Can I Sell A Phone Under Contract?

Want to ride the latest mobile tech wave but feel shackled to your current device? If you’re sat there with a “sell your iPhone” thought bubble floating above your head, this blog is just for you! We’re diving into the practical, exciting world of selling your iPhone, even under contract. Buckle up; it’s time to navigate this contract quicksand together, turning an “iPhone for sale” from a thought bubble to reality!

Reasons for cancelling your contract early

Many of us have faced the temptation to cancel our phone contracts early – but why? It isn’t always to get the upgrade of our dreams (although, most of the time, it is). People often decide that their device isn’t quite right for them for many reasons.

Bored to the Core

Many modern phone contracts are up to 24 months. At this time, it’s safe to say that what was a novelty when you first bought it will certainly be worn out by the first 12 months. We’ve all been there: bored to infinity and beyond with the same old device. It’s only human nature to crave change. Besides, who wouldn’t want a fresh gadget with more features to make the most of life’s adventures?

Bye-Bye, Bad Reception

With the introduction of 5G, there have been a few, not many, but certainly a few reports of signal strength changing. Whether you need to upgrade to make the most of 5G or have noticed a significant change in your signal, a new phone could be a good test to see if it’s the same old story… “It’s not me; it’s you”. Have you ever missed a crucial call or that oh-so-important text, all because of patchy network coverage? Your device may not accept 5G as well as it should, which could be a great reason to upgrade.

Eye-Watering Bills

With the cost of living having a negative effect on the entire nation, those monthly invoices can often become challenging if your financial position has changed. Selling your mobile and paying off the final balance may allow you to use an old device or even find a cheaper alternative.

So, there you have it, a handful of reasons why some of us bite the bullet and cancel our phone contracts early. Weigh it all up, make a plan, and embrace your mobile adventure!

Split contracts

In years gone by, contracts for phones would come all bundled up in one package, the device, and data plan in one easy contract. However, this has recently changed with network providers.

Welcome to the world of split mobile phone contracts!

Unlike traditional plans, split contracts separate your Device Plan (monthly mobile payments) from your Service Plan (personalised calls, text, and data).

Are you bored with your model? Time to sell your mobile early? No problem! You can upgrade before your agreement ends, thanks to split contracts. There are many advantages when it comes to having a split contract.

  • Unparalleled transparency: device and service costs are billed separately, so you know exactly where your money’s going.
  • Unbeatable flexibility: switch service plans or providers without touching your device payments.
  • Full ownership: pay your device off in instalments but own it outright from day one.

You can break free from phone contract chains with split contracts while keeping up with tech’s fast pace. Get ready to dive into a world of mobile phone freedom!

Pay off the outstanding bill

Of course, whilst split contracts have made it easier to cancel your contract early to get a new device, you are still required to pay off the final bill. You could let this bill continue for the remaining contract, but who wants a direct debit every month for a device they no longer own? This is where our incredible phone trade-in services can help.

Whilst you may have a contract to pay off month by month, most network providers allow you to pay off the remaining outstanding charges in one go. So, for instance, if you have bought the latest iPhone but found you prefer Android devices, you can sell your iPhone 14 with us and use the competitive prices we offer to pay off the final bill outstanding on it. This ability gives you the freedom to get the phone you want, especially if you are unhappy with the upgrade your network has provided.

By selling your phone to us, you’re creating space for a new device and paving the way for a contract-free life sooner. So, feature yourself as the starring act in your own mobile updating journey and take control with Mazuma.

The challenges of selling a mobile device under contract

We all know the excitement of getting our hands on a cutting-edge smartphone, but what happens when you’re still in a contract with your current device? Before making a move, it’s essential to be aware of the potential challenges that may come with it. Let’s explore the ins and outs of selling a mobile device under contract in a professional, friendly, and approachable way.

  • Balancing the Numbers – Don’t forget, you’ve got a balance to square with your carrier. Be savvy – the sale might not cover it all, leading to a wallet woe. Always do a quick cost check before you jump into selling, and make sure you may be able to cover the difference if needed.
  • Understanding Carrier Restrictions – Stay alert for carrier restrictions. If you play dodgeball with obligations, carriers might call ‘timeout’ on your device’s services. Give their policies a check and even speak with them first about any restrictions you may have.
  • Ownership and Refresh Contracts – Are you on a refresh contract? This could mean your phone is only fully yours once the contract’s device part is covered. This means selling isn’t always an option. Understanding your contract’s Ts and Cs can help dodge any legal issues.

Although upgrading your mobile device can be an exciting journey, it’s crucial to be aware of the challenges that come with selling a phone under contract. Always stay informed, be transparent, and consult with your carrier to ensure a stress-free experience.

Sell your phone with Mazuma

So, ready for a new chapter in your mobile journey? If you have checked the restrictions of your contract, let Mazuma sweep in and save the day! We make the whole process a breeze from start to finish. With our standout service, it won’t be long before you’re living your best gadget life sans old mobile.

We can buy a range of tech, not just smartphones. So whether you are looking to sell your iPad or find an Xbox trade-in, we can offer you incredible prices. So, what are you waiting for? Get a quote today and become contract free sooner than you expected.

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