Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

February 2011

"this is a great way to make money out of unused mobile phone i will reccomend my friends to this site :)" - ashley from cambs (Order No. M4451385) 28-02-2011
"Most impressed. This was the first time i have ever used this kind of service, but what could i loose phones sat in the drawer gathering dust no use to me at all. But the cheque arrived back to me before i even expected Royal Mail to have even delivered them to Mazuma. Excellent job" - Deborah from Somerset (Order No. M4454864) 28-02-2011
"Quick turnaround, and easy access to customer service - Faultless service VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER!!!" - Kerry from Essex (Order No. M4461339) 28-02-2011
"Great service

Quickest way I've earnt £172.00.

Keep up the good work " - liz from Kent (Order No. M4448609) 28-02-2011
"Everything was quick and easy. I'm definately going to dig out some more mobiles if its this easy everytime. Thanks" - Amy from Monmouthshire (Order No. M4452411) 28-02-2011
"as always a speedy faultless easy process i just wish i had more phones to sell its a very enjoyable expierence well done mazuma keep up the excellent work your the best" - stephen from north yorkshire (Order No. M4437532) 28-02-2011
"excellent service, very quick and no hassle!" - caroline from lancashire (Order No. M4454010) 28-02-2011
"Hi, I wouldn't normally send feedback but your service is so faultless I feel obliged to. Thanks for a completely pain-free transaction, great communication etc. etc. Well done !" - Ian from Lancashire (Order No. M4453551) 28-02-2011
"Really good site ! Easy and really quick to use. One of the best most user friendly sites I have visited and so impressed with the fact it takes just minutes and phones ready to be sent off. Amazingly quick turn around on phones so am really pleased !
" - Julie from Caldicot (Order No. M4461877) 28-02-2011
"excellent communication---
packaging made this a smooth, simple and efficient transaction--
will highly recommend" - niki from Lancashire (Order No. M4453038) 28-02-2011
"Excellent, prompt and cheeful service. Thank you so much." - Dr F H from Dorset (Order No. M4460236) 28-02-2011
"I was going to sell my old phones on eBay. But I would have had to find chargers, cables and box etc. Also taking photo and writing a description is timely so I tried Mazuma. What a doodle! (easy). Prices for phones quickly produced and bags to post back arrived next day. So far so good - a friend told me to expect a reduction in price but this was not the case. I even sent in the phones with zero value to be recycled- better recycled than in the office drawer or worse still in the bin. A well done to Mazuma. " - Paul from Yorkshire (Order No. M4458830) 28-02-2011
"top class service. will be recomending to friends" - Dale from Middlesex (Order No. M4458261) 28-02-2011
"Well, what can I say? Excellent service from start to finish. I did not expect my order to be processed so quickly. I thought maybe 2 days at least, but to be completed in less than a day, absolutely brilliant. Highly recommend. Many thanks!" - Matt from Warwickshire (Order No. M4453577) 28-02-2011
"Great service,I would highly recommend it! " - Hajnal from Wiltshire (Order No. M4461655) 28-02-2011
"Thank you for the very! quick service.We shall be using your service again and will tell other people to use your service" - Jamie from Norfolk (Order No. M4460136) 28-02-2011
"Excellent service, very user friendly and fast. Will recommend to my friends." - david from Glamorgan (Order No. M4457522) 28-02-2011
"Absolutely fantastic service. Had real issues trying to sell my phone to CeX; ended up out of pocket and wasting my time entirely.

Not only did Mazuma offer me more money for the phone, the process was completely hassle-free, I sent the phone on the Saturday and had the money on the Monday. I would recommend Mazuma to anyone." - Andrew from Gloucestershire (Order No. M4465276) 28-02-2011
"First class service. Fast,painles,would recommend to anyone.Well done 'Mazuma'." - Thomas from North Lanarkshire (Order No. M4461589) 28-02-2011
"Transfer received. Thank you for prompt service" - john from Devon (Order No. M4464247) 28-02-2011
"Thanks. It is a very worthwhile service. God knows why I hung on to my old iPhone 3G for so long!

Best wishes. " - David from Surrey (Order No. M4457766) 28-02-2011
"I'd just like to say thanks,I'm new to the internet and I found your site very user friendly :). 100% satisfied " - Lee from Cheshire (Order No. M4460585) 28-02-2011
"Brilliant service. Amazed at how quickly my mobiles were turned into cash! Will certainly recommend your service to others" - Patricia from Bristol (Order No. M4445811) 27-02-2011
"Some companies offered a few pounds more for my phone, butafter reading online reviews they all paid a lot less, I decided to go with mazuma. Mazuma you have paid exactly what you said you would quickly and with no hassle. Briliant service thank you." - Richard from Cumberland (Order No. M4446576) 27-02-2011
"Excellent service, easy to use and cheque arrived well within timescales quoted.
Thank you" - Guy from Derbyshire (Order No. M4427562) 27-02-2011
"Thank you for your services. I am very pleased to say that everything happend very quick and no headache. Thank you." - Aneluta from Northamptonshire (Order No. M4448279) 27-02-2011
"Very fast, great service, no problems at all and best price paid than anyone else in the game. Highly recommended. Thanks a lot" - Mitch from Durham (Order No. M4458174) 26-02-2011
"Very fast, great service, no problems at all and better price paid than anyone else in the game. Highly recommended. Thanks a lot" - Mitch from Durham (Order No. M4458174) 26-02-2011
"Excellent service- thank you - very fast and efficient. Website is excellent - very easy to use." - Gillian from Flintshire (Order No. M4454069) 26-02-2011
"An amazing service - sold my phone and received my payment in 2 days. Thank you Mazuma!" - Faye from Lancashire (Order No. M4454843) 26-02-2011
"brilliant" - michelle from Derbyshire (Order No. M4442886) 26-02-2011
"Thank you so very much I received payment this morning." - Jo from Norfolk (Order No. M4451080) 26-02-2011
"Very quick and efficient service" - Robert from Morayshire (Order No. M4418846) 26-02-2011
"thankyou for your exellent service. I will definately recomemd your service to anyone thinking of diposeing of their phone, thanks " - carol from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M4445979) 26-02-2011
"Cheque received. Thank you for being so prompt!" - Yvonne from Surrey (Order No. M4407155) 26-02-2011
"i was very happy with the service i got and how quick it was i will be using mazuma from now on im in the middle off sorting the rest off my other phones out thank you" - VICTORIA from ENGLAND (Order No. M4445246) 26-02-2011
"wow very fast thanks" - luke from Yorkshire (Order No. M4445756) 25-02-2011
"Fast and friendly, will reccomend to everyone" - Nicola from Staffordshire (Order No. M4437374) 25-02-2011
"1st class srvice still quite stunned at how good! will be booking a short holiday with sale proceeds - thanks" - Linda from Montgomeryshire (Order No. M4444325) 25-02-2011
"I have never recycled old phones before and checked prices from a couple of companies- yours was the best price and I found the process simple and effficient. I would recommend to anyone!" - Kirsty from Hampshire (Order No. M4444945) 25-02-2011
"This is the 2ND TIME I have used MAZUMA TO SELL MY PHONE and it was EVEN FASTER than last time!!!


ANDY. " - ANDREW from Lanarkshire (Order No. M4455095) 25-02-2011
"Excellent service. Quick, simple, efficient. I love your TV advert." - Julie from Surrey (Order No. M4457790) 25-02-2011
"the service was first class from start to finish, well done to all involved." - robert from Lanarkshire (Order No. M4438671) 25-02-2011
"Posted my phones to you Wed 23rd Feb. Cheque received 25th Feb for promised amount. Excellent, efficient service. Will be recommending you to one & all. Thankyou" - Sheila from Yorkshire (Order No. M4444872) 25-02-2011
"Brilliant Service.... :)" - Kellie from Essex (Order No. M4439444) 25-02-2011
"thank you for your prompt and efficient service, well impressed.

Now i can get my hair done, cheers" - christine from Lancashire (Order No. M4451249) 25-02-2011
"Simple and efficient service. Very happy to recommend. Thanks" - Shamik from Kent (Order No. M4451717) 25-02-2011
"Thanks mazuma, brilliant service!" - james from Berkshire (Order No. M4432085) 25-02-2011
"cant believe how quick order went through,and money sent out straight away,well done,and thankyou." - anthony from Warwickshire (Order No. M4447701) 25-02-2011
"What a great service, everything happened so quick. Very slik operation, I only wish I had done this before now. " - John from Dunbartonshire (Order No. M4437716) 25-02-2011
"Excellent many thanks " - colin from hampshire (Order No. M4455773) 25-02-2011
"May I congratulate you all on a fantastic service. I run a business myself and offer the best possible customer experience as I can. All too often these days we are let down by poor customer service, but I can’t believe how efficient the team at Mazumz are. Well done ‘FIVE STARS’
I shall certainly recommend you to family and friends
" - Philip from Kent (Order No. M4444637) 25-02-2011
"Very please with your fast service, i will be recommending you to family and friends" - Simon from Wiltshire (Order No. M4446317) 25-02-2011
"Very impressive. Was going to use a rival and decided to use you instead. Paid in the day after i sent it is pretty impressive. " - Francis from Lanarkshire (Order No. M4453509) 25-02-2011
"Fantastic service and communications! I would recommend you to everyone and also use you as an example to other organisations as to how to provide excellent customer service!
Thankyou!!" - James from Wiltshire (Order No. M4450745) 25-02-2011
"I found using Mazuma was really good and easy.

Thank you :)" - sami from Surrey (Order No. M4458029) 25-02-2011
"Absolutely brilliant service. All exactly as promised - I (free)posted my phone yesterday and a cheque has been sent to me today, no fuss, no arguments. I even got a good price for my phone (easily comparable to ebay) and I got to keep the SD card and other bits. Honesty and good service are rare things, specially with anything mobile-related; and Mazuma provided both. I'm delighted, thank you." - Peter from Kent (Order No. M4435780) 25-02-2011
"Another fast & efficient service.
100 over 100 A great way to re-cycle your old phones. " - John from Dunbartonshire (Order No. M4452667) 25-02-2011
"Great service - thank you" - alexa from West Midlands (Order No. M4456053) 25-02-2011
"Fabulous and hassle free got an extra £79 to spend this month all within a week definitley will use Mazuma next time i upgrade even my phone provider couldnt offer me that much. Cheers Guys " - Angela from Tyne and Wear (Order No. M4448238) 25-02-2011
"i thought mazuma mobile were very easy to use and they were fast thanks mazuma mobile :)" - amy from Durham (Order No. M4445250) 25-02-2011
"Fab service - thanks. Bought otherwise unaffordable gig tickets." - Andrea from Oxfordshire (Order No. M4450717) 25-02-2011
"Fantastic, brilliant fast service. Thank you

Carol x" - carol from Teesside (Order No. M4444724) 25-02-2011
"I am very very impress with your this service,its too good and if any body as me i always advice go to you
Thank you once again

Thanks and Regards
Divesh Patel.
" - Divesh from england (Order No. M4445302) 25-02-2011
"Excellent service, great communication, easy to follow procedure,would use again! " - Claire from Dorset (Order No. M4453820) 25-02-2011
"Absolutely perfect transaction. Fast and excellent service. Assuming the price was right I wouldn't hesitate to use Mazuma again." - David from Cumberland (Order No. M4439210) 24-02-2011
"First class service. Paid agreed price very quickly." - Simon from Dorset (Order No. M4427332) 24-02-2011
"First rate service. Documents arrived on time - clear English without information overload. Frre postage, and a fair market price for my mobile. Cash in my account within 24 hours - highly recommended." - Joe from Middlesex (Order No. M4431807) 24-02-2011
"Many thanks will look forward to receiving the cheque" - Philip from Jersey (Order No. M4451538) 24-02-2011
"thanks for the no hassle response i would have no problem recomending your my friends" - paul from Derbyshire (Order No. M4447248) 24-02-2011
"Everything went very smoothly, it was fast and straightforward, and I am very pleased with Mazuma's excellent and reliable service. I will definitely recommend Mazuma to my friends and relatives." - Danielle from Sussex (Order No. M4449671) 24-02-2011
"Fantastic service, cannot recommend highly enough. I posted my phone on a Monday and I received my cheque on Wednesday! So quick and easy to use, very pleased with Mazuma and will definately recommend it." - Gill from Hertfordshire (Order No. M4435591) 24-02-2011
"very impress with the speed theorder was processed and completed posted mobiles on the monday and chegue arrived by the thrusday so very quick" - steven from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M4438643) 24-02-2011
"Once again quick and efficient thank you" - William from North East Lincs (Order No. M4451656) 24-02-2011
"excellent" - Supriya from Devon (Order No. M4425600) 24-02-2011
"I have received my payment in full today and I only posted my phones to you yesterday. I ma very impressed with your service and efficiency. I would not hesitate to recommend Mazuma to any of my friends and colleagues. Thank you once again for a great service." - Ricardo from Middlesex (Order No. M4450050) 24-02-2011
"Super fast process with ease! Very simple and paid directly on the same day!

