Everything You Need to Know About Cancelling Your Phone Contract Early

It’s June 2011, and the newest phone from Samsung has been released, the Samsung Galaxy S; you have seen it advertised. The features look fantastic, and the phone offers the best touchscreen on phones to date. You know it will take some time to save up and buy it, so you predict a year or so before you can get your hands on it, or even a second-hand one at that. Let alone all the cases and protective screens to go with it…

Fast forward to 2022. You purchased the newest Samsung S 12 months ago, but Samsung has just released the next phone in line. By this point, there are a few scratches across your screen after the rain compromised your screen protector, and it fell off. The accidental drop from the kitchen table last week seems to have affected the screen and doesn’t quite respond as quickly as it should. You’ll be honest; it’s looking a bit worse for wear. An upgrade could be really helpful.

But wait, won’t saving take a while? On the contrary, with the excellent providers of contracts and our own selection of the latest phones, getting an early upgrade has never been easier! However, there are a few things to consider before you do, just to make sure it is the best choice for you regarding early cancellations.

It costs … Sometimes a lot!

Most of the time, when you wish to cancel your phone contract early, you will still need to pay off the final balance for the outstanding months of the contract. This means if you have six or more months left to pay, it could be very costly.

However, there are several ways to combat this.

Upgrades to higher-priced phones may not cost. While most providers want to see you through to the end of your contract, you may be able to upgrade to a more expensive handset or device without additional charges. It is always worth checking with your contract provider to see if an early upgrade will be possible without charges.

Sell your phone to offset the costs. We have seen many people do this. If you have no use for the phone after your contract finishes, you could sell the phone to offset the outstanding balance. You can trade in your phone with Mazuma today and could get the money to pay off the balance within a week!

Buy a cheaper second-hand device. No matter how new a phone is, from the first week of its release, there are second-hand devices ready to buy online. Buying the phone you wish to get outright can save you money on early cancellation, and you still get to keep the phone you already have. Which you can sell, or even gift as a present if you choose.

Consider why you wish to cancel a contract early

As we mentioned, cancelling your contract will nearly always result in termination costs. There may be other alternatives if you consider why you wish to cancel. We explore some of the options for cancelling for various reasons.

The current phone is broken. If you have broken your phone, that doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed. At Mazuma, we are experts in making old, battered devices look sparkling new. So, don’t underestimate a good clean-up. Many small shops in every town centre can help but always go to a reputable mobile phone repair. Speak to the manufacturer, who will be able to help find a good one.

Can’t afford the contract anymore. With the economy being how it is, it is understandable that everyone is looking to cut back on bills and what may have been affordable 12 months ago maybe cause debt the following year. Speak to your contract provider. They may be able to suggest an extension which may reduce the price. Cancelling a phone contract through the bank will lead to it being passed to debt collectors, which can impact your credit score.

Moving out of the UK. If you are planning to move out of the UK, you may be thinking that the international roaming costs may be too much to continue using your contract. However, your contract provider may help by offering an international add-on instead of cancelling altogether. Alternatively, if you are regularly jet-setting across the world, perhaps consider buying a cheap dual sim phone, allowing you to keep your contract whilst accessing an international PAYG sim.

Receiving poor signal. Again, don’t cancel! Speak to your contract provider. There are only four network providers in the UK, Vodafone, Three, EE and O2. If you are struggling with signal, they may be able to check for any local issues or raise one for maintenance. The network provider may even offer you a discount for any problems they find. Alternatively, consider using Wi-fi calling where possible.

How to cancel a contract early

If there is no alternative to cancelling early, then you will need to contact your contract provider, who will talk you through your options. Many providers will have their own processes, but they also may have offers to encourage you to stay with them.

If you are determined to cancel, it is a good idea to have your reasons written down before making the call and have them in front of you to remind you not to fall for any sales pitch which may convince you to deviate from your reasons to leave. However, if they offer you a solution to your problem as to why you are going, then don’t feel you still have to cancel. It could even save you money!

Many service providers are also providing two-part contracts. Although you may not notice the two payments as they are bundled together, they are two separate contracts. This means that for whatever reason you wish to cancel, you may still be able to hold on to the phone or data plan, lessening the cancellation fees. So, if it is the network you have issues with, you may still be able to keep your phone and vice versa.

Keeping your number

The most important part of any cancellation is keeping your old number. Whilst it may have been relatively simple to swap to a different phone number in days gone by, it will not be the same in today’s world. How many people have your number? Who is it connected to? Would anyone wish to contact you in the future that you may have forgotten about? Doctors, hospitals, HMRC and many others may require contacting you, so keeping your number is essential. Especially if you have dependants or if maybe someone’s emergency contact.

From your current provider, you will need a PAC, which they usually ask upon cancellation of your contract. This PAC code will need to be given to your new service provider, whether it is PAYG, Sim only or a monthly contract phone. It is valid for 30 days and allows you to transfer your number. It should only take one working day, and your new provider will contact you once the number has been swapped over.

Don’t forget, with Mazuma, you can use our sell my phone services to trade in phones you no longer want and even buy a like-new refurbished device for a fraction of the price from big retailers. It can open you up to a world of cheap sim-only contracts, which are usually much cheaper and offer the flexibility of having whichever phone you choose without worrying about early cancellation fees and hassle.

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