Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

April 2011

"having read all your other feed backs and the five star ratings,i gave you a try and glad i did as you did exactly what you and everyone had said five stars from me and you will be forwarded to family and friends too." - mark from Lancashire (Order No. M4593985) 30-04-2011
"I was amazed at this service, and you will be too.Posted Tuesday, processed Wednesday, paid in bank Thursday. WOW, well done and thank you Mazuma, will definately use again!!!" - Steve from Lancashire (Order No. M4591019) 29-04-2011
"really fast service, phone sent on tuesday, money in account on the thursday. far and away the best price for my phone as well. awesome stuff mazuma!" - john from Durham (Order No. M4593014) 29-04-2011
"Quick, easy and efficient. I was very impressed with the communication and the overall speed of the transaction." - Seth from Suffolk (Order No. M4593575) 29-04-2011
"Excellent service and a great way to get rid of your old phone with a bonus!" - Tom from Hampshire (Order No. M4583660) 28-04-2011
"I found Mazuma very quick and reliable, I was able to access the website easily and found the entire process very smooth and sufficent. " - Kristi from Lancashire (Order No. M4573909) 28-04-2011
"Thank you mazuma for quick payment would recommend you to my friends and will sell my old mobile to you again." - Darren from Yorkshire (Order No. M4584408) 28-04-2011
"Excellent service" - Tracy from Northumberland (Order No. M4595863) 28-04-2011
"absolutely fantastic fast and perfect service
thanks" - mark from Wiltshire (Order No. M4594346) 28-04-2011
"Excellent service. Cheque arrived very quickly. Highly recommend." - Andrew from Hampshire (Order No. M4590885) 28-04-2011
"Better than First Class!!
Posted mobile 1100 hrs on Wednesday
payment in my bank 1300 hrs Thursday.
It doesn't come any better than this.
Many thanks" - Leslie from Northumberland (Order No. M4592149) 28-04-2011
"Most efficient service.
Well done. " - Vernon from Somerset (Order No. M4594741) 28-04-2011
"Brilliant service. I'm amazed and gobsmaked. Everything was "as it said on the tin". Thank You." - Jo-Ann from MID-GLAMORGAN (Order No. M4591625) 28-04-2011
"Thank you for a speedy service. Mazuma is easy to use and so fast. Thanks again." - Jackie from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M4590784) 28-04-2011
"Thank-You Mazuma, Would recommend to all friends and family, The process took two days to complete, money was in the bank by the end of the second day! PERFECT! " - Kieran from n/a (Order No. MM4591476) 28-04-2011
"Brilliant service, so quick. Couldnt believe that in a matter of days I had money in my bank for my old phones. Number one for service I will definatly be using you again in the future.
Thankyou so much mazuma." - Lee from Lancashire (Order No. M4590110) 28-04-2011
"Excellent service, very easy to use. Cheque received today, many thanks. Will use the service again and recommend it too." - Neela from Lancashire (Order No. M4566095) 28-04-2011
"Really pleased with how quickly my phone was dealt with and the email updates just waiting for check to come in post thanks" - kara from Yorkshire (Order No. M4585335) 28-04-2011
"Only sent my phone yesterday!!! Payment in my account the next day. Very shocked how quick it goes through. A must for your old phone. " - Zara from Middlesex (Order No. M4579972) 28-04-2011
"First time i have used your service or for that matter anything like it. I was very impressed with the clarity of information you provided and simply AMAZED at the speed and ease of the whole process. Thank you and rest assured should i need to sell a phone again it will be done through you." - Simon from Hampshire (Order No. M4590733) 28-04-2011
"service was brilliant, wasn't expecting the process to be so speedy, even with the bank holiday weekend, very impressed" - philip from Northern Ireland (Order No. M4585765) 27-04-2011
"Very easy to use, very quick, and reliable. Thanks" - Neil from Sussex (Order No. M4573472) 27-04-2011
"Fast simple and friendly thankyou muzuma " - michelle from Middlesex (Order No. M4586965) 27-04-2011
"Every company should be operating like mazuma mobile but you are miles above the rest. I posted my phone yesterday and received my payment today!! Excellent!" - Chris from Down (Order No. M4587668) 27-04-2011
"What a fantastic service. I posted my phone off yesterday and I have just received confirmation that the money will be in my account today! I have used mazuma before and I will always use mazuma from now on! I once used a different phone purchaser and although they at first seemed to give better value, when they received the phone they deducted money due to 'wear and tear'! Thanks mazuma" - Mark from Lincs (Order No. M4584206) 27-04-2011
"this transaction has been easy from start to finish in just a few days." - mark from Shropshire (Order No. M4587494) 27-04-2011
"Very impressed with the well layed out and easy to follow instructions on your web site. This made me choose Mazuma over companies which provide the same service.

