Thrifty Life Tips for the Avid Fashion Fan

Aside from the easy titbits of advice (sell mobile phones for cash, shop during sales etc) fashion and lifestyle experts tend to agree on these less followed tenets of the frugal, fashionable lifestyle.

Re-use or Recycle?

It’s not just mobile phone recycling we’re fans of; we think this is a pretty good guideline to follow throughout most areas of life. Fashion gurus tend to be of the opinion that if it’s not couture/vintage and you haven’t worn it in two years, either get busy re-using or get busy recycling! Still clinging to an old Samsung Armani P520 “just in case”? Designer mobile phones are not couture, and neither will they become vintage, so sell old mobile phones, designer media players etc. and put the money towards a better use (the 2011 summer lines!)

Professional Tailoring

Decided to hang on to that designer dress you never wear? A trip to a local seamstress to tailor to customise items that don’t quite fit properly could be the best way to breathe new life into a regrettable impulse buy, creating a one-off bespoke piece in the process.

If It Looks Good, Don’t Be a Snob!

Shabby-chic has been a signature interior design theme for a few seasons now, concurrent with the bohemian-vintage fashion wave that began during summer 2004. Scouring car boot sales and charity shops may not be your idea of heaven, but keeping an open mind could mean your open wallet stays full a lot longer!

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Mobile Phones and Safety

Keeping you and your mobile phone happy and safe is a top priority in both our books. Street safety means more than just being able to sell your mobile to us when you’re ready, it means being vigilant about body language, travel decisions and everyday living.

Remember the days of calling home from street pay phones? Nostalgic as that may have been, a world with even old mobile phones has helped us to feel safer and more connected with the world around us. That said, the mobile world isn’t without its safety issues. In simple terms, the popularity of mobile phones has created a new niche for criminals; mobile phone thefts rank amongst the highest reported petty thefts across the board.

Don’t be a target!

Most phone crimes on the street are born from opportunity. How you handle yourself and your mobile can have a significant impact on how a criminal views you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the car, walking, cycling, running, on the train or on the bus – vacant body language could mark you as a target. Women, the elderly and children are particularly at risk.

•    Try to use a hands-free kit.
•    Avoid revealing an expensive mobile phone as much as possible.
•    Take out phone insurance (no mobile phone is worth your life)
•    To keep the chance of phone recycling for cash alive, always keep your phone in a secure place.

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Recycle Your Old Phone and DeClutter

Having a good clear-out always seems to present a confusing dichotomy between a) all the effort with be worth it, and b) it’s a lot of effort though! Here’s a little advice from the organisational fanatics on our team (you just KNOW they have tidy lofts!)

Start small

There’s little sense in wading into the garage/loft/spare room and wantonly flinging stuff about. Get the little things organised first – “stuff” drawers, your regular wardrobe, the cutlery draw, utility room, behind the sofa etc. Recycle mobile phones, organise old bill receipts, throw away pens that don’t work – a REAL de-clutter begins in front of your nose, not in the far corner of the loft. By going for the big goal without first creating an organisational system you’ll just add to the mess and probably become very, very demoralised at the sight of toys, surfboards, old wrapping paper and torn bin liners of past fashion mistakes ON TOP OF the usual house mess.

Be Careful

If you’re clearing out a shared space, be mindful not to chuck stuff that isn’t yours to chuck! Found an old LG PRADA in a draw that looks ideal for our mobile phone recycling service? Is it actually yours? Once phones go to the phone bank and unlabelled bin liners go to the tip, you won’t be seeing them again, so check and re-check!

Be Brutal

Saving every family photo is one thing, but do you really need those boxes of children’s books/1980s cocktail dresses/broken Christmas lights?

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Recycle Your Designer Phone

We can talk about the eco-reasons to recycle mobile phones until we’re blue in the face AND the cows come home.

But one of the most instantly conspicuous benefits of mobile phone recycling has to be the lovely feeling of earning cold, hard cash for mobiles.

Leading the pack in terms of accessible designer mobile phones has to be LG, whose partnership with high end bastion of chic Prada has led to both the LG KE850 PRADA and LG KE900 PRADA. After gaining a lot of attention in the fashion world (who wouldn’t want Prada on their ear?!), tech folks began to cast furtive glances in the direction of the sleek (suspiciously iPhone-looking) LG Prada range.

Originally costing more than the sacred iPhone, you can now pick up an LG Prada on the cheap… OR send your poor old mobile phones in to us for a little funding towards your next designer purchase!

Before LG-Prada, the stylish partnering of tech companies and high end designer brands brought us Samsung-Armani. The Samsung Armani P520 was released exclusively in Milan during the late 2007 season. As with most designer goods, its rarity kept it near the top of the designer mobile market for much of 2008. The December 2008 release of the follow-up Samsung Emporio Armani M7500 furthered the success of the Samsung-Armani team.

