Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

October 2011

"very easy, helpful service, would use again" - rose from Kent (Order No. M4934443) 31-10-2011
"Wow! I am genuinely super-impressed. The service from start to finish has been fast and efficient, and I received exactly what I was quoted online. It's really refreshing to come across an honest and well organised online company. I will definitely be using your service again. Many thanks!" - Theo from London (Order No. M4930424) 31-10-2011
"A very quick and efficient service. All completed within a week. Thank you." - Valerie from Bedfordshire (Order No. M4929383) 31-10-2011
"Quick and easy .. Brilliant . Can't go wrong " - Edward from Essex (Order No. M4936464) 31-10-2011
"First class, professional service and could not ask for better. Thank you very much!" - Julia from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M4934888) 31-10-2011
"Excellent service thank you " - Trevor from Sussex (Order No. M4936105) 31-10-2011
"thanks fo being quick and efficient- good service!" - colin from Lincolnshire (Order No. M4933422) 31-10-2011
"Such nice honest people to deal with and easy web site is user friendly" - Jeffery from Cornwall (Order No. M4922600) 31-10-2011
"Could not believe how simple and easy it was. Really great service but what happens to all the mobiles you buy?" - Martin from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M4928074) 31-10-2011
"Very good service and its a quick and easy way to sell your old mobile
phone(s)!!" - Bobbie from Staffordshire (Order No. M4932354) 31-10-2011
"The service worked very well for me fast and easy. I'll defo be using mazuma again in the future thanks " - Simon from Glamorgan (Order No. M4929963) 31-10-2011
"Very fast service. Really impressed. Thank you." - Stephen from Sussex (Order No. M4919438) 30-10-2011
"Easy,quick and excellent service I am 100% happy!!! Thanks MAZUMA " - Rommy from Surrey (Order No. M4922047) 29-10-2011
"Staggeringly quick and efficient - great price too! I'm really impressed. Thanks." - Allan from Durham (Order No. M4928633) 29-10-2011
"WOW!!!! What a FAST service this is!!! 3 days in total. From just looking on the website, purely out of curiosity, to having a £50 cheque sat in my bank!!! Fantastic service, easy, great communication all the way. In the words of The Terminator "I'll be back"" - Christine from england (Order No. M4925960) 29-10-2011
" Very quick and efficient service, thank you. " - Mark from London (Order No. M4928910) 29-10-2011
"Exellent service very quick and trouble free." - Stephen from Shropshire (Order No. M4922175) 29-10-2011
"No problems,no hassle,and a extremely good service.The whole sale from start to finish took only four days." - Peter from Fife (Order No. M4929938) 29-10-2011
"Great service very fast all done within 24 hours marvellous" - kevin from Denbighshire (Order No. M4931121) 29-10-2011
"Thank you very much for the impressive service and quick payment. Really impressed, keep up the good work!" - Stefano from London (Order No. M4921910) 29-10-2011
"1st class service.cant believe it was only 3 days from posting till the cheque dropped through the letterbox will defo use again" - landy from Ayrshire (Order No. M4929433) 29-10-2011
"Excellent prompt service, would recommend to anyone, many thanks :)" - Joel from Yorkshire (Order No. M4929355) 29-10-2011
"Posted phones yesterday, payment in my account today.

So impressed with the speed of service.

Many Thanks.

I have already been telling my friends and family about Mazuma.

Jamie" - Jamie from Wiltshire (Order No. M4913408) 28-10-2011
"Fast efficient service, very pleased." - Daniel from Somerset (Order No. M4921875) 28-10-2011
"Amazing service..... fast, easy and smooth transaction. Really impressed with the whole process and cant believe how fast we got the money. Thankyou and well done Mazumba ..... Highly recommended!!!!!" - kevin from merseyside (Order No. M4927999) 28-10-2011
" Easy fast efficient service. " - Lee from Middlesex (Order No. M4928489) 28-10-2011
"Posted phone on Tuesday and put the cheque in the back on Thursday!! Excellent, prompt service. I will be using you again and have passed you card onto my friends. Thank you, keep you the great work!! " - Heather from Shropshire (Order No. M4915156) 28-10-2011
"Great service, quick and easy!
Thanks mazuma :)" - Justyna from Middlesex (Order No. M4927243) 28-10-2011
"Sent the phone off less than 24 hours ago and already the money is in my bank. Fantastic! thanks very much" - Danielle from Bedfordshire (Order No. M4927395) 28-10-2011
"Once again, excellent service from Mazumamobile. Posted my phone on 27th October at 2pm and by 2pm the next day the money was in my bank account.
Thank you." - John from Suffolk (Order No. M4922972) 28-10-2011
"Excellent service, no quibbles and fast payment upon receipt of handsets.

Thank you Mazuma." - Aamena from essex (Order No. M4919519) 28-10-2011
"Fantastic and easy to use website. Everything is done via web form and then email, very quick and easy to understand. Good way to trade in old phones I say" - Christopher from West Yorkshire (Order No. M4922463) 28-10-2011
"Brilliant Company, Very cooperative, Excellent

Thank You" - Bev from Staffordshire (Order No. M4931021) 28-10-2011
"Very pleased with the service recieved, very prompt with decision and no hasle with payment when item recieved....
" - Chris from Durham (Order No. M4920582) 28-10-2011
"Excellent service - posted phone off to Mazuma yesterday at 4pm and I by 4pm today I have received payment cleared in my bank account! Brilliant!
Would definately recommend this company to a friend" - Alison from Shropshire (Order No. M4931158) 28-10-2011
"Another seemless transaction - thanks Guys. You gave less money for the handset than i could have got through a competitor, but for speed of transactions i cannot fault you.