Very efficient with updates regarding my order. Have recommeded to friends. Great thanks" - Alex from Surrey (Order No. M4586666) 27-04-2011
"So easy and so fast I would certainly use Mazuma
again " - Geoff from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M4584669) 27-04-2011
"Excellent and very efficient service. You have got it so right when so many businesses have got it so wrong.I would not hesitate to recommend you. " - Sarah from Yorkshire (Order No. M4582118) 27-04-2011
"Very efficient and easy to use service :)

Many thanks" - Gonul from norfolk (Order No. M4562938) 26-04-2011
"Used Mazuma twice now - each time no quibble - received amount expected. May not be as much as some as the other sites but what price knowing you won't be ripped off. Excellent service" - Paul from Cheshire (Order No. M4584021) 26-04-2011
"Very good service, quick and friendly." - Lewis from Essex (Order No. M4581328) 26-04-2011
"Excellent service _ very easy and quick" - Mike from Lancashire (Order No. M4583460‏) 26-04-2011
"10/10 TOP MARKS
Friend told me about mazuma,so i looked it up put in the code of my fone,offered me £22 for a old mobile lying in a drawer,mazuma sent me posting bag,popped my fone in and next day i have my money,thought to myself ill probably have to wait a week or so well this definatly was not the case all happened inside 3 days,thanks mazuma, now what do i spend my money on??? lol" - christine from antrim (Order No. M4581653) 23-04-2011
"Fantastic, money came within 3 days of me placing an order online, cant recommend enough.

" - mark from Yorkshire (Order No. M4572179) 23-04-2011
"Fast easy service, received cheque paying the full amount quoted very quickly. Would definately use this service again." - Annabel from Wiltshire (Order No. M4579608) 23-04-2011
"What a great no-nonsense experience! Fast, efficient, great communications and a decent price as well. Will unhesitatingly recommend to family and friends. Best regards" - Stuart from Somerset (Order No. M4580266) 23-04-2011
"Million thanks for selling my iPhone 4
Your business was pleasant.

Surely when I think of selling any of my old phones will always think of you Mazuma.

