What Are the Best Phones Under £300?

When money is tight, and people look at ways to cut back, the phone contract is often the first expense to be reconsidered. Although they are essential to most, having an expensive contract for the latest smartphone is a luxury many can’t afford, and this often leaves users looking for more budget devices.

Mazuma Mobile offers a way to save money on a new phone without compromising luxury and quality. We explore how you can sell your old phone and still upgrade to a brand-new device without breaking the bank.

The best iPhones under £300

Unlike Samsung, which offers various series of smartphones to cover everything from top of the range to budget, Apple has stuck to what it has always known. Each series they release comes as a family, with the primary device being the first to hit the market, soon followed by the Mini, the Pro and the Pro Max, with an updated edition of the SE range (perfect for smaller budgets).

iPhone 8 Plus from £179.99

If you are looking for the perfect iPhone for under £200, you could choose the reliable iPhone 8 Plus. This series of phones offer a 12MP wide-angle camera with autofocus. In addition, it was the first iPhone family to come in an entire glass casing and is an excellent device for those with more modest funds. Thanks to the technicians at Mazuma mobile, you can pick up an iPhone 8 Plus for as little as £179.99 in incredible condition; you would never expect it to have been bought second-hand.

iPhone SE 2020 from £204.99

For a little over £200, coming in at around £204.99, you could even buy the iPhone SE 2020. This phone is a unique edition of the iPhone, which provides a significant leap in previous battery life with a 5G connection and the A15 bionic chip offering super speedy interfaces, superior detail, and iconic gaming. Even though it misses some of the functionality of the later iPhone models, it is the same size as the iPhone 8 and is a great starter smartphone. It will also come with a charging cable in the box and, with the incredible refurbishment, will look as new as any other phone.

iPhone 11 from £279.99

Finally, for as little as £279.99, you could own a beautiful new iPhone 11. This device offers face ID, advanced red-eye correction and a stunning 6.1 Liquid Retina display, which will be polished to perfection before it arrives, leaving no trace of the previous history. In addition, this phone has an outstanding battery life, and with the impressive night mode, you can easily document your day from morning to night.


The best Samsung smartphones under £300

There are two kinds of smartphone users in this world, iPhone users and Android users. If you are the latter of the two, you will understand the quality Samsung offers throughout its range of devices. Their most popular series by far has been the Galaxy S series. Check them out as we explore some of their popular devices, which you could say are out of this world.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 from £289.99

Samsung’s range of Notes has grown in popularity over the years, and with us, you could buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 for as little as £289.99. This device features Dolby Atmos 3D, some of the latest sound technology, which provides crystal clear audio and lifelike sounds- ideal for catching up with Netflix on the bus home! In addition, with its 3800mAh battery and FHD+  Dynamic AMOLED 6.3-inch display, you could watch endless amounts of movies or series and even play detailed games from the palm of your hand. And like every other device we sell, it comes looking as new as the day it hit the shelves.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus from £239.99


On the other hand, if you are set in your ways and wish to get a Samsung Galaxy S, we still have some excellent devices under £300 to help cut out expensive contract costs. Our Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus could be yours for as little as £289.99. This phone offers the quality you expect from the elite group of Samsung, with fast charging facilities and a super AMOLED display.

Other phone brands under £300

If you are not someone who looks for the big two when finding a phone, then we still have plenty of options to help you find the best device. Check out these incredible devices, all coming in at less than £300 but still offering the best technology.

Huawei P40 from £249.99

With a superior 50MP camera which offers incredible detail thanks to the multitude of lenses on the back of the phone, you can take vivid and beautiful images with the Huawei P40. You can also catch your favourite films and shows on the go in crystal clear 4K due to having the world’s first integrated 5G SoC4 Kirin 990 5G chipset. This impressive power ensures the phone performs to the best of its ability all day and can be yours for as little as £249.99.

OnePlus 7T Pro from £274.99


The final phone on our list is the OnePlus 7T Pro, available to buy in immaculate refurbished condition for as little as £274.99. This device can provide its users with immersive experiences and QHD+ resolutions for excellent quality. Offering an impressive 48 MP rear camera, you can easily capture fantastic images and videos without worrying about cracked screens, thanks to our remarkable work on refurbishing the phone.

Why are Mazuma Mobile devices so cheap?

With so many big brands to choose from, you could pick up the latest phone for very little with our fully refurbished phones. Although they may have had a previous life, they still offer everything a new device can provide. Our technicians work hard to ensure that every scratch and mark is polished out and every detail of previous use is gone both inside and out.

However, this cannot be done without the good people who choose to recycle a phone through our “sell my phone” services. Once we have received the device, we take a look, fix them up, polish them off and provide them to you at incredible prices.

It’s no secret that Mazuma offers an excellent service if you want to sell your mobile. With exceptional prices and speedy services, you can be sure that when looking to sell an iPhone 13 or even sell a Galaxy S22, you are in perfect hands.

When we receive phones, a lot of the time, they are well cared for and, with a bit of TLC, can be advertised again for re-homing. Whether it’s a business phone upgrade or someone looking for something different, the phones are very unlikely to be damaged or even used. This means that when you buy a refurbished phone from us, you could very well be the first person to use it! One of the most common reasons people send us their devices is because it was an upgrade they no longer want.

If you are looking for the funds to buy your next budget device or have any of the above devices but looking for the next upgrade and wondering, “how much is my phone worth?” you can check online. We accept a vast selection of smartphones for excellent prices, with speedy payments for your next device.

Don’t worry; we also take broken phones too, so check online and see how much you could have in your pocket in a matter of days!

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