If you’re thinking of selling your phone on, you’ll need some information about the make and model of your device to make sure you’re getting an accurate price. It sounds simple, but it can get a little confusing with hundreds of handsets available and many phone companies offering variations of the same model as a series at different price points.

If you’ve found yourself wondering how much is my phone worth, the first thing to do is find out what model your device is. If you’ve had your phone for a long time, you may not have the original packaging, but don’t worry. There are other ways to check the model of your phone.

Find the Model of Your iPhone Through Settings

If you have a working iPhone that is fully functional, you can find out the model of your device by opening your Settings and navigating to General > About. From here, you’ll be able to see your iPhone Model Name, Model Number, and Capacity. It’s important to know the storage capacity when you trade in phones for cash, as it will affect the price. For example, a phone with 256GB of storage will fetch a higher price than an identical model with only 64GB of storage.

Some older iPhones won’t display the Model Name in the settings menu and instead will only show the Model Number, which will be a combination of numbers and letters. You can use the Model Number to find out the model name with a quick Google search.

From the Model Number, you can actually determine a lot of helpful information about the device, including the colour, country of origin, and whether the phone is store-bought or refurbished.

man trying to find out what phone he has

Find the model of a Broken iPhone

If your device is broken or unresponsive, you might still be wondering, can I sell my iPhone? In many cases, the answer is yes, but you still need to know the model before you can get a quote for it. That said, accessing the settings menu on an unresponsive, non-functioning phone is going to be a little tricky, but there are still ways to find out what iPhone you have.

Older iPhones will have a tiny identification number printed on the back. This will start with A and can be used to identify the model of the phone. This number doesn’t appear on models from the iPhone 8 onwards. For these devices, you’ll need to remove the SIM tray and look for the A number on the upper side of the SIM tray slot.

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Find the Model of an Android Phone Using Settings

Finding the exact model of an Android phone will depend on the brand of phone, as Android is the operating system, not the handset itself. Regardless, if you’ve got a fully-functioning Android device and you’re interested in a Samsung trade in, for example,  to earn a bit of extra cash you will be able to use the Settings menu to find the Model Number.

Go to Settings > About phone. From this screen, you should see at least some basic information about the phone, and depending on the phone manufacturer, the Model Number may be on this screen too. If you can’t see the Model Number on the About Phone screen, try looking for Hardware Info and tap on that.

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Find the Model of a Broken Android Phone

Identifying a non-functioning Android device is a little less straightforward than an iPhone simply because there are so many models made by different manufacturers who will have their own ideas about where to print the Model Number physically.

Since there’s no uniform answer for Android phones, try looking in the following places:

  • On the back or bottom of the device – either engraved, printed or on a sticker
  • On or behind the battery (this may not be easily accessible to you)
  • On or around the SIM tray
  • On the original phone packaging

If all else fails and you still can’t find your Model Number, it is possible to identify the phone by sight. You will at least know the brand of the phone, and from here, you can examine and compare it with other handsets, even just by searching for pictures of the manufacturer’s devices. Of course, we would recommend using the above methods first or even taking it to a phone shop where an expert will be able to identify it.

Now you know what model phone you have, it’s time to head over to Sell My Mobile and find out how much you could get for it. We promise to pay exactly what we quote, providing the device matches the condition you chose on your application, and if we disagree, we’ll send the device straight back to you, no quibbling.