Everybody Wins with Recycling

The standard thing to do with your electrical devices when they finally give up the ghost is to throw them away. For example, if your ten-year old television simply ceases to operate, chances are you will take it to the tip and then go to Dixon’s and replace it with a new, improved model. You do this because you assume (rightly) that no-one will want to buy an electrical device that doesn’t work. However, although this assumption is true in most cases, there is one electronic device that doesn’t abide by such assumptions – the humble mobile phone.

We here at Mazuma Mobile are so passionate about mobile phone recycling that we will consider paying cash for your mobile even if it is no longer in working order. This is good news for you as it means the dead mobile that you thought was completely worthless could in fact provide you with a good amount of cash that could be put towards the purchase price of a brand new phone.


So, don’t disregard the potential that broken old mobile phones might have to earn you extra money. Instead, think about us here and ask yourself one very simple question: “could I sell my mobile phone to Mazuma Mobile for cash”? If you are interested, simply go to the relevant selling page here on our website and then select the non-working option. Not only will you boost your finances, but you will also be helping the environment as well.

Everybody wins.

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Environmental Awareness and Mobile Phone Recycling

Environmental awareness is a major concern for individuals, societies and governments all across the world. Indeed, recycling is a very hot topic and people everywhere are trying harder than ever to ensure they limit the effects that their actions may have on the environment.

Consumer technologies
However, our endeavours to push the boundaries of consumer technologies in the past thirty years have made recycling a far more difficult task than it needs to be. Sadly, most electronic devices that we in the West take for granted such as mobile phones and computers contain components that simply cannot be recycled by traditional methods. In fact, items such as LCD screens can even cause harm to the environment if they are thrown away in the normal way.

Mobile phone recycling
Here at At Mazuma Mobile we do everything we can to help prevent these components from being thrown away and causing damage to the environment. We do this by buying old mobile phones from people that no longer want them and then sell them at reduced prices to people in developing countries who may not have the means to buy a brand new mobile phone. Not only can this type of mobile recycling help to ensure harmful components do not end up in place where they can cause harm to the environment, it can also enable people in underprivileged parts of the world to enjoy a means of communicating which may not have been available to them beforehand.

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Environmental Impact of Unwanted Mobile Phones

There are two major concerns that much of the world faces today: the financial crisis and the environment. Although the shape of global markets looks pretty dire at the moment, the situation will improve in time as basic economics dictates that boom always follows bust. Sadly, the long-term outlook for the environment is not quite so predictable.

Significant problems
Gadget-mad consumers have gotten so used to having the latest brands and products that there are now more unwanted and discarded electronic devices such as mobile phones being thrown away than ever before. This represents a significant problem in terms of the environment, as many of these huge piles of rubbish are not 100% recyclable. Practically all new mobile phones that are purchased today are bought to replace existing mobiles that are still in perfect working order. However, many of these unwanted phones are simply thrown away as they are no longer wanted. This really is a terrible waste and is a damning reflection our ‘disposable lifestyle’.

Mobile phone recycling
We here at Mazuma Mobile are all too aware of the environmental impact that unwanted mobile phones can have. As well as doing everything we can to successfully recycle mobile phones, we also try to resell phones traded with us to markets in developing countries where the cost of a mobile can still be way beyond many ordinary people’s reach.

Mobile recycling really can help to limit the impact of unwanted phones on the environment. Recycle it – don’t bin it!

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Turn On, Trade In, Log Out!

It may not surprise you that here in Mazuma HQ we’re a merry band of tech wizards and net-crazy, meme-quoting geeks! For most of us (you included!) the internet is a way of life, a valuable lifeline and – dare we say it – our friend!
Mazuma Mobile was born online, or rather, it was born in a phone bank in the real world, then expanded online when we realised you people just needed a little more info on mobile phone recycling and you’d be behind it 100%
The idea of Mazuma is really quite simple – use the online tool to find out how much you could sell your mobile for, accept the quote (or decline it and get nothing!), pop your phone in the post to us and wait for those delightful pennies (or rather, pounds, we don’t deal in pennies!) to drop onto your doorstep in the form of either a cheque or Argos vouchers.
We don’t operate real world stores for a simple reason – practicality. We know your life is probably even busier than ours, and we barely have time to get the weekly shop in, never mind traipsing to a mobile phone recycling store just for a quote! By basing Mazuma online we save you time and oh-it’s-such-a-pain-to-get-the-bus-into-town-so-I-won’t-bother effort. Our simple online service encourages all mobile phone owners to log on, trade in and log out – simple!
And since you’re bothering to use our service, we reckon you deserve a nice cup of tea and biscuit!

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Contract or PAYG?