Highly recommended! " - Dennis from Middlesex (Order No. M4443380) 24-02-2011
"Excelling service, very fast, thank you" - Yvonne from Merseyside (Order No. M4444597) 24-02-2011
"Excellent service. Phone posted to you on tuesday. E-mail confirming it's arrival on wednesday followed by 2nd e-mail confirming completion of oredr & payment.
Voucher received and activated on thursday.
What a service!
It really was that easy.
Thankyou." - Terry from Leicestershire (Order No. M4423753) 24-02-2011
"Thank you very much" - agnes from n/a (Order No. M44446623) 24-02-2011
"Just like to say how quickly and easy the service is to sell my mobile phone, and also prompt payment too. I shall be using your service again mazuma and will definately forward your details to my friends and family. Great Customer Service as well which makes all the difference. Thank you." - ALUN from Carmarthenshire (Order No. M4451401) 24-02-2011
"Outstanding service. Sent phone by Special Delivery. Mazuma confirmed receipt and processed immediately and transferred the payment within hours. I already have the payment and I only sent the phone yesterday afternoon. Would highly recommend, and I would use them again. Many thanks." - Melissa from Middlesex (Order No. M4456995) 24-02-2011
"Amazingly quick process, couldn't ask for more! Thank You" - Robert from Lanarkshire (Order No. M4450141) 24-02-2011
"Very very good service was paid via bank transfer on the same day the whole process was very fast and all done with 2 days that includes me waiting for envolope for phone to be put in sending phone and being paid on the same day and will most definataly be using your service again." - Chamkor from west midlands (Order No. M4448686) 24-02-2011
"48 hours from my initial enquiry to payment being credited to my Bank Account - now that is what I call first class service!! Well done Mazuma, I will definately use you again!" - Jackie from Surrey (Order No. M4455451) 24-02-2011
"Fantastic service! Phone sent and payment received in about 50 hours!
Will definitely be using Mazuma again in the future! BRILLIANT :D
Thank you :D" - Louise from South Wales (Order No. M4453936) 24-02-2011
"excellent service no problem whatsoever. really easy system..." - Craig from Dorset (Order No. M4455599) 24-02-2011
"Fantastic-so quick and easy with no fuss! Took less than 24hours from posting the phone to the money being in my account. Just need to find more phones to sell now!!" - Andrea from west Yorkshire (Order No. M4454991) 24-02-2011
"It was so easy and convenient to use Mazuma. The whole process took 3 days and the money was in my bank the day they got my phone. They even pay the postage, it was brilliant! Will be sending all my old phones here. Thanks!" - Lola from Middlesex (Order No. M4448210) 24-02-2011
"Excellent service posted phone on 23 February and money was in my account next day. I would recommend this to anyone. Thanks." - May from Lanarkshire (Order No. M4451660) 24-02-2011
"Have used you before and will use you again. Super speedy quick service. Well done." - martin from n/a (Order No. MM4437608) 24-02-2011
"Fast efficient service, will use again. Thankyou" - Gillian from Yorkshire (Order No. M4442027) 24-02-2011
"I found this service really simple, efficient and fast. The money transfering was quick. I also liked the up-to-date emailing to let me know what was happening with my order." - Ahmed from London (Order No. M4443261) 24-02-2011
"This is the second time I've used your service, and both times that service has been excellent. You've done exactly what you said you would do without any delay whatsoever. I would certainly recommend Mazuma! Cheers. " - Derrick from Kent (Order No. M4447741) 23-02-2011
"I have dealt with MAZUMA now three times, and to be honest I wish every company was as easy to deal with as this, the transaction process is fantastic,! you should have 100% trust in them!" - simon from cambridgeshire (Order No. M4436065) 23-02-2011
"Absolutely amazing service from Mazuma! Posted my phone on Friday and the payment was in my account by Tuesday. The price Mazuma quote you is the price they pay you! Would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone and will use them again in an instant." - Angi from Renfrewshire (Order No. M4438365) 23-02-2011
"Excellent, Swift & Seamless is how I would describe "Mazuma", I rarely write Reviews but this is the 5th Mobile I've sold here, ranging from a bog-standard Nokia to a 3GS iPhone & the latest being my BlackBerry Bold 9700.
Mazuma is one Online company I have faith in & there aren't many..!" - Julian from Cheshire (Order No. M4425307) 23-02-2011
"Thank you for your excellent service, I was suprised how quick everything happened." - Nick from Hampshire (Order No. M4440173) 23-02-2011
"Superb service, was my 1st time but wnt be my last, highly recommended. Thanks Mazuma" - Anita from MIDDLESEX (Order No. M4447651) 23-02-2011
"Brilliant, fast service
I always use mazuma to get rid of all my old phones and I recommend it to all my friends
I'm really pleased :) xx" - Leah from Yorkshire (Order No. M4427126) 23-02-2011
"I think you are exceptional I have never had a more efficient service for years. You deserve the highest praise." - John from Lancashire (Order No. M4441744) 23-02-2011
"VERY GOOD SERVICE" - Wendy from yorkshire (Order No. M4435179) 23-02-2011
"your service was recommended to me by a friend she said she it was an excellent service and she was so right. Fast and efficient kept up to date all the way through, brilliant!" - Brnadette from n/a (Order No. M44336261) 23-02-2011
"I would recommend this company to anyone. The quick service and reply was great. The price was good and there was no unexpected deductions. Very happy customer. " - susan from Lancashire (Order No. M4436151) 23-02-2011
"VERY FAST PROCESSING AND PAYMENT, EXCELLENT SERVICE! :)" - JENNI from Cornwall (Order No. M4449461) 23-02-2011
"Really pleased fast reliable would recommend to anyone Thanks" - GEMMA from Cheshire (Order No. M4453974) 23-02-2011
"Extremely quick no fuss and fast same day payment, exactly as promised, i will definitely use your services again and recommend my friends and family do the same. FIRST CLASS - THANKYOU" - Paul from Bedfordshire (Order No. M4444813) 23-02-2011

