Find Your Inner Photographer With a Smartphone

We all remember the days before smartphones when selfies were much less professional, and photos taken on phones were more shapes with small distinguishing details than anything worthy of professionalism. However, with the progression of smartphones, we have seen images taken on mobiles become very expert looking. From their editing abilities to the stunning details you can now capture on a phone, most homes no longer require a digital camera, as most smartphones often have just as good quality.

So, if you like to take lots of images, sit back as we explore the various phones that can improve your photography skills.

The best smartphone for selfies

The modest selfie has been alive for many years, and it has become such an important part of society’s culture that there is even a National Selfie Day on June 21st. Although it’s been a part of history since the invention of the camera, it’s grown in significant popularity with the expansion of Instagram taking a rocket with various trends such as #iwokeuplikethis and #duckface. This fad, which never seemed to disappear, encouraged the improvement of selfie cameras across many smartphones. It even encouraged start-ups like Snapchat to become a worldwide phenomenon. So, if selfies take up 90% of your camera roll, you need to find a phone that will give you your best angle.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

samsung glaaxy S22 UltraHands down, the best phone to provide you with the most detailed services is the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Offering a 40MP front camera, this is one of the highest specs on the market right now. When you look at the latest iPhone, the S22 Ultra dominates with its ability to take professional-looking selfies. This phone is top of the range and is jam-packed full of incredible features, including Samsung’s most powerful processing chip to keep you scrolling faster for longer. This 4nm processor will help Instagram feeds load quicker, which many older devices struggle with due to the data, making uploading speeds much faster. So, if you want to sell an iPhone 14 Pro Max to seriously step up your selfie game, we can help give you the funds towards your S22 Ultra.

The best phone for scenic images

If selfies aren’t your thing and you are more interested in sharing the stunning locations you visit regularly, then a rear camera is vital when choosing a new phone. With so little left to improve on many smartphones, offering the best camera has become a main priority for most manufacturers. Again the Samsung S22 Ultra is the phone holding all the cards in the battle for the best phone for photography. However, it would be a pretty dull blog if all we kept highlighting was the same phone. So, if there is some particular reason you may not find the S22 Ultra appealing (such as the giant size of the phone at 6.8 inches) and want the next best phone, we have the perfect device!

Google Pixel 7 Pro

Google Pixel 7 ProSo, ok, this phone is only 0.1 inches smaller, but it certainly competes for the best phone for scenic images with an impressive 12MP ultra-wide camera, which matches the S22 Ultra. The Pixel 7 Pro also only has three cameras compared to the four from the S22 Ultra, but what it lacks in camera numbers, it makes up with a 40MP telephoto camera, which gives better close-ups of landscapes in the distance. In comparison, the S22 Ultra only has a 10MP telephoto, which could argue, tips the scale for the Google Pixel 7 Pro for capturing that beautiful landscape. What are you waiting for? Trade in your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra for a Google Pixel to take stunning photos of that mountain no matter how far away you are!

The best phone for underwater photography

Whilst the idea of taking a photo of something underwater goes against the grain a little, it can be possible. Gone are the days of worrying about the slightest bit of water damaging your phone. Most smartphones will be perfectly fine to use in the rain, and many will even survive an accidental dip in the pool. So, when it comes to capturing those underwater worlds, it is much easier than ever before.

iPhone 14 Pro Max

iPhone 14 pro maxBefore going out to take a dunk in the pool with your iPhone 14 Pro Max, we recommend purchasing a waterproof phone case. Although this phone can withstand about 19 feet for up to 30 minutes, the official water resistance testing was done in very particular environments, and Apple warns that this is only at the point of sale. So, when it comes to capturing those underwater images, we still advise protecting your phone, but it does mean that you don’t have to worry too much about the odd bit of water if the casing somewhat fails. Although the camera only offers a 48MP main camera, it is substantially improved from its predecessor. In fact, the iPhone 14 Pro Max offers much better camera detail compared to the 13 Pro Max with its main camera. So, if you want an upgrade in cameras, sell your iPhone 13 Pro Max and share an underwater world in much better clarity with your friends and family.

The best phone for storing photos

Nothing is worse than having that awful notification pop up asking you to delete files or that your internal memory is full. Although there are many online options to help you solve this with the likes of Google Drive and Photos, which offer free storage of up to 15GB, you need a phone that can offer you the most space. Some phones will provide an external SD card slot that you can expand into where necessary, which can help you increase the storage facility on your phone by up to 1TB. Although the latest iPhones can come in 1TB, few network and contract providers will offer this size of the device, so you would need to purchase it directly from Apple with a very steep price tag. However, let us find you the best phone with the most memory from the get-go at a reasonable price, giving you more time to decide whether you have the time to sieve through your photos or whether you need to purchase additional storage either via a card or online.

Xiaomi 12T Pro

Xiaomi 12t proAlthough the Xiaomi series of phones are not as familiar as the big companies dominating the UK market, they are certainly gaining popularity. The Xiaomi 12T Pro is the latest phone released from the Chinese phone manufacturer and has an excellent camera which can match, if not excel, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with an impressive 200MP primary camera. Although it falls short on the second and third cameras, it can still offer great photos from both sides of the phone. It also comes with 256GB, which is essential considering the data needed for the beautiful photos. Although many devices come with this internal storage, the Xiaomi 12T pro also offers the ability to expand on this with a MicroSD card, unlike the main two players from Samsung and Apple.

Upgrade your photography capabilities with Mazuma Mobile

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smart phone as camera

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