Avoid confusion when getting cash for phones

Sometimes when you want to benefit from products or services, you might find yourself being blinded by science. Certain companies seem to go out of their way to dazzle their customers and leave them confused.

Such an approach should arouse suspicion. After all, when firms are genuinely confident in what they have to offer, there is no reason for them to withhold any information or create unnecessary complications.

Here at Mazuma, we are proud of our mobile phone recycling service and so we are perfectly clear in our description of it and we make sure that the whole process of getting money for your old handsets could not be easier.

For example, when it comes to price, what you see is what you get. We do not try to imply you will receive more cash for phones than you actually will just to get your interest. The fact is, the rates we offer for devices are highly competitive and so we have nothing to hide.

Also, you will not be left in doubt about deductions for imperfections, such as scratched screens, flat batteries and so on. We simply distinguish between phones on the basis of whether they are ‘working’ or ‘non-working’ and pay you accordingly.

Meanwhile, when it comes to postage, we will provide you with the necessary pack and information.

There really is no easier way to engage in mobile recycling and after using us once, you may be back time and again. To find out more, simply take a look around our website.

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Your old phone might be worth more than you think

Once your mobile is no longer useful to you, you might think it is virtually worthless. After all, it may have been superseded by newer and better models and it might even be broken.

Like many people, you may therefore believe that it is not worth investigating the possibility of exchanging such phones for cash because the amount you would get would be minimal.

However, you may be making a mistake. Here at Mazuma, we specialise in mobile phone recycling and know the value of used devices. Such items can be resold in developing markets and provide much needed means of communication.

We even deal with phones that are classified as ‘non-working’ as, with the right care and attention, these products can be given a new lease of life.

To find out how much your old handsets are worth, all you have to do is enter some basic details on our website. You might be shocked by the value of those unused items that are currently gathering dust around your home.

Just because they are no longer useful to you does not mean you cannot get a great price for them. And just think what you could do with that extra money. Perhaps you could treat yourself to new clothes or items for your home. On the other hand, the cash may come in handy to help you cover bills or the cost of your holidays.

Whatever you do, don’t rule out exchanging old mobiles for cash. You could make a tidy sum through our website.

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Reuse or Recycle!

Extolling the virtues of the “simple life” is about more than just the occasional de-clutter. But, in the spirit of helping you get on to the path of ethical, efficient, greener living, here are a few of our expert tips covering everything from mobile phone recycling to gauging the likelihood of your pogo stick phase returning after an eleven year hiatus!


The old “reuse or recycle” mantra is something that can be applied to pretty much all the old electronic devices scattered around the home (hence why our cash for mobiles company exists!) Why have you kept the old vacuum cleaner? The broken toaster? That digital camera that got dropped in the sea three years ago? And who needs the last three generations of Blackberry Curve lying about the place! Trade in mobile phones for cash, send working electronic devices that are in good nick to your local charity store, and contact your local council for details as to their green electronic device disposal policy.


Stylist advice tends to be simple – if you haven’t worn it in the last year… it goes! Fair enough, we don’t all need a stylist poking us in the back trying to make us throw away that Jurassic Park t-shirt we know we’ll never wear again (but can’t quite let go of!), but there’s usually always scope to get rid of a few bygone trends.


Sorting through things like bookcases (when was the last time you read any of those Reader’s Digest short stories?!), DVD collections and swathes of magazines is usually a great way to de-clutter!

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Schools Save Money with Mazuma Mobile Recycling

Remember the Blue Peter “Bring and Buy Sale” concept? Sending away for those little information packs and thumbing through the pages and pages of stickers with trembling fingers! Here at Mazuma we love to do our bit for charity (which is why we’re noted as such an ethical company in terms of both humanity and the environment!) so if your school is looking for a simple, effective way to raise money for a charity of your choice or just to fund something awesome (might we suggest a trip to a high ropes adventure park!) for your students, why not put a few of those scholarly grey cells to work organising a phone bank recycling drive?

How It Works

We’re happy to take as many handsets as your school can throw at us! Just collect old mobile phones however you think is best (we recommend plastic bins handled by teachers), get in touch with us and let us know how many phones you’d like to sell and what models they are (sorry if there’s loads for you to trawl through, but it just means more cash!), then we’ll send out the required number of Parcelforce plastic bags for you to pop them all on their merry way to our tech wizards!  You can send broken and valueless phones too; we’ll recycle them ethically!

Data Delete

We operate a very strict data erase policy to make sure all our customers can rely on discretion and the protection of their privacy.

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Moving House? Don’t Just Move the Mess!

Organising a wedding, organising a divorce, moving house – the big three life stresses! There may be no such thing as the fairytale divorce or flawless wedding run through, but we can certainly help you with a few ideas and golden nuggets of advice when it comes to moving house!