Thank you very much" - Frazer from Kent (Order No. M4442819) 23-02-2011
"really fast service,would recommend and would use again." - kim from england (Order No. M4450271) 23-02-2011
"I was a bit dubious about all the promises made when I was looking on your website when trying to sell my phone. Congratulations on the very efficient service you gave from beginning to end. I agreed a price posted the phone on saurday and the money was in my account on Wednesday. How's that for service? Well done I would not hesitate to recommend you to any of my friend or indeed anyone who was thinking about selling their phone 5 stars on every aspect of the service to you all" - Lynda from Yorkshire (Order No. M4442699) 23-02-2011
"Excellent easy" - David from Hampshire (Order No. M4448545) 23-02-2011
"The Mazuma trade its a best and efficient effort mobile trading co. plus provide a faster response at every transation for this reason and others positive ones I highly recommend for everyone.
Thank you.." - Evandro from East Sussex (Order No. M4437052) 23-02-2011
"Astonished by the speed with which you operate. We only posted the phone yesterday at 16:30 and the money is in the bank already - just checked my account online. Impressive." - Philip from Cheshire (Order No. M4444705) 23-02-2011
"Excellent service, thank you so much." - John from Hants (Order No. M4442442) 23-02-2011
"very quick with postage and very quick payment AAAAA++++++++ service" - james from Essex (Order No. M4447576) 23-02-2011
"Fast and efficient. I received my money in the next working day. Excellent work!" - Ana from Middlesex (Order No. M4440454) 23-02-2011
"very fast payment, overall very easy process " - ediz from Kent (Order No. M4450688) 23-02-2011
"Great service and very fast response. Thank You." - Shona from Gloucestershire (Order No. M4421204) 23-02-2011
"I have found MAZUMA to be a very fast and efficient service, I will always use." - kevin from Kent (Order No. M4427606) 22-02-2011
"Excellent, fast and efficiant service. No hassel. I would recommend Mazuma to my family and friends. Thank you " - Abigail from Lincolnshire (Order No. M4426915) 22-02-2011
"very good company fast and friendly thanks" - David from Lancashire (Order No. M4441113) 22-02-2011
"very happy , prompt reliable & safe service, will definately use again ..." - Lisa from Sussex (Order No. M4421080) 22-02-2011
"excellent service i couldnt believe how fast you where and you gave me 500%more than cex offered me well done i will be praising your services to anyone and everyone." - peter from Staffordshire (Order No. M4433389) 22-02-2011
"Does what it says on the tin. 6 days from looking on the website to the cheque being in the bank!! Impressive." - M from Yorkshire (Order No. M4428957) 22-02-2011
"great service , speedy will recommend + will return " - Natty from Cheshire (Order No. M4429144) 22-02-2011
"Very professional service.
Emailed to check on progress of posting,
Advised of receipt,
transferred payment same day.
Posted Friday (free-post)and money in my bank on Tuesday. I had read you were quick and efficient but not expect Mazuma to be that quick. By comparison it took twice that time to book an eye appointment at the local Doctors! would happily recommend to anyone." - michael from England (Order No. M4421951) 22-02-2011
"i like the way u take the phones and then send a email saying that u have receved the phones nd then u send the money to me. exalent " - shaunie from Gloucestershire (Order No. M4427196) 22-02-2011
"I was impressed with the easy to use service thank you and i would definitely recommend you to others" - Alan from derbyshire (Order No. M4418887) 22-02-2011
"Excellent service, quick payment on receipt and checking of goods. Will use again. " - Rose from Warwickshire (Order No. M4442990) 22-02-2011
"I found the whole experience very straightforward, fast and reliable - got my new phone on Wednesday, sold my old one online with Mazuma on the Wednesday evening, received pack & posted it out on the Friday and got the cheque 1st thing Tuesday! Competitive price and reliable - don't get that too often these days. Will definitely use again when upgrade current phone! Cheers!" - David from Lanarkshire (Order No. M4437287) 22-02-2011
"It's not often that I am genuinely impressed by a service provided by a business these days by in the case of Mazuma I blown away. It did exactly what it said on the tin friendly easy and super fast. The money was in my account the day after I posted the handsets. It was so easy and I am so impressed I will be telling everyone I know and using you again. I wish I had more phones to get rid of! Thank you! " - Gareth from Mid Glamorgan (Order No. M4440822) 22-02-2011
"many thanks i only posted my phone away yesterday and everything processed quickly less than twentyfour hours and my cheque in the post hope to deal with yous again" - Richard from tyrone (Order No. M4439975) 22-02-2011
"your website is very good and you have a fast and easy service thank you." - jacko from Shropshire (Order No. M4430966) 22-02-2011
"Mazuma was recommended by a friend, so I gave it a try. The payment was fast and I was constantly kept informed all the way. Highly recommended 5* service." - Ezzy from Barnet (Order No. M4446153) 22-02-2011
"Really simple website to use and really quick and easy service. Would recommend the site to people :-)" - Hayley from Essex (Order No. M4439911‏) 22-02-2011
"Fast efficient service and always kept informed. Makes a change to be offered several choices of payment.nice touch of a free post bag so the money you get for the old phone is not used for postage to yourselves." - Mark from Suffolk (Order No. M4436988) 22-02-2011
"Was quoted online for my Phone, printed off label and sent phone by next day delivery via Royal Mail, email received 10am next day to say phone accepted, email received at 11.48 to say money sent to my bank account, checked bank account 3pm money there, unbeatable service from a quality company, Thanks" - Ken from Lincolnshire (Order No. M4450557) 22-02-2011
"Extremely impressed from start to finish. Will use again and reccommend you to friends" - PHILIP from Essex (Order No. M4423711) 22-02-2011
"very pleased with ease and speed of service" - thomas from west midlands (Order No. M4422497) 22-02-2011
"Another excellent transaction. Very quick and efficient. Highly recommended." - Sue from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M4441015) 22-02-2011
"absolutely amazing service. Posted phone saturday and received cheque by tues. Have recommended to friends and work colleagues. Pleasure to trade with." - betty from Yorkshire (Order No. M4437468) 22-02-2011
"You certainly know what is meant by customer service one of the best websites I have ever had the pleasure to do business with." - Daryl from Sussex (Order No. M4424806‏) 22-02-2011
"Excellent service. Posted phone on Friday and money was in bank on Monday. Very easy to follow instructions. "It does what it says on the tin"." - Victor from Cheshire (Order No. M4434266) 22-02-2011
"This is the first time i have ever done this, so i was a bit concerned. It was so easy to do:setting up my account, packaging the mobile and the money was in my account the next day.
Thank you so much for a very easy transaction. I would definitely use you again." - Amanda from Sussex (Order No. M4446532) 22-02-2011
"Dear Sir/Madam,
Just wanted to say a huge thanks for providing such a high quality service, probably the best service I have ever received over the web. I only contacted you via your website about my old phones last friday, and today I have the money for them! Really first class. I will recommend you to all I can! Thanks again, Andy Bolt" - Andrew from Berkshire (Order No. M4442492) 22-02-2011
"absolutely fantastic - great service" - nigel from Derbyshire (Order No. M4442748) 22-02-2011
"Brilliant! No messing, sent my phone off and within 24 hours had the payment as quoted paid into my bank. Great find, will certainly recommend you to others. Thank you " - Lynn from Stirlingshire (Order No. M4445055) 22-02-2011
"A very easy, efficient, prompt and trouble free service. Highly recommended." - Margaret from Lancashire (Order No. M4426434) 21-02-2011
"Thank you very much, a very quick and efficient service will use again if necessary" - Leonie from Oxfordshire (Order No. M4428071) 21-02-2011
"thanks,nice to be a mazuma customer,great customer service." - gordon from Renfrewshire (Order No. M4432103) 21-02-2011
"This is just so simple, you might not get as much as you would selling privately, but hey this is a no hassle transaction, everything is done for you and the funds turn up in your bank on the day they get the telephone, give it a try it's well worth it and declutter the bottom drawer!!!" - Mark from Berkshire (Order No. M4436575) 21-02-2011
"Very impressed with your organization which is very professional and quick. Also gives top prices " - Brian from East Yorkshire (Order No. M4425436) 21-02-2011
"I thought it was a brilliant service, I posted my mobile friday afternoon, had an email first thing monday morning to say everything was o.k. and the money was in my account, couldn't belive how easy it was." - lesley from Yorkshire (Order No. M4442445) 21-02-2011
"Excellent service, and fast (over weekend) Agreed sale Friday, Money monday. dropped phone direct rather than post.
Thanks" - Reginald from Hertfordshire (Order No. M4442016) 21-02-2011
"this service is incredibly fast and efficient.i will reccomend you to all my friends.i posted my phone saturday dinnertime by special delivery,and had the money in my account by early afternoon monday.i call that VERY good service.thank you." - malcolm from Shropshire (Order No. M4442201) 21-02-2011
"1st class service, money in the bank within 3 hours of confirmation of receiveing the mobiles at Mazuma. Simple and clear instructions from start to finish of the transaction." - Brian from Shropshire (Order No. M4440267) 21-02-2011
"What a fantastic team! a very quick efficient company, absolutely perfect. Well done Mazuma." - Dennis from Warwickshire (Order No. M4438447) 21-02-2011
"I was very pleased with the time it took my order to be proccessed. The payment only took a few hours upon recipt of my phone. would definetley recommend mazuma mobile to all my friends" - mobeen from West Midlands (Order No. M4437300) 21-02-2011
"very pleased with your service and would recomend
your company to any one wishing to sell a mobile phone" - brian from Yorkshire (Order No. M4430343) 21-02-2011
"I'm very satisfied with this site. " - Sarah from Middlesex (Order No. M4438156) 21-02-2011
"very fast and efficient service thankyou" - sharron from Worcestershire (Order No. M4430824) 21-02-2011
"Very happy and impressed with your service. Sent phones on Friday, money in my account by Monday. Will recommend to friends and family." - Susan from Essex (Order No. M4423500) 21-02-2011
"Great service. Took only a few days from start to finish. Return envelope received very promptly and email confirming receipt of phone and that cheque had been despatched also very prompt. Cheque was in fact received the following day. Can not fault the service!" - Barbara from Yorkshire (Order No. M4416327) 21-02-2011
"Simple sleek service, great!" - Andrea from Lanarkshire (Order No. M4427570) 21-02-2011
"Wow! Very pleased with the service. Prompt, very quick with payments. Excellent communication in regards to keeping the customer updated along the way. Would definately use again and will be telling anyone who has a phone to sell! Thanks Mazuma." - Jolene from Middlesex (Order No. M4430375) 21-02-2011
"Excellent service. 2 day turn around from printing off my order, putting in the post and the money being transferred into my account." - Sue from Yorkshire (Order No. M4428728) 20-02-2011
"Very fast service would defiantly use time and time again" - Angela from Norfolk (Order No. M4399461) 20-02-2011
"excellent service,phone sent special delivery on Thursday at about 1200 noon, money put into bank next day about 1.00pm, all completed in about 24 hours.
Will use your service again, definitely.
Thank you " - larry from Kent (Order No. M4430550) 20-02-2011
"Excellent service! Made the order on Monday, envelope arrived next day. Posted it Wednesday, got paid Thursday! Top company, will highly recommend!! Many thanks!" - Stephen from Sussex (Order No. M4429937) 20-02-2011
"Thank you for being fast and so efficient with my order i look forward to doing business with you again in the future" - Wendy from Lancashire (Order No. M4433163) 20-02-2011
"perfect service" - Blagoy from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M4422513) 20-02-2011
"I am extremely pleased with your service....I had the money in my account within 1 day!!...Unbelievable service....I would highly recommend your service to everyone.
Thank you very much" - debbie from Hertfordshire (Order No. M4431449) 19-02-2011
"gave me a good price and paid up very quick would use again highly recomend" - terrence from Staffordshire (Order No. M4436030) 19-02-2011
"Fantastic! I couldn't believe how quick and easy it was to do and then how fast i received my voucher. thank you so much. i will definetly use you again." - Deborah from Berkshire (Order No. M4417323) 19-02-2011
"Wonderful service,so easy.thankyou." - lorraine from Surrey (Order No. M4435153) 19-02-2011
"I was initially worrieed about sending my phone off and waiting for a reply, confirming processing. But all of this was done fast and efficently. All done in under 5 days! Many Thanks Mazuma" - Richard from Surrey (Order No. M4426333) 19-02-2011
"I am really impressed by the whole process of looking up your web site for a quote, receiving the paper work and getting the payment. It was all very smooth - a rare quality these days. Very hassle free. Highly recommended - Five stars and more!!" - Om from Kent (Order No. M4384910) 19-02-2011
"A fast, efficient service. I would definitely recommend it to a friend." - Rebecca from Cheshire (Order No. M4398606) 19-02-2011
"Excellent to deal with and really easy, great service, just received my cheque, thank you. Would highly recommend." - Joan from Inverness-Shire (Order No. M4419475) 19-02-2011
"i was so delighted with this service , what they say is what u get , posted phone and day they recieved it i had a email saying cheque was posted and true to there word the next day a cheque was throu my door would defo use there service again ... thanks " - lorna from scotland (Order No. M4401267) 19-02-2011
"Brilliant, fast and efficient service. Will be using this website again!" - Layna from Essex (Order No. M4431645) 19-02-2011
"Recieved my cheque this morning as your promise your service was so fast and efficient I am really impressed maybe you should change your name to MY ZUMA thanks for the excellent service " - Brian from Lancashire (Order No. M4424381) 19-02-2011
"Amazing turnaround time.Posted at 4pm thu,money in bank 10pm sat.
Thanks,it makes a pleasant change to rave about brilliant service these days.

" - brynley from Gloucestershire (Order No. M4434218) 19-02-2011
"Cheers guys.Incredibly happy with your efficient and speedy service." - brynley from Gloucestershire (Order No. M4436333) 19-02-2011
"fast professional service.from valuing my phone to receiving the cheque took only five days.brilliant" - racheal from worcestershire (Order No. M4428025) 19-02-2011
"Great Price For A Non-Working Mobile And Fast Payment." - Delores from Homerton (Order No. M4398175) 19-02-2011
"Excellent service. I received my payment within 24 hrs. Would definately use mazuma again and have recommended it to friends also" - aileen from Renfrewshire (Order No. M4425287) 19-02-2011
"Wow! Excellent service and so quick and efficient. What a change from the normal rubbish service we are getting used to from most businesses these days" - Paul from Shropshire (Order No. M4426012) 19-02-2011
"If only everything in life was so easy and straightforward." - patricia from Monmouthshire (Order No. M4423570) 19-02-2011
"A good website that is very straight forward and very easy to follow. I cant believe how very quick everything happened. i like the fact that you are updated with emails right the way through the process. In a nutshell absolutely BRILLIANT!!" - Gina from London (Order No. M4428115) 18-02-2011
"second time we have used Mazuma-truly great service
mind bogglingly quick" - Richard from Hertfordshire (Order No. M4435270) 18-02-2011
"Brilliant Service, can't fault you, well done" - Neil from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M4428787) 18-02-2011
"great service thank you very much " - sarah from Yorkshire (Order No. M4435781) 18-02-2011
"Great service and turnaround will use you again in the future." - roy from Cheshire (Order No. M4421291) 18-02-2011
"Fast excelent service.Will be happy to sell to you again.
Many thanks.
Nick" - Nick from Warwickshire (Order No. M4422410) 18-02-2011
"I have now sold a few mobile phones on your site and i have been impressed with the speed and also the continous updating of information explaining what is happening.

Many Thanks
Kevin" - Kevin from n/a (Order No. MM4422231) 18-02-2011
"Can't fault them.
Postage bag came quickly, payment was made within 2 days of me sending the phone off. Excellent" - Chris from Warwickshire (Order No. M4378901) 18-02-2011
"Totally impressed with their fast quality service. Many other websites would provide you more cash for your mobile, but not many can provide such excellent service as Mazuma! Highly recommended." - ovi from Middlesex (Order No. M4424105) 18-02-2011
"I just want to say this is the 3rd time i've used Mazuma what a pleasure it is to deal with Mazuma. Excellent Website easy to use. My pre-paid evelope delivered to my door the next day. Popped my mobile in the evelope, the money is in my account within 24 hours. Why can't other websites give such a good service as Mazuma! I like the way I was kept up to date via email regarding my order. I will use Mazuma again and tell all my friends as well. Well done 10 out of 10. Keep it up!!" - Gary from Hampshire (Order No. M4435137) 18-02-2011
"love your service, quick and easy. also i think a fair offer for my mobile, thank you" - michael from tyne and wear (Order No. M4433844) 18-02-2011
"I have found Mazuma extremely quick and simple to use. I didn't think I would get much for my old phone so the £30 was a nice surprise. Thanks very much. I will recommend you to friends and family.
Erin" - Erin from Devon (Order No. M4420648) 18-02-2011
"1st Class Service" - Katie from Sussex (Order No. M4410763) 18-02-2011
THANK YOUUUUUU" - Jagdeep from West Midlands (Order No. M4434429) 18-02-2011
"Good service, very helpful, very reasonable prices paid." - Ian from Durham (Order No. M4430286) 18-02-2011
"Offered more money per phone than it's rivals. Very prompt service. Would definatley recomend and use again!" - Dale from Essex (Order No. M4432720) 18-02-2011
"Excellent service. I will certainly be recommending you.
Thank you and well done! Such exemplary service is rare these days" - Chris from Sussex (Order No. M4428465) 18-02-2011
"quick and efficient, easy. Thank-you" - kayleigh from Hampshire (Order No. M4435068) 18-02-2011
"Great service, fast and easy." - Sam from Wiltshire (Order No. M4430738) 18-02-2011
"Great service. Quick and easy. I Would recommend you to others and I will use you again." - Stuart from Yorkshire (Order No. M4431989) 18-02-2011
"Fantastic service - really impressed!! Thank you" - Debbie from Newport (Order No. M4427031) 18-02-2011
"Although I have yet to receive my cheque, the service has been very easy to use and efficient. I can not think of any improvements!" - Esme from Merseyside (Order No. M4430849) 18-02-2011
"Great sit very quick to responed and best prices" - george from Northamptonshire (Order No. M4431644) 18-02-2011
"Excellent and speedy service. Very impressed." - anne from Essex (Order No. M4438877) 18-02-2011
"nice one, fast and easy, will reconmend" - ryan from Yorkshire (Order No. M4427962) 18-02-2011
"Fantastic service. Will definately use Mazuma Mobile again." - May from Montgomeryshire (Order No. M4418275) 17-02-2011
"Truly excellent service, would highly recommend to anyone.

