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Selling your iPad mini

Mazuma Mobile specialise in buying old devices and we can even help if yours is broken, whether you have a broken iPad mini or any other model.

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If you’re thinking of upgrading your tablet, why not sell your old iPad mini to Mazuma? By doing so, you’ll help the environment and get some extra cash. Trade in your iPad mini with us and we’ll either fix it up and redistribute it, or dispose of it safely and responsibly.

Can I sell my iPad mini for cash?

The iPad mini is a subset of the wider iPad family and its first generation was introduced in 2012. Aimed at the small tablet market, it’s only a little bigger than some phones and is widely regarded as the best option on the market. Even the most state-of-the-art electronics, however, can only last so long. Whatever your reason for wanting to sell your iPad mini, we can help you out.

We know that you want to balance out the price of buying a new tablet by getting good value for your old one. That’s why we’ve developed a process that makes it easy for you to trade in your iPad mini at a fair price. We promise to pay you the exact amount that we quote, on the day that we receive your tablet*. With free postage and tracking on top of that, it’s easy to see why so many happy customers give great reviews for our service.

Want to find out more about how you can sell your iPad mini to us? We’ve written a handy guide to help you understand how it works.

Can I sell my broken iPad mini?

It’s remarkable what we can do to resurrect an old device. It doesn’t matter if your iPad mini’s home button is broken or if it just won’t charge (no matter how many times you replug it in), chances are that we can take it off your hands. The best part? When you trade in your iPad mini, we’ll send you some cash to put towards a replacement.

These common tablet issues aren’t a problem for us:

  • Cracked screen
  • Doesn’t power on
  • Broken microphone or speakers
  • Broken or missing batteries
  • Faulty buttons
  • Unresponsive touch screens
  • Excessive scratches, dents or cracks
  • Broken SIM card gate
  • Corrupted OS or other software issues

Don’t see your problem listed here but still want to sell your iPad mini? We may still be able to help you out, so get in touch for a quote today. The value of your tablet will depend on the model and its condition.

Which iPad mini can’t we buy?

Unfortunately, there are some device issues with which we can’t deal – usually due to criminal activity. We can’t take your tablet if:

  • It’s destroyed or damaged beyond repair
  • It’s been reported as stolen
  • It’s barred by a network
  • It's been blacklisted by CheckMEND or doesn’t pass one of their reports

There may be a few other circumstances in which we won’t buy a broken tablet, so bear in mind when you sell your iPad mini that every situation is different.

What are the benefits of recycling my iPad mini?

Do you want to prevent unnecessary e-waste from polluting the environment and make technology more easily available to others? That’s what happens when you trade in your iPad mini with Mazuma – plus, you get paid for your good deeds!

  • It’s good for the planet: Whether it’s broken or just plain old, when you sell your iPad mini to Mazuma, we’ll do our best to refurbish it and distribute it for resale. Otherwise, we’ll dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way. This means one fewer electronic product in landfill and fewer harmful chemicals poisoning our precious planet. Learn more about how we recycle.
  • It makes your wallet thicker: You may not want your old tablet but we do! We’ll bring it back to life and put it back to good use. Regardless the generation of iPad mini that you trade in, we promise to pay you the exact figure that we quote to you – no cheeky hidden fees whatsoever.
  • You make technology accessible: Most of our refurbished tablets are resold in the UK, as more and more people see the advantages of buying less-expensive devices that are just as good. When you sell your iPad mini to us, you make it possible for people from all backgrounds to get their hands on great technology at affordable prices.

Why sell my iPad mini with Mazuma?

Of course, you could sell your iPad mini to an electronic store or using an online platform such as eBay. But on the one hand you won’t get your money’s worth and on the other you’ll have to work hard just to get your old tablet to its new owner. That’s where we come in: our process even includes free postage, meaning that none of your quoted price gets eaten up by delivery fees.

There are many reasons why you can’t do better than if you trade in your iPad mini with Mazuma:

  • You can count on the same price that we quote you for your device, or get it back for free – we promise
  • You’ll receive payment on the same day* that we receive your device
  • You won’t suffer from sellers’ fees or hidden charges
  • Our conditions are transparent and fair, without any confusing fine print
  • You can easily wipe your information from your device using our data delete tool
  • You’ll get free tracking as well as free postage
  • You don’t have to take our word for it – read what our previous customers have to say in thousands of positive reviews

Anything else you want to know? You can read the answers to our most frequently asked questions or contact our helpful team for support.

*Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. Same-day payment does not apply to orders received after 2pm and in events that are out of our control.