Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

November 2007

"A first class service, cannot praise you enough." - John from Cleveland (Order No. M160996) 01-11-2007
"Excellent service, I only wish that I had discovered you sooner, Will pass on your details to all my friends." - Martin from Perthshire (Order No. M180367) 01-11-2007
"Brilliant service and easy to use thanks." - Paul from Edinburgh (Order No. M172183) 01-11-2007
"Fantastic service. Very prompt delivery and payment and I will recommend your site to my friends." - Amanda from Somerset (Order No. M167574) 01-11-2007
"Very simple, quick and cost free to submit and send phones. Helpful people on the phone also and cheque sent within a matter of a couple of days. Very impressed and would definitely use again." - Glenn from West Sussex (Order No. M170566) 01-11-2007
"Have sold phones before but this was the fastest, most efficient experience yet. Will sell through Mazuma again, if the price is right!!!" - Peter from Dorset (Order No. M172381) 01-11-2007
"It's easy, why have I had all of those old phones in the drawers? Thank you." - Steven from Durham (Order No. M186604) 01-11-2007
"Excellent service, fast efficient service, would definitely use again." - Mark from Warrington (Order No. M179003) 01-11-2007
"Fantastic. Great to do business with. Easy and would recommend." - Leanne from North Lincolnshire (Order No. M173492) 01-11-2007
"A Great Quick Service, Start to Finish. Will definitely use again." - Linda from Aberdeenshire (Order No. M179762) 01-11-2007
"I posted the mobile off on the 5th November and received the cheque on the 10th November - And I forgot to put the delivery note in the bag! Very efficient and prompt service - I shall be recommending you to friends, colleagues and family" - Peter from London (Order No. M180378) 01-11-2007
"The service was fast and problem free. I like the tracking system online and I will recommend you to friends and family. However, the envelope is a bit flimsy and maybe enclose a bit of bubble rap would help. Thanks for the great service." - Khalilur from Manchester (Order No. M183744) 01-11-2007
"Thanks for everything." - Pouyan from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M188661) 01-11-2007
"Excellent service. Really easy to use and fantastic prices for your phones and above all else environmentally friendly! :) Thanks for an awesome service....I look forward to my cheque :)" - Kian from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M184272) 01-11-2007
"If only everything in life was this simple. Magic." - Mark from Lanarkshire (Order No. M187000) 01-11-2007
"Hi there, I have used your service twice this month and I have received payment within a few days. Many thanks and I will tell my friends and family." - Amy from East Yorkshire (Order No. M185471) 01-11-2007
"Haven't got the money yet but assuming that small detail happens in the next 7 days then I can congratulate Mazuma on an excellent, smooth and friendly operation offering a very competitive price for your old unwanted phones. Well done." - Anthony from Bath (Order No. M184789) 01-11-2007
"I thought a web site could write there own testimonials but how wrong I am, this company has been so quick and easy to sell my 7 old mobile phones, ordered on web site on 6th Nov, acknowledgement by email same day, postage bag came on 7th, I posted on 8th, acknowledgement by email on 9th, cheque arrived on 12th, FANTASTIC wish other companies out there were as good." - Chris from East Sussux (Order No. M187121) 01-11-2007
"Thanks for the cheque which I got today for my old phone. What a great service. Keep it up. I'll use your service in future." - Hugh from Midothian (Order No. M179751) 01-11-2007
"Thank you for your fast and effective service. I have been impressed with Mazuma, the start to the finish. To be given an amount of money for something that was not being used and that can be recycled is great for all parties and the environment." - Ben from Bath (Order No. M166617) 01-11-2007
"Fantastic level of service. Honest, trustworthy and a pleasure to deal with. Thank you." - Hilary from Carmarthenshire (Order No. M177892) 01-11-2007
"I could not believe it when I came across this website. They were willing to pay for my broken phone?? So quick n easy and within a few days the money was in my bank. £13 for a BROKEN old Sony. Thank you Mazuma." - Daniel from Worcestershire (Order No. M176902) 01-11-2007
"I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the way you dealt with my order, there was a problem with my handset and this changed my order. I was very happy with the way this was dealt with. Thanks!" - Michael from Essex (Order No. M183997) 01-11-2007
"First class service. Will recommend to everyone. Fast and sooooo easy. Thanks for the cheque!!!" - Jacquelyn from Hampshire (Order No. M185185) 01-11-2007
"Great service would use again." - John from Worcestershire (Order No. M182732) 01-11-2007
"Hi Mazuma, Thank you for sending my money through the post. The turnaround, me receiving the bag to posting my phone off, to opening the letter this morning was extremely quick! I will be sending all my phones to you guys in the future! Thank you." - William from Hertfordshire (Order No. M192082) 01-11-2007
"Very happy with the quick service, and your email updates! Only, I was a bit concerned about the thin freepost envelope. I wouldn't trust it to ship a phone in one piece. Also would have liked to send you all the additional cables and items. But overall very satisfied. Hope the money gets in fast too." - Stefanie from London (Order No. M195437) 01-11-2007