Payment received within Three days. Many thanks ;0)" - Mark from Lancashire (Order No. M4425521) 17-02-2011
"Well done again Mazuma!
Over the years I have traded my old phones with you for cash and have never had any issue at all.
Carry on the great work and I look forward to dealing with you for years to come." - Michael from Staffs (Order No. M4423512) 17-02-2011
"Phones posted Tuesday. Money in my bank the following day. Excellent service." - David from Shropshire (Order No. M4421314) 17-02-2011
"wow its great very fast and very good service i loved it,i would recommend my friends too.thnks" - zahida from Essex (Order No. M4415362) 17-02-2011
"Used site before and never had any problems so felt more reassured to use this site even though other sites offered more for my phone. sent phone and had bank transfer next day. Very reliable site. Thanx again mazuma for a stress free transaction." - April from Birmingham (Order No. M4430170) 17-02-2011
"Excellent service! will use again! " - Jenna from Essex (Order No. M4414911) 17-02-2011
"Easy to follow instructions. good response times, and relevant information. EXCELLENT - Would highly recommend" - Allan from Staffordshire (Order No. M4424515) 17-02-2011
"Supurb service throughout
Good price and everything done so quickly including payment
Thank you
Ken" - ken from Monmouthshire (Order No. M4421230) 17-02-2011
"What an amazing service! Brilliant in every way. I am so glad I went with Mazuma. Thanks." - Katherine from Renfrewshire (Order No. M4413671) 17-02-2011
"Fantastic service, only posted phone yesterday and payment being made in bank today, superb service. Was very shocked to get email the morning saying phone received and payment will be done same day. Thank you a*" - hayley from Kent (Order No. M4423735) 17-02-2011
"I would like to Praise Mazuma Mobile for their fast and efficent service.

I began the process on Monday and the money was in my account by the Thursday afternoon. I was always kept up-to-date with the progress of my sale order, through e-mail and easily logging into my account!

THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!" - Lee from Lanarkshire (Order No. M4428540) 17-02-2011
"I would like to Praise Mazuma Mobile for their fast and efficent service.

I began the process on Monday and the money was in my account by the Thursday afternoon. I was always kept up-to-date with the progress of my sale order, through e-mail and easily logging into my account!

THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!" - Lee from Lanarkshire (Order No. M4428542) 17-02-2011
"Fast, smooth service. Does what is says on the tin. A very pleasant experience dealing with Mazuma. Thanks for the £200! Will recommend to friends." - Stephen from Berkshire (Order No. M4422634) 17-02-2011
"Friendly,fast,reliable,spondoolies" - Mark from north lanarkshire (Order No. M4432030) 17-02-2011
"Mazuma are amazing!
I recieved the pack within one day of requesting the sell of my phone, posted it and had the money buy the the end of the following day. It all took less than a working week!
Fast and efficient! A great concept... A great company!" - Liam from Essex (Order No. M4386214) 17-02-2011
"What a excellent service quick and easy to use and everything supplied for me .will use your service again and recommend you to my friends and family" - Kevin from Gloucestershire (Order No. M4420922) 17-02-2011
"An excellent, straight forward service. How refreshing!" - Gill from Berkshire (Order No. M4417677) 17-02-2011
"Was good. Used the facebook page to check out comments about this site compared to others and wasn't disappointed. " - Trent from Midlothian (Order No. M4428397) 17-02-2011
"Very prompt service, 5 stars" - Ehi from Middlesex (Order No. M4428566) 17-02-2011
"Wow only posted phone on Wed 16th money in account on Thur 17th great service" - vivien from Renfrewshire (Order No. M4423676) 17-02-2011
"Couldn;t ask for better service. Envelope arrived tuesday, posted my phone off and yesterday got the email saying my cheque was in the post. Cheque arrived today.
This is the 2nd time i've used them and its the easiest way to sell your old phones." - Donna from Lanarkshire (Order No. M4426646) 17-02-2011
"Wow so quick and easy! Really fast service and it didn't cost me anything! I really recommend anyone who has old phones lying around, doing nothing ..... use Mazuma its so easy!" - KIM from Oxfordshire (Order No. M4424991) 17-02-2011
"excellent service very happy" - PAUL from Leicestershire (Order No. M4407844) 17-02-2011
"brilliant and easy phones posted on monday, payment made on tuesday! thats what i call customer service thanks mazuma" - rachel from Lancashire (Order No. M4411868) 16-02-2011
"Quick and efficient - thank you" - Chris from Cornwall (Order No. M4418454) 16-02-2011
"excellent will use again thank u" - angela from Sussex (Order No. M4425174) 16-02-2011
"Brilliant service, quick, hassel free, will defo use again." - Russ from Worcestershire (Order No. M4419841) 16-02-2011
"First time I have done this and the service was first class. I will be sure to tell my friends." - Jeremy from Devon (Order No. M4420811) 16-02-2011
"thanks for making everything so simple will deffo use your service again
found it so easy to use and was kept informed every step of the way" - Martin (ZeN) from Leicestershire (Order No. M4427805) 16-02-2011
"Brilliant service everything went through very quickly thank you" - Simon from Lanarkshire (Order No. M4425889) 16-02-2011
"THANK YOU VERY FAST VERY HAPPY WITH MAZUMA WILL USE AGAIN THANKS " - Linda from Monmouthshire (Order No. M4416140) 16-02-2011
"trustworthy! thank you!" - ruth from CAMBRIDGESHIRE (Order No. M4421338) 16-02-2011
"exerlent service ,it has been a pleasure all the way though,fast,reliable,and i have known all the way through were i am,i will certanlly recamend you to all,and use you again.many thanks" - paul from Warwickshire (Order No. M4417558) 16-02-2011
"Excellent service - very efficient system ... many thanks !" - Steve from n/a (Order No. M442994) 16-02-2011
"Absolutely brilliant transaction. Instant valuation online. Online printing of postage label. Nobody came round to actually put the package in the letterbox for me but, hey! Emails at every step of the way and cheque received the next day. Cannot fault Mazuma and will recommend to anyone that will listen." - David from Middlesex (Order No. M4420376) 16-02-2011
"Excellent communication
Excellent and quick service
Very pleased with both payment level and service
Have recommended to several people" - Janet from Staffordshire (Order No. M4412665) 16-02-2011
"Thanks for quick and efficient service" - Anna from Sussex (Order No. M4428984) 16-02-2011
"Nice service - thanks!" - Jon from Surrey (Order No. M4429222) 16-02-2011
"Wow, what a turn around. Sent the phone tuesday, and the money was in my bank the next day... Would recommend to everyone. " - Jamie from West midlands (Order No. M4409153) 16-02-2011
"An excellent and generous service offered at an incredible speed. Thanks!" - Marc from Hampshire (Order No. M4355268) 16-02-2011
"Posted phone on monday,received email confirmation on tuesday and cheque on wednesday.Thank you for your prompt and efficient service. " - Eric from Lancashire (Order No. M4410651) 16-02-2011
"An absolute piece of cake, and excellent price paid. Can't believe how simple and fast that was! I'm going to get all my old mobiles out now-fancy getting paid more than £100 for a 2nd hand phone!! Thanks very much." - HOLGATE from Sussex (Order No. M4419110) 16-02-2011
"My wife and i thank you for your fast and efficient service, would recommend to anyone . " - tony from Hampshire (Order No. M4405482) 16-02-2011
"Excellent service. Phone was tested on day of receipt and money was transferred to my bank account within a couple of hours.

Thank you" - David from Staffordshire (Order No. M4432816) 16-02-2011
"excellent service very quick thank you." - paul from Yorkshire (Order No. M4431199) 16-02-2011
"I have never used this service before, and I was so impressed from start to finish, It was very easy to follow the instuctions, and a very fast and efficient service, thank you and I will certainly use you again and recommend you to other people." - Alison from Durham (Order No. M4417738) 16-02-2011
"Posted my old phone on a Tues afternoon and received payment the following afternoon ,24 hours from posting to payment. fantastic service that i cannot recommend highly enough" - john from Kent (Order No. M4427248) 16-02-2011
"The transaction was very easy to do and processed by return post.Thank you" - Lesley from Sussex (Order No. M4426244) 16-02-2011
"well done you guys, I only posted the package on Mondays 11/10 for service. Thank you very much. Ann" - Ann from Ayrshire (Order No. M4403225) 16-02-2011
"Fantastic service! posted my phone on Friday and had the Chq by Tuesday morning! couldnt have asked for a better service will defibatley use Mazuma again and recomend it to all i know x" - Suzanne from Tyne and Wear (Order No. M4404982) 16-02-2011
"quick and fast. will use again " - sandra from Lancashire (Order No. M4418514) 16-02-2011
"A very quick & easy way to dispose of un wanted phones & make a few quid at the same time. Was impressed with how simple it was to turn an old phone into money" - NIls from Essex (Order No. M4427566) 16-02-2011

Glad to have chosen this company. Good, clear instructions and quick responds followed by fast payment. Thank you" - Dieter from Leicestershire (Order No. M4418698) 16-02-2011
"Thank you for a very quick and easy service I will certainly use and recomend you again" - William from Kent (Order No. M4424035) 16-02-2011
"very happy with everything. payment was made quick and there was no problems. will be using yourselfs again." - kyla from Glamorgan (Order No. M4425140) 16-02-2011
"Thank you for the speedy service. I was most impressed." - Jill from Wiltshire (Order No. M4402239) 16-02-2011
"Excellent Service, would not hesitate to use your services again. Received my cheque within 24 hrs. Fantastic" - Alister from East Lothian (Order No. M4404405) 15-02-2011
"Thank you so much for the fantastic service. Posted my phone on Thurs pm & cheque arrived Sat am. Just as described on the tv ad." - Joan from Surrey (Order No. M4406447) 15-02-2011
"Easy to do and very quick process on receiving money very happy would use again" - Catherine from Cheshire (Order No. M4414856) 15-02-2011
"Excellent service a real pleasure to deal with you, thanks for making it so easy Rob" - Rob from Gloucestershire (Order No. M4414522) 15-02-2011
"Fantastic service. Amount quoted was the amount received and transfered directly into my bank. Would not hesitate to use again." - Ben from Sussex (Order No. M4409473) 15-02-2011
"great service.i posted my old phone on friday the 11th.and recieved the cheque on the tuesday morning for the amount quoted. i would recommend mazuma to a friend and i would use them again. :-)" - stephen from Lanarkshire (Order No. M4419967) 15-02-2011
"Thank you very much to the whole Team for making the sale so easy. Excellent service and will certainly use MAZUMA again." - Stephen from Lancashire (Order No. M4410364) 15-02-2011
"Hi Mazuma

This is the third phone I've sold to you and it's always worked perfectly. I used to leave my old phones to slowly fall apart in a draw, but now every time I upgrade I get a little something back. Thanks!

Tom" - Tom from East Sussex (Order No. M4363625) 15-02-2011
"Really efficent service" - Paul from Staffordshire (Order No. M4418541) 15-02-2011
"Used mazuma as it was recommend by a friend,found site easy to use and service excellent.Would recommend this to family and friends" - denise from Sussex (Order No. M4419527) 15-02-2011
"As usual exzcellant service, but Royal mail can take a few tips from you! Used other companies but always return to Mazuma - simply the best" - Dawn from n/a (Order No. MM4416512) 15-02-2011
"What a fantastic service - 4 day turn-a-round from completing the webpage to receiving my cheque - excellent way of making money from unwanted phones, would recommend to anyone.
Thank you." - Barbara from Somerset (Order No. M4419682) 15-02-2011
"Very good service, fast payment, would highly recommend" - Nigel from Perthshire (Order No. M4421203) 15-02-2011
"Excellent service. Received cash quickly and was informed every step of the way" - Samantha from Kent (Order No. M4411316) 15-02-2011
"This is an A* service. You dont just receive a fair amount for your old mobile but they stick to their word, the money was in my bank when they said it would be! Cant fault my transaction and will be selling all my old mobiles to Mazuma." - Katy from Lancashire (Order No. M4417795) 15-02-2011
"The service that i recieved from mazuma was brilliant. The order took lest than 3 days and the money was paid directly into my account. I would recommend anyone who wants a bit of quick cash for their phones. Cheers." - Dave from Hampshire (Order No. M4413963) 15-02-2011
"Sooo quick & simple great way to make some extra money from your old phones will be using mazuma again .everything went really well with no problems will b telling all my friends & family about you keep up the good work xxxxx" - Emma from Somerset (Order No. M4419274) 15-02-2011
"using mazuma was an easy and pleasant experience,and would definately use them again in the future thankyou" - coral from Norfolk (Order No. M4414828) 15-02-2011
"Dear Mazuma,
I recently used your service to sell four old mobile, the quotes you gave where generous considering the condition of the phones, your site was easy to use, quick, efficient & reliable, I had doubts that on your receipt of my phones you would offer a lower value, But no, your checked my phones, confirmed to me via email you had received them, & posted my cheque for the full amount you offered me. I would most defenately recommend your company &use you again
without hesitation....from me sending you my phones my order & receiving my cheque took three days... Bril" - Sharran from Lancashire (Order No. M4404680) 15-02-2011
"Fantastic service, very quick and got a great price for my phone. Would definately use mazuma again and recommend the company to others." - abby from Warwickshire (Order No. M4411695) 15-02-2011
"Very quick and efficient!" - Mike from London (Order No. M4423273) 15-02-2011
"Very fast,posted 1 day cheque in post the next." - Steven from Middlesex (Order No. M4420778) 15-02-2011
"Great service, really easy to use and a quick way to get some much needed cash. Second time I've used the website and am satisfied just as much if not more. Thank you very much mazuma :)." - Emily from Hampshire (Order No. M4400775) 15-02-2011
"I am exremly impressed with the speed and ease of how this process has commenced. I would not hesitate in recomeding your copmpany to friends and family. Thank you." - Fraser from Renfrewshire (Order No. M4416419) 15-02-2011
"I'm very impressed with your service, I posted my phone to you yesterday and got the money in my bank account today. I didn't think it would be so easy - I will definitely be recommending you! Thank you :)" - Ruth from South Gloucestershire (Order No. M4424423) 15-02-2011
"Amazingly straightforwards , easy . Good correspondence throughout and best offer for phone made. Highly recommended above others." - Johan from Yorkshire (Order No. M4416015) 15-02-2011
"excellent service, does exactly what its says it will, would recommend it to others" - sarah from Durham (Order No. M4418556) 15-02-2011
"Excellent, service. Very fast and efficient. Easy to use website and everything was processed so promptly and easily." - Vicky from Somerset (Order No. M4402427) 15-02-2011
"Thankyou for an easy, simple and fast transaction, would recommend Mazuma and use again." - Ian from Merseyside (Order No. M4426550) 15-02-2011
"Very quick reliable and trustworthy company!!!!" - Mark from tyne&wear (Order No. M4406609) 15-02-2011
"Amazing service!! Money transfer was so quick in all took less than 5 working days to receive funds! Will be sure to recommend ! Very happy customer! " - Donna from London (Order No. M4464241) 14-02-2011
"Excellent. First time using this kind of service, so was a bit sceptical but its been a pleasure. Very impressed with Mazuma in terms of turn around and piece of mind. Will definitely recommend and use again. Thanks" - Ewen from Surrey (Order No. M4407293) 14-02-2011
"Very pleased with the amount i'm getting for the two phones. I sent them away to Envirofone and was only going to get about £30-40 for them." - Jennifer from East Lothian (Order No. M4399521) 14-02-2011
"Seriously guys, stunning service! The pack came through when you promised, the turnaround on the device was rapid and the money in my account even faster.