It’s an eternal conundrum; the shiny new phone of contract mobile service… or the cheaper option on PAYG? As mobile phone recycling gurus (if we might say so ourselves!) we’ve really done our research in this field, and even here in Mazuma HQ we’re a mix of PAYG devotees and contract crazy fanatics!


PAYG – The financial freedom and one-time payout for the handset are perhaps the most appealing options, but it does mean you’re probably going to be limited in terms of what you can afford. The likes of iPhones are typically near £650 for a new handset on PAYG.
CONTRACT – The free phone, THE FREE PHONE! Low cost access to the best smartphones on the market has to be the number one attraction of contract mobile phones. It’s worth remembering that a 24 month contract commitment is a long time, so always be mindful of future circumstances before signing up.


PAYG – Upgrading is more a matter of when you can afford it rather than when your contract is up, but for folks who can afford to splash out and sell old mobile phones before coming home with a shiny new iPhone4 on PAYG, the freedom to upgrade every few months can be rather attractive.
CONTRACT – Our phone bank is full of old contract phones! As long as you complete the contract, the phones are yours to do with as you will, so recycling when upgrade time rolls around is a great way to squeeze a final few pennies out of that old iPhone3G!

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Pre-Uni Clearout Tips

With A-level results looking good for the 29th year in a row, we reckon there’s no time like the present to recycle phones with Mazuma and get your teenage room in step with the rest of the house! (Your parents will thank us!) in the form of a pre-uni clear-out blitz!


There are probably LOADS of things you don’t need from childhood, so be brutal and accept a few home truths, e.g. those Thomas the Tank slippers are no longer fit for human feet… so recycle them! You can recycle pretty much anything these days – old mobile phones, old clothes, old DVDs, electronics etc. Do your utmost to avoid throwing things away, even if it means travelling a little further than the wheely bin to give them an ethical send-off.

Car Boots

We’ve sold things on eBay before too. As brilliant as it is, it can be a huge pain when you have to individually wrap thirty-seven DVDs, eighteen comics, ten pairs of strappy sandals and your entire POG collection! Obsessed with mobile phone recycling as we are, we’re also an office of die-hard car boot junkies! Most car boots sales charge a fee of anything between £5 and £20 for the pleasure of a pitch. Car boots are our favourite way to de-clutter (plus you get to haggle with strangers over nominal 10p costs!)

Be Brutal…But Not Too Brutal!

Remember, you will be home, and the odds are good you’ll love seeing a few old favourite possessions (who can part with ALL their action figures?!)

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Time Your Tablet Paid You Back

Of course we’re after your old mobile phones, but did you know we also want your tablets? It’s not that we’re greedy or anything, but tablets like iPads could offer an alternative to a costly computer to some of the folks we support in struggling economies such as areas of China, India and Africa.
It’s not just mobile recycling we’re experts in, we also spend a great deal of time researching global economies to see where Mazuma products could be most needed. Let’s take the example of Africa, where a skilled craftsman has figured out a way to make highly durable shoes using old car tyres. Perhaps this man trades to his village, perhaps a little beyond, but without good communication and resources his vision may not see its full potential. With the help of an iPad or smartphone this man could reach further, research new ideas, perhaps contact prospective buyers further afield or even source a partnership with another business or investor. In struggling economies such as those in Africa, efficient communication could mean the difference between a life lived near poverty and the life of a successful business owner.
So if you want to sell your phone or your tablet, take a look at the quote tool on the Mazuma homepage and see if your tablet can’t pay you back a little for the hours of queuing you undertook to be one of the first to own it!

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Deleting Data is No Problem for Mazuma

Let’s face it, we’ve all sent incriminating gossip-related texts or taken photos of the rude words we’ve spelled out using the brass house name letters in the local hardware store! Bottom line, we all have data on our old mobile phones that could be deemed… sensitive!
We know that if we want you to recycle old mobiles for cash, we need to provide a top quality data erase tool. We also know that it’s important to do things like data erasing yourself just to be sure! Our free mobile data erase tool is available for heaps of different phone models, and allows you to clear your phone of ALL data before you pop it in the post to our phone bank. Simply fill out the online request form and we’ll email you complete instructions within a few minutes.
iPad customer? No problem, the tech wizards here in Mazuma HQ can talk you through a complete data erase process. Just select your tablet model from the dropdown menu on our “Mobile Delete Data Tool” webpage under the tab “About Our Service”
So, before you pop your mobile in the post, use our free data delete tool to make sure all gossip-laden texts, secret government codes and compromising photos of ex’s are erased 100%
Oh, and one more thing, we don’t use ANY of your information for marketing purposes when you request the data delete tool, so you won’t be getting a load of email spam nonsense from anyone!

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