Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

September 2011

"Excellent service. This is the 2nd phone I have sold and both times the service has been great. Would definitely recommend to a friend." - Sue from Essex (Order No. M4848433) 30-09-2011
"Very impressed; fast service; kept 'in the loop' every step of the way. Well done Mazuma. Was very sceptical but your good name is well deserved!!" - Elizabeth from Middlesex (Order No. M4858565) 30-09-2011
"So quick, I am amazed, those phones have been sitting around for ages!!
Many thanks,
Mike Cox" - Mike from Wiltshire (Order No. M4868680) 30-09-2011
"Your service is fantastic " - Julia from Suffolk (Order No. M4867847) 30-09-2011
"Brilliant, I received the envelope last week just one day after filling out the sale order. Sent out the iPhone on a Thursday via Special Deliver and the order was completed with the money in my bank account one day after on Friday.
Highly recommendable service." - Conrado from Middlesex (Order No. M4857625) 30-09-2011
"Great, quick, professional work could not have had a better service. Will be telling friends & family about your service & will use again myself as was so impressed thanks again & keep up good work " - claire from Angus (Order No. M4863651) 30-09-2011
"brilliant service, fast and very easy to deal with will use again definately ." - jane from Worcestershire (Order No. M4862327) 30-09-2011
"I am very impressed with the efficiency of this service they emailed me on every step of the transaction andwould recommend them to my friends
Norma " - NORMA from Cheshire (Order No. M4861326) 29-09-2011
"I never get invoved in these comment invites however I am so impressed that I felt I must. I am so fed up with being let down these days that I expected the same from you but I am so delighted at the speed of your service and the simplicity that I have broken my own rule you did everything you said you would. Many many thanks. " - Terry from Kent (Order No. M4857010) 29-09-2011
"Incredibly quick: I posted handset via Special Delivery and had funds in my bank account less than 24hrs later. Very impressed. I've had doubts about companies offering cash for mobiles before (having been stung by another company) so very happy this has been so straightforward. Many thanks." - Alistair from Stirlingshire (Order No. M4865943) 29-09-2011
"Very professional site, easy to use, a pleasure to use it!!!" - Anne from Wiltshire (Order No. M4864541) 29-09-2011
"Fantastic service.

kept in touch every step of the way.

offered more money for my HTC Desire than anyone else.

Very Satisfied, will be using Mazuma again in the future." - Andrew from Durham (Order No. M4851204) 29-09-2011
"I was pleasantly surprised, by the very quick payment made by Mazuma Mobile. I will certainly be using this service again, and reccomend them to anyone" - les from merseyside (Order No. M4866373) 29-09-2011
"First class service! I am very impressed and will definitely recommend you! Many thanks! " - Elaine from Dorset (Order No. M4861896) 29-09-2011
"Wow, what a great service! I really am shocked how quick it's all gone through. I posted my phone after 5pm yesterday and within 24 hrs, the money is in my bank. Amazing, thank you!!
Would highly recommend " - Lisa from West Midlands (Order No. M4867685) 29-09-2011
"Thank you for such a good, prompt service.
I researched selling my phone on the Internet, taking special care to look at negative and positive comments. Although you did not offer the most for the phone, your reviews convinced me to use Mazuma. You exceeded my wildest expectations. The envelope arrived within 2 days, and I was paid the full amount by 6:30pm the next day.
I have no hesitation to recommend you to anybody selling their phone" - Bodo from Surrey (Order No. M4862847) 29-09-2011
"If only others services were as efficient as Mazuma. Great performance." - Sakis from Middlesex (Order No. M4862297) 28-09-2011
"Excellent service posted the old phone Monday 26/09/11 morning got my Argos voucher Wednesday 28/09/11 morning, all less than 48 hours, could not have asked for more, now i can go out and buy myself the camera that i promised myself, will certainly recommend to a friend." - Robert from Cheshire (Order No. M4860751) 28-09-2011
"I am very happy with the quick and friendly service i recieved.

Thank you" - lynne from Glamorgan (Order No. M4834479) 28-09-2011
"Brilliant service. Excellent communication. Posted phone 1st class recorded delivery on Monday and the money was in my bank account on Tuesday! You can't get better than that. Highly recommend this company. " - Keith from Lancashire (Order No. M4863244) 28-09-2011
"Absolutely fantastic service.

I wish every business I dealt with was as easy to use and as efficient.

Highly recommended.