five stars from this reviewer :)" - Andy from Northamptonshire (Order No. M4398041) 14-02-2011
"It is very simple anyone who wants to sell there old phone fast, use MAZUMA. Having looked at the other market leader I was abit worried as they did not offer as good a service as mazuma and so decided with the mazuma and im so glad i did,i would recommend them to everyone i know and continue to sell any other other old phones i get with marks mazuma carry on with the good work!!!!!!" - Claire from Essex (Order No. M4409140) 14-02-2011
"very good service. exactly like it tells you would recommened people to use this website. payment was made very fast and with a great service will be using mazuma in the future. thank you " - leo from Northumberland (Order No. M4409371) 14-02-2011
You very fast to send envolope got it last tuesday, i posted it that day too, then you told me you received phone last thursday and second email came that day too that cheque had been posted, got the cheque day afer on the friday last week, in all only took 4days, very pleased with it all (a star rating) very impressed will get friends to use your site. Thankyou very much for your fast service." - joanne from merseyside (Order No. M4401123) 14-02-2011
"Really great, simple, fast,easy service. Third phone I have sold here. 100% service satisfaction. " - jane from middlesex (Order No. M4413326) 14-02-2011
"Excellent service guys.I have used this service several times now.Always goes smoothly never had a problem. Cash banked within 48 hours of posting phones.Look forward to dealing with you again soon. " - nigel from Sussex (Order No. M4398203) 14-02-2011
"a real pleasure to deal with , fast and simple !" - mark from dorset (Order No. M4418108) 14-02-2011
"Great Service, recieved money same day as they recieved the phone. Great to work with" - Mandla from Essex (Order No. M4356464) 14-02-2011
"really pleased with the service I received quick payout " - stuart from Glamorgan (Order No. M4408452) 14-02-2011
"Anexcellent service from Mazuma. i have nothing but praise for your speed and efficiency. I recieved the posting pack the next day after contact and the cheque just 3 days later (including weekend)!" - Alan from Lancashire (Order No. M4411468) 14-02-2011
"Very user friendly. Prompt payment transfer and does exactly what is says on the tin !. Will definately use again in the future" - Simon from Channel Islands (Order No. M4389134) 14-02-2011
"What can i say, the best option out there to sell your used phones, so quick and easy." - Lee from Leicestershire (Order No. M4410002) 14-02-2011
"Thank u very much,exelent service,very fast payment,SUPER....." - Piotr from east Ayrshire (Order No. M4416272) 14-02-2011
"fantastic will use again thank you " - andrew from Fife (Order No. M4413694) 14-02-2011
"i just recieved my £200 very good mobile site, thankyou." - Becca from Glamorgan (Order No. M4420042) 14-02-2011
"Thank you for your email. Look forward to receiving cheque. Thank you for such good and friendly service. Well Done" - Graham from Essex (Order No. M4414853) 14-02-2011
"What an absolutely fantastic service, thank you." - Tracey from Suffolk (Order No. M4398090) 14-02-2011
"Excellent service" - Anne from Dorset (Order No. M4413380) 13-02-2011
"Excellent service, and very fast turn around, many thanks!" - Simon from Lancashire (Order No. M4402088) 13-02-2011
"Execellent, efficient service

" - JENNY from Devon (Order No. M4403123) 13-02-2011
"First class service, would not use any other website. " - Mark from Northamptonshire (Order No. M4394861) 13-02-2011
"Using Mazuma has been easier and even faster than using ebay! Awesome!" - Heinrich from Sussex (Order No. M4408016) 12-02-2011
"Fast, efficient service couldn't believe how quick and easy the whole process with you was. Would recommend to others and definitely use your services again. Thank you." - Julie from Perthshire (Order No. M4397616) 12-02-2011
"I have absolutely amazed at the speed on this service. I placed the order at approx 4.15 on a Friday and received the envelope to return the phone by the Saturday morning. I never posted it back until Wednesday and I have received the cheque today (Saturday). Fantastic service. " - Lee from Lanarkshire (Order No. M4400356) 12-02-2011
"Thank you for your fast efficient service i would recommend you to everyone." - Lorraine from Oxfordshire (Order No. M4398393) 12-02-2011
"Didn't think it could be so easy.simple,fast and friendly " - paul from Gloucestershire (Order No. M4398515) 12-02-2011
"brilliant service, was really quick recieving my argos voucher and was really happy when i got a itunes voucher from it,i would recommend this service to anyone who wants to sell theyre phone and its better thasn envirofone. I would like to thnak all for being soo helpful with all the emails i recieved and telling me where my order is about. thank you to all of the team x" - Georgia from Glamorgan (Order No. M4392049) 12-02-2011
"I took my pre paid phone package @ 4pm to a Post Office & was amazed to see the payment IN MY ACCOUNT by 5pm the next day! Why would anyone risk any company other than Mazuma? Fantastic.
KW " - Kevin from Yorkshire (Order No. M4415649) 12-02-2011
"Excellent service and prompt payment, very happy with how easy it was and will definitely use again, thanks mazuma x" - Nicola from Dorset (Order No. M4413177) 12-02-2011
"Second time i have used them and no problems. Excellent communication all the time from Mazuma. Within 4 days of posting the phone i received a cheque .. fantastic! Best buyer off phones around .... look no further!!!" - Joanne from Somerset (Order No. M4401974) 12-02-2011
"Thank you for your more than prompt action on my mobiles I will put the money to good use ie. spoil myself. I thought these sites were just a gimmick whats the expression - contempt prior to investigation .
i will have no hesitation in recommending Mazuma to my friends
Thank you again

Charlie" - Charles from Dunbartonshire (Order No. M4406467) 12-02-2011
"Service was easy and quick, will use again when I have another phone available Very impressed I looked on the net got the information received the paperwork posted the item and received the cheque in less than a week :)" - TERRY from Cheshire (Order No. M4405408) 12-02-2011
"Extremely happy with service.
24 hours from posting to payment. " - john from Stirlingshire (Order No. M4418892) 12-02-2011
"thanks to you I got rid of some unwanted mobile's and made money out of it I will recommend you to all my family and friends thank you so much :) " - christopher from Yorkshire (Order No. M4407531) 11-02-2011
"thanks for everything i will send my phones 2 you all the time thankyou" - jamie from merseyside (Order No. M4412857j) 11-02-2011
"Just to say that I am really impressed with the speed and efficiency of your company. Posted my phone at 5.20pm yesterday (special delivery), received an email this morning confirming receipt of phone, money paid in to my account by lunchtime. less than 24 hours! Would certainly recommend Mazuma to anyone selling a phone." - sheila from merseyside (Order No. M4395935) 11-02-2011
"This is a very easy system to use and quick. Very impressed with how quick you process the order and how fast send my payment. " - nick from n/a (Order No. MM4404956) 11-02-2011
"Efficient, fast & no fuss. First class from start to finish.
well done." - john from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M4406595) 11-02-2011
"Really good quick service, highly recommended" - Sergio from London (Order No. M4393849) 11-02-2011
"1ST CLASS EVERYTYME ...." - JAYSON W from Kent (Order No. M4407575) 11-02-2011
"Extremely quick and efficient service thank you very much. I shall recommend your service to others and will be usuing you again. " - Trevor from Essex (Order No. M4388299) 11-02-2011
"What an excellent service thankyou i would defiantly use you a again " - samantha from Yorkshire (Order No. M4404237) 11-02-2011
"I would definitely recommend Mazuma Mobile. The whole process was so easy, efficient and quick and I received the quoted figure straight into my bank account. Brilliant !!" - Elaine from Merseyside (Order No. M4403535) 11-02-2011
"I was really pleased with how quick mazuma sent my cheque after receiving my phone, thanks" - Emma from West Midlands (Order No. M4378002) 11-02-2011
"Absolutely fantastic service - only posted my phone yesterday and received the payment already. Will recommend you to everyone!" - Julie from Norfolk (Order No. M4392181) 11-02-2011
"Perfect!!" - Kerry from Kent (Order No. M4406029) 11-02-2011
"The service was great, I posted my mobile on Tuesday and recieved payment by Friday. The back was broken off from one of my phones too and the full working price was still paid. Amazing. More amazing than a monkey riding a motorbike, and thats pretty breath-taking to be fair.