Steve" - steve from Surrey (Order No. M4926838) 28-10-2011
"Everything as advertised,fast,very efficient,easy website process,competative price.This was my second visit,so very impressed again!!and have recommended you to others. " - MALCOLM from Hertfordshire (Order No. M4919029) 28-10-2011
"thank u very much money arrived.i will use u again " - sylvia from Kent (Order No. M4915780) 28-10-2011
"amazing!It really makes a difference being able to recycle my old phones.Highly organized, e very fast efficient, no fuss service. Thank you very much. Happy Howl-oo-weeeeen!" - paul from Sussex (Order No. M4927854) 28-10-2011
"Order processed quickly and payment made into my account faster than you can say "Mazuma!" :) VERY impressed! " - Kevin from London (Order No. M4916019) 28-10-2011
"Excellent service, very impressed." - Grant from Essex (Order No. M4913615) 27-10-2011
"very fast and great thank you muchly :)" - Anthony lee from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M4928791) 27-10-2011
"What an excellent, fast, efficient service! Can't recommend you enough.
Thank you." - Susan from Yorkshire (Order No. M4924025) 27-10-2011
"incredible service fast efficient no hassle no problems many thanks" - helen from Beds (Order No. M4898857) 27-10-2011
"Simple and pain-free - quick and easy - what more could be asked for??!!" - Robert from Dorset (Order No. M4923023) 27-10-2011
"Fantastic quick and efficient service." - Richard from Northumberland (Order No. M4924047) 27-10-2011
"Perfect service, very quick, simple and easy! highly recommended! thankyou!" - Kelly from dorset (Order No. M4924552) 27-10-2011
"Wow, what an efficient service! Sent my phone yesterday afternoon and I got the money for the sale in my account this afternoon. Simple and easy- will use you every time. Thanks x" - Chloe from Greater Manchester (Order No. M4923673) 27-10-2011
"thanks for your help and great efficiency, you made selling/recycling my mobile so easy, whch i imagine other companies would make hard work of." - sarah from London (Order No. M4927487) 27-10-2011
"I found your site, easy to follow and helpful. Theservice was very quick presise and very efficient. I would definately recommend you to other people. Thankyou. " - josephine from Lancashire (Order No. M4927481) 27-10-2011
"Your service cannot be bettered. I am so very impressed." - Christine from Hants (Order No. M4929460) 27-10-2011
"really easy to do and very fast service" - doreen from Derbyshire (Order No. M4927096) 27-10-2011
"Excellent service, fast efficient and the best deal on the web. Two old phones that have been sitting in a drawer for years and two days later I have money in my bank!" - Andrew from West Midlands (Order No. M4921867) 27-10-2011
"Must say that the process from start to finish had been excellent I'm very impressed :) would definately recommend you to others and your quick response was very good.

Pleasure to deal with :)

Wajid " - Wajid from Staffordshire (Order No. M4921691) 27-10-2011
"very quick service, I was impressed. much better then envirofone. thanks." - jenna from Lancashire (Order No. M4924018) 27-10-2011
"Very impressed with the speed and efficiency of your service. I'd recommend you to any of my friends and colleagues. Also impressed with an extremely fair price for my old phone. Brilliant and well done!" - Simon from Wiltshire (Order No. M4929559) 27-10-2011
"Amazingly quick service. Went on your website Monday afternoon, and the cash was in my bank on Thursday evening. Very impressed" - kieren from Berkshire (Order No. M4926374) 27-10-2011
"Absolutly brilliant service, would highly recommend 100%.
Thankyou" - Deborah from Lancashire (Order No. M4921222) 27-10-2011
"Absolutely amazing service.
Quick simple and smooth transactions from the moment i entered the site.
Very good experience and would definitely recommend to others." - Siddarth from Lancashire (Order No. M4915956) 26-10-2011
"Wow!!! What a truly fantastic service - less than 48 hrs after applying to sell my phone on Monday the money is in my bank at lunchtime today (Wednesday). Would recommend this service to everyone and will definitely be using mazuma again! Thanks :)" - Lisa from Essex (Order No. M4925100) 26-10-2011
"Once again a very fast and efficient service.
Thank you
Kind regards
Becky" - Rebecca from staffs (Order No. M4926274) 26-10-2011
"Well, after my initial sceptacsim about these sites and how they all work, this was easy, handy, and from sending it on monday and money being transferred it was 24hrs, bloody amazing to say the least, the amount offered wasnt the most by some way, which iwas slightly concerened about however they had the best reviews overall." - Nick from Lancashire (Order No. M4918309) 26-10-2011
"Fast, efficeint and well communicated service. 24 hours from posting to recieving payment. Mazuma kept their promise, unlike some others which I won't mention." - Karl from Staffordshire (Order No. M4920619) 26-10-2011
"Very inpress send my phone of on the tuesday by the wednesdasy the order had been complete and the cheque was in the post, Thanks Brill serive" - Darren from Cheshire (Order No. M4921082) 26-10-2011
"Fantastic service, so pleased with speed of the whole transaction. Thank you so much!" - Tracey from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M4924013) 26-10-2011
"Thank you brilliant service quick and no issues plus the voucher will get a fab present for my daughters birthday." - Dawn from East Yorkshire (Order No. M4903665) 26-10-2011
"Post took a week to deliver my phone to you.I informed you i was worried where my phone was and was very pleased with your response.The speed of payment by bank transfer was also very impressive." - Dean from Essex (Order No. M4903106) 26-10-2011
"Sent the phone Tuesday evening and the money was in my account by Wednesday afternoon, great service will be using again. " - Andrew from Devon (Order No. M4920432) 26-10-2011
"Excellent service, good price for phone. Easy steps and money came quickly

