Sell My iPhone

Mazuma have made selling your old iPhone quick, simple and hassle free.

Here’s how to sell your iPhone in 4 simple steps:

1. Register Sale

Go to, select which model iPhone you have, see what it’s worth and submit sale.

2. Sales Pack

We’ll post you a FREE Sales Pack which includes a confirmation of your sale, a freepost bag and posting instructions. You can also choose to print your own pack.

3. Phone Phone

Simply phone your phone within next 14 days at your nearest post office. You’ll get a tracking number on your post office receipt which allows you to track your parcel on

4. Fast Payment

Once your phone is received at Mazuma, the sale will be processed and paid on the same day. What’s even better is that unlike most other recyclers, Mazuma’s bank transfers clear in your account on the same day!

It’s that easy!

For full details and to watch the ‘How it works’ video go to

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Sell My iPhone 5

Many Apple iPhone 5 users who purchased their phone when it was launched 2 years ago are starting to reach the end of their 24 month pay monthly contract and will be no doubt tempted to upgrade to the new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.

The good napple-iphone-5ews is, even though the iPhone 5 is now 2 years old, it’s still worth between £80-£130 depending on which network it is locked to. Most UK retailers and networks are now offering the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus for FREE on a 24 month contract. The money you make on selling your iPhone 5 could go towards paying your monthly contract or some new accessories.

Selling your old iPhone 5 could not be easier.

Simply go to, find out what it’s worth, submit a sale, post it off and get paid on the very same day Mazuma receive it!

As Mazuma Mobile are independent from any mobile phone retailer or network, you can chose to sell your iPhone 5 when it best suits you. Most people don’t like to hand over their current phone when buying a new one as they prefer to take both phones home and make sure all data is transferred properly. People generally also like to keep their old phone for a few days to make sure their new one works properly and isn’t missing any data. Once they are comfortable with their new phone and are happy no data has been lost, they can confidently data wipe their old phone and sell it.

When selling your iPhone don’t forget to remove your iCloud activation lock from it.

Happy selling!

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What Happens to Old Mobile Phones?

How many old mobile phones do you have stored away in drawers in your house? The story is all too familiar. You upgrade to the latest smartphone, and your old mobile becomes relegated to a ‘spare’, tucked away somewhere safe should your new phone break or get lost. But, the majority of times, that is where those old phones stay, unused and unloved, until they become obsolete.

No matter how out of date and useless you think your old mobile phones are, you could still earn some cash by recycling them. Mazuma Mobile specialises in reusing and recycling mobile phones. Simply register with them, and they will tell you how much your old mobile phones are worth. You will then receive a freepost bag to send your handsets to them. You will then receive cash for your phones within 48 hours of Mazuma receiving them. But what happens to your old mobile phones once Mazuma receives them?

Most Mobiles can be Refurbished and Reused

When your mobile phone arrives at Mazuma, it will be rigorously tested. They will check that the handset isn’t lost or stolen. Many of the phone’s components, such as they keypad, will then be tested to see if they are functioning correctly or if they can be repaired. The majority of phones that Mazuma receives can be refurbished. The phone can then be reused by someone else. Refurbished mobile phones can provide a lifeline to people in developing countries who do not have access to the latest communication technology.

Broken Mobiles are Useful Too

Even if you sell a mobile phone to Mazuma that is broken, many of its components can still be reused or recycled. Many mobile phones contain small quantities of precious metals like gold, silver, platinum and copper. This metal could end up being recycled as jewellery. The nickel contained in broken mobile phone batteries could be used in stainless steel saucepans. Mobile phones also contain a large amount of plastic which is widely recyclable. Mazuma promises to recycle all the broken phones they receive in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Mobile Recycling Helps the Environment

Why recycle your phone instead of throwing it away? When unwanted mobile phones end up on landfill sites, there is a risk that the harmful substances contained within them could end up contaminating soil and water. These dangerous substances could then cause serious harm to the environment and human health. Many old mobile phones contain lead, mercury and cadmium, all of which are known to cause damage to the central nervous system. When you recycle you mobile phone with Mazuma, you can be assured that it won’t cause any damage to people or the environment.