Thanks again

Tony" - Tony from Durham (Order No. M4854970) 28-09-2011
"Brilliant! Sold several old mobiles to Mazuma and never had any problem whatsoever. Printed off the label and order at about 2pm on Tuesday and payment in my bank by 2pm the very next day. Like I said Brilliant!" - Neil from West Sussex (Order No. M4866439) 28-09-2011
"Super fast on every aspect of transaction. Very happy with the service." - Lauren from Lancs (Order No. M4854750) 28-09-2011
"Very pleased with your fast, reliable, efficient service. Unlike some competitors who initially offer more, then reduce the payout falsely claiming water damage, missing charger (not asked for!), faulty battery, etc., etc. You guys are the original and best." - Mark from Staffordshire (Order No. M4860985) 28-09-2011
"What a brilliant,fast & sufficient service.Well done!!!" - Beverley from Essex (Order No. M4857843) 28-09-2011
"Great service, recieved posting package next day posted on the same day and order was complete on the third day! very happy thank you :)" - shelley from Hampshire (Order No. M4864235) 28-09-2011
"Excellent and speedy service, would definitely recommend to a friend. " - Gina from Yorkshire (Order No. M4853974) 28-09-2011
"Truly astounding service - does exactly what is says on the tin!!24 hour turnaround on phones that had festered in my desk for months, and very fair prices too. Many thanks. AC" - amanda from Gloucestershire (Order No. M4866644) 28-09-2011
"This was the first time I have used mazuma. The whole process from valuation to receipt of the the cheque was seamless and very quick. I will definitely recommend and use mazuma again. Thank you. " - Lester from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M4858538) 28-09-2011
"great experience. Mazuma gave me a price for my mobiles. freepost jiffy sent with option to pay for special delivery(guarrenteed next day delivery with insurance)and on the day they recieved it, the money was paid into my account asgreed. No messing - will recommend" - sharon from Cornwall (Order No. M4819084) 28-09-2011
"u r damn good man. u took just 15 hour to transfer my money. i loved it. i would like to recommend your name to everyone.regards" - tarun from Renfrewshire (Order No. M4860462) 28-09-2011
"Absolutely fantastic service from start to finish, well done, ill definately recommend u. Thanx " - derrol from Lancashire (Order No. M4855402) 27-09-2011
"Brilliant service. 1st class. I will definitely use Mazuma again" - alison from Berkshire (Order No. M4858851) 27-09-2011
"VERY IMPRESSED!! Very speedy, efficient service and I will definately recommend Mazuma to friends and family! Thank you" - Rachel from Oxfordshire (Order No. M4856859) 27-09-2011
"one word SPOT ON" - robert from Derbyshire (Order No. M4861862) 27-09-2011
"MAZUMA is an amazing service for selling your mobile. Even after my phone was delayed in the post, they held open the offer for the full amount. They took a stressful situation & made it stress free. Thank you so much :-)" - Dean from Berkshire (Order No. M4814715) 27-09-2011
"All I can say is wow! I posted the phones 24 hours ago, and the money is now clear in my bamk account. Thank you for such a brilliant quick and easy service." - Melanie from Kent (Order No. M4863460) 27-09-2011
"excellent service.twice i've used mazuma and both times i've posted one day and recieve money the next" - ROBERT from Somerset (Order No. M4856493) 27-09-2011
"Thanks for a fast payment and easy transaction have used before and will use again would recommend any one to use thanks" - john from Lincolnshire (Order No. M4855148) 27-09-2011
"Excellent fast service. Extremely pleased with the service once again." - Deborah from Merseyside (Order No. M4858951) 27-09-2011
"fantastic and quick service would definitely recommend to other people. " - Benjamin from Yorkshire (Order No. M4852614) 26-09-2011
"Absolutely amazing service, extremely fast( I send my phone on Friday afternoon, the money was on my acc Monday 1pm). Simple. convinient( free postage + bag). I am very pleased indeed! Well done guys :)" - michael from Hammersmith (Order No. M4854027) 26-09-2011
"I sold my old Nokia N97 as I had replaced it with a new phone. rather than have it lying around unussed in a drawer, I priced it at mazuma and was delighted with the price. The processs was so easy and from posting it on Friday the funds went into my account on Monday. |What a great service!" - Celine from Middlesex (Order No. M4855417) 26-09-2011
"great service will use again" - annette from Kent (Order No. M4854216) 26-09-2011
"Excellent service " - Diane from Lancashire (Order No. M4857079) 26-09-2011
"wow! Brilliant service, i was worried that the phones would get there, but it was so quick & the verifying E-mails were very mind settling. Well done Mazuma. i would certainly recommend & use you again..." - Gary from Hampshire (Order No. M4859116) 26-09-2011
"Excellent service, would recommend!" - Jon from Lancashire (Order No. M4858944) 26-09-2011
"Second time I have used your company, Very Happy again with the speed of service, sent phone on Saturday, received payment into bank on the Monday. Very Happy, will definately use again & would have no hesitation in recommending to family & friends." - Colin from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M4855971) 26-09-2011
"Very fast and efficient service, thanks Mazuma!" - Karen from Kent (Order No. M4854221) 26-09-2011
"One word describes mazuma (brilliant)." - Jonathan from Essex (Order No. M4856813) 26-09-2011
"Amazing service - visited website on Friday night - printed off my own postage pack, posted on Saturday morning and money in the bank by Monday lunch time! Kept up to date by mazuma by e-mail to let me know what was happening. Easiest transaction ever made!" - Gillian from Northumberland (Order No. M4859840) 26-09-2011
"Excellent Service I really couldn't fault it. I did my sales order on the Saturday, I got the postage pack on Tuesday, I didn't post my phone until Thursday and then had the cheque in my hand on the Saturday. Awesome service I would highly recommend." - Graeme from Durham (Order No. M4848344) 26-09-2011
"Excellent service, Mazuma offer the best prices for your mobile, great delivery package supplied, money recieved in my account on the day they recieved the mobile, well done." - G from Lanarkshire (Order No. M4839027‏) 26-09-2011
"very quick,fantastick,thank you very much" - petra from Fife (Order No. M4847039) 25-09-2011
"Ordered bag on monday night received wednesday morning didnt get a chance to post phone back until thursday received check on the saturday!what a brilliant and promt service!" - John from Down (Order No. M4852150) 24-09-2011
"Delighted with the service from your company - the cheque arrived two days after the 'phone was posted to you. Excellent - I'd certainly use you again." - Daphne from Cumberland (Order No. M4847353) 24-09-2011
"Really easy to use and very fast. Would recommend to others." - Daniel from Cleveland (Order No. M4852267) 23-09-2011
"Wow!!! I never normally write any review but feel compelled to, what an.amszing quick service u provide i will let evrryone i know whst a great business you are :)

Many thanks" - steve from Sussex (Order No. M4855547) 23-09-2011
"I dont usually give feed back for services but just wanted to say how very impressed I was with the service. I can't believe how quick and easy the process was. I only posted my phone yesterday and the money was in my account by lunch today.