Thanks" - Rhys from Leicestershire (Order No. M4887526) 26-10-2011
"wow what an amazingly fast service- i posted the phone at 17.45 yday and got an email telling me my cheque was in the post at 11.00 today!! excellent service" - nicholia from Staffordshire (Order No. M4922783) 26-10-2011
"As always from Mazuma, fast service.
Sent my phone on Saturday, money in my bank Monday.
Smooth transaction and they pay the best price." - Janet from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M4919183) 25-10-2011
"Thank you a super fast service and fast payment. I would use your services again and would have no hesitation in reccomending you to friends. " - Christine from Westmorland (Order No. M4904871) 25-10-2011
"I am very satisfied with the service and speed of the settlement for my phone. I will certainly use your company again." - Patricia from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M4913472) 25-10-2011
"Fast and efficient service. Thank you." - James from Durham (Order No. M4913246) 25-10-2011
"absolutely superb service thank you very much" - benjamin from strathclyde (Order No. M4917442) 25-10-2011
"Quick Service, Very happy with the promptness. I honestly thought it would take weeks for the whole process but it took only a day. Thank you" - Simi from Warwickshire (Order No. M4919479) 25-10-2011
"In this day and age it is a pleasure to deal with such an effecient company. In one week I have enquired, got the bag to send the phone, returned it and received my Argos Voucher. First Class Service." - Anne from Argyllshire (Order No. M4911899) 25-10-2011
"Fabulous communication, emailed at every stage of the process. Perfectly smooth transaction.Many thanks" - Sue from Wiltshire (Order No. M4911203) 25-10-2011
"was impressed with your service, would definately use Mazuma again
many thanks" - margaret from Essex (Order No. M4914373) 25-10-2011
"very easy and good value, will be recommending you guys to ALL my friends, well done !" - david from Surrey (Order No. M4913501) 25-10-2011
"Very prompt payment, very impressed, will definately use again in the future" - Robert from Norfolk (Order No. M4915603) 25-10-2011
"Just to say thank you and what a super speedy service Mazuma offers. Very professional and no hassle. Absolutley brilliant first class service." - Jackie from Staffs (Order No. M4919455) 25-10-2011
"Great service, quick and easy. very happy " - James from Essex (Order No. M4907906) 25-10-2011
"Absolutely excellent service, and so quick! Thank you Mazuma! P.S. - you should sell models of the little phone character, he's so cute ;)" - Zoe from Cheshire (Order No. M4917979) 25-10-2011
"quick, fast, nice and easy. pleaseure doing business with you. £70 in the bank. sweet as a nut!!" - Carl from Derbyshire (Order No. M4915307) 25-10-2011
"Well done! I sold some phones to another company a couple of weeks ago and it took nearly two weeks start to finish. I sent my mobile to Mazuma yesterday morning and have just received an email saying that the funds have just been paid into my account and will be processed by midnight at the latest. Great service!" - Tom from North Yorkshire (Order No. M4882757) 25-10-2011
"A1 G8 VERY HAPPY" - jason from AVON (Order No. M4915654) 25-10-2011
"brilliant service,can't be beaten in my opinion,
thank you..." - william from Yorkshire (Order No. M4916348) 25-10-2011
"ive sold a few phones with you and even on the last one i could have got more somewhere else i would never go anywhere but mazuma youre the best within a few hours of you getting my phone i had the money in my account superb" - michael from Middlesex (Order No. M4893318) 25-10-2011
"I have received 10 pounds. Thanks for your work. I enjoy it!" - Shuting from UK (Order No. M4917837) 25-10-2011
"Excellent service, easy to follow, quick response. Have used twice and would recommend to others.
Thank you!" - Wendy from Gloucestershire (Order No. M4904793) 25-10-2011
"Great service, I posted my Blackberry Bold on Friday afternoon and the agreed payment was in my bank account by Monday evening. Outstanding!" - Steve from Staffordshire (Order No. M4908588) 25-10-2011
"brilliant as always, no problems. Would definatly use again. Thanks" - Kim from Morayshire (Order No. M4886002) 25-10-2011
"I have used your service a few times before and I have always been impressed with the speed and efficiency of your service. You always seem to offer more than other websites (bar mobile phone xchange - but for a few pounds I'd rather use you guys as I completely trust your company). " - Sarah from Hertfordshire (Order No. M4913829) 24-10-2011
"Quick and easy, just the way we like it. Thank you. " - Deborah from Somerset (Order No. M4918020) 24-10-2011
"Excellent, fast service. Highly recommended." - James from Cardiff (Order No. M4912410) 24-10-2011
"Thank you very much for the fast service. I sent my phone on Friday afternoon and received the payment on Monday afternoon. If only getting a new phone was so easy!" - Antony from Kent (Order No. M4911113) 24-10-2011
"Didn't think selling a phone could be so quick and easy! Posted my Iphone to Mazuma on Saturday 22nd October, they informed me straight away by email as soon as they had received on Monday morning at 11.00am. By 3pm the money promised was in my account. Great service from start to finish. Would highly recommend Mazuma to anyone. Thankyou." - Derek from Oxford (Order No. M4909658) 24-10-2011
"Excellent service, sent 2 phones on Friday and the money was in my back on the Monday. Pleasure doing business with mazuma. " - Jonathan from Northamptonshire (Order No. M4903028) 24-10-2011
"Fantastic service. Really chuffed I didnt do it through O2!thanks guys great job will def recommend" - Phoebe from London (Order No. M4906103) 24-10-2011
"Excellent overall service and quick and efficient payment. I would not hesitate to use your service again. Brilliant !!!" - Michael from Down (Order No. M4912312) 24-10-2011
"Thank you Mazuma for your speedy payment to my bank account. I shall certainly use your services again and heartily recommend you to all my friends." - Frederick from Worcestershire (Order No. M4913455) 24-10-2011
"Mazuma is like Ronseal it does exactly as it says on the tin. Super impressed, fast easy and hassle free! A friend recommended mazuma and i will recommend to my others friends! Thanks" - Darren from Antrim (Order No. M4890493) 24-10-2011
"Absolutley first class service. Well done" - Anne from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M4918052) 24-10-2011
"I wanted to get rid of my old mobile, and mazuma gave me a good price for it. The instuctions were really clear and the process was simple." - Ryan from Norfolk (Order No. M4903446) 22-10-2011
"hi couldnt believe how easy and quick the service was amazing. will recommend to friends " - andrew from North lanarkshire (Order No. M4909516) 22-10-2011
"wow, the speed and efficiency of your service is outstanding. 10/10. Thank you." - Paul from Yorkshire (Order No. M4906659) 22-10-2011
"Such a fast and reliable service- the whole transaction was done in 3 days! I sent off for a pack, received it in a day, sent off my phone and the money was in my account the following day! Other services sometimes seem like they offer more money but you may have to pay for postage and wait a week for a cheque. The bank transfer is an amazing perk of mazuma. Plus I know I can trust them! Thanks so much for a great deal!" - Penny from Middlesex (Order No. M4906955) 21-10-2011
"quick response,no fuss, more money offered than other companies, would recommend to others,great service. many thanks." - densie from Essex (Order No. M4895538) 21-10-2011
"Dear Sir/Madam
I would like to say how impressed I am for the fantastic service I have received from your company.
I first checked on your website on Wednesday for an offer for my phone, was happy with the offer & requested a bag from you to send the phone in. I posted the phone to you yesterday, & today I received a cheque for &50. Well done to the team for the efficient, speedy service. I will certainly recommend you & would definitely use your company again, Thank You.
Kind Regards
S Rogers" - Sheila from Hampshire (Order No. M4912070) 21-10-2011
"brilliant service,all done in less than 3 days,got the chq this morning,thanks a lot" - peter from Yorkshire (Order No. M4904875) 21-10-2011
"Extremely impressed with the everything about the service provided would definitely use again and recommend." - Amanda from Berkshire (Order No. M4914040) 21-10-2011
"Great service really easy to use with very fast turn around. Will use this services again and recomend to other.
Thanks" - Andrea from Durham (Order No. M4913808) 21-10-2011
"Lightening quick transaction!! Thanks very much. At last, a real pleasure to deal with a slick company that does exactly what it says it will. Good on you!" - Mark from Kent (Order No. M4913780) 21-10-2011
"Amazing! I sent my mobile to you yesterday by recorded and was advised by you this morning that you had received my old mobile this morning and by lunch time the money was in my account! I couldn't be happier! Such a brilliant service again - Thank you!! :)" - Stephanie from Surrey (Order No. M4897421) 21-10-2011
"Excellent service, thank you" - Paul from Hertfordshire (Order No. M4895136) 21-10-2011
"Excellent service and communication, from start to finish..Super fast processing of payment..Well done & Thanks.." - tim from Essex (Order No. M4884768) 21-10-2011
"Excerlent service. Will definately recommend to friends and family. Well done mazumba" - Richard from Staffordshire (Order No. M4899653) 21-10-2011
"Brilliant service.
Quick, simple and easy
5*" - Mason from Essex (Order No. M4903621) 21-10-2011
"Thank you so much for your speedy process,i am definitely going to recommend you to friends and family :-) " - Rhea from Northamptonshire (Order No. M4901911) 21-10-2011
"Great poeple to do business with would use again. Thank you" - Brenda from Worcestershire (Order No. M4905003) 21-10-2011
"what a fantastic quick and easy service! thankyou MAZUMA! I WILL BE USING YOU AGAIN!" - donna from norfolk (Order No. M4914553) 21-10-2011
"I've sold 5 phones to Mazuma now and the service has been excellent each time. Posted phones at noon, money received 2pm the following day!" - Fred from Oxfordshire (Order No. M4916358) 21-10-2011
"fantastic fast service. sent out on thursday, money in bank on friday. " - Daniel from Norfolk (Order No. M4891844) 21-10-2011
"Fantastic service and super quick!!
Thankyou " - Sam from Wiltshire (Order No. M4904166) 21-10-2011
"Can't believe how fast and easy that was. Excellent thankyou." - Sam from Wiltshire (Order No. M4904166) 21-10-2011
"The service provided was excellent. It's the first time I have used Mazuma and I would definitely use the service again aswell as recommend to others. :) :) :)" - Nicholas from Hampshire (Order No. M4910159) 21-10-2011
"Excellent,fast,easy to use service." - Simon from Sussex (Order No. M4899193) 21-10-2011
"Fantastic website. Had a quote of £113 , sent phone back and a cheque for that amount came back through the post 3 days later . " - Paul from Hampshire (Order No. M4902397) 21-10-2011
"Excellent fast service, thanks!" - Sinead from Norfolk (Order No. M4903934) 21-10-2011
"Many thanks for the check it will come in handy for a new phone which i have been looking at " - Brian from Staffordshire (Order No. M4891979) 21-10-2011
"Excellent service and so quick. Just two days from my original query to the money going in my bank account. I will definitely recommend Mazuma to my friends. Thank you. " - Andrew from Worcestershire (Order No. M4911942) 21-10-2011
"Fantastic service" - Brent from Durham (Order No. M4884595) 21-10-2011
"Thank-you for your excellent professional and speedy service ." - Jeff from Hertfordshire (Order No. M4907654) 20-10-2011
"Just to say easiest transaction I have made in connection with sale of goods and will use you again plus will recommend your company. This is subject to receiving Argos voucher of course. Thank you and good luck to your business." - Rosemary from Surrey (Order No. M4899381) 20-10-2011
"Excellent service. Fast and professional. I am very impressed. " - David from Midlothian (Order No. M4901656) 20-10-2011