" - Mansor from West Yorkshire (Order No. M4567709) 22-04-2011
"all brillaint quick and fast well impressed thanku and i be back " - marie from Yorkshire (Order No. M4580371) 21-04-2011
"I found selling my mobile phone to azuma really fast and easy. Everything was really simple to understand and people at Mazuma was really friendly. I was surprised however at the cheap price you took in my Samsung U900 but it wasn't that bad. All together thank you for your great service. " - Ibikunle from England (Order No. M4581522) 21-04-2011
"Received my cheque today,only posted the phone to yourselves on monday, very fast, simple & efficient process. Many thanks will recommended you to a friend." - Graeme from Perthshire (Order No. M4575725) 21-04-2011
"Quick, easy, hassle-free. First time using you, was great, just wish I had some more phones to pass onto you!!" - Alexandra from Surrey (Order No. M4584061) 21-04-2011
"really reall fast and great i would recommend mazuma to anyone and if anyone said to me where can i recycle my phone i will give them 1 word ( mazuma )" - emily from Warwickshire (Order No. M4581122) 21-04-2011
"Fantastic service truly exceeded my expectations amazing how quick I received my payment from you: I will definitely recommend your company and ill certainly be using your service again keep up this brilliant performance! Nice to deal with a competent company who are efficient about there customers and keep to there word." - jason from Essex (Order No. M4558567) 21-04-2011
"Great service, very quick and recieved the amount I was quoted no quibble, would definately use again" - don from Huntingdonshire (Order No. M4575012) 20-04-2011
"Absolutely fantastic service - efficient, speedy and impressive ! " - Penny from Cheshire (Order No. M4562842) 20-04-2011
"brilliant ! easy & fast payment made straight to your account nice work guys .
" - sid from Surrey (Order No. M4584970) 20-04-2011
"Well what can I say this is exactly what they say they do and they did it. Well done Mazuma excellent transaction.
David" - david from Northamptonshire (Order No. M4583349) 20-04-2011
"I was really impressed with your service and especially the speed. I sent the phones back Monday and got my cheque 2 days later. I would recommend you to everyone and will definitely use you again. Thanks!" - Jo from Surrey (Order No. M4579292) 20-04-2011
"bit scepital about sending a phone through the post but very pleased i di very fast efficient service by Mazuma" - rhian from Staffordshire (Order No. M4572067) 19-04-2011
"Excellent service and competitive prices offered. Hard to beat!" - William from Yorkshire (Order No. M4572090) 19-04-2011
"This is my 4th time of selling to Mazuma, Really Quick and easy! I sent my Iphone of Yesterday evening and have received my money 2pm the day after! Thanks Mazuma keep up the good work." - Glenn from Staffordshire (Order No. M4521664) 19-04-2011
"excellent service well done MAZUMA" - anne from Lancashire (Order No. M4580344) 19-04-2011
"Excellent service. I sent the phone off yesterday and received the money in my account today! Also; excellent communication meant I didn't even need to check my account status. I am extremely impressed and will definitely use Mazuma again. Thank you. " - Hayam from Middlesex (Order No. M4577897) 19-04-2011
"SIMPLE EFFICENT ORGANISED. WELL DONE. THANK YOU" - GAIL from Cheshire (Order No. M4576282) 19-04-2011
"Very easy and quick service in all aspects. With fast payment would recommend the sevice to anybody" - Michael from Warwickshire (Order No. M4568931) 19-04-2011
"Thankyou for a very fast and efficient service yet again! If only all things were as simple as dealing with you." - Mark from NORFOLK (Order No. M4576186) 19-04-2011
"Excellent service. This is the second phone I have sold to yourselves and the bank transfer guarantees no fuss speedy payment, very quick. Thank you." - Lesley from West Midlands (Order No. M4566209) 18-04-2011
"This is the second time that I've used Mazuma and I'd just like to say what an excellent service it has been both times. Less than 4 full days from sending my order to receiveing payment. Absolutely fantastic taking into account that 2 of the days were Saturday & Sunday. Thanks again and I will definatly be using your service again. " - Anthony from Lancashire (Order No. M4049439) 18-04-2011
"Brilliant,very fast also would recommend!" - natalia from Oxfordshire (Order No. M4575566) 18-04-2011
"Really pleased with the process cant believe how quick it was, I will defo use mazuma again & tell others about it aswell :)" - Kelly from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M4570902) 17-04-2011
"thank you very much for an excellent service I posted my mobile to you on the monday and had a cheque back in the first post on wednesday " - anthony from Glamorgan (Order No. M4562015) 16-04-2011
"Fantastic service, couldn't be better. Very easy on-line set-up. Posted iphone one day and payment received the very next day. Superb!!!" - John from Kent (Order No. M4574151) 16-04-2011
"fantastic service - so quick and efficient - posting bags arrived the next day and then cheques arrived within 24 hours - will definitely recommend you to everyone!! Very impressive!" - Helen from n/a (Order No. MM45740) 16-04-2011
"Brilliant!! Couldn't believe how quick it was!! Thanks Mazuma." - felicity from Midlothian (Order No. M4543455) 15-04-2011
"brilliant as always. deff use again. speedy payt. thanks :)" - lindsay from glamorgan (Order No. M4501872) 15-04-2011
"Just wanted to say how impressed I was with the whole experience of using Mazuma. You provide a great service; not only was it hassle free to arrange but it's super speedy too - delighted to receive my cheque this morning and will recommend you to all! " - Jennie from Berkshire (Order No. M4568073) 15-04-2011
"another quick and efficient service." - Julie from Cheshire (Order No. M4571762) 15-04-2011
"Excellent service!! Valued my old phone, printed post labels, sent off and had the money in my bank the day after posting!! So fast, easy and reliable. Would definitely recommend :) thank you!!" - Nicole from Cheshire (Order No. M4575233) 15-04-2011
"Fantastic service, thank you for prompt payment, and you offer very keen prices for old phones, well done!" - Thomas from East Lothian (Order No. M4573812) 15-04-2011
"excellent service, very fast. would reccomend & use again" - gary from Durham (Order No. M4571925) 15-04-2011
"Excellent, professional and very quick transaction yet again - I wouldn't consider using anyone else. Highly recommended." - Sue from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M4569373) 15-04-2011
"Once again, brilliant service. Very pleased." - Peter from Yorkshire (Order No. M4565556) 15-04-2011
"Dear Mazuma, May I congratulate you on your service, I must admit I did try another mobile recycle site & wasn't pleased with them, they quoted one price & dropped it when they looked at the phone so got it back & you offered more so went with yourselves. I wil recommend you to anyone wishing to sell their phones in future" - Anna from Surrey (Order No. M4571859) 15-04-2011
"Thank's guy's, you do exactly what you promise, pay up for secondhand mobiles.
A pleasure dealing with you. Thanks aagain very very pleased customer." - bert from Leicestershire (Order No. M4565866) 15-04-2011
"Fantastic, fast service. Would recommend Mazuma to anyone. Thank you " - Mark from Leicestershire (Order No. M4567981) 14-04-2011
" Absolutely fantastic from start to finish.
Valuation of the phone was market leading, the process to post the phone was straight forward, and communications throughout the entire process have been both timely and informative.
The speed of the order processing was
also fantastic, with the order being posted one day and the bank transfer from Mazuma mobile completed the the next day, a 24 hour turnaround, wow!
I would not hesitate recommending Mazuma to friends and family.
Thank you!
" - David from Northumberland (Order No. M4570860) 14-04-2011
"Less than 24 from postage to payment. A fantastic, efficient service! Thank You !!!" - Drew from Lanarkshire (Order No. M4565175) 14-04-2011
"Really impressed with the speed and efficency of your service. Thank you." - Sophie from Norfolk (Order No. M4565949) 14-04-2011
"Great service,everything went exactly as you said it would." - patrick from Somerset (Order No. M4570220) 14-04-2011
"you guys are very quick and keep to what u say" - ian from Norfolk (Order No. M4567865) 14-04-2011
"Thank you mazuma for the cheque i am getting good responce i post it my phone on yesterday and today you look at my old phone for a swift responce.

