Keys to Touchscreen – Are You Ready?

Getting used to the latest mobile phones and tablets might not be high on your list of things to do, particularly if you’re of the I’m-used-to-this-one school of thought. According to Apple, touchscreens are the present and future. According to Blackberry, it’s not quite time to count out keypads. Here are a few pros and cons for the touchscreen virgin thinking of an upgrade (and maybe getting some cash for old mobile phones!)
• Easy to clean because there are no gaps for detritus to fall into. Touchscreens are very sensitive, but with a few good habits can be kept pretty much as-new for years.
• Amazing scope for creativity and speedy menu access… once you get used to it! Artistic apps and highly personalised menu routes can have your finger doing happy little triple salchows across the screen!
• Very, very easy to use even for the novice. Those with limited mobility can benefit wonderfully from the simple, sensitive design of touchscreens.
• The sensitivity of a touch screen can be a curse as well as well as a blessing, particularly for folks with large finger pads or heavy-handed tendencies.
• Although modern touchscreens are precision engineered, they can be easier to break than traditional keypad devices. Take the example of Apple’s reputation for cracked screens at a seemingly innocuous touch!
If you want to trade in your mobile for a shiny new touchscreen, use our superb online phone recycling service!
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Make Your Green Choices Count

Going Green is about more than just occasionally flinging a magazine into the recycling bin at work. It’s about making real life changes that are conscious of things like global production processes, waste management, e-waste in the modern world etc. Sound a bit overwhelming? Don’t worry! All the best green things you can do tend to be about simple, regular changes and habits in your daily life.
Not quite sure if you care enough to go green? After all, how much waste do you REALLY make? Try collecting your rubbish for a month instead of throwing it out into the magic portal of the wheelie bin. That can get pretty messy, so maybe choose a couple of packaging items to hoard for a month. We kept plastic milk cartons, crisp packets and magazines – all of which can be recycled easily – and were horribly shocked by the amount our office could have contributed to a landfill if we hadn’t already established excellent recycling protocols.
But it’s as much about the message as it is about the action. Our mobile phone recycling company is built on strong environmental ethics because we understand the importance of actions AND words. We don’t sing the praises of selling mobile phones just to make a fast buck and chuck them in a landfill when we’ve harvested precious metals and minerals. We recycle mobile phones for cash and make sure we play a huge role in the next part of the chain, i.e. reselling refurbished phones in struggling economies.
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My First Mobile

It’s not really an age-old debate, but it’s certainly one parents around the world have endured over the past decade or so – when are kids old enough to have their own mobile phones? As parents of the mobile phone recycling industry we spend a lot of time answering client queries and researching all and sundry to do with new mobile phones, used mobile phones and all the bits and pieces that go with them. Here are a few tips for parents thinking about finally letting their little monsters loose on the world of mobiles!
• Is it a question of safety? If your child walks home from school with a friend or other guardian, it can be a nice little reassurance that they have the capability to summon the emergency services. That said, lots of schools (especially primary schools) don’t allow mobile phones to be used on the premises. Perhaps consider something like a personal alarm instead.
• If you live in a rural setting or on a farm, kitting out the kids with mobiles can be a great way to afford them the wonderful freedom of rural living without destroying your larynx calling them in for dinner!
• Teaching kids about how you can recycle phones and other electronics is essential. Help them learn about things like the manufacturing process, sensible recycling and ethical consumption.
The general consensus seems to be that a mobile bought out of necessity can be very beneficial. However, a mobile for the sake of fashion or keeping up with the Jones’s kids is probably just wasteful.
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The Ethics of Your Home Electronics

We all want to live ethically and with pertinent environmental concern, but it can be tough to spot the perpetrators when it comes to choosing ethically produced electrical devices for your lifestyle. As mobile phone recycling experts with global reach, we’re pretty in tune with world issues of ethical production and waste disposal. So while you mull over sending us your old mobiles for cash, here are a few of the more shocking facts about electrical devices in the modern age.
Mobile Recycling and Production
Few mobile phone manufacturers can swear, hand on heart, that they know 100% where the minerals used in their production processes come from. It’s not because they’re evil corporations, but simply because much of the mineral market is incredibly under-regulated, particularly in struggling countries. Mobile recycling is the number one way you can influence the mineral market by ethically disposing of your phone and encouraging mineral re-use.
TV Screens and Laptops
Unscrupulous manufacturers of things like laptops often have poor reputations for worker’s rights on the factory floor. Human labour is very cheap, and NGOs around the globe are constantly pushing for better regulations in struggling economies. A key role in target markets is advertising; companies market a new product aggressively, drumming up demand, then force factory employees to work dangerously long hours to fulfil the demand. What can you do? Do a little digging into your chosen manufacturer; the internet and free flow of information to customers is a great weapon in forcing manufacturers to clean up their act!
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Ditch the Surplus Mobiles in Favour of Extra SIM Cards