Rapid feedback, only sent the phone to you yesterday and got confirmation this morning that the cheque is in the post.
Many thanks for the great service.

Simon" - Simon from Herts (Order No. M4894177) 20-10-2011
"Absolutely Amazing!!! " - Rebecca from Hampshire (Order No. M4914088) 20-10-2011
"Thanks for fast efficient service. Although I'd almost certainly get more on eBay, I do like the speed at which you get the whole thing processed - started on Tuesday, got my envelope on Wednesday, posted back on Wednesday, cash in my account lunchtime Thursday. Brilliant" - Michael from Berkshire (Order No. M4911062) 20-10-2011
"Quick. Easy. Excellent " - george from Dorset (Order No. M4903459) 20-10-2011
"Quick and easy - brilliant. Several times I've used Mazuma and will continue to do so thanks to the always excellent service." - Andy from Lancashire (Order No. M4897506‏) 20-10-2011
"Great service! Can not fault you at all. Speedy payment is fab!!! Very please and I will continue to use you!" - Jemma from Herts (Order No. M4911768) 20-10-2011
"i found you to be very fast! was impressed with how quickly you sent out your envelope, and that it was free post. your information is very clear, it really was quick, simple and fast. will be using you again in the future! thumbs up." - Becky from england (Order No. M4891457) 20-10-2011
"First time I have sold my mobile to one of these money for mobile sites. Could not have been quicker or easier. A very simple way of making some money off my old phone.

