and was the fastest yet. Instant bank transfer is a fantastic idea. Will recommend!" - Adam from South Yorkshire (Order No. M3833451) 03-06-2010
"wot can i say first class service in all aspects definately one to recommend outstanding" - ian from gwent (Order No. M3837730) 03-06-2010
"no nonsense company, they do exactly what they say in the ad , highly recomended" - paul from Warwickshire (Order No. M3840684) 03-06-2010
"brilliant!! sent phones last night and money was in my account today. thankyou wouldnt hesitate in recommending mazuma" - karen from cumbria (Order No. M3841662) 03-06-2010
"Really easy process. Very impressed at how quickly I received payment after sending off my phones - 24 hours from walking to the post box to seeing the money in my bank account! amazing!" - Karen from Northamptonshire (Order No. M3837518) 03-06-2010
"A great pain free service that makes good use of your old phone
Thank you " - dan from Bedfordshire (Order No. M3833438) 02-06-2010
"I can not believe how good your service has been. If only everything via the internet was so good. From my placing order to you posting cheque 2 working days. An excellent service." - Roger from Cheshire (Order No. M3836002) 02-06-2010
"great, thanks. Only £1 but saved me a trip to the dump with the battery." - peter from Essex (Order No. M3835640) 02-06-2010
"Excellent service! Very quick and hassles free. Would recommend this service to everyone." - Janet from Hampstead (Order No. M3835456) 02-06-2010
"Excellent service, this is the second time I have sold an old mobile with zero hassle. Many thanks." - Nathan from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M3835091) 02-06-2010
"fantastic,efficient service would have no hesitation in using again" - Raymond from Renfrewshire (Order No. M3835959) 02-06-2010
"What a fantastic service, i sent the phn on monday bank holiday, it was received by wed and had the money within 2 hours of you sending confirmation email. fab fab fab i would recommend you to anyone. thanks again" - Iain from Fife (Order No. M3834835) 02-06-2010
"Absolutely brilliant company,recieved bag to send phone the next day,sent phone and the day after recieved the money in my bank account.This is how companies should do bussiness,fast,efficiant,informative and give a fair price.Thankyou..." - michael from Durham (Order No. M3834128) 02-06-2010
"Excellent service paid the exact amount by cheque, from start to finish took under a week. Very pleased def use again!" - Emma from west glamorgan (Order No. M3826510) 02-06-2010
"Excellant service. Received everything within a couple of days (including the cheque)" - Chris from Kent (Order No. M3830195) 01-06-2010
"Absolutely brilliant thank you first-class" - terry from wiltes (Order No. M3821853) 01-06-2010
"Great service... used before and will use again!!! many thanks" - Robert from North Somerset (Order No. M3828768) 01-06-2010
"excellent service, hassle free, status of order was good" - darren from Staffordshire (Order No. M3831547) 01-06-2010
"wonderful fast service no problems experienced will and have already recommended to friends. thank you " - lucy from Derbyshire (Order No. M3832068) 01-06-2010
"I am really happy with the service that Mazuma have provided and i would definitely recommend it to others." - Nishal from West Midlands (Order No. M3834285) 01-06-2010
"Excellent service. recommend to anyone and everyone.

thank you" - darren from greater manchester (Order No. M3833410) 01-06-2010
"Fantastic service. Amazed at speed and number of updates given. Kept well informed at all times. Posted phones saturday. Money direct in bank by Tues lunch (and this included a bank holiday!). Thanks for a great service! " - Rebecca from Yorkshire (Order No. M3834913) 01-06-2010

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