Mazuma’s 2023 Round Up

It’s time to hit rewind and take a spin through the epic year we’ve had here at Mazuma Mobile. 2023, what a ride! With our simple and sleek four-step trade-in process, we’ve transformed the way you recycle your old devices, keeping your life decluttered and the environment happier.

So, here, we wanted to share what we’ve been up to for the past 12 months, exploring some of our highlights, the fantastic work we’ve done, and how we’ve been continuing to keep our sustainability promise. We’ve got a lot to celebrate: our wins, your wins, and the tech-efficient world we’re shaping together.

Let’s dive in, shall we? Because at Mazuma, every year is a leap forward for you, your devices, and the planet.

A summary of 2023

Mazuma Mobile knocked it out of the park in 2023! We recycled and rehomed more devices than ever, giving them a fab new lease on life. Add to that our switch to a brand-new, ultra-efficient facility, and it was quite the year. We also stayed true to our zero-landfill commitment, and oh, did we mention our heartwarming collab with Mission Christmas? Loads to unpack here, so let’s take a look in a bit more detail.

Another year of smashing our sustainability promise

Over the past year, we went above and beyond in keeping our sustainability promise with our incredible phone recycle services. With every device traded in, we encouraged a greener future, reducing electronic waste by a substantial amount. By offering the best value, people jumped at the chance to recycle their old gadgets, giving them new life and saving the planet one mobile trade-in at a time. Plus, we made it utterly effortless for customers to join the eco-revolution. With our straightforward services, our customers found recycling old devices as easy as pie. They simply registered their sale, packed and posted their device, and then sat tight and ready for fast payment. And just like that, they reduced their carbon footprint and contributed to a greener future with maximum convenience and no hidden fees.

Moving up in the world

In a strategic move, Mazuma relocated to a state-of-the-art facility earlier this year, elevating our operational efficiency to new heights. The high-spec premises meet the demands of our rapidly evolving industry, keeping pace with the technological advances of today’s devices. Through these streamlined processes, we can serve customers even better, delivering on our promise of convenience and value!

This upgrade has enabled us to receive and process devices in record speed – greatly reducing handling times.. In a buzzing market, our efficiency reigns supreme, setting us apart from our competitors. Embracing innovation, this new facility underscores our commitment to excellent service, reduced e-waste, and a sustainable future for all.

What did our customers have to say?

This year, we were thrilled with the many glowing customer reviews we had. In fact, we’re pleased to share that we’ve had over 4,000 five-star reviews in 2023 alone! This positive feedback highlighted our efficient customer service, swift payment, and ease of use, building trust and enhancing our reputation.

For instance, one customer on Trustpilot mentioned, “Brilliant company – easy process and speedy payment… Couldn’t fault the service”. Another review said, “Never had any problem with this company… Always been paid the same day with no issues.”

Such great feedback pays off all our hard work and efforts. So, if you’d like to share how Mazuma put a smile on your face, please leave us a review over on Trustpilot, and you’ll put a smile on ours!

Our work with Mission Christmas

One of our 2023 highlights was partnering with Mission Christmas, run by Cash for Kids. This incredible charity has a dedicated initiative aiming to bring happiness to underprivileged children across the UK by ensuring they receive presents during the holiday season.

With many children potentially waking up without presents on December 25th due to poverty, every donation counts for the initiative. Mazuma’s partnership with this cause underlines our corporate social responsibility and highlights us as a brand that not only provides a valuable service but also actively contributes to community betterment.

Drop-offs are now closed, but there’s still time to donate to this wonderful cause, so we encourage you to check out Mission Christmas and give what you can to make a child’s Christmas.

A look into the wider industry

Although our Sell My Phone services are unique and stand out from the crowd, we have to acknowledge that we’re not a one-man band. We’re proud to be part of the wider mobile phone and electronic device recycling industry to make huge waves in terms of sustainability. 2023 was huge for our sector and saw exceptional developments.

In fact, Europe was the continent recycling the highest percentage of e-waste, and the UK was in the top 10 countries with the highest recycling rate!

Being a small puzzle piece in the bigger picture is something that Mazuma is incredibly proud of, and we’re excited about what 2024 brings and the industry improvements and growth we’ll see next year and for many years to come.

Looking to the future

Well, what a year it’s been. But we’re not slowing down anytime soon. In 2024, we want to build on 2023’s success, where positive reviews validated our customer-centric approach. With this in mind, we’ll continue prioritising transparency and efficiency as a reliable mobile trading platform.

Reflecting on the past 12 months, the team at Mazuma anticipates a future marked by sustained growth, enriched customer relationships, and a continual commitment to environmental sustainability.

So, if you want to be a part of our contributions to a greener planet, you can. Whether you’re looking for a Samsung or iPhone trade-in, want to recycle your laptop, or sell another device, we can help. Get in touch with our friendly team for a quote and discover the difference you can make.

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish our customers, new and old, a very Happy New Year!