Specifically liked the fact I could print all the info off myself to send the phone and have the money transfered directly into my account. Will be coming back in a year when I am due my new upgrade! " - James from Middlesex (Order No. M4908416) 20-10-2011
"Fantastic service ! Ordered the envelope on Sunday and received confirmation of payment on Thursday ! I could have got a few £££'s more but went with mazuma because it looked so easy and they appear more reputable - I am glad I did !
Thoroughly recommended :)" - Justin from Derbyshire (Order No. M4905280) 20-10-2011
"thank you for all your help and understanding." - alan from Berkshire (Order No. M4904099) 20-10-2011
"Absolutely fantastic service! Posted my old phones at the post office, money arrived direct in my bank 24hrs later. A very efficient service, would definitely recommend." - Richard from Derbyshire (Order No. M4903895) 20-10-2011
"Fast, efficient, painless service. Many thanks." - Simon from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M4905217) 20-10-2011
"Great service, so quick, so easy and just a brilliant system to use. " - Angus from Durham (Order No. M4911457) 20-10-2011
"Brilliant. Got the cash the day after I sent the phone in the Freepost envelope supplied, and an email telling me it was paid. I've had previously terrible service from phone recycle companies who take forever to process the order then cut £30 off the quoted price. Will use again. " - David from Norfolk (Order No. M4884076) 20-10-2011
"Excellent service, so quick and easy. I can thoroughly recommend that you use this company!" - Susan from Dorset (Order No. M4910594) 20-10-2011
"Another painless deal. Have always and always will deal with Mazuma Mobile :-)" - Nicola from Kent (Order No. M4913771) 20-10-2011
"Awesome service, i'd recommend this to my friends/family. Thanks guys =]" - michelle from county durham (Order No. M4911646) 20-10-2011
"great service ,speedy payment..thanks" - matt from Somerset (Order No. M4904219) 20-10-2011
"Got good price on my phone. Sent on Monday money in my bank account on the Tuesday. Use you again. Many thanks" - Dawn from Sussex (Order No. M4904261) 20-10-2011
"An unbelievably perfect service from Mazuma. I briefly considered selling my iPhone to other companies online that offered to pay a fraction more but after reading reviews stating that these companies rarely offer the price promised, I decided to go with a trusted name. I am so glad that I did. After 4 hours of receiving my phone Mazuma had paid the ful price offered on screen into my account. Incredible! You cannot ask for better than that. Thank you Mazuma. I will be back. " - Emma from Hertfordshire (Order No. M4911541) 20-10-2011
"Amazed at the ease and efficiency of service.I have to admit I was sceptical that we would be paid the original amount quoted but on cue by return of post the cheque arrived for the full amount. Probably the best on line service I have come across. Will certainly use again." - Gay from Wiltshire (Order No. M 4885530) 19-10-2011
"Superfast service and so easy - thank you Mazuma!" - Melanie from n/a (Order No. MM4900363) 19-10-2011
"Excellent service, easy way to receive my payment by transfer. Will definatly use again. I printed free envelope myself, sent it one day, and by the next day afternoon the money was in my bank. Thank you!!" - luke from Cumberland (Order No. M4907462) 19-10-2011
" Fantastic! Would have liked a little more for my phone but fantastic service and I will recommend you to my friends and family." - Diana from Hampshire (Order No. M4892887) 19-10-2011
"Superb service. Your entire operation is a refreshing change to the way so many organisations operate today. It was a pleasure dealing with you." - Howard from Middlesex (Order No. M4892925) 19-10-2011
"Just to say well done on the efficiency of your service" - Gemma from Glamorgan (Order No. M4897821) 19-10-2011
"Very quick turnaround, will use again" - Julie from lincs (Order No. M4903851) 19-10-2011
"Super fast payment. Thanks." - Jane from Lancashire (Order No. M4869408) 19-10-2011
"Fantastic service.
Could not believe how fast my phone was processed and payment was sent.
Will definitely be using Mazuma in the future and will be recommending to friends.