Excellent customer service, shall be recommending you to friends and family!" - amy from London (Order No. M4855091) 23-09-2011
"Wonderful service.Quick,easy and reliable. I will recommend you to all my friends and now my daughter might get a face protector for her new iPhone and stop laughing at me!!!Many thanks." - Clive from Cheshire (Order No. M4851542) 23-09-2011
"Very fast service. Paperwork with me next day. Sent off from post office, payment in my account same day. Fantastic " - Lynn from Leicestershire (Order No. M4837722) 23-09-2011
"Really easy, very fast and very pleased when I got a check within 2 days of posting the phone. A very impressive service. Well done and thank you!" - Katherine from Hampshire (Order No. M4839173) 23-09-2011
"Excellent service, can't complain at all." - Colin from Ayrshire (Order No. M4848113) 23-09-2011
"What more can I say than "WOW". Amazing service, so quick it was unbelievable. Thank you. I will definitely use your service again." - Debbie from Kent (Order No. M4848575) 23-09-2011
"i have always had a very efficient service with mazuma and even though i could have got a slightly better amount for my handset with other companies i chose to go again with mazuma because i trust them. thanks" - rachel from Cheshire (Order No. M4829574) 22-09-2011
"Excellent service even faster than last time thanks a bunch mazuma will be using you again" - Michelle benjamin from Lancashire (Order No. M4846575) 22-09-2011
"Am amazed at how painless and professional this service has been. Whoever is running this, big pat on the back and keep it up!" - Barry from Lanarkshire (Order No. M4855396) 22-09-2011
"Fantastic service, would recommend it anytime.
Great job guys, keep it up." - nathalie from Oxfordshire (Order No. M4848885) 22-09-2011
"Many thanks for efficient service. I received payment for my old mobile phone within only a few days. Thanks, Muriel" - Muriel from Yorkshire (Order No. M4847230) 22-09-2011
"I was very happy at the speed of your service. I will defo recommend your web site to friends and family. There are other sites that may give u a couple of pound more, but by the time you pay for postage, u end up paying more and also some will never return your phone if not as described. they will just destroy it. I will be using your service again. Thank you" - Sabah from Middlesex (Order No. M4853521) 22-09-2011
"Excellent service!! From requesting my freepost envelope on your website to getting the cash in my account took four days! Congratulations Mazuma on a streamlined and effective service. I will certainly be using you again (ps I like your adverts too!)" - Jo from Essex (Order No. M4850671) 22-09-2011
"Thanks for you speedy & reliable service again. On comparison with other sites offering this service Mazuma pays more and the Argos option makes it more worth while. 3rd sell and counting." - David from Glamorgan (Order No. M4835530) 22-09-2011
"thank you! fantastic easy to use service. will recommend to all!!" - Andrew from Roxburghshire (Order No. M4850302) 22-09-2011
"Great service,efficient,timely and you're kept fully informed. Recommend to anyone." - Neil from Staffordshire (Order No. M4844895) 21-09-2011
"Exellent service, phone sent on Monday, money in bank by Tuesday, more then pleased" - Robert from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M4826833) 21-09-2011
"After kindly extending my sell order window by two weeks, you completed and paid for my order within 20 hours of posting! Most excellent service, polite and helpful staff and very prompt. Will use again!" - alan from Northumberland (Order No. M 4805849) 21-09-2011
"i am absolutely delighted at the speed and efficiency of mazuma i will gladly recommend you to anyone who want to sell/recycle phones just waiting for my cheque to come and if it arrives as fast as everything else then five stars to you." - Agnes from Ayrshire (Order No. M4851584) 21-09-2011
"Really impressed, great easy to use service and all very swift with good communication to keep me up to date. I will recommend you to friends & family and wouldn't hesitate to use your service again.

Thank you for being so efficient! " - Victoria from Bedfordshire (Order No. M4841564) 21-09-2011
"Excellent all round would recommend to any 1 selling an old phone" - luke from Hampshire (Order No. M4841607) 21-09-2011
"Less than 24 hours from postage to receiving payment. Fantastic" - Kerry from Lancashire (Order No. M4846463) 21-09-2011
"very fast service, easy to deal with and I would recommend your company to anyone. thanks very much" - alan from durham (Order No. M4841170) 21-09-2011
"Dear Team Thank you, that was incredibly quick 3 working days. Best Regards Donna" - Donna from Sussex (Order No. M4848081) 21-09-2011
"Brilliant service - little more than 24 hours between sending phones off and cash in my bank!" - Alistair from Somerset (Order No. M4852852) 21-09-2011
"the service we recived was very fast - we choose the argos voucher...

will use mazuma again and will tell friends " - Steven from perthshire (Order No. M4829625) 21-09-2011
"Fantastic service from start to finish. Easy to use website, excellent price offered for my mobile and a very fast, efficient completion of my order. Thank you." - Chris from Hampshire (Order No. M4835902) 21-09-2011
"Brilliant Service. Best I have seen anywhere.

Dispatched Phones Monday.
Received Confirmation E-Mail Tuesday.
Received Cheque Wednesday.