Do you have a designer mobile phone tucked away in a drawer somewhere? Use our easy online quote tool to see how much it could bag you towards your next Gucci impulse buy!

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Kids and Phone Safety

Keeping the kids up to date with the latest trends is enough to make any parent’s eyes water, but if there’s one area we all care about it’s kids and safety. Keeping kids safe and responsible away from home never seems easy. But most kids are fairly capable of deducing what behaviour and safety measures are most/least effective. In relation to electronic devices though, there are a few pointers that can be worth driving home!

•    Avoid carrying mobile phones where they can be seen (e.g. poking out of pockets, hanging from lanyards etc). This tip may be the most basic consideration, but most petty crime is born from momentary opportunity, so teach kids not to be a target.

•    If your kids want to sell their old mobile phones for cash, our service is reliable, secure and conscientious. It could be the ideal time to teach them about things like responsible money management, the eco-causes associated with mobile phone recycling, and being aware of the negative aspects of peer pressure and unscrupulous dealers.

•    Invest in mobile phone insurance. Teaching kids the value of an object is certainly helpful, but no mobile phone is worth your life in a crime situation.

The above precautions and tips don’t just apply to the young. We can recycle mobile phones for your whole family (including Granddad’s ancient Nokia 5165!), so get the whole household in on the act! Alerting every family member to the ease and reliability of our phone recycling service could help everyone in your home.

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Mazuma cash for phones

We all go through a fair number of mobile phones in our lives  it’s estimated that there are about 20 million mobile phone upgrades in the UK every single year.

Once that new phone arrives, it’s easy to put old mobile phones to one side and leave them neglected and forlorn in the back of a drawer, where they will gather dust and lose their value. Even worse, some people have a big clear-out and put all their mobile phones in the bin – there are four or five in every UK household, so that would be a huge number if they were all thrown out.

Once dumped, old mobile phones can end up in landfill sites, and because they include a number of elements that are poisonous to the environment, that’s not a great situation. At Mazuma, in our phone recycling for cash service we take the phones customers send to us and process them so they can be re-used. We aim to make sure that more than 95 old mobile phones in every hundred we receive go to a new home.

Many find their way to developing countries such as India, where people could otherwise find the cost of buying a mobile phone prohibitive. This provides an affordable boost to communications, and you can be sure that if you sell mobile phones to us they will be well looked after. And of course, you get cash in return; it’s a perfect deal.

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Mazuma sell mobile phones for cash

It seems like a perfect idea; sell mobile phones for cash to a company who will make sure they are re-used in developing countries that can make real use of them.

We are one of the leading reusers of old mobile phones in Europe, and we find new homes for an average of around 150,000 old mobile phones every single month. That’s a lot of phones that would otherwise be left languishing in drawers or thrown in the bin.

The reason we can provide such a great re-use service is that we have excellent relationships with many networks, repairers and of course retailers. We aim to find new homes for more than 96 per cent of the phones that people send to us, and we recycle any that can’t be used responsibly, because mobile phones contain a number of toxic elements that should not be released into the environment to cause pollution.

If you sell your phone to us, you can be sure it will be well looked after, and so will you. Our website is highly secure, so your details remain private, and we also provide you with a free mobile data delete tool so you can wipe any important information from your phone before you sell your mobile to us.

Once your phone arrives with us, if it meets our terms and conditions we guarantee you will receive the full price we have offered you, and the cash will be with you on the same day we get your phone.

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Mazuma sell my phone

When you come to Mazuma and say: ‘Sell my phone‘, you can rest assured that you are doing something that will benefit not only you, but the environment too.

Many old mobile phones are simply dumped in the bin and eventually find their way into landfill sites across the country. But that’s not a good thing, because many of the elements used to manufacture mobile phones are toxic, and we don’t want them leaking out and polluting the environment.

People who care about the environment and who also fancy the idea of selling their old mobiles for cash can get a double benefit from us. We have very sound environmental credentials with the mobile phones for cash that we are sent, which are processed and then sent around the world to be used by people in developing countries such as those in Africa and the Far East, who might otherwise be unable to afford personal communications.

At Mazuma we aim to re-use more than 95 per cent of all the old mobile phones that are sent to us, providing them to developing markets where they are of enormous use to the community.

Of course, there are some old mobile phones that come to us and just cannot be re-used, so we make sure to recycle them in a way that is the most friendly to the environment. Our credentials are excellent; at Mazuma, we are a Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Authorised Treatment Facility, and we are also ISO 14001 Environmental Management System accredited.

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