Thanks!" - Ross from Lanarkshire (Order No. M4885775) 19-10-2011
"Excellent service, ridiculously quick from receiving postage envelope to money in my bank. i shall definitely use mazuma again and without question i shall recommend you" - Justin from East Yorkshire (Order No. M 4904833) 19-10-2011
"i was very very impressed with the superfast service.i will use again in the future" - colin from Leicestershire (Order No. M4898564) 19-10-2011
"Amazing service. Really quick and efficient. If only everything in life was this easy! Thank you mazuma team." - Steve from South Yorkshire (Order No. M4900847) 19-10-2011
"Sent phone to you yesterday and money is in my bank today, I can't believe it!
Brilliant service, no quibble over condition or price either like other companies do.
Will definitely be using you again and recommend you to others." - Louise from Essex (Order No. M4901352) 19-10-2011
"Super fast service sent on Monday paid on Tuesday. will be back in Feb to sell my blackberry torch." - mark from LONDON (Order No. M4897653) 19-10-2011
"Very quick and easy to use service! Used you before and was satisfied to tried you again and it is so much better getting instant payment rather than a check! Thank-you! Sent another order for 2 more phones now!" - Shaun from Kent (Order No. M4905960) 19-10-2011
"amazing service from start to finish" - anna from lanarkshire (Order No. M4904596) 19-10-2011
"Pleased with the very quick service! Great!" - Amy from Lancashire (Order No. M4901896) 19-10-2011
"Wow I sent 2 blackberrys on monday by next day delivery and received the funds in my bank account on the tuesday. Exellent service, very happy customer will recommend and use again :-) " - Joanne from Lancashire (Order No. M4897100) 19-10-2011
"thank you for all your good work. and i well keep sanding if i have mobil to sale to you. i like Mazumaaaaaaaaaa. " - Dawit from uk (Order No. M4898490) 18-10-2011
"Great, fast and easy service. And I'm £120 up can't say fairer than that! " - Gary from Derbyshire (Order No. M4899652) 18-10-2011
"very good, very quick payment! will definately use again!" - Kelly from Essex (Order No. M4898757) 18-10-2011
"Absolutely fautless , fast service. I will be sure to recomend to other.
may thanks" - RIKKI from ESSEX (Order No. M4895606) 18-10-2011
"WOW ! ! ! Posted the handset on Monday morning and the cash was in my bank account the following afternoon. I cannot recommend Mazuma's professionalism and honesty (Which I have found lacking with other companies) highly enough" - John from Surrey (Order No. M4900210) 18-10-2011
Posted the phone on the 17th and the money was in the account on the 18th. Highly recommended.." - Farhad from Lancashire (Order No. M4889038) 18-10-2011
"I'm another one of your happy customer. Thank you for your prompt and efficient service. " - Prabhakaran from Staffordshire (Order No. M4904429) 18-10-2011
"Excellent, fast, easy service to use ! would recommend to anyone ! :) five stars from me !! " - Claire from Leicestershire (Order No. M4872474) 18-10-2011
"Very impressed with this service. Sent phone on Saturday and had payment made into my account on the following Tuesday. Amount paid was same as quoted on website, would definitely use this company for this again." - Stephen from Yorkshire (Order No. M4899983) 18-10-2011
"Another superfast and easy transaction! I only use Mazuma now, the best by miles!!" - Stuart from Ayrshire (Order No. M4879622) 18-10-2011
"1st time ive used.
but 1st class service" - dave from Worcestershire (Order No. M4901466) 18-10-2011
"Amazingly quick and easy!!!" - David from South Glamorgan (Order No. M4882096) 18-10-2011
"Nice job guys" - Richard from Northamptonshire (Order No. M4896531) 18-10-2011
"i would recomende this service to all of my frends very qick any a frendley site to work thanks very much " - stuart from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M4892282) 18-10-2011
"Excellent service and very quick. Was very surprised at just how quick. Glad I chose you" - Claire from Berkshire (Order No. M4896902) 18-10-2011
"The service was first class found it very easy to do" - Donal from Surrey (Order No. M4904375) 18-10-2011
"fantastic, very please with the service and helped me very quickley when i needed it " - jennifer from Yorkshire (Order No. M4899719) 18-10-2011
"I am absolutely amazed by the ease and speed with which this has all been dealt with.
First time I have dealt with Mazuma and very impressed. Thank you" - Sarah from UK (Order No. M4894077) 17-10-2011
"Thanks.I like your service" - Salma from Warwickshire (Order No. M4896688) 17-10-2011
"Great fast service. Couldn't ask for a more perfect service. " - Nathan from Surrey (Order No. M4884979) 17-10-2011
"What a fantastic service, phone posted Saturday and money in Bank Monday. I shall certainly use Mazuma again and strongly recommend it to anyone wanting to sell a mobile phone" - ELAINE from Lincolnshire (Order No. M4890048) 17-10-2011
"Mazuma are really helpful and friendly and I will be using mazuma again " - John from Glamorgan (Order No. M4884264) 17-10-2011
"Excellent service.
First class company with first class results. Hard to find the high levels of service these days.
Well done Mazuma" - Keith from Co Antrim (Order No. M4877288) 17-10-2011
"Excellent, fast service, fair prices, would happily use again and recommend to others." - Peter from West Lothian (Order No. M4877570) 17-10-2011
"What a fantastic simple and easy process, First time i have used Mazuma and would highly recommend this site.Will use again when next i upgrade my phone." - Dorothy from Yorkshire (Order No. M4893155) 17-10-2011
"Found this very easy to use and was kept informed all the way through. Payment very quick. Would recommende" - Dorothy from Yorkshire (Order No. M4894946) 17-10-2011
"I do not usually send feedback, however, I wanted to say "fantastic service". I posted my mobile on Monday and my voucher arrived Friday of the same week.
Thanks again,
" - Maureen from Oxfordshire (Order No. M4888045) 16-10-2011
"thank u very quick payment exellent " - craig from Yorkshire (Order No. M4894773) 15-10-2011
"it was truley valueable and trusted,fastest online site Mazuma i love it...." - pritesh from Surrey (Order No. M4863216) 15-10-2011
"This is the 3rd time I have used yu to sell my mobile phone after an upgrade, yet again outstanding, hassle free, fast service, recieved postage bag the very next day, then money was in my bank the day after i posted the phone, thank you ;o)" - Deborah from Norfolk (Order No. M4893329) 15-10-2011
"Easy Service
Prompt Payment
Definitely use site again!
Thank you" - Sonia from Kent (Order No. M4884804) 15-10-2011
"Excellent service, fast and professional." - Carol from Cornwall (Order No. M4848492) 15-10-2011
"2nd time I have used Mazuma, and both times I have sent phone in normal post and money has been in my bank account B4 5pm the next day A+++" - Mark from angus (Order No. M4885236) 14-10-2011
"Very quick, user friendly and efficient service. i woul ddefinitely use Mazuma to sell all my business mobiles! Well done!" - George from Hampshire (Order No. M4892170) 14-10-2011
"excellent service, I couldn`t believe how quick and easy it was! Thank you" - Matthew from Yorkshire (Order No. M4896237) 14-10-2011
"I love Mazuma! It was a really quick and easy process, and it's always nice to get some extra cash too! Very good service." - Lauren from Norfolk (Order No. M4888705) 14-10-2011
"sent mobile 1 day, recieved confirmation the next day, followed by cheque, amazing service! will definaltely be using you again!! well done!! keep up the good work!! 110% satisfied!!" - angela from Perthshire (Order No. M4885818) 14-10-2011
"Very impressed with all aspects of your service.
Well done!!" - Barbara from Northamptonshire (Order No. M4892524) 14-10-2011
"very quick and prof and will do business again" - christine from n/a (Order No. M4869674) 14-10-2011
"cheque arrived as stated" - harold from Lancashire (Order No. M4889133) 14-10-2011
"What an excellent service! The staff are very polite when you call too. Well done! " - Anthony from Cheshire (Order No. M4893644) 13-10-2011
"wud like to say very quick service and a quick response" - sarah from Staffordshire (Order No. M4878844) 13-10-2011
"Hi, Thankyou for a quick,& satisfactory transaction, Iwish that I known about your company before now.
Highlt delighted with the service
Yours Philip Rose." - Philip from Yorkshire (Order No. M4889462) 13-10-2011
"Gr8 service and a very fair price for phones super fast payment.It's good to see a company in this country that does what it says I am very pleased will recomend to all my contacts and friends. Brian Young." - Brian from Lancashire (Order No. M4893293) 13-10-2011
"Excellent service. Lovely and quick." - Hayley from Middlesex (Order No. M4887986) 13-10-2011
"Great service, posted mid day Wednesday. Money in my account mid day Thursday,
Many thanks
" - nigel from Gloucestershire (Order No. M4893087) 13-10-2011
"happy with your servic thanks and i got the cheque." - ali from Middlesex (Order No. M4890559) 13-10-2011
"Great very fast service.thanks" - karen from Cheshire (Order No. M4893890) 13-10-2011
"Great, Fast service. Everything is made easy from putting details onto the website to sending off the phones. A great way to get rid of unwanted phones for some
cash. Will definatly be using this service again in the future and have already told family and friends to do the same. Great Service thankyou." - Natalia from Lancashire (Order No. M4885833) 13-10-2011
"Excellent service would highly recomend,to anyone." - bernard from Pembrokeshire (Order No. M4893745) 13-10-2011
"fast service, no mess, thanks
" - christine from Lancashire (Order No. M4885353) 13-10-2011
"Excellent service within 24hrs of posting my phone full agreed payment was fast tracked into my account.
I would fully reconmend Mazuma mobile to anyone that intends to sell their phone." - John from Worcestershire (Order No. M4895384) 13-10-2011
"Excellent Service! very fast and quick payment.
The best way to sell your old mobile phone." - Victor from Middlesex (Order No. M4889843) 13-10-2011
"this is my second time using was quick and stress free.will definately recomend to friends!thank you" - kayleigh from Fife (Order No. M4883081) 12-10-2011
"Congratulations Mazuma. Once again a superb service. Fast, efficient with a great user friendly website. I recommonend you to anyone who is thinking of transforming their old mobiles into cash. Well done!" - Hazel from Yorkshire (Order No. M4881693) 12-10-2011
"Great, Fast, Efficient service as always. will be recommending you to all my friends" - Maria from West Lothian (Order No. M4879534) 12-10-2011
"great quick service thankyou!!" - nic from Devon (Order No. M4890874) 12-10-2011
"This is my second experience with Mazuma and it was as great as the first time. The free post packaging came quickly and you received and made payment even quicker. Brilliant experience, recommended to all my friends and family. Thanks!!" - Laura from Northamptonshire (Order No. M4882543) 12-10-2011
"USUAL FAST EFFICIENT SERVICE. tHANK YOU ONCE AGAIN." - William from South Lanarkshire (Order No. M4890014) 12-10-2011
"This is the second time i have sent one of my old phones to you's and fine that i get very good service, very quick as only sent my phone yesterday. Thanks again" - Scott from Lancashire (Order No. M4883072) 12-10-2011
"Excellent website, very clear. Customer service was excellent. Will definitely use you again and will let my friends know as well. Thank you very much" - Wayne from Hertfordshire (Order No. M4890898) 12-10-2011
"Thank you for your excellent,speedy and hassle-free service re my recent mobile phone sale. 3days after creating an account and money is already in bank. Excellent service will not hesitate to recommend Mazuma to friends and family in future. Thanks again" - Graeme from Flintshire (Order No. M4889923) 12-10-2011
"excellent job,couldnt believe how quick it took.will reccomend you.see you again in 2 years,when i update again.bye for now " - alan from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M4881754) 12-10-2011
"Once again the service was excellent! This is the third time I've used Mazuma and I'll come back again when I have another phone to sell. Perfect!" - Neil from Kent (Order No. M4882058) 12-10-2011
"Excellent service, quick and easy to use, will use again. Many thanks" - mary from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M4803301) 11-10-2011
"Excellent service received payment the day after i posted phone, A+ would recommend to anyone." - Dean from Durham (Order No. M4871662) 11-10-2011
"Excellent service. Very quick and hassle free, would definately use again." - John from Renfrewshire (Order No. M4883948) 11-10-2011
"Your service is excellent. Will definitely use this service again. Thank you. " - DEBORAH. from cheshire (Order No. M4883951) 11-10-2011
"you where very good and very quick at paying out we sent the phones one the next day they were there then the next day we got paid great thanks." - derrick from Yorkshire (Order No. M4883742) 11-10-2011
"Excellent service have used your website once before and was just as good. Definately better than Envirophone haha!!" - Zoe from Merseyside (Order No. M4879041) 11-10-2011
"A blink of the eye and the money appears in my account! Easy and fast transaction will definitely recommend to others, thank you." - Lindsay from Devon (Order No. M4882139) 11-10-2011
"Speedy payment and customer care = amazing!! " - Charlene from Kent (Order No. M4837090) 11-10-2011
"Excellent service , very happy with the Argos vouchers, quick & efficient - Thank You" - mandy from Surrey (Order No. M4884977) 11-10-2011
"Excellent service and response money transfer was fast" - Lily from Beds (Order No. M4872160) 11-10-2011
"Great service!!! They received my phone on Monday morning and Monday afternoon I received an email that the order has been processed and the money will be on my account before midnight. I got the same amount as it was quote on the website. Thank you!!!" - Magdalena from Berkshire (Order No. M4868576) 10-10-2011
"Fast and efficient
John" - John from Devon (Order No. M4876136) 10-10-2011
"I would just to thank Muzuma Mobile for their phenomenal service that they provided me with, not only was the entire process quick but it was completed with no problems/setbacks once again thank you!" - Sakariye from Kent (Order No. M4880485) 10-10-2011
"very please with the service n result" - shirley from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M4881440) 10-10-2011
"Very very pleased with first class service.would highly recomend to people.