Thank-You for youe efficient Service. Good Going." - kamaljit from Hampshire (Order No. M4842964) 21-09-2011
"Very fast , easy and just great !!!! Thank you !!!! " - Izabela from Essex (Order No. M4847746) 20-09-2011
"This time you have exceeded your own excellence in service and payment the day after I posted the mobile to you
Well done you are a true pleasure to deal with" - ken from Monmouthshire (Order No. M4843467) 20-09-2011
"Great service! so easy, so quick-such a great price! Thank you! " - Carrie from Kent (Order No. M4845139) 20-09-2011
"Posted phone Monday afternoon. Money in my bank account Tuesday afternoon. You really can't get better service than that. A good trustworthy firm. Have used before - will use again." - Pamela from Durham (Order No. M4850748) 20-09-2011
"no problems - a fast service" - hannah from Norfolk (Order No. M4841420) 20-09-2011
"Perfect service, very fast. Phones not worth a lot but £6:60 for Argos is better than a kick up the backside. It will go towards the ironing board we have ordered from Argos." - William from Essex (Order No. M4844790) 20-09-2011
"if only service was this good in every business" - Paula from Shropshire (Order No. M4845185) 20-09-2011
"When i was told i could sell my old phones online i jumped straight onto the computer and found your site. I put in my old phone details and clicked done, the next day i recived my prepaid bag and proptly sent my old phones off. The next day i recived a email saying you recived my phones and were sending me a cheque. I found your service amazingly quick and very easy thankyou mazuma if i dig out any more old phones i know where to come." - chris from Sussex (Order No. M4843397) 20-09-2011
"Excellent service. You paid the amount quoted the day after I sent in my phone.
Many thanks." - John from Warwickshire (Order No. M4847724) 20-09-2011
"Once again you have been excellent with processing my order. Received the voucher today, many thanks. Will recommend Mazuma every time.

Martin" - Martin from Bedfordshire (Order No. M4834992) 20-09-2011
"Very quick service, great communication. Thank you. Would highly recommend and would use again" - Tina from Yorkshire (Order No. M4842099) 20-09-2011
"Superb service! full payment recived within a couple of hours after delivery, no fuss or hassle.

Will definetely use again.

thanks you very much" - Paul from Merseyside (Order No. M4842860) 20-09-2011
"easy to use great service, thanks" - tony from Hampshire (Order No. M4838851) 19-09-2011
"Great service, easy to use website with clear instructions. Printed the postage labels, send the phone off and by the end of the next working day had a confirmation email that the phone had been received and the funds would be sent to my account. The full price was paid into my account within a few hours of the e-mail. I will definitely use the service again and will recommend to my friends." - Grant from Essex (Order No. M4845520) 19-09-2011
"Very efficient service, from online info about how to go about trading in the old phone, deleting phone details prior to sending on phone. The e mail updates on progress of the trade in was also very reassuring.
Would recommend the service to friends.

Thank you " - Bill from Highland region (Order No. M4835253) 19-09-2011
"no hassle quick and efficebt service excellent all round" - stephen from Yorkshire (Order No. M4842992) 19-09-2011
"Very quick delivery and emails to keep me updated about my account. Overall, i was very pleased and would use Mazuma again" - Michelle from West Midlands (Order No. M4840853) 19-09-2011
"Brilliant fast and efficient service. Thank you" - Therisa from Berkshire (Order No. M4845247) 19-09-2011
"Brilliant service, full amount to my account same day, would highly recommend.

many thanks" - lisa from Yorkshire (Order No. M4845458) 19-09-2011
"So quick and easy to use. Sending pack received day after applying online and sent back out that day friday. First thing monday morning i received an email confirming the product was upto scratch and monday afternoon received an email of payment being sent so a 3 working day job. Brilliant thanks" - Samuel from Cheshire (Order No. M4844230) 19-09-2011
"good and fast service. recieved envelope for my phone the very next day. payment was authorised quickly too. will defo use again." - felicia from Middlesex (Order No. M4842160) 19-09-2011
"This service has been quick, easy and very impressive!! Thank you!!!" - Laura from Sussex (Order No. M4829176) 19-09-2011
"Thank you for your prompt and efficient service." - Julia from Somerset (Order No. M4841540) 19-09-2011
"Very fast and speedy service; very impressed overall. Was surprised just how fast it was all done, great work.
" - john from Fife (Order No. M4839784) 17-09-2011
"Excellent service I would definitely recommend to my friends

