Don’t Trash, Get Cash!

There are heaps of disposable things in our lives. We choose to be proactive. Modern life can be tough to keep tabs on – does your laptop brand use minerals from unregulated mines? Is that packaging just shiny cardboard or cardboard with a layer of plastic? But that’s no excuse to put your blinkers on and ignore the whole roundabout of recycling! We’re all guilty of being lazy from time to time, but did you know you can sell mobile phones for cash? Get cash for old clothes? Even cash for broken electronics!
That old CD player was once a prized possession. Sure, it’s now been replaced by the all-in-one brilliance of your iPhone, but it can still make you a little dosh at a car boot sale or online through an auction website. There are loads of folks out there looking for spare parts and devices that can be broken down or used without worrying about the replacement cost. £9.99 on eBay for that old Sony Walkman has to be better than a lifetime in the landfill and £0!
Random bits and bobs could net you more than you think. Looked in the shed recently? In the back bedroom wardrobe? In the loft? There are usually heaps of old things that SOMEONE will want for a few quid. Disposing of stuff can be a chore, so instead of flinging that old sofa in the landfill, put it on an auction website as “Collection Only”
Our advice? Trade in your mobile and reap the wonderful, wonderful rewards from the Mazuma phone recycling scheme!
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Don’t Panic About Data

We recently read an article that claimed Aussie’s are putting off phone recycling because of a deep concern about personal data being inexpertly removed. Figures suggested around 65% of Aussies felt unsafe leaving their data removal needs in the hands of cash for mobiles companies due to a fear that their personal data could be accessed by a third party or even sold on. Here are a few facts about the Mazuma mobile system that ensures complete satisfaction and 100% confidence in mobile phone recycling here in the U.K!
• Around 90% of some mobile phones can be recycled. This process completely destroys any information on the phone. But we operate a failsafe data deletion tool to make sure EVERYTHING is wiped before the dismantling process even begins.
• Our Data Delete Tool is essentially a free step-by-step personalised instruction to show you EXACTLY how to delete data before you send the phone to us. We could do this ourselves, but we know peace of mind can come from knowing 100% of your personal data has been removed by your own fair fingertips.
• Although there are a few horror stories about things like government laptops being sent to a recycling company full of Top Secret information, your phones will be so thoroughly reviewed as soon as we receive them that there’s no chance at all of things like very personal photos or secret spy files (or mean texts about your mother-in-law!) making their way onto the market.
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Don’t Contribute to e-Waste

We’re mobile phone recycling experts etc, etc, but that’s not just something we shout about to drum up business for the Mazuma phone recycling scheme. Our ethics are a HUGE part of what we do, both in the U.K market and in the economies we export used mobile phones and salvaged materials to.
e-waste is a very, VERY modern concern. But e-waste isn’t just about the devices and materials left to degrade on landfill sites, potentially poisoning wildlife and damaging ecosystems for thousands of years (that’s the closest estimate we have concerning how long it takes for plastics to BEGIN degrading) e-waste is also about the phones, laptops, tablets, even calculators gathering dust in draws and on shelves around the world.
Capitalising on your old mobiles and electronic devices is pretty easy, particularly with specialist ethical traders like Mazuma operating a huge portion of the market (we’re the biggest in the U.K!) According to recent U.S figures, the new iPhone 4S could create around 200 million pounds (weight) of e-waste over the next couple of years.
We believe the coming years are going to see e-waste management and trading markets grow exponentially around the globe. Selling mobile phones or donating old handsets should already be the normal form of ethical disposal for all users, but we still estimate millions of handsets are idling away in that old forgotten drawer. Do you know someone who could sell old mobile phones to us? Spread the Mazuma word today!
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Great Yule Recycling Habits for Mazuma Fans

The festive season is well and truly here, and who would we be if we didn’t throw in our two cents on the subject of recycling in the holiday season! There are loads of great ways to make the most of surplus bits and pieces lying around your home and garden, so let’s channel a little Delia Smith and list a few great ways to save money and personalise your celebrations for 2011!
• Getting cash for phones through our first-rate mobile phone recycling service isn’t the only way you can free up a bit of space and make money this winter. Have you ever used that juicer? The exercise bike? Do you really need a “spare” Xbox? Give your home electronics a swift going over and kick a few our way or to the online auction curb! Sell mobile phones, spare games controllers – whatever you think can make you a quick quid in the run up to Christmas.
• Not all are born with creative bones, but there are still loads of things you can do in terms of making Christmas decorations cheaply. Collect pinecones and paint them, cut out little Christmas trees from felt fabric to make window hanging decorations; there are literally hundreds of different ways you can create unique, personal decorations for your home on the cheap.
• We all go through a LOT of packaging etc over the festive period. There’s no better time of year to invest in separate recycling bins for your kitchen!
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iPhone 4S Boosts Demand for Mazuma Recycling