Thank you" - linda from Glamorgan (Order No. M4864297) 10-10-2011
"Very quick and efficient, and a good way to recycle old phones." - Caroline from Morayshire (Order No. M4879246) 10-10-2011
"Really impressed how quick and easy the transaction was i will definately use Mazuma in the future." - kevin from Yorkshire (Order No. M4882681) 10-10-2011
"A quick, efficient and reliable service from beginning to end. I would not hesitate to recommend mazuma to anyone." - Karen from Lancashire (Order No. M4884184) 10-10-2011
"Tremendous Service. I will be using you again and recomending you to others. It was a breath of fresh air to deal with a reliable service. Cheers" - Thomas from SURREY (Order No. M4880067) 10-10-2011
"It's the second time i've sold my old phones to you,and have recommened you to my friends.The service is fast and the rewards are good.You can us your phone,when you get a new one get some money back to treat yourself.Thanks mazume looking forward to spending my vouchers." - Theresa from West midlands (Order No. M4872199) 10-10-2011
"Fantastic service quick and efficient will use again and will recommend to others." - Sarah from Derbyshire (Order No. M4865301) 09-10-2011
"Mazuma was very quick only took a week for the whole thing!! Will definately use mazuma again!!" - Josh from Kent (Order No. M4867499) 08-10-2011
"Great service as usual. I didn't have to wait more than a day for each of the stages of the order to arrive. Well played Mazuma!!" - Iain from iLancashire (Order No. M4880699) 08-10-2011
"I am amazed and impressed by the super efficient and speedy service provided by Mazuma.
Thanks and best regards.
M Cawthorne" - Michael from S. Yorks (Order No. M4876298) 07-10-2011
"Very impressed with your service, quick and easy, great!" - Stuart from Lancashire (Order No. M4877734) 07-10-2011
"Excellent service, very easy to use.
many thanks" - Ian from Essex (Order No. M4883410) 07-10-2011
"Once again outstanding service. A turn around of 3 days excellent. I rate this company alongside 02 and sky for customer service. I would not hesitate to recommend." - James from Merseyside (Order No. M4879163) 07-10-2011
"excellent service - using special delivery option for posting phone to Mazuma - The money was available in my bank account in less than 24 hours . Thanks." - Julia from renfrewshire (Order No. M4879993) 07-10-2011
"Just receive the money thank you very much" - Welwitschia from ENGLAND (Order No. M4876149) 07-10-2011
"Very quick and efficient service would recommend to friends and family.

Thank you." - Barry from Suffolk (Order No. M4873076) 07-10-2011
"This was the first time i had used this service. Excellent!!
thank you " - Elaine from Worcestershire (Order No. M4879544) 07-10-2011
"Thank you for such a brilliant service - I posted my phone to you on Tuesday & I received my cheque to days later. £50 for a phone that was just stuck in a drawer." - Sue from Yorkshire (Order No. M4870010) 06-10-2011
"Fast efficient service, same as last time I used you (except for delays caused by local postman delivering packaging to wrong house!) " - Emma from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M4848639) 06-10-2011
"Brilliant service, very efficient payment, and so simple to do. " - Olivia from Dorset (Order No. M4877459) 06-10-2011
"Great company - always a pleasure :) " - ian from Kent (Order No. M4874056) 06-10-2011
"couldnt of asked for a better service, pposted yesterday you recieved today and money is already in my account. Will def tell friends and family and will most certainly be using this service again." - becky from United Kingdom (Order No. M4864070) 06-10-2011
"Happy as a dog with 2 tails :D

Sent my htc desire HD off yesterday about 5pm... got an email this morning saying you had recieved it and are checking it. just got another email now [1pm] saying ive been payed the full ammount into my bank. Awesome!

