Great Ways to Use Your Mobile Phone

In today’s world, smartphones have become essential to our daily lives. From communication to entertainment, we rely on them for almost everything. But did you know that your smartphone can also help you achieve your fitness goals?

As a phone recycling facility, Mazuma Mobile believes in making the most out of your smartphone. Using your phone to track your fitness and keep up with chores, you can stay motivated to reach your goals and even reduce your energy bill. Today, we’ll explore how your smartphone can be a valuable tool for your fitness journey and other creative ways to use your phone. Let’s dive in!

Using your smartphone with your smart TV

Connecting your mobile phone to your TV is a fantastic way to stream your favourite movies, shows, and videos on a larger screen. If you’re looking for an excellent way to use your smartphone and your smart TV, take a look at these nifty tricks. Here are some of the best ways to use your smartphone with a smart TV:

Screen Mirroring. You can mirror your phone screen on your smart TV wirelessly and view anything you’re doing on your phone on the big screen. Whether browsing social media, playing games, or watching YouTube, you can do it all on a larger screen. Most smartphones have the feature built into them, which can be accessed through the system settings, but some may require an app.

Media Streaming. If you have a media streaming app like Netflix or Amazon Prime, you can use your phone as a remote control and stream your favourite shows and movies on your smart TV. For example, Amazon Prime’s smartphone app prevents you from worrying about lost remotes ever again.

Gaming. With smartphone games becoming more advanced, you can use your phone to play your favourite games on your TV. You can also use your phone as a controller and enjoy a more immersive gaming experience. Jackbox Games offer a variety of interactive games to get everyone involved directly from their phones.

Photo Sharing. Showcasing your travel photos or family moments with friends and family on a larger screen is an exciting way to relive the memories. You’re good to go by connecting your phone to your smart TV!

Using your smartphone with your smart TV is an excellent way to get the most out of your devices. So why not give it a try today?

Make life smart and simple

You can upgrade your house to the next generation in so many ways. Smart homes are becoming a popular way to reduce time doing daily chores and, of course, can all be controlled with the ease of your smartphone. Even budget appliances can be controlled with smart technology. For example, washing machines and dryers can come with Smart Touch functionalities, which allow you to start the cycles with merely a tap of your mobile phone. However, more expensive smart appliances don’t need you to be anywhere near the device, and you can still get them going through the app on your smartphone.

Whilst having smart home appliances may be the best way to upgrade your home, it can also be a little expensive. However, you can control your home with a smartphone in many other ways without big purchases. For example, NFC tags are inexpensive devices as small as your thumbnail, which can be programmed to streamline your daily activities.

  • Switch off TVs and Lights. By placing an NFC tag near your front door, you can easily ensure that lights and TVs are switched off before leaving. You could even turn off plug sockets with a range of smart plugs, which can be expensive. Most people already have a smart TV which may connect through wifi, and with cheap smart light bulbs, you can switch everything off as you leave, saving you money on your electricity bill. Leave your home knowing your straighteners, curling wands, and irons are definitely off.
  • Keep track of medication. If you regularly take medication, you can set reminders and alarms to help keep on track so you never miss a dose. Placing an NFC tag on the top of your medication container means you can tap it with your smartphone, and it will activate a timer for when you are due your next dose.
  • Wifi password sharing. Whether you run a busy café or have a busy home, digging out the password for your wifi can be a hassle. Having an NFC tag in a convenient location on your property can help people access the network much easier. It is also great when you get a new device and need to set it up to the wifi and can’t quite remember where you put the details.
  • Locate your family members. Knowing when they have left or returned home can be much simpler if you have a home with teenagers coming and going. Setting up an NFC tag they can tap on the way in or out the door will allow their device to send a quick message to say they are off out or got home safe.

The possibilities to make life much easier with NFC tags is endless.

Keep fit with your smartphone

Your smartphone can be a fantastic tool to help you achieve your fitness goals. They come with fitness tracking apps that can monitor your steps, distance, calories burned, and heart rate—using this information to set fitness goals and track your progress over time. With countless workout apps available, your smartphone can also serve as your own personal trainer.

It will also help with your dietary goals with nutrition tracking apps to log your meals and track your daily intake of protein, fats and sugars. Many fitness apps offer motivational features to help you stay on track with your fitness goals, and you can use your smartphone to stream music or create playlists to keep you energised and focused during exercise. Keeping fit has never been easier, thanks to smartphones. Paired with smartwatches which offer an analysis of activity and monitoring heart rates and sleeping patterns, you can easily improve your day-to-day activities to become the best you can be.

Samsung and Apple features to try

Apple and Samsung are the biggest manufacturers of smartphones and take the lead in offering excellent features to help with everyday life. Although there are endless skills from each manufacturer, here are two of our favourites:

Samsung – Modes and Routines

There’s nothing worse than losing your phone at home and realising it’s still on silent from being at work. Well, with Samsung’s Modes and Routines, you can set up an array of options which will customise the status of your phone based on time or location. If you work in an office that doesn’t require using your phone, by setting up the Work Mode, your phone will automatically turn all notification settings off to do not disturb. You can set this to activate at specific times and days, or you can set it to start when you reach the address of your workplace.

Many modes and routines are possible, so you can set this up automatically if you don’t want to be disturbed at the gym, at work, or when you should be asleep. This means you won’t forget to switch it off when you no longer need it on quiet and will never be called at work unless it’s an emergency.

Apple’s Siri Assistant

Since 2010 Siri has been an integral feature of iPhones. However, have you utilised all that Siri has to offer? Making appointments with friends and family is so much easier. Simply ask the voice assistant to “Schedule an appointment with my Mother at the cafe on Morecambe Promenade at 10:30” – it will do that, and even send your mum a calendar invite too. Even from the lock screen, with the right settings allowed, she could remind you of upcoming events, call your brother on speaker and much more.

Siri will even set reminders for you to carry out tasks in the future. For example, simply ask it to “remind me to clear the junk drawer and sell my phone to Mazuma at 6.30 pm Sunday” – it will make sure you are on task, and you could even ask it to load up our website whilst you are doing it. There are so many things that could help make life so much easier that there isn’t enough time to list them here, but look through the settings of your iPhone and see what else Siri could do to help you.

Trade your old phones with Mazuma

Of course, these features and functions are only available with an up-to-date smartphone. So, if you are still using an older device which struggles with the basics, consider a phone trade-in. With our competitive prices, when you sell an iPhone or use our Samsung trade-in, you will have the money to put towards an upgrade to something more advanced.

Our process is so quick and easy you could have the money in your bank in a few days. Look around your home to see what devices you have covering dust. So, get a quote today and see how much we can give you for your old phone. You could even sell your broken phones for a pretty penny.

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