Thanks" - Zena from Warwickshire (Order No. M4833357) 17-09-2011
"only 2 words could describe mazuma OUTSTANDING SERVICE" - duane from Norfolk (Order No. M4833382) 17-09-2011
"Excellent Service,posted my phone one day and money in my bank the next what more can you ask for would reccomend to anybody. Many thanks Lynn " - Lynn from Yorkshire (Order No. M4837089) 17-09-2011
"An amazingingly fast service. Began transaction on Tuesday evening, received envelope on Wednesday and received payment on Saturday evening" - Frances from Kent (Order No. M4841298) 17-09-2011
"wow..what a great service you provide,i recieved my cheque within 2 days of sending my phone off,a big thank you for great service" - melanie from Cumberland (Order No. M4836965) 17-09-2011
"This was the first time I have used Mazuma and was very impressed at how quickly my order was progressed, i filled in the online form on the Sunday and I had my cheque with me by the following Saturday, it was a very quick & easy process and would defiantly recommend this site to others" - Julie from Kent (Order No. M4844850) 17-09-2011
"You provide an excellant service." - Tim from Wiltshire (Order No. M4825014) 17-09-2011
"Cannot praise high enough. Sent phone off on Wednesday and received cheque on Friday. Fantastic service." - Phil from West Midlands (Order No. M4841725) 16-09-2011
"Brilliant service, posted my iPhone one day and money in my account the next. Highly recommended." - Mary from South Yorkshire (Order No. M4837562) 16-09-2011
"good price fast, and prompt payers, ideal!" - Rhys from Durham (Order No. M4834287) 16-09-2011
fast and reliable, kept me up to date through email all the way also sent full payment like you said, recommended!! :) " - nikita from Gwent (Order No. M4837447) 16-09-2011
"very happy with everything an d was very simple to use and thank you for everything and will be using mazoma again!!! thanks again " - Paige from Wiltshire (Order No. M4833810) 16-09-2011
"great service and very user friendly web site and process. Very fast payment" - Michael from Durham (Order No. M4820768) 16-09-2011
"I am very impresssed with your excellent service - simple to use, very fast and very efficient. Only problem I had is that your website doesn't download properly on my computer." - Hebe from Surrey (Order No. M4831850) 15-09-2011
"great. best phone selling site there is. very fast" - roger from glos (Order No. M4833518) 15-09-2011
"Fantastic service, fantastic price, fantastic communication and so fast. I will recommend to everyone. Thanks" - Wendy from Essex (Order No. M4830955) 15-09-2011
"Perfect service. Couldn't be happier." - David from Ayrshire (Order No. M4838820) 15-09-2011
"Thanks for the cheque it came today,im happy with your service kind regards." - robert from Staffordshire (Order No. M4833274) 15-09-2011
"Absolutely amazing service. This time yesterday I had not even contacted Mazuma, and the money is in my account already. Easy to use, friendly service, the full amount quoted has been paid without question. I will definitely recommend you. Going to the shops now! thanks" - tina from Yorkshire (Order No. M4842292) 15-09-2011
"Excellent service. Thank-you :)" - Steve from Yorkshire (Order No. M4821766) 15-09-2011
"Thankyou for a very fast and satisfying transaction" - Valerie from Lincolnshire (Order No. M4838246) 15-09-2011
"Excellent Service! Thanks guys!" - Daniel from Lancashire (Order No. M4819540) 15-09-2011
"A perfect service so fast and efficient. Thank you " - christine from Northumberland (Order No. M4840470) 15-09-2011
"Just sold my old phone,although i have used this site before. Really good service, it's all done within a matter of days and you offer good prices too. Will defiantly be recommending this website.

Thank you. " - Misha from Hampshire (Order No. M4840330) 15-09-2011
"Excellent quick service
Defo using you again thanks " - Lisa from England (Order No. M4837358) 15-09-2011
"Excellent service will use again in the future." - Sharon from Scotland (Order No. M4835705) 15-09-2011
"Very prompt efficient turnaround. Thank you very much " - Teresa from Berkshire (Order No. M4839555) 15-09-2011
"Excellent service. Really fast payment. Will defo use Mazuma again and will recommend you to friends." - Gail from Fife (Order No. M4837948) 15-09-2011
"This is the second time i have used this service and i am again delighted. very quick and always in contact with you to let you know at which stage your order is at" - Ben from Antrim (Order No. M4825062) 14-09-2011
"I have sold 2 phones with Mazuma and they are superb. I sent the phone on friday evening and had the money in my bank on monday. Can't recommend highly enough. A+++++" - Philip from Yorkshire (Order No. M4828649) 14-09-2011
"What a fabulous company you are!
The website is easy to use, good instructions. Once you proceed the envelopes are with you the following day, and once you send off your old phones they are processed and payment issued the day of, or following receipt.
Amazing. Thank you so much for great service. It is soo refreshing in this day and age." - Elizabeth from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M4832036) 14-09-2011
"Fast, simple and honest !! Fantastic service will recommend and use again ;-) thankyou !!" - Sefton from Yorkshire (Order No. M4834592) 14-09-2011
"Does what is says on the tin..........well!

Pity you do not sell as well" - Stephen from Yorkshire (Order No. M4832573) 14-09-2011
"Very,very fast! Extremely happy with the service. " - Nicola from Kent (Order No. M4833856) 14-09-2011
"love that the sale was really quick...10 out of 10 " - alque from Yorkshire (Order No. M4799350) 14-09-2011
"Could not have asked for better all round service, highly recommended, this is the second time I've used you and will definitly use you again, the money was in my account the day after sending my phone!, thank you :)" - Louise from West sussex (Order No. M4828994) 14-09-2011
"I'm very impressed with the efficiency of mazuma, very quick response and brilliant communication, I was contacted at all times about my order, quick transfer, and very easy and practical. Thankyou very much! " - Rebecca from Lincolnshire (Order No. M4834501) 14-09-2011
"Very professional and promt service who have a fair price for old and unwanted phones. I would recommend mazuma to my friends, and I would use the service again" - Ian from WILTSHIRE (Order No. M4837129) 14-09-2011
"So refreshing to deal with a fast and efficient company for a change! Would not hesitate to recommend your service to friends and family." - Sarah from Warwickshire (Order No. M4838270) 14-09-2011
"Second time I've used Mazuma - second time they've delivered lightning fast service and the money as quoted.

You can shop around and get quoted a couple of bob more, but there's probably a catch and these guys are the business. Heartily recommended.