I will be your customer to years to go and also a vaule customer too" - Iain from Lincolnshire (Order No. M4566717) 14-04-2011
"Fantastic service, within 4 working days of placing my order the money was in my bank account!" - Chris from Warwickshire (Order No. M4565976) 14-04-2011
"Great service. Fast and speedy love same day payment at no charge unlike waiting three days for bacs payment or for a cheque to clear in bank account. " - Jonathan from North Yorkshire (Order No. M4570737) 14-04-2011
"I sent my phone on monday 11th of April,mazuma received it on the 12th and I received my cheque on the 13th. 3 Day turn around,great service and £117 thank you " - Simon from Sussex (Order No. M4549345) 14-04-2011
"Thank you for the prompt and effortless service you have provided. I only posted the phones Thursday night and you have dealt with them and issued payment on Tuesday. Very good service I would recommend you to other people." - Angela from Lancashire (Order No. M4550072) 13-04-2011
"Cannot believe that my order was processed so quickly,in less than 24hours I,m sent an Email to say a cheques on its way.Everythings so simple to do and I am gobsmacked!!!" - Ian from Staffordshire (Order No. M4567800) 13-04-2011
"Wow! Not much else can be said, a truly amazing, simple, efficient, professional service!
I have already recommended you to all of my friends and colleagues.
If only all internet based companies worked in this manner!!" - Paul from Kent (Order No. M4571241) 13-04-2011
"As I have said on the phone this morning, everyone I have spoken to at Mazuma has been extremely professional and helpfull.
I will rush to use you again!
Thanks a trillion
Sally" - Sally from Hertfordshire (Order No. M4572140) 13-04-2011
"i have sold 4 phones to you now and everytime you have been so quick!! you really are great!1 thanks" - Tom from Norfolk (Order No. M4568386) 13-04-2011
"this is around the 5th time i have recycled a mobile phone through Mazuma, i recentley sent my IPHONE4 (12th april) and i have just been notified that the full amount has entered my bank account!