We deal with all sorts of lovely folks in the phone recycling business. Such little chats have led us to estimate you guys hoard millions of handsets rather than getting cash for mobiles through our great trade in service.
But it’s not only through lack of use we think you’re building up a collection of handsets. Loads of our private and business clients are frequent travellers, which means a different mobile phone handset for each country they visit. What’s the point? Why not just carry the relevant SIM cards and indulge in a little phone recycling for cash?
Frequent business trippers will be familiar with the stress of juggling several different phone numbers and devices. The phone numbers thing can be a bit of a pain, but by ditching the handsets and just carrying SIM cards you could cash in phone recycling for your company AND save space when travelling
Fun and Adventure
Are you off on a round the world trip, a year in Japan or maybe just a few weeks backpacking in Europe? Phone communication can be a godsend in terms of anxious parents or actual life-threatening situations. Put a little time into finding a comparable handset for global travel, invest in the right SIM cards for the job (you can usually buy cheap once you arrive), get some cash from us for your old handset and away you go into the wild green yonder you go!
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Don’t Trash, Get Cash!

There are heaps of disposable things in our lives. We choose to be proactive. Modern life can be tough to keep tabs on – does your laptop brand use minerals from unregulated mines? Is that packaging just shiny cardboard or cardboard with a layer of plastic? But that’s no excuse to put your blinkers on and ignore the whole roundabout of recycling! We’re all guilty of being lazy from time to time, but did you know you can sell mobile phones for cash? Get cash for old clothes? Even cash for broken electronics!
That old CD player was once a prized possession. Sure, it’s now been replaced by the all-in-one brilliance of your iPhone, but it can still make you a little dosh at a car boot sale or online through an auction website. There are loads of folks out there looking for spare parts and devices that can be broken down or used without worrying about the replacement cost. £9.99 on eBay for that old Sony Walkman has to be better than a lifetime in the landfill and £0!
Random bits and bobs could net you more than you think. Looked in the shed recently? In the back bedroom wardrobe? In the loft? There are usually heaps of old things that SOMEONE will want for a few quid. Disposing of stuff can be a chore, so instead of flinging that old sofa in the landfill, put it on an auction website as “Collection Only”
Our advice? Trade in your mobile and reap the wonderful, wonderful rewards from the Mazuma phone recycling scheme!
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Don’t Panic About Data

We recently read an article that claimed Aussie’s are putting off phone recycling because of a deep concern about personal data being inexpertly removed. Figures suggested around 65% of Aussies felt unsafe leaving their data removal needs in the hands of cash for mobiles companies due to a fear that their personal data could be accessed by a third party or even sold on. Here are a few facts about the Mazuma mobile system that ensures complete satisfaction and 100% confidence in mobile phone recycling here in the U.K!
• Around 90% of some mobile phones can be recycled. This process completely destroys any information on the phone. But we operate a failsafe data deletion tool to make sure EVERYTHING is wiped before the dismantling process even begins.
• Our Data Delete Tool is essentially a free step-by-step personalised instruction to show you EXACTLY how to delete data before you send the phone to us. We could do this ourselves, but we know peace of mind can come from knowing 100% of your personal data has been removed by your own fair fingertips.
• Although there are a few horror stories about things like government laptops being sent to a recycling company full of Top Secret information, your phones will be so thoroughly reviewed as soon as we receive them that there’s no chance at all of things like very personal photos or secret spy files (or mean texts about your mother-in-law!) making their way onto the market.
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Don’t Contribute to e-Waste

We’re mobile phone recycling experts etc, etc, but that’s not just something we shout about to drum up business for the Mazuma phone recycling scheme. Our ethics are a HUGE part of what we do, both in the U.K market and in the economies we export used mobile phones and salvaged materials to.
e-waste is a very, VERY modern concern. But e-waste isn’t just about the devices and materials left to degrade on landfill sites, potentially poisoning wildlife and damaging ecosystems for thousands of years (that’s the closest estimate we have concerning how long it takes for plastics to BEGIN degrading) e-waste is also about the phones, laptops, tablets, even calculators gathering dust in draws and on shelves around the world.
Capitalising on your old mobiles and electronic devices is pretty easy, particularly with specialist ethical traders like Mazuma operating a huge portion of the market (we’re the biggest in the U.K!) According to recent U.S figures, the new iPhone 4S could create around 200 million pounds (weight) of e-waste over the next couple of years.
We believe the coming years are going to see e-waste management and trading markets grow exponentially around the globe. Selling mobile phones or donating old handsets should already be the normal form of ethical disposal for all users, but we still estimate millions of handsets are idling away in that old forgotten drawer. Do you know someone who could sell old mobile phones to us? Spread the Mazuma word today!
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