Mobile phone gaming is now a significant part of the games industry, but it is "hard to tell where it's heading," according to video games expert and author, Tristan Donovan.

Angry Birds reached one billion downloads in May of this year, and has become a cult sensation. However, Mr Donovan says this is the exception to the rule: mobile games tend not to have much customer loyalty.

Many of the games found on the Google Play store, which can be downloaded to Android handsets, are free or cost just £0.69. This means that people are much more likely to buy them spontaneously, but then disregard them quickly.

The volume of games for mobile handsets may also be making it difficult to achieve longevity. Apple claims to have over 500,000 apps available on its App Store. Although applications are not only games, they do represent a large proportion.

The expert and author thinks that mobile games currently appeal to people who do not own a traditional gaming console such as the Playstation 3 or Xbox 360. He suggests that the next step for the industry would be to try to appeal to these 'hardcore' gamers.

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