The Best Smartphones Under £400

A new year is filled with the optimism of a fresh start, with promises for this year to be our healthiest yet, whether that’s improving your physical, mental, or financial health. The beginning of January is always an optimistic time. However, as we get towards the month’s end, most of this feels like it may have already gone out the window. So much so that 17th January has become an unofficial Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day.

The weather is bleak, but more importantly, money is extremely tight, meaning you are less inclined to go out anywhere until that end-of-the-month payday finally hits your bank. One of the biggest issues you may be facing is the thought of a new phone.

January blues are beaten with a new phone!

One of the busiest months of the year for contract phones is in December, when they are bought as gifts to go under the tree. However, often that means those who have taken out a 12-month, two-year or three-year contract will be finishing their term straight after Christmas. Not an ideal time to look for a new device if yours feels a little outdated. So as a phone recycling facility that understands the financial struggle of finding a new phone, to help you out, we have found the best smartphones to buy, which are all under £400.

Even if you don’t have the full £400 to spend on a phone, we can still help you out. We are the leading online website for phone trade-in services and specialise in big named phones offering the most competitive prices with the likes of our sell my iPhone services. So, take a look through these devices and dig through those old junk drawers for your old smartphones, as you can sell us a broken phone too!

The best iPhones under £400

iPhones have remained one of the biggest players in the phone manufacturing industry for many years, and for a good reason. They offer some of the best technology and latest developments within smartphones that money can buy, so if you are looking for the best iPhone under £400, we have got you covered!

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Released in September 2020, this iPhone offers a 6.5 OLED Super Retina XDR display and an impressive three-camera set-up for those all-important memories you want to capture. It comes complete with wireless charging and a beautifully textured back for a stylish appeal. Much like most of the Pro Max range of iPhone, this is the best of the series, offers high-performance speeds, and is a solid choice for a cheap iPhone for those looking to buy an iPhone for the first time. You can buy an iPhone 11 Pro Max directly from us for an incredible price and can easily upgrade by selling an iPhone XR or below.

Cost: from £379.99

Apple iPhone 12 Mini

If you are looking for a newer iPhone to upgrade to, which is more pocket friendly than the impressive size of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, then the iPhone 12 Mini is perfect. Although it was only released a month after the iPhone 11 Pro Max, it offers some great technology, including an A14 Bionic chip to provide fast scrolling speeds and loading times. It has a dual camera and provides 4K video recording capabilities, one of the highest resolutions on the market. Although the size is compact, it has many great elements, including wireless charging and Dolby Atmos sound for watching Netflix on the go with ease! This iPhone is ideal if you are looking for a pocket-sized but mighty phone.

Cost: from £379.99

The best Samsung smartphones under £400

You are either a Samsung or an Apple fan if you are into reliable smartphones with great technology, and if you are not quite an Apple lover, then we have a range of smartphones which would make a perfect new phone to provide some joy at the start of 2023.

Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G

As budget phones go, you can’t go wrong with a Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G. The phone changed photography with a stunning 64MP Telephoto Camera, 10MP Front Camera and a 12MP Wide Camera. This incredible technology allows for the mightiest detail in your images and offers life-like pictures that really capture the moment well. This phone provides Single Take features, which let you shoot for up to 10 seconds and will use AI technology to offer the best image format possible. Besides the camera, it also has an impressive 4500mAh battery life, allowing you to take pictures all day without worrying about finding a charger. It also has external storage support, fast performance, and lightweight qualities despite all the great technology built in. So, if you are looking at a Samsung trade-in of your S10, upgrade to something newer and better with Mazuma Mobile.

Cost: from £399.99

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G

If you are looking for an even better battery life with protection from dust and water, for example, if you use the phone for work, then the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE can offer you all that and more. Unlike previous FE phones, the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE seems to provide many upgrades to the series, whereas, in previous experience, the budget option downgraded certain software. This phone is said to compete with the highest of the S20 family from Samsung, with the only few downsides being the cheap feeling frame and the lower resolution screen. Besides that, this phone offers some of the best Samsung technology from its time and is still celebrated by many loyal Samsung customers. It comes in various colours to sweeten the deal and is said to pick up the best bits of all the other Samsungs and provides them in a much-appreciated bundle.

Cost: from £319.99

Other outstanding phones under £400

If a name doesn’t bother you, or you wish to get more for your money with a less well-marketed device, there are still plenty of options. Whether it’s Nokia, Google Pixel or Huawei, we have plenty of refurbished phones to choose from. However, as the last in our budget phones under £400, we showcase another tech giant.

Google Pixel 4XL

Even though this phone is three years old, it still offers some great technology and impressive operation. When it comes to technology, there’s no bigger giant than Google, and if you find yourself using all their apps for work or personal admin, having a phone designed for them is the best way to become efficient. Although most android devices will offer seamless operation of the Google app, the Google Pixel 4XL allows early access for Google updates, meaning your device will be bug-free quicker than anyone else, eliminating problems early. The battery also is impressive, with 3700mAh and QI wireless charging making it to 100% in an hour and a half and in 15 minutes, you have 25%. Great for those who need a quick charge before heading out.

Cost: from £209.99

Trade in for an upgrade

If you are looking for a new phone but don’t have the funds yet, why not consider trading in your old phone or selling old Apple products? Our services are quick and simple, making it easy to get rid of all those unwanted devices from the back of your cupboard or wardrobe. We have incredible testimonials from our customers who have used our phone trade-in services, and have many reasons for making us the leading online phone recycle company. So, what are you waiting for? Trade in, upgrade with us today, and bring some sunshine to those January blues!

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