Thanks Mazuma you legend!" - Stacie from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M4411223) 11-02-2011
"Thank you for your help on seling my iphone .Its was verey fast and good service look forward for you to processing my next iphone. Many thanks Reg. " - Reginald from n/a (Order No. M44403970) 11-02-2011
"Very quick and excellent service, thankyou" - Andy from Somerset (Order No. M4406896) 11-02-2011
"Very impressed...great quick service and I got the amount the website said I'd receive!!" - will from Derbyshire (Order No. M4414443) 11-02-2011
"Excellent, really fast transaction great communication. Thanks, will certainly deal with you again!! Absolutely delighted!! Best Regs Carole." - Carole from worcestershire (Order No. M440583) 11-02-2011
"thats been great !!!if voucher arrives tomorrow ,as i believe it will,best service ever ,im going to check if the familywant any phones sent to you,thankyou again" - linda from Lanarkshire (Order No. M4414714) 11-02-2011
"Absolutely fantastic service. Easy to follow instructions from the start and constant feedback throughout. Exceptionally quick payment (2 days after posting phones!) and yet more feedback when received and order completed. Couldn't be happier with service and help, not to mention the more than competitive price offered for phones in the first place. Would definitely use Mazuma again to sell any future phones. Thanks." - James from Oxon (Order No. M4383128) 11-02-2011
"Abolutely superb, efficient service." - Edward from Wiltshire (Order No. M4402475) 11-02-2011
"Mazuma Mobile service is second to none. So simple to use and amazingly quick. Would recommend to everyone. A totaly brilliam phone site. WELL DONE" - Leanne from Gloucestershire (Order No. M4377663) 11-02-2011
"Superb Service, will most certainly use thiis site again, sent package yesterday by special delivery and today I received the money in the bank,, Thank you GREAT SERVICE" - Andrew from Yorkshire (Order No. M4410584) 11-02-2011
"thankyou mazuma for my payment i recieved it really quickly!! i will definately use mazuma again its a very good & quick service!! thankyou. " - sarah from Suffolk (Order No. M4405357) 11-02-2011
"I just wanted to say I am very impressed with the speed of your service. Thank you" - Sandra from Sussex (Order No. M4398979) 11-02-2011
"I registered with Mazuma on the 6th February 2011 and within 1 day I received my postage bag, i sent it the followin day and today (11th February 2011) I am £77 richer!! What a fast efficent service which requires no hassel on my part!
I most certainly will use Mazuma in the future and will recommend it to my family and friends! :)
Thank You!!" - Alana from Tyrone (Order No. M4404123) 11-02-2011
"Excellent, fast & efficient service. I have used you before & I do recommend your company to my friends. I will be using you again in the future." - Tara from Warwickshire (Order No. M4393090) 10-02-2011
"What an easy service, will def recommend to other people!" - Kiran from West midlands (Order No. M4385137) 10-02-2011
"Fantastic service. Received money day after sending my phone. Kept updated. Would use again and recommend to family/friends." - Kelly from Lanarkshire (Order No. M4392257) 10-02-2011
"I am extremely satisfied and deligted with the service given to me by Mazuma from start to finish. Most definitely I will recommend you and of course, should the need arise, will use you again. Thank you very much." - Isa from Essex (Order No. M4400068) 10-02-2011
"very impressed with your service from start to finnish. very easy to use web site. I have already passed your details on to everyone i know. Will continue to use your company. (: " - andrew from Warwickshire (Order No. M4407851) 10-02-2011
"First class service Mazuma Team!! Will recommend you any time!" - Richard from Yorkshire (Order No. M4380800) 10-02-2011
"I cannot believe how fast the process was from sending the phone in and getting cheque, two days. Superb " - John from Surrey (Order No. M4413970) 10-02-2011
"I was a little sceptical at first as this was a very expensive phone. Then I thought as long as it was being sent 'Special Delivery' it should be OK. The phone was posted at 16:30 and the money was in my account by 14:00 the following day - VERY IMPRESSED :-)" - Chris from Lancashire (Order No. M4406398) 10-02-2011
"Thank you for keeping me informed by email and for prompt payment. I will deffo recommend you to everyone !! " - anne from Essex (Order No. M4395608) 10-02-2011
"superb . phone sent, received and paid out within 24 hours." - sue from Lancashire (Order No. M4400876) 10-02-2011
"Hi I found your service easy & fast to do. I will be using your mobile recycling service again in the future & will be recommending you to my family and friends." - david from merseyside (Order No. M4407226) 10-02-2011
"Thank You very very much for your excellent service! It was surprisingly easy and quick! I will definitely reccomend your company in future!" - Fabiana from Greater London (Order No. M4406958) 10-02-2011
"Fantastic service! Will tell friends and family. many thanks for such quick response" - Jean from Essex (Order No. M4408889) 10-02-2011
"thank you for help i will send my old phones to you all the time thankyou." - james from merseyside (Order No. M4412857) 10-02-2011
"Cheques arrived today. Excellent and rapid service throughout the transactions.
Thank you." - Carol from Gloucestershire (Order No. M4404529) 10-02-2011
"Amazing service, great communications and super fast. You could teach allot of companies a thing or two. " - Lee from Warwickshire (Order No. M4359572) 10-02-2011
"Thank you for your honesty and re-testing my handset. Great communication too!" - Michelle from Tyne and Wear (Order No. M4253133) 10-02-2011
"thanks for a smooth transaction! a good price for a good phone. Will defo use you guys again. Thanks!" - steven from Wiltshire (Order No. M4398190) 10-02-2011
"Quick and simple, have had my payment within 48hrs, superb and thank you." - Craig from Suffolk (Order No. M4405968) 10-02-2011
"Satisfied with the price of the phone, and the prompt payment." - Sandra from West Midlands (Order No. M4410227) 10-02-2011
"i got in touch with you two days ago, sent my ph one off to you yesterday;and I have had confirmation from my bank that the m oney is in my account today. Thatis truly unbelievable service.I WILL MOST CERTAINLY RECOMMEND YOU TO ANYONE WHO ASKS MY OPINION, AND WILL ALWAYS USE YOU IN FUTURE. Thank you veey much indeed" - ian from Shropshire (Order No. M4412108) 10-02-2011
"Wow... what a service all done and dusted in the space of 3 days absolutely fantastic :-)" - Joanne from West Yorkshire (Order No. M4405873) 10-02-2011
"Great prompt service and easy to use website" - Simon from Northamptonshire (Order No. M4413741) 10-02-2011
"cant believe how easy and quick it was, posted itone afternoon, money in bank next day............brilliant " - vikki from Durham (Order No. M4386472) 10-02-2011
"Congratulations to What a fantastic super service! I'm speechless as to how quick, smooth and fast your service really is....Well done Mazuma. Thank you very much :-)" - sara from Cheshire (Order No. M4408845) 10-02-2011
"absolutely brilliant service. very impressed. i have another samsung pixon phone i will certainly be sending it to you. many thanks" - nicola from Staffordshire (Order No. M4407424) 10-02-2011
"Easy smooth transaction,completed quickly .... A+++++" - Leigh from Essex (Order No. M4399025) 09-02-2011
"Absolutely brilliant, printed paperwork on Monday and posted phone. Money in bank on Tuesday!

I would definitely recommend Mazuma to anyone selling their phone!" - Jackie from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M4402269) 09-02-2011
"This is the third time I have used Mazuma Mobile and will always use them in the future fantastic service one very happy customer.

Many thanks" - jason from shropshire (Order No. M4393998) 09-02-2011
"Fantastic service, thank you. Very refreshing to experience such good, professional and prompt service from a company. Will definitely use you again once my current phone contract expires and I update to the next model. Thanks again from a very satisfied customer. " - Christopher from Derbyshire (Order No. M4377279) 09-02-2011
"Very pleased with service, very quick turn around from selling phone, receiving mailing instructions and payment. Definately use your service again and would highly recommend your service.
Thanks" - Karen from Lanarkshire (Order No. M4385328) 09-02-2011
"Outstanding service " - david from Sussex (Order No. M4395669) 09-02-2011
"Great service, very efficient." - Paul from Midlothian (Order No. M4378273) 09-02-2011
"Absolute first class service , I will certainly use again and pass on any custom

Brilliant service " - MARTIN from Gloucestershire (Order No. M4395422) 09-02-2011
"fantastic, quick easy and payment within 2 days" - KRISTINA from Lancashire (Order No. M4386312) 09-02-2011
"Excellent service. Fast and efficient. Compared to other companies with appaling customer service Mazuma has really delivered." - Selene from Surrey (Order No. M4396984) 09-02-2011
"Very satisfied with the pace of the whole process very good all round service and reasonable price for my old phone
Definetly recommend mazuma" - Tyrus from Kent (Order No. M4399455) 09-02-2011
"a total top quality and easy service and very quick" - Bruce from Kent (Order No. M4387683) 09-02-2011
"The bag came very quickly and I sent it off and got the payment the next day, Mazuma worked very fast and I am extremely happy with the service. Thank you Mazuma" - Reece from Cornwall (Order No. M4408597) 09-02-2011
"A very easy process. And thank you to your very helpful and friendly staff!!" - Lynne from Dorset (Order No. M4407954) 09-02-2011
"I was recommended to use Mazuma and after a fantastic service I will not hesitate in recommending Mazuma to others. It took less than 48 hours from placing my order online to receiving payment into my account - impressive!" - Kellie from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M4409343) 09-02-2011
"excelent service I wont hesitate to use your service again and will recomend you" - Linda from Essex (Order No. M4396785) 09-02-2011
"the whole process was quick and simple , will use Mazuma again" - Darren from London (Order No. M4397591) 09-02-2011
"Really fast and very easy the communications are excellent Web site is excellent and the money was received on the day they received my old phone.Outstanding customer service lives on at Mazuma Thanks" - Michael from Kent (Order No. M4405304) 09-02-2011
"I was about to send off my mobiles to another company (MobilePhoneXchange) when i found lots of negative feedback about them & the service offered!I decided to use Mazuma even though a slightly lower offer amount. So I paid 5.50 to use special delivery on the Friday pm. I got an email Monday Lunch time to say they'd recieved it, & later Monday, an email with a confirmed offer (slightly higher than the initial one on line!) & On the wednesday i received my argos voucher (167.50) through the door!!! Absolutely brilliant service! Thank-you, would definately recommend" - BEN from NORFOLK (Order No. M4369532) 09-02-2011
"Very pleased with the service. Quick and efficient which is exactly what I like. Will recomend your services to other people. Cheers Mazuma" - Ben from Surrey (Order No. M4340286) 09-02-2011
"Good Afternoon
I would like to say what an excellent service you provide and I shall certainly use you again in the future. I shall also highly recommend your service to my family and friends.
Thank you very much for a speedy and efficient service." - Vanessa from Shropshire (Order No. M4387789) 09-02-2011
"Love the service, old phones that take up space, gone, And Im getting paid?!?! Too good to be true, but it is!
" - Lewis from Essex (Order No. M4359494) 09-02-2011
"Very fast very good now tomorrow we will see if you live up to your expectations" - Leonard from newcross (Order No. M4401897) 09-02-2011
"Wow..!This is a very good way to sell your used phones, The service is so fast,the turn around for me was 2 days recieved envelope & returned back on Tuesday, Payed out on wednesday, cant fault yer..! Thanx..!" - Robert from Yorkshire (Order No. M4403659) 09-02-2011
"Great service! Checked phone value Monday posted Tuesday, money in my account Wednesday!!" - Sharon from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M4409904) 09-02-2011
"At last! Decent honest quick service, absolute pleasure to do business with. Very impressed." - Brendan from Staffordshire (Order No. M4408211) 09-02-2011
"thank you for your fast and efficent service we were highly satisfied.would recommend to anyone" - keith from n/a (Order No. Mm4404599) 09-02-2011
"amazing service, sent special delivery on the monday, full amount in my bank account the next day. highly recommended" - lesley from durham (Order No. M4406993) 09-02-2011
"Very Quick Service, would definatly recomend Mazuma. Thank you" - Kevin from West Midlands (Order No. M4395906) 09-02-2011
"Thanks once again, I was amazed all over again about your services. it was superb service, send the phone yesterday and get money next day. thanks. There are many out there that are completely out of it in dealing with customers , any way thanks" - adesola from Lancashire (Order No. M4411331) 09-02-2011
"i am very pleased with the service provided by mazuma,payment into my account was very fast i posted my mobiles late afternoon and the following day my payment was in my bank account. thank you very much for a fast reliable service" - barbara from Lancashire (Order No. M4400344) 09-02-2011
"Thanks for a trouble free and very fast transaction, money in my account the day you got the phone! Would recommend Mazuma to anyone!!." - michael from tyne & wear (Order No. M4393398) 08-02-2011
"I found your company quick, reliable and very easy to use. I will be back.
Thanks" - Sue from Lancashire (Order No. M4398063) 08-02-2011
"Very fast payment, easy use, would use again and recommend" - George from Essex (Order No. M4392495) 08-02-2011
"Very quick, one of the better offers compared to their main competitors, same-day payment and to the value stated online, as promised.

Very impressed! Thanks guys, keep doing what you're doing!" - Gary from Hampshie (Order No. M4396832) 08-02-2011
"Have used your service before a few times. Tried envirofone this time but found them slow and not great, so changed to you. Will stick with mazuma in future!" - Bev from Surrey (Order No. M4397138) 08-02-2011
"Wonderful service, could not have been simpler. Will recommend and use again...
Thanks!" - Laura from Lancashire (Order No. M4385653) 08-02-2011
"very fast service with excellent customer services over the phone.superbly quick payment thru bank transfer.would recommend anyone to use mazuma thanks ." - steven from greater manchester (Order No. M4386036) 08-02-2011
"The most amazing quick professional service and I would not hesitate to use you again and recommend you to others. Congratulations." - Carole from Isle of wight (Order No. M4397086) 08-02-2011
"Brilliant service, very prompt. Thank you very much." - Tim from Middlesex (Order No. M4394150) 08-02-2011
"Very pleased with the prompt transaction, you did exactly as promised, speedy payment and arrival of sell order pack ! Was kept informed by email every stage of the process! Will definately use your services again and will reccomend you ! Thank you for turning an unused mobile into cash ! Very good value and trustworthy sevice ! I'm pleased :) " - lucy from Lancashire (Order No. M4394956) 08-02-2011
"The service recieved was fast,polite and very detailed. I would definately use Mazuma again. Thankyou very much." - Philippa from West Midlands (Order No. M4388263) 08-02-2011
"Amazing service can't beleive how quick the turn around is. Wish I had got round to clearing our my old phones sooner. Will be telling all my mates about you. Cheers Deborah

" - Deborah from n/a (Order No. MM4399288) 08-02-2011
"Just to say thank you for your excellent service. This is the second time I have sold a mobile phone to you and on both occasions I have been pleasantly surprised by the speed and efficiency you have handled the deal.
I would highly recommend you to other people.
Thank you and well done.
Barry Lamper" - Barry from Sussex (Order No. M4399186) 08-02-2011
"Very pleased with everything about your service - you hear lots of negative feedback about similar services and I was , I admit , a little wary , but couldn't be happier - thank you very much" - Mick from Lancashire (Order No. M4394755) 08-02-2011
"Excellent service, you did what had been promised, congratulations on your efficiency.