Chris" - Chris from Monmouthshire (Order No. M4818232) 14-09-2011
"First class service, certainly worked their magic for me.
Simple and very efficient operation, would certainly use again if the opportunity arose." - Stuart from Glamorgan (Order No. M4836081) 14-09-2011
"Fantastic!!! Great quick service with good communication. Would recommend without a doubt and would definitely use you again. Five stars all the way." - Lorna from London (Order No. M4827791) 14-09-2011
"Excellent service. Mazumi does exactly what they say they will do on their literature.
I would definitely recommend this service to others." - Maggs from Durham (Order No. M4826370) 13-09-2011
"Just wanted to say how impressed I was with the service. The speed in which the money reached my account just days after posting the phone was a pleasent surprise so well done! I will certainly recommend Mazuma to anyone and will also use this site again in future!" - Chris from Gloucestershire (Order No. M4828827) 13-09-2011
"What fantastic service. This is the second time I have used Mazuma and cannot fault the efficient way you deal with customers and process orders so quickly providing excellent communication at all stages of the process. I always recommend you to friends and have yet to see other companies that work to this standard. Excellent customer service so thank you again." - Karen from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M4827259) 13-09-2011
"This is the first time I've used your service and you were great! Fast and efficient I'll definately recommend you to friends." - Tracy from Leicestershire (Order No. M4830449) 13-09-2011
"Excellent Service
Fast & Friendly
Great Communications" - Kenneth from Hampshire (Order No. M4830664) 13-09-2011
"I want to thank you for your excellent easy to use service.

I was very impressed with your self-service approach (printing out a returns label).

Also, I originally sent the phone to Envirofone who, for a HTC Hero, had the same price. They emailed me when they received it to tell me the phone I actually sent them was a HTC G2 and the price was £40. Thankfully I was able to get the phone returned free (albeit missing the memory card I left in the phone).

I will never use Envirofone again and I look forward to trading in all my future phones with you.

Many Thanks
Mark Smith" - Mark from Yorkshire (Order No. M4830155) 13-09-2011
"Absolutely awesome service. I posted my phone yesterday and today I've already got the cash in the bank. I've used Mazuma before and will continue to use in the future." - Kelly from Bedfordshire (Order No. M4825757) 13-09-2011
"Top quality service, very easy to use. Would recommend to anyone! £106 for my old mobile... GET IN! More monies for Nottingham Forest tickets, come on you reds!" - Adam from Derbyshire (Order No. M4821119) 13-09-2011
"thank you for the efficient way you conduct business,far superior to other such firms have recommended you to my friends.Will definitely use your service again when needed. " - ray from n/a (Order No. M483o912) 13-09-2011
"Thank you for your prompt reply and attention in the selling of my obsolete Sony Ericsson mobile phone, very easy and look forward to receiving my £15 cheque" - Betty from Cheshire (Order No. M4827910) 13-09-2011
"Great work. Fast and efficient will use you agian" - Ralph from Lincolnshire (Order No. M4830167) 12-09-2011
"Simple, quick and easy. Many thanks!" - andrew from Cheshire (Order No. M4829445) 12-09-2011
"Wow! Couldn't be easier. Thanks Mazuma." - Andy from Middlesex (Order No. M4831034) 12-09-2011
"I have used you once before in the past and had no problems.
This time selling my mobile to getting the Argos voucher exceeded all my expectations, no one else gave such a good price and the service was excellent
Thank You" - Karen from South Yorkshire (Order No. M4828085) 12-09-2011
"very satisfied with the servace,quick and easy to understand. quality servace" - Robert from Gloucestershire (Order No. M4824754) 12-09-2011
"Once again, fast, efficient and reliable service. Another satisfied customer. Order placed and settled within four days. Fantastic!!!" - Gillian from Lanarkshire (Order No. M4826923) 12-09-2011
"Second handset sold, price displayed excalty as recieved, service excellent and payment turnaround within 3 days.
Thank you mazuma" - Russell from Hampshire (Order No. M4818249) 11-09-2011
"I never leave feedback but you deserve it. You are refreshingly competent and easy to use. Well done! " - pam from Surrey (Order No. M4825748) 10-09-2011
"Thankyou for processing all my orders :).
I am really happy with your service, i have recomended you to my friends and family
Thankyou" - brendan from Cumberland (Order No. M4826001) 10-09-2011
"Dead simple thanks to your efficiency also very prompt with the payment. A pleasure to deal with." - Kevin from Yorkshire (Order No. M4822583) 10-09-2011
"first class payment got the next day the phones got to them brilliant would recamend thank you " - steve from Northamptonshire (Order No. M4807347) 10-09-2011
"excellent and very speedy service, I will use you again and have passed your details on to my friends. Thank you" - clive from Lancashire (Order No. M4826491) 09-09-2011
"thank you for your quick payment I will tell all my family and friends that I recommend your company in future." - maureen from Staffordshire (Order No. M4821500) 09-09-2011
"excellent service, very fast, all promises kept with no hassle
thanks" - andy from Lancashire (Order No. M4827976) 09-09-2011
"A very speedy and quick experience.
Thank you." - steve from Sussex (Order No. M4815006) 09-09-2011
"Quick and easy to use. Excellent service. Cheque received day after they received my phones. Would use again and recommend others to do the same." - Diane from Middlesex (Order No. M4822138) 09-09-2011
"Excellent service. Very Very Fast Transactions. Very Highly recommend to anybody. Thank You." - Trevor from Lancashire (Order No. M4818403) 09-09-2011
"Very quick and efficient. No problems whatsoever. I think I'll definitely use again. Thank you very much :)" - P from Fife (Order No. M4824233) 09-09-2011
"Very impressed. After requesting to sell it, straight away the next day a delivery bag with my order comes through, i then send it off the same day and the following day the payment from mazuma had been paid. The process was very quick and fluid and im happy i choose your site! " - Charlie from ESSEX (Order No. M4826578) 09-09-2011
"mazuma is very good and quick " - zvezdan from Hertfordshire (Order No. M4819817) 09-09-2011
"Excellent service
The service was quick and easy to use, transferred money next day after i sent the phone. Mazuma kept in regular contact throughout the process, overall brilliant service which i would use again, thank you.

