The Debate of Coloured Smartphones vs Stylish Cases

How we present our gadgets often speaks volumes about our style and personality. A notorious factor of this personal expression is the choice between vibrant, coloured smartphones and stylish, unique cases. But which is the better choice? Is a brightly coloured smartphone worth it when a protective case often covers it? Or will a coloured case show more scuffs and scratches?

Well, fear not, as Mazuma is here to provide you with all the answers! Join us as we delve into the pros and cons of both options, providing valuable insights to help you make an informed decision and truly let your tech reflect you! Let’s get started, shall we?

Pros and Cons of Coloured Smartphones

Smartphones now come in a variety of colours, offering users a wide range of options. However, as with everything, there are advantages and disadvantages to having a brightly coloured phone as opposed to the standard black, silver, or white choices. Here are the pros and cons:


  • Fashionable Flair. Smartphones can now be used as an accessory to reflect your personality. With a variety of colours available, such as the iPhone 15 range, you can choose a colour that suits your style.
  • Easy to Spot. If you’ve ever had trouble finding your black smartphone in your purse or bag, you won’t have that problem with a vibrant, colourful phone!
  • Limitless Choices. In addition to black and white, you can now choose from a wide range of colours, from cosmic lavender to forest green. You can find a hue that matches your personality and style.


  • Shows Wear and Tear. A coloured phone is more likely to show scratches and scuffs, which can be unsightly. A phone that was once delightful in coral may quickly become unpleasant if it’s scratched up.
  • May Fade Over Time. Over time, colours could potentially start to fade, losing their original vibrancy. If this is the case, it’s a sign you’ve had your phone for a good while, and it could be time for a phone trade-in so you can upgrade.
  • Hard to Match. While it may seem fun to have a bright pink phone, not every outfit pairs well with every colour. Coordinating your tech with your outfit can be a more important task than you’d think!

Pros and Cons of Plain Smartphones with Colourful Cases

Pairing a plain smartphone with a colourful phone case gives you a mix of vibrancy and protection. But as with coloured smartphones, there are benefits and drawbacks; let’s take a look:


  • Constant Variety. With colourful cases, you’re not tied to a single colour. You can change the look of your device as often as you’d like based on mood, season, or outfit. It’s simple!
  • Cost-Effective. Cases are generally less expensive than smartphones. So, if you enjoy regularly updating your device’s look, doing it through cases can be more wallet-friendly.
  • Protection & Style. Cases not only add colour and personality, but they also offer essential protection against damage from drops or scratches.


  • Quality Concerns. Not all colourful cases are created equal. Some, often cheaper options, might fade, crack, or even damage the phone they’re meant to protect.
  • Bulk and Weight. Some cases can make a sleek smartphone bulky or heavy, which might detract from the user experience.
  • Aesthetic Disruptions. Certain phone aspects like buttons, ports, or even the camera can be hampered by some cases, occasionally causing hassle.

Comparing Customisation Options

As we’ve established, one of the best things about both coloured smartphones and colourful cases is the fact that they offer a unique way to express your style! But which open shows off your personal aesthetic best?

Choosing a coloured smartphone allows you to escape the traditional monochromatic scheme, opting for cheerful shades that make your device stand out. Although this seems like a great choice, it does mean that you’re committed to this look until you sell your phone and move on to the next.

Because of this, colourful and patterned cases are preferred by many people, as the customisation options are endless and interchangeable, and they can even be personalised with your own words, logos, and photographs! With this option, you can match the case to your outfit, mood, or a special occasion – you could have a phone case for every day of the week!

Ultimately, the decision falls to you: commit to the permanent personality of coloured smartphones or opt for the ever-changing world of colourful cases. Whatever you choose, personalising your gadgets can be a fun and engaging experience.

Evaluating Affordability Factor

When choosing between going all-out with a smartphone in your favourite colour or opting for a phone case in an eye-catching hue, you must consider your budget.

Coloured smartphones, such as the latest iPhones, are undeniably eye-catching, offering a premium experience. However, their cost could make a significant dent in your budget, and after a while you may get bored of the look and want to sell your iPhone.

Alternatively, coloured and patterned phone cases offer the advantage of variety and personalisation at a fraction of the cost. With countless styles to choose from, you can frequently modify the look of your device without causing financial strain. This provides not only the benefit of a unique, ever-changing aesthetic but also makes for a more economical choice compared to upgrading to a new phone.

Choose A Greener Future with Mazuma Mobile

Whether you go for a phone case or all-out with a coloured phone, we urge you to go green! At Mazuma, we’re not just about efficient trade-ins; we’re also devoted to making a positive impact on the environment through our phone recycle services. By promoting the recycling and reuse of electronic devices, we help to reduce electronic waste and contribute to a more sustainable future. This is worth considering when you’re tempted by the latest coloured smartphone. Could a new, brightly coloured phone case be just as satisfying and far less damaging to the planet?