"This is a great website and you guys are a lot more reasonable than other mobile recycling websites. Thanks very much." - Craig from Bristol (Order No. M186483) 01-11-2007
"Amazing speedy, simple and no hassle involved. A first class service. Many thanks Mazuma. Will recommend to friends." - Paul from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M194986) 01-11-2007
"A fast a reliable service. Quick payment and good customer service. Would definitely recommend. Thanks." - James from Norfolk (Order No. M182094) 01-11-2007
"Have just received my cheque today. I would like to say that mazuma was everything they said it would be; simple to use, quick and friendly. Thank you very much." - Allan from Cleveland (Order No. M183304) 01-11-2007
"This service is very good. Somebody recommended this but I never tried but now I have its fast and good." - Rufsana from Mid Glamorgan (Order No. M192940) 01-11-2007
"Hi team. A belated but nonetheless sincere note to say thanks for your cheque and to commend you on such a prompt, efficient, friendly and easy-to-use process. I am VERY impressed." - Julian from Kent (Order No. M169609) 01-11-2007
"Speedy, quick hassle free service. Will recommend site to friends and family in the future and have no worries about using site again myself. Thank you." - Alison from Cheshire (Order No. M189387) 01-11-2007
"Excellent service, able to monitor my order, start to completion. Thank you." - Hubert from Armagh (Order No. M189926) 01-11-2007
"I would like to thank you very much for sending me the cheque for my handset order. As I am very impressed with the service, I will be using it again and contacting you soon. Many thanks." - Candice from London (Order No. M184437) 01-11-2007
"Brilliant service - very quick and simple to use. Have told my friends." - Jo from Surrey (Order No. M182853) 01-11-2007
"Very impressed by ease of use and timely information. I would definitely recommend you and will use you again as and when the need arises." - Steffan from Rhondda Cynon Taff (Order No. M186582) 01-11-2007
"I'm delighted at how quick it all was and to receive money for phones I didn't use any more. Thanks." - James from Merseyside (Order No. M197516) 01-11-2007
"Nice smooth fast transaction, would use again, and recommend to others." - Harry from Down (Order No. M196592) 01-11-2007
"Very speedy service - thanks very much for a very smooth transaction!" - Helen from Middlesex (Order No. M183986) 01-11-2007
"Very efficient service with excellent communication. A***" - Rebecca from Bedfordshire (Order No. M200453) 01-11-2007
"This is the 2nd time I've sold a mobile on your site and the 1st time was easy enough, but even more simple a 2nd one! If I come across any more phones, I won't hesitate to sell on your website again and again." - Diane from County Down (Order No. M199034) 01-11-2007
"Thanks for purchasing my mobile. I also would to thank you for my previous 6 mobiles that I sent to you." - Bernard from London (Order No. M195514) 01-11-2007
"I have just sold two mobile phones through you and I have to say the whole process was incredibly easy and fast. It was a pleasure dealing with you." - Lorraine from Cheshire (Order No. M193875) 01-11-2007
"I was a bit apprehensive about using a site like this to sell a phone but I went ahead and just to let you know I've been extremely impressed with how fast things have been and with how your prices compare to other websites. I will definitely be recommending you to friends. I have nothing bad to say about the service you provide. Thank you very much Mazuma Mobile!" - Bethany from West Yorkshire (Order No. M200552) 01-11-2007
"Hi Everyone, Received my cheque today (Fri. 23 Nov) I've found your service easy to use, quick and efficient. Many Thanks." - Michael from West Midlands (Order No. M197934) 01-11-2007
"Easy peesy and hassle free - would def use you again ! Many thanks for your efficiency." - Emma from Surrey (Order No. M198539) 01-11-2007
"Very quick and prompt service with cheque arriving within 6 days of first request to sell phone. Great would recommend to everyone." - Tanya from Essex (Order No. M203643) 01-11-2007
"Great excellent fast service. Very impressed!" - Karen from Kent (Order No. M206723) 01-11-2007
"Absolutely brilliant idea. With technology constantly changing, this was an ideal way to recycle my old phones plus get something in return. Efficient and friendly service (would have been faster had I got details of one of the phones correct in the first place!). Well done - have passed your name onto several friends." - Sue from Norfolk (Order No. M182974) 01-11-2007
"Really brilliant service - quick, easy AND reliable. Thank you Mazuma!" - Catherine from Lancashire (Order No. M183612) 01-11-2007
"Thank you for your payment for my phones., posting the phones in the free post envelopes to receiving my cheque 7 days in total. Thanks." - Martyn from South Yorkshire (Order No. M194293) 01-11-2007
"Fantastic Service, quick payment.. Better than having my old phone hanging around the house." - Victoria from South Yorkshire (Order No. M208637) 01-11-2007
"Been using Mazuma Mobile for 3 month now for our association and the service is great, the best online company you could use and if your collecting for a association or business. Mazuma can do cheques out to them and not to yourself, which is a great help in keeping everything in order." - Nicholas from Devon (Order No. M212432) 01-11-2007
"Mazuma that was quick. Any other old phones I will be sending them to you for you are quick. Keep up the great work you do and thank you." - Matthew from Northlanarkshire (Order No. M209297) 01-11-2007

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