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Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

June 2007

"Thank you for sending my cheque so quickly. Received it today, paid it in my bank toward our holiday." - Christina from Hampshire (Order No. M75317) 01-06-2007
"Simple and efficient,didn't have to wait long." - Paul from Bedfordshire (Order No. M77693) 01-06-2007
"I'm so impressed! I received my cheque today, that's about a 2 week turnaround, when I initially submitted my email order. The service has been fantastic, and so quick! When I had a query over the telephone, the staff were helpful, friendly & polite. Why can't more businesses be like this these days?! I shall definitely be recommending you!" - Elaine from London (Order No. M72644) 01-06-2007
"Very fast service, chq received within a week of posting phone! Thanks." - Gill from Manchester (Order No. M71995) 01-06-2007
"So easy to do. Wish I'd heard about this long ago. Many thanks,I have been passing the info along to many others." - Judith from London (Order No. M80773) 01-06-2007
"Hi, received my cheque yesterday, thank you. I'll be honest, I was a bit skeptical but it was really easy... and I got the cheque a week after I had registered my phone with you. You offered the best price for my phone compared to other websites. Service was brilliant, quick and above a piece of cake!!! Thank you once again and I most certainly will be back." - Gary from West Midlands (Order No. M79805) 01-06-2007
"Thought your website was too good to be true. Sent my old phone and had my cheque in a matter of days. Highly recommended." - Colin from Glasgow (Order No. M59580) 01-06-2007
"I have used your service several times now. Very happy. Better service and prices than all the others. Highly recommended." - Samantha from Liverpool (Order No. M81044) 01-06-2007
"I found this a very straight forward user friendly service." - Jennifer from London (Order No. M78936) 01-06-2007
"I have recycled about 5 or 6 phones now and the service has been great. No long waiting times. Professional service all the way. Thanks very much!" - Dillon from West Yorkshire (Order No. M83061) 01-06-2007
"Very easy,start to finish and very fast service." - Stephen from Middlesex (Order No. M84260) 01-06-2007
"Service is fast and friendly. I will certainly come to you in the future to recycle my old phones I have already recommended you to friends and work mates. Thank you." - Helen from London (Order No. M79926) 01-06-2007
"What a great service! All communication was super quick, and cheque arrived within 2 days of sending the phone. I will be recommending you to everyone. Many Thanks." - Arlette from Surrey (Order No. M82071) 01-06-2007
"An excellent, easy and fast service. Thanks very much." - Nina from Hertfordshire (Order No. M81136) 01-06-2007
"A pleasure to find this gem of a service! So quick and easy to do,and I can't find a catch :) Will definitely recommend this site to friends and family! Thank you Mazuma." - Rachael from Dundee (Order No. M83105) 01-06-2007
"Excellent service again - quick and efficient with plenty of communication updating me on the progress of the order. Thank you." - Kate from Berkshire (Order No. M85998) 01-06-2007
"Very speedy. I got the money very quickly. Thanks." - Martin from Wiltshire (Order No. M48138) 01-06-2007
"Excellent service. Within 2 days of sending off the phones we had confirmation of payment. Will definitely be recommending your company to other people." - Patricia from Surrey (Order No. M87087) 01-06-2007
"Great service, simple and quick. Thank You." - Alvin from Lancashire (Order No. M91861) 01-06-2007
"Great service, beginning to end!! Will recommend to friends and family." - Mark from Essex (Order No. M92345) 01-06-2007
"Excellent service would use again." - Simon from Berkshire (Order No. M91410) 01-06-2007
"Great, fast service! Received more money than expected as you classed my D500 with missing button as working. Thanks for your honesty and generosity. Will definitely recommend to all my friends." - Peter from Nottingham (Order No. M90851) 01-06-2007
"Cheque received within four days. Very fast service and good payout. Would recommend Mazuma to others. Thank you." - Brian from Dundee (Order No. M89430) 01-06-2007
"Very good service we will use you again. Thanks." - Michele from Merseyside (Order No. M94699) 01-06-2007

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