cannot fault these guys in any way shape or form, what they offer, is what u get. happy customer yet again :D" - Chris from Yorkshire (Order No. M4565056) 13-04-2011
"Amazing Service! Sent the phone back at 5pm last night and by 12pm the next day email from Mazuma telling me the phone had arrived and all was ok and then the payment in my bank by 4.30 wicked sevice thanks mazuma!" - kathryn from UK (Order No. M4571729) 13-04-2011
"Excellent hassle free service and all completed within a week of applying for the postal package! " - Cliff from Cornwall (Order No. M4564177) 13-04-2011
"I felt that mazuma were very fast at transfering the money and very friendly, i also thought that it was really simple to sell the phones and everything was sent and recieved very quickly as it says on the website, will definatly be using mazuma again!" - Ellys from Hampshire (Order No. M4557714) 13-04-2011
"Excellent fast service. First time I have used Mazuma and it will definitely not be the last. More phones coming your way when ive finished with Them. The price quoted was the price I got.
Thank you very much." - Sarah from Worcestershire (Order No. M4562080) 13-04-2011
"I have used mazuma before and decided to use it again due to there fast approach of payment I would recommend mazuma to friends and family I will be using mazuma again in te future and a very happy customer " - Joanne from Durham (Order No. M4555665) 12-04-2011
"fantastic service really quick and easy to do with fair prices given for handsets would highly recommend." - michelle from Gloucestershire (Order No. M4556491) 12-04-2011
"fantastic and very speedy service, Thank you!!" - Julie from Cheshire (Order No. M4563141) 12-04-2011
"Excellent service yet again! Sent the phone on Friday and the money was in my account by Monday. Will definately recommend this to anyone." - Sarah from Berkshire (Order No. M4554622) 12-04-2011
"Excellent superfast easy to use service, makes it a pleasure to use, recommended." - Andrew from Devon (Order No. M4558691) 12-04-2011
"Very good service, very easy to follow and hassal free. Payment very prompt too. Overall an excellent service!
Thank you" - Jennifer from Lancashire (Order No. M4561201) 12-04-2011
"Fast, efficient service.
Very impressed. Would definitely use again" - Christine from Sussex (Order No. M4540331) 12-04-2011
"Thanks to all. Most prompt and Excellent service. Received the Cheque Today 12/04/2011 now in the Bank. Could not wish for better( More Money??)Again Well Done. Tony" - Anthony from Kent (Order No. M4559879) 12-04-2011
"Light speed service from start to finish Excellent stage by stage communication. Thank you!" - Andreas from Glamorgan (Order No. M4558553) 11-04-2011
"very fast service so easy highly delighted A1 shall tell all my friends if they need to sell a phone no problem regards brian" - brian from Yorkshire (Order No. M4555460) 11-04-2011
"This service is suberb - absolutely top draw" - David from Worcestershire (Order No. M4552355) 11-04-2011
"Easy, absolutely no problem - brilliant." - Nigel from Northamptonshire (Order No. M4564532) 11-04-2011
"I love this service. I've used it twice now and its so fast and easy! And I've always received the amount of money stated atvthe time of the sale, unlike other phones for cash services