Resist the Urge to Pack EVERYTHING

Those old mobiles phones lurking in a seldom visited desk draw…. you don’t need them! Recycle mobile phones, alarm clocks, kettles, curling tongs, pretty much everything electrical you haven’t used in the past year or two. Chucking everything into boxes might seem like the simplest option, but do you really want to recreate troublesome loft space mess in your new place? Try to treat the “sorting through stuff and deciding what to keep” stage as a separate monster to the “endless packing” stage; it’ll make everything seem like less of a giant project.

Pack in Stages

Moving on Thursday? Still not packed on Tuesday? Depending on the size of your possessions hoard, organisational genius types tend to recommend allowing at least a month to organise and efficiently box up everything in your home. This will SERIOUSLY diminish the amount of stress associated with packing up a lifetime of stuff in a single day!

Reuse or Recycle

This is the part even we sometimes have trouble with! We KNOW we never use the Wii anymore (it was such an impulse buy, and who were we kidding!), and we KNOW we should trade in seldom used electronics and mobile phones for cash. Reuse or recycle – pick a side!

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Stave Off Student Debt with Mazuma Mobile Recycling

With university fees looking set to go a bit nuts and make the whole university experience even more debt-filled than it already was, every little nugget of advice is going to be of use for current and prospective students. And you thought we just took care of your old mobile phones….

•    First years, keep it simple! Moving into halls of residence might seem like the biggest step in the world, but in reality you’ll be living there for around thirty weeks. Pack light and avoid the troublesome costs of moving eight boxes of seldom watched DVDs!

•    Make your junk make money! Sell mobile phones for cash (to us, obviously!), eBay bits and bobs that simply serve to clutter your living space, and consider keeping hold of a few valuables you don’t REALLY need for fiscally troubling times (e.g. hocking your old laptop for extra Christmas spends!)

•    Don’t eat out! This is a real life lesson, guys. Eating out is more expensive. Simple. Cooking can be a bit of a drag, but when it’s the choice between a year of take-away pizza debt or eating shop brand noodles nightly, the choice should be obvious. Two £10 pizzas per week over those thirty weeks in halls = £600!

•    Live on a budget. Very boring to be told this one, but it’s one of the most effective ways to keep tabs on your money and play the long game (i.e. make your student loan go as far as possible!)

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Summer Savings with Mazuma Mobile Recycling

Getting on the summer bandwagon and having a thorough de-clutter might not be your idea of a balmy UK season well spent. Nonetheless, there are tons of little bits and bobs you could be doing to make a bit of extra cash for the holiday fund!


Don’t sell your mobile on eBay! We want to give your old mobile phones the Mazuma treatment! But there’s probably still at least a little in the way of sellable goods in your possession. You might not be ready to part with that pristine Wayne Gretzky hockey card just yet, but the eBay odds are good that someone somewhere will be willing to pay a few pounds for things like DVDs, jewellery, books, CDs etc. You may only sell things for a relatively low price, but sell enough and the pile of precious cash adds up!

Sell Your Mobile to Us

You knew it was coming! Here in the Mazuma office we’re all thrifty experts (everybody’s had to start somewhere, right?) when it comes to things like making ends meet at university, struggling through your first job on minimum wage (and still trying to save money for a cheap beach vacation!) and trying really, REALLY hard to stay in the black when money is most definitely NOT growing on trees! That’s really why we all believe in Mazuma – we’ve all recycled our mobiles too!

Make sure you check our regularly updated blog for more frugal hints and tips.

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Collect Old Mobile Phones for Charity

If you’re looking for a unique way to raise funds, consider a mobile phone drive! By encouraging people (maybe students or association members) to donate and recycle phones, you could raise some lovely money for your cause!

We don’t impose any limit on the number of phones you can recycle with us, so it’s really up to you and your charity group whether you send us five or fifty old mobiles for cash. If you’re one of the lucky folks selling more than ten handsets, be sure to order your nice big Parcelforce prepaid parcel online. We’ll get it out to you in about forty-eight hours, you pop all the old mobiles you’ve collected into the bag, and we’ll do the rest!

We offer three types of payment – cash, cheque and Argos vouchers. Now, we’re not sure how beneficial the Argos vouchers might be to a charity fund drive, but a cheque is perhaps the easiest way to leave a nice little paper trail and keep on top of how much you’ve earned. You can even set up an account with us.

If have any questions about mobile phone recycling that aren’t in the FAQ help section, feel free to get in touch and we’ll do our best to fill you in on whatever details you need.

Recycling old mobiles is good for the environment, great for developing communication markets, wonderful for the pockets of your charity and for freeing up a little useful draw space in people’s homes!

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