Why Do We Care About Your Poor Broken Phones

We love it when you recycle Blackberry phones, iPhones and HTCs that are in full working order. We can refurbish them and send them to our overseas partners in the likes of Pakistan, parts of China, Africa and India, where reliable communication is vital.
Imagine if you lived 100 miles from your elderly mother and there was no way to keep tabs on her health? Imagine if you had to send your kids to school 12 miles away on foot – a walk they complete themselves because you have no choice but to work – and there was no way to contact the school? Or imagine if your business COULD be a success, but you’ve no way of communicating with buyers, suppliers or customers?  Our phones for cash service aims to bring valuable communication to these kinds of situations. But without your help and the ethical phone recycling that nets you some cash, we can’t help.
But what happens to broken phones? Why did we buy your old Nokia N8 when it doesn’t work? A silly answer might be that we’ve now morphed into crazy robots who feed on the insides of mobiles. But the real answer is much simpler; we do our best to repair all the broken phones we buy. If the cost of repair is greater than the net worth of the phone once it’s repaired, we take it apart and sell on or responsibly dispose of the bits (so no sticky landfill death for your old broken Motorola RZR!)

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Spread the Word Mazuma Fans

We’re nuts about mobile recycling (we’re now running a total of more than £110million paid out to you lovely, lovely people for your old mobile phones!) and although we do our best to communicate ethical, straightforward marketing (like the little Mazuma Mobile mascot!), we believe that your word of mouth recommendation is important too. We’re a very ethical company, and we value the opinions and reflections of our users. Here are just a few of the ways you can get cash for your mobile and help our cause.

Personal Recycling
With more than 40,000 online reviews, we’re happy you’ve done your bit, but word of mouth recommendations can help us to reach folks without internet access too. There are plenty of folks in the U.K with old mobiles knocking around in their desk draws, so if you know someone you think might not know about our service, help them make a little cash with Mazuma!

Business Recycling
We reckon the average U.K household is holding around 4 spare handsets. What about businesses? There’s no limit to the number of handsets you can recycle with us, so get in touch and see if you can’t boost the office Christmas party fund with our help!

Phone Banks
These are a great way for schools, charities and so on to make a little extra cash with Mazuma. There are lots of handsets we buy at a rate of around £1, so collect enough and you’ve got a great funding boost!

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The Lost Art of Make-do and Mend

It may be a little contradictory to our business practice (after all, we WANT your used mobile phones) but in an economy where debt is prevalent and lots of folks are tightening their belts, a few handy make-do and mend tips could be just the ticket!
•    Think carefully about the festive season. Planning ahead can take a lot of the more troublesome unexpected costs out of Christmas preparations. For example, start sending international presents early to avoid a lump payout at the Post Office a week before Christmas, make your own tree decorations using pine cones and holly etc.
•    Have a good de-clutter – you never know what you might find! Phone recycling, car boots sales, auction websites – these are all things that can make a real difference to the purse strings in times of financial hardship. Our cash for mobiles service has now paid out more than £110million, so get your skates on and see what moneymaking titbits you’ve got laying around your home or business.
•    Get customising. Sure, you might think clothing alterations are best left to gothic teens and fashion students, but you could be missing out on some great garb that’s already in your wardrobe. If you’re not the sewing type, get down to your local market to look for a local seamstress. Rates can be a fraction what they would at a chain establishment. Or how about biting the bullet and learning yourself?

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It’s a Numbers Game

1 – That’s our ranking in the U.K. We’re currently the most popular company in the U.K where folks like you can recycle old mobiles and get the best prices. Just to pluck an example of our accomplishment out of thin air, in May 2011 we received 50% more website visits than our nearest competitor!
50 MILLION- That’s how many handsets we reckon are idling away in the U.K. And that estimate isn’t even taking into account business use phones sat in company draws and cabinets with no happy new home on the horizon unless some enterprising and ethical person sends them on to us!
110 MILLION – That’s how much wonderful cash we’ve paid out to folks like you who’ve successfully participated in mobile phone recycling with us!
40,000 – That’s how many people have reviewed our cash for mobiles service (and they’re all great reviews by the way – lots of happy, ethically-minded clients like you on our books!)
20 MILLION – That’s how many handsets we estimate are upgraded annually. Add in tablets too and the figure grows even more!
4 – That’s how many spare handsets the average U.K household hoards within its walls!
1000 – That’s how many years it’s estimated plastic takes to degrade. All mobile phones and tablets are comprised of some plastic materials, and with more finding their sad little way to the landfill than is necessary or responsible, that’s a HUGE build-up of plastic waste compiled over the next thousand years before the very first piece completes degradation.