Thanks" - Jenna from Yorkshire (Order No. M4555034) 11-04-2011
"I was not to sure about selling my old phone online as you never know what to aspect but now im glad i did, this was a very fast service, got full amount I was told I would get and the sending and recieving options was very good, now all i have to do is spend my cash.... Thank You Mazuma :) x" - Lisa from Co. Antrim (Order No. M4535041) 11-04-2011
"Great Service, easy website, fast payment, will use again with out a doubt and will be telling all my friends " - Philip from Cumberland (Order No. M4563716) 11-04-2011
"Thank you again Mazuma for your excellent and efficient service.10/10 !!
" - JEAN from DEVON (Order No. M4561116) 11-04-2011
"quick ,reliable service we use again." - michelle from Durham (Order No. M4544266) 11-04-2011
"I received the pre paid postage pack on Saturday morning (the day after I ordered it). Posted the phone to catch the midday post and the money was in my band account just after 5pm on Monday.

Absolutely brilliant service, I wouldn't hesitate to use it again or recommend it." - Michael from Cheshire (Order No. M4564582) 11-04-2011
"Excellent service and so fast. Much better than the competitors. I had my money within fours days if starting the process!!! Would defiantly use again and recommend to friends and family.
" - Katie from Warwickshire (Order No. M4563582) 11-04-2011
"Very fair price paid for what was to me a redundant phone. The order and payment were all very quickly dealt with. Thank you Mazuma for a very simple system." - David from Northumberland (Order No. M4544355) 10-04-2011
"Great service, easy to follow and free!" - Alison from Northern Ireland (Order No. M4552976) 10-04-2011
"Fast service and excellent communication couldn't ask for more." - Simon from lancashire (Order No. M4557787) 09-04-2011
"Brilliant so quick would recommend to everybody" - Richard Wayne from Cheshire (Order No. M4551138) 09-04-2011
"i was really impressed with the quick and efficient service and would be happy to reccomend mazuma to anyone" - JENNY P from Durham (Order No. M4557673) 09-04-2011
"Easy and super fast, from start to receiving cheque only 5 days." - Anna from Dorset (Order No. M4556496) 09-04-2011
"i was very happy with the speed of my order been seen to" - sarah from Warwickshire (Order No. M4557522) 09-04-2011
"On-line site easy to use, pleased with quick service and payment was in my account the next day. Thank you." - Christine from Somerset (Order No. M4557977) 08-04-2011
"What a fantastic service, I entered the detail of four phones I want to recycle on Sunday 3rd April and received the full total into my account on Thursday 7th April. Thanks for the speedy response." - Colin from West Yorkshire (Order No. M4555431) 08-04-2011
"I found your site easy to use and the service i received from you was fantastic, thankyou" - linda from Norfolk (Order No. M4556617) 08-04-2011
"I am really impressed with this site. It is the first time i have used it and will definately use it again or will recommend it to a friend.
Very fast service. " - Heather from Cheshire (Order No. M4557698) 08-04-2011
"Fantastic service received,the quickest I've ever received off any service.Many thanks guys and keep up the excellent work.