T&C's are clear without ambiguity and better than many others would have imposed." - Keith from Hertfordshire (Order No. M4404476) 08-02-2011
"Super quick and hassle free service. Will recommend to all associates. Thank you." - Philip from Yorkshire (Order No. M4396695) 08-02-2011
"Excellent service.very easy to use.very quick to get payment for old unwanted phones.will use again. thank you" - stuart from northamptonshire (Order No. M4380525) 08-02-2011
"THANKS FOR FAST PAYMENTS." - ABU from Lancashire (Order No. M4398725) 08-02-2011
"Have to say it was a leap of faith sending my old iphone off to you. However, all my fears proved unfounded. A great service. I think I got a reasonable price for the phone and it was all hassle free. I will definitely recommend you." - Sasha from London (Order No. M4393897) 08-02-2011
"Brilliant. Cheque sent very quickly and kept informed every step. Would use again and will reccomend to all my friends." - Aileen from Aberdeenshire (Order No. M4380314) 08-02-2011
"Excellent service, really faultless thank you" - libi from Surrey (Order No. M4380764) 07-02-2011
"easy, fast and efficent.Thankyou" - jacqueline from Somerset (Order No. M4383756) 07-02-2011
"Brilliant service. A good price achieved for mobiles. Went on-line to place order on Wednesday, packs arrived Thursday and sent off and cheque received Saturday.

Well done Mazuma and thanks for the cash." - Jim from Hertfordshire (Order No. M4394654) 07-02-2011
"I`ve just received your e-mail, telling me that my cheque has been posted, after processing my order. I thank you for doing that, I think this is a great way of recycling, as well as getting money for your old phone. A lot more people should recycle this way!" - steven Charles from Glamorgan (Order No. M4396756) 07-02-2011
"A very well "oiled" process.

If only other websites could learn to follow suit." - Simon from Lancashire (Order No. M4396621) 07-02-2011
"The sevice is always prompt and reliable i ill never use another trade in service if if they are offeeing more money for the phone.
Thanks Mazuma" - kerry from Wiltshire (Order No. M4397351) 07-02-2011
"Excellent service. Hassle free and the money was paid into my account super quick. Can't find any faults with Mazuma at all.Many thanks." - Stephen from Warwickshire (Order No. M4401345) 07-02-2011
"Excellent Service, I posted my phone at 10.30am saturday and the funds were in my account by 3pm Monday. I would certainly use this service again." - Denise from Hertfordshire (Order No. M4391140) 07-02-2011
"Just wanted to say how easy it was to sell my old phone - everything went so smoothly. Received freepost bag on Thursday, sent back on Friday, received money into my bank by lunchtime Monday. Thanks guys! :)" - Samantha from Glamorgan (Order No. M4392117) 07-02-2011
"Really brilliant service! easy to use, was sent freepost envelope the next day and recieved payment 2 days later! really easy to use and efficient! would use again!" - Rebecca from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M4388971) 07-02-2011
"1st time av dealt with yourseives brilliant service will be back thankyou" - sandra from Lanarkshire (Order No. M4395655) 07-02-2011
"Great service,the whole transaction was completed in a few days & I was kept fully informed all the time. I would have no hesitation in dealing with you in future.
Thank you
A very satisfied customer
" - Sally from Surrey (Order No. M4393673) 07-02-2011
"Brilliant company!- A must use!

Signed up and sold my phone online. Received paperwork and bag the next day. Sent my phone on a Friday and received emails of receipt and approval on Monday and cheque sent the same day!!

The whole process was so simple, information and guidence at every step. Valuble info came with the postage bag. The website is nice and straight forward, so simple to use.

Mazuma has competitve prices and extras such as their data delete tool which I used.

Without a doubt I will use again and deffinatley reccomend. I can't find a simple fault! Fabulous serivc" - Emily from Sussex (Order No. M4390570) 07-02-2011
"A very speedy service and totally satisfied withthe money i got for my phone.
Thanks Mazuma !!" - Paul from Warwickshire (Order No. M4396841) 07-02-2011
"Excellent service again - cant be faulted." - David from Northamptonshire (Order No. M4396090) 07-02-2011
"once again you have done what you state on the tin. I hear complaints about other companies that deal with phones like yourselves. I always tell them that they should deal with mazuma. I have never had a problem. very well done and thank you for the prompt turnaround. I now await my cheque which you say is in the post. brilliant. Thank you" - Norman from Oxfordshire (Order No. M4389493) 07-02-2011
"So easy and straightforward. Amazing! Well done!" - Jarek from Northumberland (Order No. M4380224) 07-02-2011
"Absolutely brilliant service!! I sent three phone and an extra phone i thought was not working just to recycle it and Mazuma paid me for it 19.99!!.. excellent , quick AND honest!! WOW" - barbara from Lancashire (Order No. M4390177) 06-02-2011
"Absolutely fantastic service! I'd read scare stories about folk not getting the amount they'd been quoted from other companies and chose Mazuma as they offered free return if that was the case. No need, I got top price really quickly. I will definitely recommend to others and use Mazuma again!" - Chris from Midlothian (Order No. M4363671) 06-02-2011
"Fantastic service, The Cheque was here so fast - very happy customer" - Stephen from Surrey (Order No. M4385502) 06-02-2011
"Really great service, very efficient and easy. Its exactly as you describe- I will highly recommend you to others." - Jayne from Cheshire (Order No. M4384558) 06-02-2011
"What a fantastic idea for a company.
Great service, everyone is happy & I was kept completely informed throughout this quite & simple process.

Brilliant - thank you MAZUMA.
:0)" - Lisa from Berkshire (Order No. M4390013) 05-02-2011
"Absolutely 100% great service - as all internet transactions should be, and so few are. Exactly what you said you'd do, promptly and with lots of information. Thank you - an absolute pleasure." - Matt from Middlesex (Order No. M4393096) 05-02-2011
"very fast service,thanks very much ! :)" - laura from Monmouthshire (Order No. M4383954) 05-02-2011
"excellent service will use again," - michael from bedfordshire (Order No. M4382952) 05-02-2011
"Thank you. The whole process was very quick and efficient." - Alexandra from London (Order No. M4359246) 05-02-2011
"very fast and hassle free way to make money on your old mobile phone" - tara from west midlands (Order No. M4384992) 05-02-2011
"thanks Mazuma - everything you promised is true - easy quick and reliable" - Clare from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M4382894) 05-02-2011
"No hassle. Absolutely seamless. Thanks" - katharine from Kent (Order No. M4381482) 05-02-2011
"excellent service. Easy to follow instructions and really quick. Thanks" - Fay from Somerset (Order No. M4371496) 05-02-2011
"Could not believe how quick and easy my order was processed. Top Job!!! Posted mobile on the Tue had cheque in hand on Thurs morning. Will def use your site again." - Jo from glasgow (Order No. M4374798) 05-02-2011
"Very very impressed with the service.... 48 hours after popping my phone in the post box a cheque arrived on my door mat!! Can not believe how quick and easy the whole transaction was.... Well done Mazuma! " - Amanda from Essex (Order No. M4375011) 05-02-2011
"Excellent turnaround and easy to use system. I will recommend to friends!" - Sarah from Merseyside (Order No. M4385176) 05-02-2011
"Excellent service. " - David from Derbyshire (Order No. M4378802) 05-02-2011
"very fast in recieveing the vouvher and a very good service " - Hope from Hampshire (Order No. M4336093) 05-02-2011
"Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Fast, efficient and very friendly. The whole process took less than a week.
Thanks! " - James from Kent (Order No. M4382542) 05-02-2011
"Very fast service...i did my order online on the Wednesday they sent me the free post bag on Thursday which I filled with my phone sent back the same day they emailed me Friday to say they had my phone and had sent my chequebook in the post which I deceived on Saturday...i am very pleased with mazuma andwill use it again and recommend to friends. Thank you xxx" - sarah from Cheshire (Order No. M4392029) 05-02-2011
"very impressed smooth operation, thanks will tell all my friends about mazuma. Gerda Evans" - Gerda from Cheshire (Order No. M4391033) 05-02-2011
"I have sold 3 phones to you now and have had no problems in any way will recommend that everyone sells to you " - Karen from Warwickshire (Order No. M4391200) 04-02-2011
"Brill just like your advert said, thank you." - Mark from Flintshire (Order No. M4383561) 04-02-2011
"I posted my phone on Wednesday late afternoon and money was in my bank account on Thursday at 6pm. Excellent service. I wish all traders were half as good. 5*" - Angela from Derry (Order No. M4382722) 04-02-2011
"Very easy to use, emails at each stage confirmed what was happening, assessment of my phone and full payment of the amount listed on the website was very quick. Very satisfied customer!" - Sophie from Glamorgan (Order No. M4378253) 04-02-2011
"brilliant thanks" - mandy from oxon (Order No. M4383059) 04-02-2011
"Excellent service - clear instructions and the whole process was very fast." - Linda from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M4387043) 04-02-2011
"Brilliant service. So quick and easy. Would definitely use you again. Many many thanks." - Jo from Glamorgan (Order No. M4390210) 04-02-2011
"Excellent service, fast and professional" - peter from Gloucestershire (Order No. M4381577) 04-02-2011
"I am very impressed with the service and ease with which the entire process was carried out. I was a tad apprehensive about the undertaking but I would not hesitate to recommend Mazuma Mobile in the future. Many thanks." - Joanne from Northamptonshire (Order No. M4389749) 04-02-2011
"A brilliant service! I sent the phone yesterday at 5 pm and received money next day at 5pm. Thanks great service!" - Henna from Essex (Order No. M4391563) 04-02-2011
"Excellent service - very quick turnround. Received my cheque 2 days after sending the phone. Will definitely use your site again." - Carolyn from Essex (Order No. M4379885) 04-02-2011
"Superb, Absoloutely brilliant couldnt have asked for better i sent it on thursday and the sent the cheque on the friday absoloutely brilliant :D" - Sam from Essex (Order No. M4370231) 04-02-2011
"Very good service thank you very much" - Roger from KENT (Order No. M4369725) 04-02-2011
"Fantastic service, rapid payment - highest price offered, will definitely use you again and recommend.

Many thanks" - Tim from Cheshire (Order No. M4388009) 04-02-2011
"Fantastic service with great communication." - Michelle from Warwickshire (Order No. M4358358) 04-02-2011
"Wow what a great service.... :-)
All done within the week very impressive will defo use again and recommend to others." - Emma from Dorset (Order No. M4381626) 04-02-2011
"Great service from start to finish. Far simpler than I had anticipated, and very fast payment." - Nigel from Warwickshire (Order No. M4373833) 04-02-2011
"Fantastic service! Thanks very much." - jonathan from Cheshire (Order No. M4394524) 04-02-2011
"If you want to sell your phone then I highly recomend Mazuma. From start to finish the service is easy to us and extremely efficient. Pre-paid envelope received in two days and order processed within two days of posting it back. They are now my first choice to sell my phone and I hope you will make them yours too." - Chris from Cornwall (Order No. M4381031) 04-02-2011
"great speedy honest service, took 3 and a half days from signing up online to the money hitting my account. would highly recomend the service. way less hastle than any auction site." - kelly from Northumberland (Order No. M4394197) 04-02-2011
"Very impressed with the company. Good price paid. Excellent service. Very quick responses.Quick money transer. Would highly reccoment to friends and family. Ten outta Ten" - Uday from Middlesex (Order No. M4392382) 04-02-2011
"Brilliant service, rec'd cheque within 48 hours, I'd researched the different options and went with Mazuma as they got the best reviews - well deserved" - Debbie from Antrim (Order No. M4380418) 04-02-2011
"Thanks for the service " Faster than a speeding bullet '