Thanks Mazuma :D" - Daniel from Cumbria (Order No. M4878414) 06-10-2011
"A great service, i am amazed at how fast the process was thank you ." - Lisa from Essex (Order No. M4872596) 06-10-2011
"The service provided by Mazuma Mobile has been 100% perfect! It has taken less than 4 days for them to send me the posting details and pay me my money. I would definately recommend them and I will definately use them again!!! Than you " - Lorna from Cheshire (Order No. M4875109) 06-10-2011
"A satisfied customer who thanks you for covering the cost of my new upgrade,by selling my old phone to you. " - Charles from worcestershire (Order No. M4874248) 06-10-2011
"Once again a fantastic service!! Yay mazuma!!" - James from Middlesex (Order No. M4866070) 06-10-2011
"Excellent service. Super fast and efficient from receiving the mobiles, making a decision and transferring funds to my account. Would definitely use again and recommend highly to family and friends." - Julie from Lancashire (Order No. M4861186) 06-10-2011
"Excellent service ! I had the phone Wednesday and I had the money (the amount agreed) the next day, couldn't ask for more." - Roger from Gloucestershire (Order No. M4878653) 06-10-2011
"Top service
all done within a day
Keep up the good work" - Anthony from Lancashire (Order No. M4877027) 06-10-2011
"Second time I have sold my mobile phone on here, quick prompt payment. nice one." - rajesh from Lincolnshire (Order No. M4879850) 06-10-2011
"wow very impressed with your super fast service, will recomend to all i know
thanks again.
" - paul from Kent (Order No. M4874393) 06-10-2011
"Fantastic speedy service, very impressed. Thanks" - penny from Derbyshire (Order No. M4878751) 06-10-2011
"This is a really efficient and simple process. Really quick-brilliant." - Timothy from Derbyshire (Order No. M4877324) 06-10-2011
"i am very pleased with your service and i will 100% come to you again. i will also recommend you to anyone i know who wants to sell their phones. Thank you" - Channing from Norfolk (Order No. M4864671) 05-10-2011
"I took the phones to the post office at 5pm yesterday and I received the money in to my bank today at 1PM. This is the best service I have ever experienced.
" - Kellie from West Yorkshire (Order No. M4869285) 05-10-2011
"Absolutely faultless! Sent my phone yesterday and I now have the money sat in my bank account!" - Martin from Leicestershire (Order No. M4876533) 05-10-2011
"ABSOLUTELY brilliant service. Slick interface on site, faster than I could have imagined. Thanks so much! Only wish I had more phones to sell." - Claire from Middlesex (Order No. M4875750) 05-10-2011
"Hi Mazuma Team!

Just a quick note to congratulate you on an excellent customer service experience. Your business processes work so well! It is the first time I have ever "sold" a phone, but will do so again and will recommend your exceptionally professional service to friends.
Well done!

Mike" - Mike from Lancashire (Order No. M4874890) 05-10-2011
"Fantastic streamlined service with great turnaround totally recommend." - Trevor from Glasgow (Order No. M4871405) 05-10-2011
"Brilliant service, very fast
Good communication and fast payment" - Keturah from Manchester (Order No. M4873726) 05-10-2011
"really faster service and will definitely use again " - joshua from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M4862535) 05-10-2011
"Order placed Saturday 1/10 - payment in my account 5/10.
Great communication with trouble free no hassle transaction. I'd recommend this service to anybody" - Jack from Devon (Order No. M4872880) 05-10-2011
"great service will use you again david" - david from cambs (Order No. M4872855) 05-10-2011
"Great service only posted at two oclock yesterday and i have recieved an email saying that my money is on the way. Thanks again" - Chris from Lancashire (Order No. M4876232) 05-10-2011
"Wonderful quick efficient service will definately recommend" - lisa from Lancashire (Order No. M4874647) 05-10-2011
"am very impressed with your service, posted phone off yesterday and today the money is in my account!" - sharon from Hertfordshire (Order No. M4872397) 05-10-2011
"i have found your services to be really good, and fast i have never encounted any problems with yourselves and i highly recomend you to all my friends and any one else that may be getting rid of their old phones. thank you for a great service that you provide" - katrina from Yorkshire (Order No. M4872025) 04-10-2011
"Excellent service. I sent my phone in prepaid env on Friday. Cheque was in post Monday & received Tuesday - It doesn't get much better than that. Thoroughly recommended service." - Ray from Suffolk (Order No. M4869842) 04-10-2011
"very impressed - fast, efficient and straightforward! Will use again." - ALISON from London (Order No. M4867481) 04-10-2011
"excellent service, so quick i am impressed will definitely recommend you to friends" - daniel from Sussex (Order No. M4869076) 04-10-2011
"My phones were received on the Monday and I received my cheque on the Tuesday. Great super-fast service, thanks Mazuma!!! " - Wendy from Durham (Order No. M4846654) 04-10-2011
"WOW! Excellent service, fast and I received a fair price for my handsets. I posted them to you at lunchtime on Saturday and at 11am on Monday you sent me my payment directly into my bank account. Very very impressed and I will recommend to anyone looking to sell their mobiles in this manner. " - Liza from Staffordshire (Order No. M4865747) 03-10-2011
"Just Wow. Very very fast amd efficient. I chose Mazuma after having bad experience from Envirophone. Wish I had done this first time round. " - Mark from Cheshire (Order No. M4869775) 03-10-2011
"I would like to congratulate you on the excellent service I received. It could not have been any quicker.
I will certainly have no hesitation in recommending Mazuma." - June from Herts (Order No. M4868622) 02-10-2011
"ultra quick service,thanks for everything." - David from Norfolk (Order No. M4866582) 02-10-2011
"Great service, very simple instructions and prompt notifications. happy to recycle me old phone with mazuma" - Piyush from london (Order No. M4861577) 01-10-2011
"hello i received cheque for agreed amount , quick turnaround, will recommend , and hope fully use again myself
idris" - Idris from Antrim (Order No. M4865584) 01-10-2011

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