All the mobile phones you have stored away in drawers can be put to much better use. At Mazuma, one person’s mobile trash is another person’s treasure. When you recycle a mobile with Mazuma, you can be confident that you are making a difference to the world.

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Mobile Phone Recycling – Things to Remember

Currently in the UK there are more mobile phones than there are people. That means that there are a lot of unused handsets out there. But what can do you do with your unused, unwanted or broken handsets? You can help the environment and earn some cash by recycling your mobile phone.

Mobile Phone Recycling

Mobile phones contain substances that could be extremely harmful to the environment or people if they are disposed of incorrectly. Some contain materials, like mercury and lead that have been linked to causing cancer in humans. They could be incredibly dangerous if they are released into the environment. Although modern handsets contain considerably less harmful materials than mobile phones used to, they can still be incredibly damaging if they are disposed of incorrectly. That’s why it’s so important that mobile phones are recycled responsibly.

Mazuma Mobile will pay you for your old handsets and take care of mobile phone recycling on your behalf. Simply register on the site and send them your handset via freepost. If you have more than 10 handsets to sell, Mazuma will arrange for free courier collection of them. Mazuma will then pay you for your mobiles on the day they receive them. You could earn over £200 per handset!

Recycling your mobile phone with Mazuma is simple. But, remember that old mobile phones are likely to still contain a lot of personal information. So, before you sell your Nokia mobile, Blackberry or old iPhone, there are certain things you should do:

• Remove Your SIM Card from the Phone
Mobile phone SIM cards often contain a lot of personal information like addresses, phone numbers and old text messages. Make sure you remove your SIM before you recycle your phone. Also, unless you’re switching mobile networks, you’ll need your SIM card for your new phone. If you’re going to dispose of your old SIM card, make sure you cut through the metal chip before you throw it away. This will ensure that no one else can get their hands on your personal details.

• Remove Your Memory Card from the Phone
Many modern handsets use Micro SD cards to store photos, videos and downloads. This memory card should be removed from your mobile before recycling. The card can then be used in your new mobile or in other devices like digital cameras or video recorders.

• Perform a Factory Recent
Over the course of its usage, it’s likely that you used your smartphone to store a lot of personal information. It may contain the login information for your email or social media accounts, and the web browser may still contain your browsing history. By performing a factory reset on your phone, you will remove all this personal information.

• Remove the PIN Lock
If you used a PIN code or lock screen to protect your mobile, you should remove it before recycling your phone. This will enable your mobile to be used by other people in the future.

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iphone 4

Sell Your Old iPhone 4

Have you recently upgraded to an iPhone 5? What you going to do with your old iPhone 4? Why not turn it into cash! The sooner you sell it, the more you will get.

Mazuma Mobile are the UK’s leading mobile phone recycler and have paid out over £155 million to over 2 million happy customers. Mazuma is ranked No.1 by Trustpilot (an independent review site) and was recently voted Best Recycling Service by What Mobile magazine.

Turning your old iPhone 4 into cash with Mazuma Mobile is easy.

Simply, go to, get an instant value for your phone and register your sale. You will be given a choice of payment options which include Cheque, Same Day Bank Transfer or Argos voucher. You can also choose to request a Sales Pack to be posted to you or print off your own labels.

Once we received your phone, we’ll give it a quick once over and make payment on the same day of receipt! No other recycler pays faster. In fact, most other recyclers take on average 1 week to pay.

Find out how much your old iPhone 4 is worth now!

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Mazooma Mobile

Mazooma (Mazuma) Mobile

Turn you old mobile phone into cash with the UK’s best rated mobile phone recycling website.

Mazooma have paid out over £155 million pounds and has over 2 million happy customers. It is the fastest way turn your old mobile phone into cash as Mazooma make payment on the very same day they receive your phone! The Bank Transfer payment option is done via FPS (Faster Payments), so unlike many other recyclers who pay via BACS, instead of having to wait 3 working days for your payment to clear in your account, Mazooma’s bank transfers clear in your account on the same day.

Mazooma is renowned for its excellent service. They have over 70,000 independent reviews on Trustpilot and are best in the Mobile Phone Recycling category with an impressive 98% trustscore! Mazooma have also recently been voted Best Recycling Service by What Mobile Magazine.

If you’re thinking of selling your old phone and haven’t ever tried Mazooma, please give them a go. You won’t be disappointed!