a good advert would be " Wanted dead or alive ' we want your old phone

great service. Thanks " - Ivan from n/a (Order No. MM4394471) 04-02-2011
"thought the whole service was excellent and very fast " - samantha from Lancashire (Order No. M4366118) 04-02-2011
"Excellent service, easy to use, very quick and very professional will definatley be using this service again in the future x" - Laura-marie from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M4387576) 03-02-2011
"Thankyou for a quick responce. Will to others about you, I will also us you again. Thankyou." - Graham from Yorkshire (Order No. M4383917) 03-02-2011
"The standards of service provided by Mazuma's team were first-rate, but the transaction was spoilt somewhat by Royal Mail who took 7 days to deliver my phone to Mazuma. Despite this, I will certainly use Mazuma again, but next time I will send my old mobile to Mazuma by insured Special Delivery to avoid potential delays and risk of loss." - Andrew from Worcestershire (Order No. M4369164) 03-02-2011
"Excellent service. Mazuma make it all very easy. Fast disposal and even faster payment. Highly recommended." - Ken from Yorkshire (Order No. M4382754) 03-02-2011
"Absolutely great service. Posted the phone on Friday and got the cheque on Wednesday. Have used a different company before and they cannot be compared. Thank you so much and definitely recommend you to other people." - Vanessa from Essex (Order No. M4375634) 03-02-2011
"This was a very quick process, they gave me a price within seconds and i had my cheque within 2 days. Was not expecting it to be that quick , thanks would defiantly use again. " - Michael from Warwickshire (Order No. M4376333) 03-02-2011
"Simple, fast, effective, efficient,user-friendly - just an excellent service in every way. My wife and I are very impressed! Many thanks." - Bill from Perthshire (Order No. M4386551) 03-02-2011
"Completely awesome service. Posted the phones and within 24 hours had the money in my bank account. Great ! " - Steven from Middlesex (Order No. M4377551) 03-02-2011
"this is a great site and fast production. i would recomend it to anyone" - kirstie from Sussex (Order No. M4379825) 03-02-2011
"HI i found this site very easy to use and also communication is very good through the transaction
Thankyou" - Andy from Gloucestershire (Order No. M4392263) 03-02-2011
"I really appreciate the service offered by Mazuma, I have now used this ~ 3 times and find it very easy, quick and efficient to use, my Teenaged children will be sending their old phones shortly too. Thanks" - Darren from Cheshire (Order No. M4379837) 03-02-2011
"Fantastic service- all done and dusted within 24 hours. " - Sally from Lancashire (Order No. M4393957) 03-02-2011
" sent phone yesterday by special delivery got text today all fine no problems ,so easy would happily use again thanks mazuma" - karl from Lancashire (Order No. M4386786) 03-02-2011
"Superb service, posted phone on Wednesday and money in bank following day, would reccomend to any one thinking of selling old phones." - peter from n/a (Order No. M43647777) 03-02-2011
"first time used this service. just as the add said . the sevice i recieved is fantastice and fast thank you very much and will use again .....thanks kevin" - kevin from Lancashire (Order No. M4377397) 03-02-2011
"First time I have ever used maxima, what a fantastic service! I sent my phone on the Saturday special delivery and received my cheque on the Tuesday. You can't beat that !!!" - Jo-ann from Somerset (Order No. M4355780) 03-02-2011
"Hi Mazuma mobile. im not impressed easily these days but i must say your service is something else. I only posted the phone yesterday, I got an email this morning to say you had recieved it. Its now 4.30pm & you have deposited the money in my bank.
I will certainly be using your service again & would recommend it to anyone. many thanks" - traci from Staffordshire (Order No. M4373418) 03-02-2011
"Great service and very fast. Would defo use again and tell friends to." - michelle from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M4383318) 03-02-2011
"Faultless service. Fast postage on the packaging and te cheque. You should be called zoomzooma! Thank you" - Joanne from STAFFORDSHIRE (Order No. M4386789) 03-02-2011
"thankyou for processing my phone so quickly. Fast delivery and very good service." - Claire from London (Order No. M4382095) 03-02-2011
" a very fast and efficient service will recomend it to others" - ray from Kent (Order No. M4384966) 03-02-2011
"So quick easy and convieninent, recieved the price promised within about 3 days start to finish, very happy " - Lindsey from Lancashire (Order No. M4357550) 03-02-2011
"very impressed with how simple the process is.
very impressed with how long the whole process had taken from typing in details about my phone to receiving my check (literally a couple of days).
recommended to anyone selling a phone for a quick sell.

cheers!" - matthew from Yorkshire (Order No. M4384086) 03-02-2011
"i am so happy with how quick things went through and will defo be telling friends about this site thanks:)" - keeley from Lancashire (Order No. M4371998) 03-02-2011
"i would like to inform i am very inpressed with this website.The website is quick and successful. I would recommormend this to a friend, and plus i will deferaintly be using thi website more often.

thanks mazuma " - Matthew from Lancashire (Order No. M4391123) 03-02-2011
"Quick, simple and convenient.

I would definitely use Mazuma again." - Elle from Surrey (Order No. M4371343) 02-02-2011
"Found your service excellent, this is the 2nd time I have used your service and would definately recommend you. Very fast and efficient.

Thank You" - Claire from west midlands (Order No. M4385867) 02-02-2011
"Couldn't ask for a better service, did exactly what it said on the tin. Payment the same day as receipt of my old phone. Would definitely use them again. " - Simon from Clackmannanshire (Order No. M4373226) 02-02-2011
"many thanks,recieved cheque today,very pleased with the service,will use again and recommend to friends and family." - madge from Dorset (Order No. M4376194) 02-02-2011
"excellent service so quick and easy many thanks" - thomas from Warwickshire (Order No. M4372419) 02-02-2011
"Just completed my second order with Mazuma and wanted to thank you once again for a very fast and efficient service. Well done, keep up the good work!" - Carla from Antrim (Order No. M4369653) 02-02-2011
"Great Fast Service. Bag came next day posted and sale conformation the next.
Excellent service and will be sure to use next time :-)" - Paul from Worcestershire (Order No. M4386636) 02-02-2011
"well what can i say but wow, i only posted the phones yesterday afternoon and less than 24 hours later the money is in my account....excellent!!!!" - nichola from lancashire (Order No. M4377749) 02-02-2011
"Sent the phone yesterday by special delivery which cost me £5 however the package is insured for up to £500 and it gets there the next day and as the phone was a iPhone it was worth it and by dinner today the money was is my account, super super fast thank you for the service." - Mark from Staffordshire (Order No. M4382142) 02-02-2011
"Excellent service, would highly recommend Mazuma.

Thankyou :)" - Christopher from Norfolk (Order No. M4377270) 02-02-2011
"Fantastic Service, have told all my friends, Could not fault in anyway.will be sure to use you again SPOT ON" - Tina from Somerset (Order No. M4379279) 02-02-2011
"Second time I have used Mazuma, first time I traded for Argos Vouchers but this time as the Fast Payment option had been introduced I used that. Recieved my envelope within 48 hours, sent it off and received payment straight into our bank account the very next day! Extremely fast and satisfying service and the email notifications throughout were fantastic! All in Excellent service! Would definately deal again & will recommend in the future! Thank You Very Much!" - Lisa from Lancashire (Order No. M4381038) 02-02-2011
"What an excellent service. Simple and effective! I placed the sale order on Monday, the return bags were here Tuesday, sent Tuesday and on Wednesday the payment was confirmed. Easy! Great service 10/10" - Matthew from Berkshire (Order No. M4386304) 02-02-2011
"Best price, extremely efficient, quick payment!
I would recommend Mazuma.
Thanks" - Christopher from Oxfordshire (Order No. M4362329) 02-02-2011
"was reading up on martin lewis site, were was best to sell your phones, they was other who offered a few pounds more, but had loads negative feedback, mazuma stood out by far the best. went online filled my old phones in, was happy with the price. the next day envelope turned up. posted it off and recieved email following day to say they recieved it and another email to say cheque sent off. couldnt of gone any more smoother, i will defo be usuing them again and have already told my friends about them. one very happy customer" - julie from Yorkshire (Order No. M4381548) 02-02-2011
"Great service, really fast payment. Many thanks! " - mark from Surrey (Order No. M4381785) 02-02-2011
"Great service! I was really surprised at how easy it was - and how quick - you guys don't mess around!!
Thanks." - Kirstin from Middlesex (Order No. M4376556) 02-02-2011
"Order complete and payment received within 3 days of initial request. Fabulous service. Thanks." - Nicola from Derbyshire (Order No. M4382188) 02-02-2011
"thank you for your prompt service" - barry from Durham (Order No. M4380909) 02-02-2011
"Mega fast transaction and could not of been easier and a great price.
HIGHLY RECOMMEND 100%" - Alan from Yorkshire (Order No. M4374965) 02-02-2011
"Fantastic! I found the whole process incredibly easy and straightforward and the money in my account so quickly! A very efficient service. Thank you!" - Elaine from Warwickshire (Order No. M4383031) 02-02-2011
"Superbly easy, fast & efficient service. From posting my old handset to receiving the money - less than 48 hours! Impressive, will recommend to friends!" - Kathryn from Yorkshire (Order No. M4382465) 02-02-2011

Thank you for a great service and I'll recomend you to all my friends." - Debbie from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M4363304) 02-02-2011
"It was a great option to choose your website and send to you my phone. Your informations on e-mail and quick service is superb ;) Thank you ." - Kamil from Huntingdonshire (Order No. M4380298) 02-02-2011
"we were very pleased with the quick service and all the information you all provided to help us complete quickly" - michael from Surrey (Order No. M4361158) 02-02-2011
"This is the second time i have recycled old phones through Mazuma and again recieved a prompt and professional service.Posted phones on Monday, and the money was in the bank by Wednesday. Fast and efficent service that i would hightly reccommend. Your company is a credit to internet shopping. Web page easily navigated, with various choices on payment options.
Please feel free to use any of the comments in your advertising." - andrew from west lothian (Order No. M4374743) 02-02-2011
"Absolutely fantastic service! Quick efficient and do exactly what you say. It has been a long time since I have found or recieved service as good as this. First class." - Claire from Cheshire (Order No. M4346741) 02-02-2011
"Excellent service, posted package on Friday, email received on Monday to confirm order being processed. Email received Monday pm to confirm cheque sent. Cheque received on Tuesday morning. Brilliant service" - Catherine from Cheshire (Order No. M4346260) 02-02-2011
"Really good efficient process. Would definetley use again" - Onkar from West Midlands (Order No. M4368599) 02-02-2011
"Excellent service again. Would highly recommend Mazuma." - Sharon from Yorkshire (Order No. M4370698) 01-02-2011
"Very pleased with The service provided.
Thanks" - Rueben from Derbyshire (Order No. M4378884) 01-02-2011
"Simple,efficient,no fuss. Thanks Mazuma for a job well done. I'll recommend you to friends." - Glenn from Derbyshire (Order No. M4370140) 01-02-2011
"This is the second time I have sold phones to Mazuma, they are one of the most efficient companies I have ever dealt with.
Thank You
Mazumamazing." - Ross from Dorset (Order No. M4375703) 01-02-2011
"Fantastic and efficient service! thanks guys " - Karen from n/a (Order No. MM4363508) 01-02-2011
"excellent service.and fairprice.will use again" - michele from Northumberland (Order No. M4373182) 01-02-2011
"Very fast turn round of the order, money in the bank in a couple of days. Would highly recomend." - ELIZABETH from Derbyshire (Order No. M4369208) 01-02-2011
"I was very wary about posting my Iphone to Mazuma when they promised me £210 for it, sounded too good to be true! I was amazed at the service. posted the phone on Saturday morning and the money was in my bank account on Tuesday. Kept updated all the time by e-mail. thank you Mazuma, highly recommended." - Paul from Durham (Order No. M4373697) 01-02-2011
"Outstanding. Can hardly believe how swift and easy the whole process was. Will recommend you far and wide." - Struan from Clackmannanshire (Order No. M4374916) 01-02-2011
"amazing service, soooo quick would defo reccommend to anyone.

Many Thanks Mazuma" - zara from co down (Order No. M4361648) 01-02-2011
"Superfast service - excellent communication!!
Definitely use Mazuma again and would recommend to a friend! Many Thanks!!" - Lisa from Lincolnshire (Order No. M4387598) 01-02-2011
"3rd time using Mazuma had brillant and quick service all 3 times." - lena from essex (Order No. M4370841) 01-02-2011
"Sent the phone Monday, got paid Tuesday. Ridiculously speedy. Thanks Mazuma! :D" - Jay from Hampshire (Order No. M4383687) 01-02-2011
"got exactly the price quoted its now time to dig out the rest of our mobiles " - george from East Lothian (Order No. M4383625) 01-02-2011
"Excellent service. Website very easy to use, postal pack arrived very promptly and money paid into my account immediately. Really pleased with Mazuma, will use again and recommend. " - Sue from Gloucestershire (Order No. M4366364) 01-02-2011
WILL USE AGAIN +++" - ANTHONY from Surrey (Order No. M4374450) 01-02-2011
"Thanks very much for my payment, it was so easy to do and hassle, and fast payment. Brilliant. " - Simeon from Staffordshire (Order No. M4368697) 01-02-2011
"Fast efficient service, payment paid into bank with 2 days of posting, well done." - Alan from Ayrshire (Order No. M4378549) 01-02-2011
"Cheque arrived today, whole transaction no more than a few days. Does exactly what it says on the tin. " - Sean from Stirlingshire (Order No. M4372003) 01-02-2011
"Posted it saturday knowing it wouldn't leave the post office till monday paid by tuesday dunno what time didn't finish work till half nine got home looked online money in bank happy days thats been fantastic service twice now thank you :) " - david from west sussex (Order No. M4375539) 01-02-2011

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