5 Smartphone Apps to Help You Get Paid

The price of day-to-day living has gone through the roof. Whether you have monthly bills to pay or you need money for a social life, everything seems to have become much more expensive nationwide. At Mazuma, we are all about saving the pennies (and the pounds, too, at this point), so we are giving you a few apps which could help top up your bank balances. Of course, if you need a big injection of cash to give you a helping hand, you could always use our phone trade-in services. However, for more regular income, check out our favourite apps below.

1. Get paid for playing

Mobile phone games are a great way to pass the time whilst waiting for your train, fill a dull night, and even keep you in touch with your friends in a very competitive but fun way. However, did you know you could earn money whilst playing some of your favourite games? There are many play-for-cash apps, including Mistplay, which you can download and earn rewards instantly!

After downloading, you sign up for an account for free and then download the available games through the app to start collecting gems and reward points. The more you play the games, the more points you receive, with checkpoints giving you even bigger rewards. You can download many popular games through the app, including Coin Master, Candy Crush Soda Saga and much more. Once you have built your rewards, you can trade them for gift cards sent directly to your email. They offer gift cards for Amazon, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Starbucks, H&M and many other big retailers.

2. Answer questions and get paid for it

Understanding trends and habits of the nation is a great way to produce content, services and products which benefit the right audience. Data collection is a big part of the development of many companies. However, instead of each company individually collecting the data, questionnaires are given to specialised market research companies to do the work for them. By signing up for a free account with some of these platforms, you can answer questions, earn reward points, transform these into gift cards, and sometimes direct payments.

We must advise that some questionnaires are very personal, so be careful about sharing your information online. They ask for personal information to ensure that their data is as in-depth as possible to provide market research accurately. However, we understand that this may not be for everyone, so if sharing personal information is not for you, don’t worry. There are many other easy ways to make money through different apps.

3. Get cash back from online purchases

If your busy life doesn’t allow for much game-playing time and you’d rather not spend hours filling in surveys, why not get cash back for the purchases you already make online? There are hundreds of apps which will help get you cash back from purchases with big online retailers. Whether upgrading your car insurance, booking a holiday or making a purchase, apps like Quidco can provide you cash back on your purchase.

Simply create an online account, and for any purchases you intend to make, check the app first to see if you can buy the app. Doing this can earn you some big rewards. How much you will get back will depend on the purchase and the retailer. It also isn’t instant, you may have to wait several weeks to get the money back, so whilst it may not be a quick way of getting paid, it could be an excellent help long-term for putting away savings you may not have seen otherwise.

4. Earn rewards on your weekly shop

Ok, so if we still haven’t found something which quite tickles your fancy, there is an option to get paid quite easily without going out of your way or changing anything you already do. Supermarkets are the best way to build up cash for your weekly shopping. Every large national supermarket chain (aside from one, but we don’t want to start any Twitter wars right now) offers a reward scheme which can help get you money off your weekly shopping. We recommend downloading them all to start earning with every quick trip to the shop you take.

ASDA – The ASDA reward app is straightforward to use. Just download the app and scan the barcode each time you shop. Unlike other loyalty programmes, ASDA rewards you in money which can be collected and converted into vouchers. They also have milestone missions that will offer boosts when making particular purchases. For example, they will have tasks based on a specific department and often align with any promotional event. For instance, they have done cleaning missions, which means if you spend £10 on cleaning and kitchen essentials, you will instantly get £1 in your cash pot. By being savvy, you could follow the missions and earn significant money in your pot which can be made into a voucher and knock money off your next shop.

Morrisons – My Morrisons is the reward scheme which offers rewards on your shopping. Download the app, and much like ASDA Rewards, simply scan the barcode each time you shop. The more you shop, the more personalised the offers and rewards will be. For example, if you prefer a particular brand of products, you will more likely receive discounts on these products.  Morrisons also offer something called a Basket Bonus. Every time you scan your My Morrisons card, you’ll get to score a Basket Bonus. This is essentially an extra reward for shopping at Morrisons. Some examples of Bonus Basket rewards include £5 off your shop, a free bunch of flowers, or a treat from the bakery section. Additionally, if you join a My Morrisons Club, you’ll get even more offers, discounts and rewards.

Sainsbury’s – The Nectar loyalty card is possibly the most universal rewards scheme. Unlike other supermarkets, Sainsbury’s has no unique loyalty scheme, but you can use your nectar cards. This allows you a much more versatile collection of points which can be collected through many outlets including Argos, selected petrol stations, large retailers and so much more. They have over 300 big brand partners you can use for collecting points. Sign up for free and start collecting your rewards.

Tesco Clubcard – Tesco Clubcard is possibly the oldest supermarket reward scheme going and is great if you regularly shop at Tesco’s. Not only can you collect points which will convert into discount vouchers, but you can also get discount prices off your shop with their Clubcard prices. When doing your shop, look out for the yellow labels and get instant discounts once you scan your barcode from your app AND still collect points for your shop.

Lidl – Lidl Plus is another excellent reward scheme which offers you to collect points each time you shop and will provide personalised discounts and promotions depending on what you regularly purchase when shopping. Again, simply download the app and scan each time you shop to collect points which can be turned into vouchers when they have built to a significant amount.

5. Clear out and earn cash

With spring in full swing, now is the perfect time to see what treasures you may have lingering around your home and attic that could earn you cash. We all have a pile of clothes in our wardrobes or drawers that either no longer fit us, or we simply don’t enjoy wearing them anymore. Luckily, there are many apps which you can quickly snap a picture of your items, upload and sell on to someone who may get the use out of it. A popular clothes app is Vinted, where you can sell your clothes and free up some space in your home. Registration is free and a great way to be more ethical than simply throwing away old clothes.

Of course, there may be other items you have lying around that no longer get the use they used to. For example, you may have an old phone or a laptop gathering dust that you may no longer use. Whilst we don’t have an app for you to download, our sell my mobile service is so quick and easy it may even be faster than downloading an app. So whilst looking through your home for clothes to upload to vinted, why not see what you can get for your old tech with Mazuma Mobile?

Selling a phone with Mazuma

Within minutes, you could have a quote from our sell my iPhone services. We take a full range of phones and tech, so whether you are looking to sell a Samsung Galaxy S online or get a great price when you wish to trade in a PS4, we can help. We even provide the cash for your old phone the same day we receive your device. So, what are you waiting for? Get a quote for your phone today, get quick payment, and clear up your space.

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