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Sell Blackberry Storm Lightning Quick

There is no denying that Blackberry manufacture some fantastic pieces of technology and typically always have done. It was only a few years ago that they ruled the mobile roost selling their keyboard phones by the truckload, simply because of the slick design and high degrees of usability. It is true that there are a lot of people around who don’t want a touch screen phone because they prefer something more tactile. Unfortunately, with an industry as competitive as the mobile phone sector the leaders chop and change and some fall on harder times. While Blackberry haven’t struggled to the point to which their existence is becoming unviable, they have had to make changes to their approach to the market because of the dominance of both Apple and Samsung. Many people who were clinging onto their keyboard interface have now moved onto touchscreens leaving many Blackberry phones unused. At Mazuma Mobile we can give you an option for you to sell Blackberry Storm, for instance, and get some money from your old phone. We are a company that specialises in recycling mobile phones by taking those that would otherwise end up in storage or even thrown away and giving them a new lease of life.

It is true that there are many emerging markets in the world who can make great use of this technology. Countries such as India and even entire continents like Africa can get a phone that is affordable for them, but also has some serious technology, for while your Blackberry may be out of date by a couple of years, its fundamental technology is still a masterpiece of design and engineering. That is still worth something, particularly for people who don’t have the same range of choice as us in the first world. If you are asking “how can I sell my mobile?” and want to help the environment and people overseas, then your phone could be answer. It also doesn’t take much effort (simply post your phone to us) and you can get paid a competitive price for it!

It all sound too good to be true, but it is a viable business model that has seen our company rise. People are so pleased that we receive the highest ratings on independent customer review forum TrustPilot. Almost 70,000 people have taken the time to tell us how reliable we are. All it takes is a little effort and you could get tens of pounds for your old Blackberry Storm, which is well worth going down to your post office to post it. We provide you with a freepost bag, so it literally is just a little bit of exercise to get your old phone into the hands of someone who can make use of it. Getting some money in return for this will surely be a bonus compared to the overwhelming sense of achievement that you will feel!

Its also worth remembering that mobile phones can take decades to biodegrade in the landfill where they will also release toxins into the atmosphere.

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Sell Your Mobile With The Minimum Of Effort

At Mazuma Mobile we are under no illusions when it comes to what people will and will not do to sell their phone. There are thousands, perhaps millions of old phones sat around in homes up and down the country that have simply been put into storage and forgotten because of an upgrade. There really is often no impetus because people simply assume that they aren’t worth the effort. Fortunately, we are here to prove otherwise which is great news for your wallet, storage space and the environment. Our process is simple and effective and could net you tens of pounds for even old phones. A W995 from Sony Ericsson which was released in 2009 can get you over ten pounds, even though it has an outdated design and you may have put it away wanting for forget about it. We will get a cheque, bank transfer or Argos voucher to you as quick as possible after receiving your phone. So what do you have to do?

The process is simple. You register with us to get your freepost bag which will be used to get your phone to us free of charge as quick as possible. All you then have to do is choose the payment method you would prefer, and take your old phone down to the post office. For extra speed, you can print out your own pack, or alternatively, you can wait for ours to arrive to transport your phone in. When we receive your phone we will process payment to you so that you have to put in the minimum of effort. It really is like getting some money for going to the post office!

If you are looking to sell Blackberry phone, for instance, you could net yourself upwards of £50, depending on the newness of the handset. We can also offer you a great, competitive price if the phone is damaged. This means that you don’t have to spend a lot of time listing the phone on Ebay or trying to get it fixed because you could get as much as £30 for the phone. This includes items that have some water damage, or even a broken or bleeding LCD screen. If your phone simply stopped powering up, even despite charging, and you don’t have the time to diagnose why, then we can take it and find a solution to the problem.

Mobile phone recycling like this is a great way to help the environment and prevent your mobile from ending up on a landfill site where it can become toxic. It is however important to act as soon as you possibly can because mobile phones depreciate in value incredibly fast. The sooner that you get it to us, the sooner we can give you a current valuation which may be significantly higher than it would be if you left it just for 2 weeks more. Mazuma Mobile truly is the most hassle free to get some extra cash with the least amount of effort.

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