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Selling your iPad 2

Mazuma Mobile specialise in buying old devices and we can even help if yours is broken, whether you have a broken iPad 2 or any other model.

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Is your old tablet looking a bit worse for wear? Perhaps it isn’t running as well as it used to do? No matter why you want to get rid of your iPad 2, trade it in to Mazuma HQ – you’ll help to save the planet and get paid for it!

Can I sell my iPad 2 for cash?

The iPad 2 was the faster, lighter sequel to the groundbreaking iPad. It was also the first iPad model to feature the front- and rear-facing cameras that allow users to FaceTime on a big screen. Yet despite the many improvements that came with the iPad 2, it isn’t invincible. Constant use, wear and tear, or even plain old tech malfunctions will make you want to trade in your iPad 2 eventually. And when they do, we can help you out.

Sell your iPad 2 to us and we’ll pay you for it. Send it in, using our free postage and packaging. We’ll give you a quote based on the model and condition, and we promise to pay you exactly that.

Read about our super-simple process in greater detail. Sound too good to be true? Our many thousands of glowing customer reviews should convince you that we’re the real deal.

Can I sell my broken iPad 2?

You can! We work wonders to bring your tablet back from the brink. As long as you aren’t trying to sell us an iPad 2 in separate pieces, we’ll probably be able to take it off your hands and recycle it.

These common tablet issues aren’t a problem for us:

  • Cracked screen
  • Doesn’t power on
  • Broken microphone or speakers
  • Broken or missing batteries
  • Faulty buttons
  • Unresponsive touch screens
  • Excessive scratches, dents or cracks
  • Broken SIM card gate
  • Corrupted OS or other software issues

Don’t see your problem listed here? You may still be able to sell your iPad 2 to us, so get in touch for a quote today.

Which iPad 2 can’t we buy?

Unfortunately, there are some broken tablet issues with which we can’t deal. That’s because we need to protect the new owner from devices with a history of criminal activity. We can’t take your tablet if:

  • It’s completely snapped in half
  • It’s been reported as stolen
  • It’s barred by a network
  • It's been blacklisted by CheckMEND or doesn’t pass one of their reports

There may be a few other circumstances in which we won’t buy a broken tablet, so bear in mind when you sell your iPad 2 that every situation is different.

What are the benefits of recycling my iPad 2?

You get many benefits when your sell your iPad 2 to us. To name a few: you get cash for your clutter, help to save the environment and make tech more accessible for those who need it. What more could you want?

  • You’ll make money: You might think that your old tablet is worthless, but chances are that we don’t. Whether it has a few too many scratches or the battery has completely kicked the bucket, we promise to pay you the price that we quote on the same day* that we receive your device. No hidden fees. No misleading “up to” prices.
  • It’s planet-friendly: When you trade in your iPad 2 with us, we’ll either fix it up or recycle it responsibly. That means one fewer device sitting in a landfill, leaking out toxic chemicals that poison our precious planet. Read more about how we recycle old devices.
  • You’ll free up space: You’d be surprised at how much room a few devices here and there can take up. Don’t leave them lying around. Sell your iPad 2 and any other old devices to us, declutter your home and get paid for it.

Why sell my iPad 2 with Mazuma?

Our process is the easiest and fairest way to sell your iPad 2. Don’t waste any time taking trips into town to barter with your local phone shop, or writing adverts for online auctions – use our pain-free process instead. Just send your device to us and get exactly what your old tablet is worth.

There are plenty of reasons that Mazuma is the best way to trade in your iPad 2:

  • We promise that you’ll get 100% of the quoted price – or your device back free of charge
  • You’ll receive a speedy payment on the same day* that your device arrives at Mazuma HQ
  • Don’t worry about sellers’ fees or hidden costs eating away at your cash – there are none
  • You’ll get free packaging and tracked postage
  • It’s easy for you to wipe your tablet using our data delete tool
  • No pesky fine print that tries to trip you up
  • Hundreds of thousands of customers say we’re great

Have any questions you want to ask? Read our FAQs or get in touch with our friendly team to get the answers.

*Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. Same-day payment does not apply to orders received after 2pm and in events that are out of our control.