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Who is Apple?

Apple is one of the most iconic and recognisable brands in the world. They have been producing high-quality and reliable electronic products, including phones, laptops, tablets, and watches, since 1976. The tech giant is known for their innovation and superior craftsmanship, making them the leader in phone manufacturing. Continually pushing the boundaries of technology, Apple is always coming up with new products and features to enhance the user experience.

Although predominantly known for their expertise in the most incredible phones, their tech days began with the Apple computer in 1976. The Apple I was a significant step in the evolution of personal computing. Eventually, Apple led to the development of more advanced devices like the Apple II and, finally, the Mac, which so many of us know and love today. While they still excel in this industry, the iPhone is their most popular product.

What Apple Products Does Mazuma Mobile Accept?

Mazuma Mobile accepts many Apple products for trade-in. Even if you have some older generation devices, you can still sell your iPhone 7 and collect some cash to treat yourself, for example.

Apple products use some of the best technologies so that you can get really good value for your old device. For example, if you trade in an iPhone 14 Pro Max, you could earn up to £946.00. We also accept Apple products that are locked to a network and those that are unlocked. So whether you want to sell an iPhone or use our trade-in an Apple Mac services, you can be sure you will get the best online price with us!

What Apple Products Can't I Sell to Mazuma Mobile?

Unfortunately, Mazuma Mobile cannot accept Apple products that are snapped or in pieces. Every device undergoes extensive testing, and although it may have faulty parts, it can still be useful in fixing other Apple products. However, if a phone, Mac, or iPad is completely snapped, their parts can be unusable in our process. Don't let this despair you, however. If you want to sell your iPad and the screen is broken, we can still accept it. Just not snapped in half.

We also cannot accept Apple products reported lost or stolen. Mazuma Mobile is committed to providing a secure and safe platform for buying and selling pre-owned devices, and so it cannot accept devices flagged as lost or stolen. Even if you think you have been crafty and wiped the device clean, our testing process is supreme, and we will still find out. Any devices we find with criminal footprints will be sent to the authorities to deal with.

If you are unsure about the condition of your Apple products, you can contact our wonderful team of experts, who will be able to let you know if you can send it in and get cash for your Apple product.

Sell your Apple product with Mazuma

If you want to sell your Apple product, ensure it is in good condition and hasn't been reported lost or stolen. Then, what are you waiting for? Get your quote for your device today!

We offer the best and most competitive prices for your devices so you can walk away satisfied that you have the best price for your Apple product. Our process is so quick and easy that you will be amazed at how simple it is when the time comes to trade in your mobile or other tech.

Select your products from the list above and get an instant quote for your Apple device today. You could be treating yourself to something nice this time next week.