Rich " - Richard from Yorkshire (Order No. M4559421) 08-04-2011
"Quick, easy and seemless service. Extremely well informed every step of the way. Pleasantly surprised...." - Stephen from Yorkshire (Order No. M4553695) 08-04-2011
"brilliant service - so easy and trouble free. thank you" - chris from Sussex (Order No. M4563105) 08-04-2011
"Excellent service. Thank you." - Sevdalin from Essex (Order No. M4555823) 08-04-2011
"Very happy with the quick payment many thanks." - Kerry from Surrey (Order No. M4558432) 08-04-2011
"Thank you!
A very friendly efficent service from you. I would recommend you to my friends." - Alison from Essex (Order No. M4539584) 08-04-2011
"Really impressed how fast it took to get the money like the next day. I will reccommend to friends. Alison" - Alison from Worcestershire (Order No. M4554922) 07-04-2011
WILL DEAL WITH AGAIN IN THE FUTURE." - STUART from Essex (Order No. M4553466) 07-04-2011
"just to let you know what a great service wish i had come to you before , wasted time with envriphone will pass on your excellent services to friends and family thank you again" - jane from Sussex (Order No. M4554546) 07-04-2011
"thanks for the quick service" - TAIBALI from Lancashire (Order No. M4557494) 07-04-2011
"Fantastic will use again and will be recommending to my friends and family. Thank you Mazuma " - Lisa from Essex (Order No. M4525425) 07-04-2011
"excellent fast service many thanks and probably send some more in the near future" - christine from Yorkshire (Order No. M4555508) 07-04-2011
"Very happy with your service, quick and very easy to use and understand. Thankyou, wont hesitate to use your service again." - Mark from Hampshire (Order No. M4555600) 07-04-2011
"simple and efficient way of selling your old mobile - will use again" - KEVIN from Anglesey (Order No. M4553831) 07-04-2011
"Amazing - posted the phone on Tuesday, got home from work Thursday and my money was in my account. Fantastic service, I will certainly be using Mazuma again" - John from Conwy (Order No. M4560369) 07-04-2011
"Service was great and i would definately use mazuma again. thank you" - Reena from Lanarkshire (Order No. M4522668) 07-04-2011
"Excellent service exactly as described. Return envelope received promptly. I sent my phone by special delivery yesterday and the money is in my account tonight.
Thank you." - John from Roxburghshire (Order No. M4553535) 07-04-2011
"an excellent service i would highly reccommend to anyone who wants extra case for their old phone so fast and easy with great communication" - adam from Fermanagh (Order No. M4548041) 07-04-2011
"Excellent service; very speedy response.Simple easy to follow instructions." - Ronnie from N Ireland (Order No. M4544455) 06-04-2011
"Absolutely genius idea! Would love to see more like this for pda's / laptops etc!!" - Rachel from Kent (Order No. M4552995) 06-04-2011
"Just wanted to say, the service I have received has been fantastic.
Received the reward card today. Thank you." - Emma from Yorkshire (Order No. M4529643) 06-04-2011
"Amazing service. Quick and reliable, would definitely reccomend to a friend. Thanks Mazuma." - Hannah from Durham (Order No. M4550060) 06-04-2011
"fast easy to use and fast with everything." - James from Yorkshire (Order No. M4551991) 06-04-2011
"very quick and efficiant service price quoted was money recieved transaction rapped up in approx 2 days very impressed with service would definatly use again" - darren from Gloucestershire (Order No. M4556298) 06-04-2011
"Quick service, and very fast payment thanks for being a great service, and easy to use with a easy to navigate website." - Liam from Yorkshire (Order No. M4553863) 06-04-2011
"mazuma is the BEST and only reliable site out there for selling your mobile phones to..receive your phone the next day then payment is transfered the same day..EXCELLENT service :)" - tina from Lancashire (Order No. M4556182) 06-04-2011
"Very impressed with the service i received on both occasions! Very quick payments also, and Mazuma are more than happy to help with anything!

A+ with everything" - jennie from Cheshire (Order No. M4511492) 06-04-2011
"I never really leave feedback but felt I had to
for this, excellent service all round, exactly what the site promises, order placed yeatedsy afternoon money paid less than 24 hrs later. Sacrifice a couple of pounds for peace of mind, other sites like to reduce the original quote. Thanks " - Nick from Berkshire (Order No. M4557020) 06-04-2011
"Brilliant service. Keep you informed every step of the way. Would definitely use again and recommend to anyone wishing to sell a phone." - Dianne from Lancashire (Order No. M4549157) 06-04-2011
"posted my phone yesterday and the money was in my bank today. glad i chose mazuma now" - yvonne from cheshire (Order No. M4554628) 06-04-2011
"REALLY impressed with the speed of sending my old phone and receiving payment! excellent service,I will certainly recommend Mazuma to anyone I know selling their old phone.
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No need. To say they exceeded my expectations is an understatement.
24 hours ago I came online, agreed a valuation and posted the handset.
Just received confirmation money is sitting in the bank!!!
Awesome Impressive Spectacular etc etc" - Mark from Cheshire (Order No. M4548009) 01-04-2011
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