" - Debbie from Devon (Order No. M4819384) 09-09-2011
"Your service is very efficient. You have kept me well informed too.
Can not fault it in anyway keep up the good work!
Mark" - Mark from Lancashire (Order No. M4819373) 09-09-2011
"Great service. Was recommended to me by a friend and had no problems whatsoever. Thanks" - matthew from Lancashire (Order No. M4824948) 09-09-2011
"What can i say excellent service from start to finish all completed in record time thank you so much to all your team" - RAYMOND from Lincolnshire (Order No. M4821105) 09-09-2011
"VVVVV quick service, will be using again!!" - mark from Berkshire (Order No. M4827663) 09-09-2011
"Extremely satifised. The entire process was easy and efficitent." - Tanya from London (Order No. M4823180) 09-09-2011
"The site was easy to follow and after checking various other sites, I got the best deal with Mazuma. Cheque received in no time at all and I now have a spare charger for my new phone which is great. Thanks" - Craig from Lancashire (Order No. M4825596) 09-09-2011
"Excellent quick service!!! I had a lovely suprise when I checked my bank and the money had been paid in so quickly! Will be using your service again in the future! Thank you" - Gaynor from Carmarthenshire (Order No. M4824722) 09-09-2011
"speedy and efficient service ,many thanks" - GORDON from Dundee (Order No. M4821040) 09-09-2011
"not the first time i have used Mazuma and will not be the last very fast service and always kept up to date on progress" - david from leicestershire (Order No. M4819921) 08-09-2011
"would just like to say thank you very much for a great service! I sent you my old phone on tuesday afternoon and i received the payment for it the very next day! was so happy! i will reccommend you to all my friends! Thanks again!!" - James from Essex (Order No. M4822136) 08-09-2011
"Thanks very much for a very quick service and an excellent price i will definatly us you again in the future thank you" - Lee from Gwent (Order No. M4810321) 08-09-2011
"I can't believe how quick and easy it was to sell my phone to you. And I didn't expect to get so much money for it! Thanks!" - Jo from London (Order No. M4823449) 08-09-2011
"amazing service, phone sent reg post 6th Sep, received email 7th to say being processed, another email to say my argos voucher was being sent out, and received on the 8th, would def use again. thanks" - julie from Northamptonshire (Order No. M4820068) 08-09-2011
"Wow. In under one week my order has been sent, completed and cheque sent. That's what I call first class service. I will certainly be recommending you to friends. Thank you. Rob " - Rob from Kent (Order No. M4813862) 08-09-2011
"Thank you for the prompt payment - very few companiew nowadays work to their policy." - James from Ayrshire (Order No. M4804489) 08-09-2011
"Exl'service.100%satisfied Many thanks.
JB" - john from Northumberland (Order No. M4828096) 08-09-2011
"excellent service 1st class" - kevin from Fife (Order No. M4822974) 08-09-2011
"Very quick and easy service. Took a few days for the bag to arrive but that could have been the post. Payment made and cleared the day after I posted phone. Also same price offered as vodafone offered when I upgraded which is good. Would definitely use again" - Laura from Essex (Order No. M4819374) 08-09-2011
"Excellent service, really easy, fast transaction, very satisfied with Mazuma" - Denice from Somerset (Order No. M4822119) 08-09-2011
"Amazed with the ease and speed of service. No hassle either. Would recommend to anyone and will use you again! Thankyou" - debbie from Lancashire (Order No. M4820469) 08-09-2011
"Very Quick service no fuss well done." - sheila from Bedfordshire (Order No. M4823145) 07-09-2011
"EXCELLENT SERVICE! " - Leah from Yorkshire (Order No. M4823338) 07-09-2011
"I was very impressed with your service, it was fast and efficient." - Tara from Middlesex (Order No. M4796154) 07-09-2011
"What a fantastic service, only post them at 17.00 last night and money is in my account today." - Bridget from Essex (Order No. M4825550) 07-09-2011
"Thanks for a speedy service very fast and my advice from using another leading buyer of phones dont as Mazuma is super speedy. The other one took 2 weeks!! thanks" - mark from Northumberland (Order No. M4813354) 07-09-2011
"Extremely impressed, very quick easy and efficient. I would definitely recommend Mazuma mobile, many thanks" - Kate from Worcestershire (Order No. M4822605) 07-09-2011
"Super fast service! Could have had the whole thing turned around in 3working days if I hadnt sat on it for a couple of days!
Thanks, will use again. " - Pete from Hampshire (Order No. M4817799) 07-09-2011
"Highly satisfied with the price quoted, the service received and the speed and efficiency of the overall process.
Thanks" - Steven from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M4818887) 07-09-2011
"Really quuick, efficient service, kept informed all the way through the process, second time I have used mazuma and would recommend them to others." - Chris from Yorkshire (Order No. M4821356) 07-09-2011
"Very pleased with Mazuma's quick and easy service. I posted my mobile, opting for a bank transfer option and recieved the money in my bank account the next day! " - Tina from Winchmore Hill (Order No. M4811650) 07-09-2011
"Amazing excellent customer service. Todays pace of life is immense and Mazuma mobile exceeded my expectations on every level. Honestly, I never leave feedback for the norm but this service was out of this world. May others please follow!!!!" - Andy from Huntingdonshire (Order No. M4818147) 07-09-2011
"Extremely happy with mazuma mobile! Very quick to send the envelope, and my voucher. The price they gave me was also nearly double what envirophone offered. So excited to spend the money, thank you so much!!" - Casey from Northamptonshire (Order No. M4813104) 06-09-2011
"easy and fast service, would reccomend to a friend :D" - simon from Sussex (Order No. M4815178) 06-09-2011
"Hi, great service again! I've used yourselves previously and so has my wife. You provide a very efficient and professional service. I will definitely be using you again, and recommending yourselves to my friends & family. Keep up the great work!!!" - Paul from Lanarkshire (Order No. M4820580) 06-09-2011
"Great seamless service. Nice to deal with a company who provide outstanding customer service, quick payment and fab communications. Thank you" - Linda from Yorkshire (Order No. M4804354) 06-09-2011
"I can't believe how quick this process is. I would recommend it 100%.
Thanks" - Nick from West Yorkshire (Order No. M4818005) 06-09-2011
"Amazingly easy transaction and had money within 1 working day of posting the phones, well worth doing if you have old phones lying around. Thanks" - kim from Kent (Order No. M4821973) 06-09-2011
"what a fantastic service thank you" - peter from Merseside (Order No. M4810051) 06-09-2011
"What fantastic efficient service, within 24 hours money in the bank. Will use this service again if the need arises." - Yvonne from Staffordshire (Order No. M4818248) 05-09-2011
"Thanks! Fast simple and friendly, couldn't be better!" - Jon from SURREY (Order No. M4814029) 05-09-2011
"Excellent service. A pleasure to deal with. Fast processing and payment!
Very Happy.
Thank you!!" - Steve from Essex (Order No. M4808076) 05-09-2011
"Excellent service, posted phone on bank holiday money and cheque on doormat on the Friday morning!! " - Emma from Ross-Shire (Order No. M4801449) 05-09-2011
"Thank you for payment received very pleased with prompt return Isobel" - Isobel from Yorkshire (Order No. M4809736) 05-09-2011
"perfect! posted the phone on saturday, money in the bank on monday.


