General questions

What does Mazuma mean?

The dictionary meaning of ‘Mazuma’ [mah-zoo-mah] is: Money, cash.

Mazuma Mobile = Money for your mobile!

What promises do Mazuma make?

We like to think that we are the best at what we do. We are committed to a number of promises to ensure every customer receives the same high standard of service.

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What happens to my phone(s)?

Most of the phones are sent for reuse in markets such as China, Africa, Pakistan and India helping to bring improved and more widespread communications to these developing economies.

Do I pay for postage when sending my phone(s)?

We offer a freepost service which allows you to post up to 2 phones or devices free of charge. If you are selling more than 2 phones or devices, you are welcome to place multiple sales of 2 phones or devices per sale.

We have various posting options for you to choose from. These options are all explained in the posting instructions leaflet that is included in the sale pack that we send you.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept responsibility for non-delivery of phones. We recommend that you send any high value units via registered post to ensure successful delivery. This will cost approximately £3 – £6.

Registered deliveries should (please) be sent to us at Mazuma headquarters:

Mazuma Mobile
Unit 2, Southgate Trade Park, Southgate,
White Lund Industrial Estate,
Morecambe, LA3 3PB

IMPORTANT! If you trade in 10 or more phones in the one order, you will be given a free courier drop-off or collection service.

What must I include with my handset?

We like to keep things simple. So we just need the handset with its battery.

What if my phone is blocked?

If your phone is blocked, it is likely it has been reported lost or stolen. We do not purchase blocked handsets. If you are the rightful owner of a blocked handset, we suggest you contact your service provider to have the phone unblocked.

What if my phone is Network locked?

We accept Network locked handsets and pay the full value.

Do you accept fake/counterfeit phones?

There is a growing number of counterfeit phones in the UK market. These handsets look very similar to genuine products but are illegally produced and may prove to be dangerous to use. We do not accept any non-genuine products. Popular counterfeit models include the Nokia N95, Nokia Arte, Apple iPhone and Samsung F480 Tocco.

Do you accept stolen phones?

We don’t like thieves and definitely do not accept stolen phones. We check all received phones via CheckMEND, a crime protection database, to ensure that phones are not barred or registered stolen.

Is Mazuma Legit/Good?

Yes! Mazuma have paid out over £300 Million to customers over the years and have received over 135,000 reviews, 91% of which are 5 star!