Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

August 2007

"Excellent service, honest and straightforward. Had cheque within a week and would highly recommend this service to all." - Paul from Worcestershire (Order No. M112761) 01-08-2007
"Very efficient and prompt service. Phones were picked up by DHL as requested; acknowledgement of receipt of phones was sent by email and a cheque for the full amount was received all within 4 days. Thank you." - Clarissa from Edinburgh (Order No. M116710) 01-08-2007
"Third phone I've sold to you and service has been exceptional each time. Thank you!" - Sue from Birmingham (Order No. M114973) 01-08-2007
"Excellent service, friendly and informative when telephoned. Keep on recycling!" - Vicky from Gloucester (Order No. M113828) 01-08-2007
"Excellent service in every way. Thank you." - Sharon from North Yorkshire (Order No. M108790) 01-08-2007
"Very easy and quick, despite the postage strikes." - Krystal from Merseyside (Order No. M114257) 01-08-2007
"9 days! Count'em - 9 days, pillar to post, that's, the moment I placed my order to when I received my cheque. Class Act Mazuma, congratulations!" - Gary from Surrey (Order No. M121737) 01-08-2007
"Excellent service, well done and thanks." - Stephen from Dorset (Order No. M121099) 01-08-2007
"I found the service simple and straightfoward to use. Was pleased it processed quickly. Will recommend the website to friends. Thank you." - Richard from Surrey (Order No. M124674) 01-08-2007
"Great service, fast and reliable, you've got my business." - Andrew from Essex (Order No. M94424) 01-08-2007
"Was recommended to your site by a friend. I'm pleased to say it's as good as my friend said it would be!" - Toby from Kent (Order No. M118933) 01-08-2007

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