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Tablet or Smartphone

As the festive season draws in and Christmas lists are compiled, our own little elves are busy getting ready for the huge influx of used mobile phones and tablets we handle over the holiday period. Not content with filling our stockings with phone recycling treasure, here are a few tips to help you decide between those two fabulous devices for your Christmas present – smartphones or tablets?

A very straightforward consideration – will you end up leaving a tablet at home all the time because it’s too big. Similarly, will you cart your laptop around because a smartphone’s too small?

It’s pretty simple really – what are you going to use a smartphone/tablet for, honesty? Sure, tablets look great in an ad where some Parisian lady is sipping coffee in the sunshine and catching up with the latest London fashion week news videos on her chic tablet (does anyone do that in real life??), but what will YOU be doing? Checking your Facebook on the tube? Reading Jane Eyre in the park? Watching movies on the 45-minute daily commute? Researching your doctorate on the road? Be honest about what you’re likely to use the device for, or it’s simply a bad investment.

Most folks who buy a smartphone go down the contract route and recycle mobile phones for cash a year down the line when the time comes to upgrade. Tablets tend to work on a different scheme, so are you in it for the upgrades or the long-term functionality?

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Tailored Electronic Device Insurance Could Save Your Gadgets

We live in a society where petty crime is not only prevalent, but can be very rewarding for very little effort. It’s perhaps not our place to comment on the U.K’s judicial system (we just recycle phones and help struggling economies), but with petty crime rates as they are, we do think it’s our place to offer a little crime prevention advice to help you out and make sure you get the chance to recycle mobile phones for cash!
One of our team members lived for a time in Japan, where the patty crime rate is very low. The reason was that punishments are HARSH and the gain does not outweigh the effort or chance of getting caught. We’re a leading phones for cash company with global reach, but we’re also socially conscious. So, if moving to Japan to protect your electronic devices seems a little farfetched, here are a few alternatives!
•    Specific mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, media player, sat nav and laptop insurance is a must. Lots of you are carrying around very expensive equipment on a daily basis, so knowing you’re covered financially if some little thief makes off with your iPhone on the tube should be a solace. The insurance policies provided by mobile service providers are usually fairly comprehensive, particularly Apple insurance.
•    Be sensible with your devices. It may sound a little elementary, but keeping an eye out for crime will become second nature after a few weeks of making yourself think about it.

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Upgrading to Apple iPhone 5 could be made cheap with Mazuma

The eagerly awaited Apple iPhone 5 will be officially announced tomorrow and by no doubt existing Apple iPhone users will be cramming to get their hands on the latest iPhone. As experienced during the Apple iPhone 4 launch in 2009, Mazuma Mobile predicts many savvy iPhones users will sell their old iPhone to help fund their new Apple iPhone 5 purchase.

In June 2009, when Apple launched the iPhone 4, Mazuma Mobile experienced a huge increase in iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS sales. It was very evident that customers were selling their old iPhones as soon as they were able to get their hands on the latest model and using the money they received to part or whole fund their new purchase. We don’t think the Apple iPhone 5 launch will be any different.

Apple iPhones now account for over 10% of all phones recycled with Mazuma Mobile. The most popular Apple iPhones sold to Mazuma are the Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB at £130 and the Apple iPhone 4 16GB at £265.

We predict that the Apple iPhone 5 will be availble with various networks on contract from below £200. Apple iPhone 4 users will be able to sell their old iPhone 4 to Mazuma for £265, purchase a new Apple iPhone 5 and still have change!

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Be a Responsible Consumer with Mazuma Mobile

Being a responsible consumer is about more than just buying stuff to boost the economy. We spend a great deal of time studying consumer psychology (because we’re the kind of folks who are easily obsessed by such things) and its relation to things like mobile phone recycling. We’re experts in our field, and love what we do because the end result means everyone wins – you get some cash for your mobile, we get to refurbish your phone, and your long-serving little Motorola gets a new life in a struggling economy such as India, parts of China or Africa.
Sensible consumption is about two things – buying responsibly and ethically, and buying in line with your personal circumstances. For example, buying a bunch of stuff on credit you have little hope of paying off is not responsible consumption.
•    Think about “need” rather than “want”.  This is particularly applicable to folks who don’t have trust funds to spend on fancy smartphones and Swarovski iPhone covers! Of course, life is a little better when we can treat ourselves, but making sure the cold hard cash is there to spend should be the first deciding factor.
•    Be ethical and sensible. For example, re-using carrier bags or buying a long-term carrier bag is both sensible and ethical (as long as you remember to use it!) Avoid non-ethical companies to demonstrate that shady business is not acceptable.
•    Recycling is an important part of being a responsible consumer. Recycle old mobiles, give away old clothes, separate paper and plastic – it’s all about giving and take!

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