The world of mobile phone recycling and ownership was recently described as being like an avalanche; as soon as a new release arrives, demand surges and creates a massive wave of retail joy that takes over the market until the initial buzz has worn off. Well, that suits our used mobile phone needs down to the ground!
The great thing about our company is that we grow every day. Through this blog, our TV adverts, word of mouth etc, we’re able to spread the word that you can sell mobile phones for cash and make a little back from that once loved iPhone 3G that’s now relegated to second place.
The iPhone 4S has caused a fantastic surge in demand for our recycling services. But let’s not forget about other delightful new releases – the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the Nokia Lumia – this really IS the season to be jolly excited about mobile phone recycling!
In the end, the mobile phone industry in the developed world is about more than just communication. It’s about utility, labour-saving, efficiency, creativity – what CAN’T you do with your phone? Part of the Mazuma chain is sending used mobile phones to struggling economies such as those in Pakistan, parts of China etc. In these places, a simple tool like a mobile phone can change lives, save lives and help communities to grow into prosperous, efficient, safe locales. Think about that next time you’re tempted to just fling your old iPhone 3G into a forgotten drawer.
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Ho-Ho-How Much Could You Save?

If that old iPhone 4 is burning a hole in your pocket, or maybe you want to sell Blackberry phones that are no longer in use at your company, we can help! We reckon the average iPhone could net you around £100+. So, what could that old iPhone get you at our partner store, Argos? Two words… Christmas presents!
With the festive season well and truly here (are you up to date on the top ten kids toys for this Yule?), it’s time to start thinking about one thing (hopefully lots of things)… presents! Gift giving in a frugal time can be a bit of stretch for many folks, which is one of the great benefits of our partnership with Argos. You trade in your mobile, we give you Argos vouchers!
Games and Toys
Of course, we’re Xbox lovers and Wii junkies here at Mazuma H.Q, so we LOVE being able to buy games and stuff from Argos. It’s so simple – sell old mobile phones like the iPhone 4, and you’ve got a great selection of games and toys covered (so that’s little kids AND your big kid mates done and dusted!)
Useful Stuff
There’s always that ONE uncle who’s a massive chore to buy for, or that ONE friend who has everything! For the price of your traded in Nokia N900, you could put a few precious pounds towards the Weird Presents fund. Digital photo key ring? Stealth video sunglasses? Battery powered wine opener? Come on, no-one has EVERYTHING!
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Samsung Sales Trounce Apple

With the sad news of Steve Jobs’ death, Apple has still enjoyed a massive retail surge with the release of the iPhone 4S. But according to Time Magazine’s online arm, Techland, Samsung is still set to beat Apple in the festive quarter smartphone sales race.
The figures speak for themselves. July-September Samsung saw shipments blossom by 44%; not bad at all in the run up to the iPhone 4S release. So, with 24% of the market, what’s ahead for Samsung in the festive season, and how could it affect us here at Mazuma?
Aside from Uncle Bob definitely drinking too much sherry, festive predictions foresee a possible total of around 30 million Apple handsets being sold during the holiday season. According to analysts, this still won’t put them ahead of Samsung in the race for global smartphone domination.
Here at Mazuma
We’re not exclusively market analysts, but we do spend a great deal of time plotting phone recycling trends and studying the world market to make sure you get the best deals and we provide the best service. In the run up to a new handset like the iPhone 4S being released, we usually see a little dip in mobile recycling (die-hard fans holding off an upgrade until the new release), but after the holiday season, we’re likely to see a BIG increase in demand for our services from lovely folks like you looking to recycle their old handset ethically.
So, if you want to trade in your mobile, we recommend getting in before the seasonal rush!
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The Lazy Guide to Recycling

Want to sell things on eBay? Oh but wait, that involves taking photos, writing the listing etc. Seems like a lot of effort for a lazy person. Don’t get us wrong, we’re certainly afflicted with the laziness gene here at Mazuma H.Q (why wash your coffee mug when there are shiny clean ones sitting right by the kettle!?) but here are a few reasons to make the effort!
Of COURSE this is our first titbit of advice! The Mazuma mobile phone recycling service is pretty much designed to give even the laziest of sloths a little boost! You don’t even need to leave the safety of the online world; just fill in a few make and model details, find out how much we’ll give you to recycle old mobiles, accept the quote if you’re happy, and wait for the free postage bag to arrive on your doorstep!
Selling Online
Although a bit of a chore sometimes, a day spent cataloguing surplus items like DVDs, hair straighteners, books, homewares, car parts, unopened birthday gifts etc. could make more pennies than you might think. Using websites like could unearth a straight swap, too!
Donating to Charity
The Charity Retail Association – – is a great resource for lazy folks. They maintain a massive database of U.K charity shops and depots that can collect all kinds of items straight from your front door. So, there’s no excuse not to prepare a few donation bags and maybe FINALLY get rid of that old furniture from the loft/garage/shed!
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