If Carlsberg did mobile phone re-cycling......." - Noel from Cheshire (Order No. M4808877) 05-09-2011
"brilliant service extremely fast" - linda from lancs (Order No. M480689) 05-09-2011
"Excellent service. Will definitely use it again." - Kenton from Lancashire (Order No. M4817144) 05-09-2011
"Very professional, competant and easy to use website. Will use again." - Olive from Middlesex (Order No. M4810888) 05-09-2011
"Second time I have used Mazuma, absolutely brilliant, prompt payment, and really good communication, very very impressed." - Teresa from Hampshire (Order No. M 4814665) 05-09-2011
"fast and great service . will be using again " - ben from hants (Order No. M4801324) 04-09-2011
"Used this site after feedback posted on Money Saving Expert rated it the best - I can't really argue with that. Quick service with no mess or fuss - many thanks." - Mick from Staffordshire (Order No. M4794367) 04-09-2011
"Fantastic service, Many thanks....." - Simon from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M4806342) 03-09-2011
"I thought the whole process was great. From printing out the labels myself to the speed the cheque was received. I can recommend you." - Sandra from Durham (Order No. M4815662) 03-09-2011
"That was easy, will use you again. Thanks" - Peter from Norfolk (Order No. M4796111) 02-09-2011
"Very logical and sensible approach to selling a mobile. Excellent!" - Nicky from Devon (Order No. M4809358) 02-09-2011
"excellent service" - duncan from aberdeen (Order No. M4806226) 02-09-2011
"All I have to say is amazing service, placed order on a Tuesday, received bag on Wednesday, sent it on Thursday and my money paid straight into my bank account on Friday afternoon! Many thanks for great services!" - Michael from Cheshire (Order No. M4812777) 02-09-2011
"Excellent service, paid next day in the bank
I just told all my friends on facebook." - Stevan from Hampshire (Order No. M4816571) 02-09-2011
"wow - brilliant service - very fast and convient - thankyou very much - kind regards jordan x" - jordan from Somerset (Order No. M4813563) 02-09-2011
"Easy quick and would be happy to use again thank you." - Christopher from lINCOLNSHIRE (Order No. M4807975) 01-09-2011
"thanx for the quick and speedy transfer greatly appreciated hope to use again" - sue from Yorkshire (Order No. M4800485) 01-09-2011
"fast service, quite impressed." - mary from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M4803301) 01-09-2011
"The whole selling experience was quick and easy. Maxima did exactly as they said. Thank you and I will continue to use this reliable service again" - Stuart from West Mids. (Order No. M4803337) 01-09-2011
"so easy for the young and old to use 5 minutes on this site the next day the envelope a feww days later the money what more could you ask for
thank you mighty mazuma mobile" - victoria from Kent (Order No. M4814501) 01-09-2011
"I am so impressed by the speed and efficiency of the operation. I would have no hesitation in recommending MAZUMA mobile.Brilliant" - David from Hampshire (Order No. M4812568) 01-09-2011
"Thank you so much! Wonderful service & I will return again & suggest my friends to aswell :) xx" - Dannii from Essex (Order No. M4813696) 01-09-2011
"i wouldnt normally leave feedback for something like this but having dealt with envirophone in the past feel a must congratulate you on the excellent service and comunication your company provided and also the fact that i got a tenner more then i would of elsewere " - nigle from Northumberland (Order No. M4800866) 01-09-2011
"Very impressed with such prompt service. Cheque by return literally is very unusual, so well done and thank you, will use Mazuma again." - Jackie from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M4810734) 01-09-2011

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