A Better Alternative to Car Boot Sales?

You may be looking to clear out your property and get rid of any unnecessary items. This might be because you are moving house, because you are redecorating or simply as a means of achieving a new start.

Whatever the reason, the process can seem daunting and it can take a lot of effort.

One popular way of flogging products that are no longer needed is to take them to a car boot sale.

Held up and down the land, these events enable buyers and sellers to come together and exchange unwanted items for cash.

This may be great for many things, such as books, old pieces of small furniture, toys and ornaments. However, when it comes to used mobile phones, you might be making a mistake by attempting to get rid of them in this way.

While there may be individuals present at the event who want to buy the device, they might not be prepared to pay much for them and you could find yourself parting with the item for too little money.

In order to prevent such a scenario occurring, you may be wise to investigate other means of passing on your handset.

For example, you could sell your phone via mobile phone recycling. This is a straightforward process that can be completed over the web and, by opting to go for this, you may well end up with more money.

There is certainly no harm in checking as when you fill in the details of your mobile over the internet, you will be given a quote estimating how much you would receive. If you are unhappy with this, you can rethink your phone recycling.

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Could You Get Cash for Phones?

You might have heard about phone recycling through the media and via your friends but have been put off investigating the process because you are not sure whether or not the handsets you have would qualify for such a scheme.

After all, what sort of firm would want to part with cash for the battered old device that has been lying on your shelf unused for over a year?

Well, quite possibly we at Mazuma Mobile would. However, in order to be eligible for the mobile phone recycling for cash scheme, your handset must meet a number of criteria.

For example, if it is to qualify for the deals for devices deemed to be ‘working’ it must be possible to switch the product on and off and, if this is not the case with your phone then you will have to think of another means of disposing of it.

In addition, it must be fully functional and the screen must be working and intact.

Another vital rule that must be adhered to is that the battery has to be included and the item must not be crushed or water damaged.

Meanwhile, if you are seeking mobile recycling deals for handsets deemed to be not working, you must ensure a battery is included and the device must not be crushed or broken in half.

As long as you know which offers, if any, you are eligible to take up, you should waste no time in taking advantage of the cash deals we have available.

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Is Your Phone Contract Coming to an End?

If your phone contract is coming to an end and you are about to get the chance to renew, you will no doubt be looking forward to the prospect of selecting a new handset, which your mobile provider may hand over free of charge or for a reduced fee.

This could be a great opportunity to take advantage of the latest technology on the market and make your friends jealous.

However, as well as looking forward to the new, you should also start to think about what to do with the old.

Your current handset is about to become redundant and, if you do not come up with a plan concerning what to do with it, it may well end up gathering dust on a shelf in your home.

Not only is this potentially wasteful in environmental terms, but it may also result in you losing out of possible cash.

If you are savvy, you may decide to make the most of the options available to you concerning phone recycling.

This method of getting cash for mobiles is an easy way to make extra money while also ensuring the components of the device can be reused and thus reduce the industry’s carbon footprint.

So, with the deadline for your contract renewal on the horizon, remember it is important not to get carried away with the new handset you will receive but also to consider mobile phone recycling to deal with the old one.

Doing so could help both your conscience and your wallet.

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It’s Time to Let Go of Your Loyal Friend

You take a deep breath and look around the room you once filled with boyhood toys and posters. Everything reminds you of a fresher, purer time, when going to the swimming pool was the highlight of the week, and pulling a wheelie on your old bike meant you were cool. However, now it’s time to pack everything up and move out once and for all. As you shift through old junk stashed away in boxes, you come across your old mobile phones.

The memories come flooding back as you scan through the long list of telephone numbers in your address book. Old girlfriends you lost touch with, best friends you no longer see. And with a sigh you put the phone aside, still not ready to let go of all those memories. Somehow, throwing it away seems like a waste.

At Mazuma Mobile we know about the attachment we all get with our mobile phones. These well loved handsets, with buttons worn and sleeves bumped have served us well, but it’s time to move on, and we need to let go.

Phone recycling for cash may mean saying goodbye to an old friend to you, but to us it means giving your phone another lease of life. We are experts in mobile phone recycling, finding new owners in other parts of the world who could really use your phone. That’s about 95% of all the phones we receive. And any we can’t reuse gets properly recycled so your carbon footprint is minimised.

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Life Changes Can Mean Extra Cash is Needed

Every now and then, life takes us down a path we hadn’t expected. Sometimes it’s a new job, falling in love, or perhaps a new addition to the family. When these life changes happen they can affect our worlds in ways we had never dreamed of. Making us reassess our values, look carefully at the person we are, the person we want to be. It can change our thinking completely.

We all have life changes, and sometimes it can be difficult and harsh, at other times welcoming and happy. More often than not taking out the old and bringing in the new can cost money, and finding solutions to getting rid of your old stuff that can net you some very useful cash is always useful.

One of the simpler ways to earn some money, and help you through a difficult time is to sell old mobile phones. It’s very easy: it can be done on the web, and when you fill in a small online form, you will receive a package for you to post back.

We at Mazuma Mobile, are one of Britain’s leading experts in mobile phone recycling. We work very hard to find suitable homes for your old mobile phones in markets across the world. And any phones we can’t reuse, we break down and recycle, creating a very green solution to part of your problem. We offer cash for phones at reasonable prices, so selling your mobile phone means getting a little extra money when you could need it the most.

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Trade in Your Mobile and Help the World to Communicate

Sometimes, we at Mazuma Mobile get correspondence from people who want to recycle their mobile phones for cash, trying to understand how our business works. How is it, they say, that we can offer such good prices when you sell old mobile phones that have been left for ages in the kitchen drawer? How is it they continue, that if we are taking most of the risk with out of date equipment that we can ever hope to turn a profit?

It is, to be fair, a valid question, and it’s very easy to suggest that we rely on our excellent knowledge base to do this, but that doesn’t really explain the process.

We specialise in buying, reusing and recycling your old, unwanted mobile phones. This technology that we have for so long kept close to our hearts may have become obsolete to us, but to many people around the world that cannot afford the latest iPhone, or HTC Desire, older mobile phones are a lifeline. Countries in Eastern Europe, South America, and some Asian countries, as well as the markets of Africa, are desperate for cheap mobile communications.

As the infrastructure of mobile communications becomes global, reaching out to the farthest corners of the globe, so the availability and cost of mobile telecommunications must stay as low as possible. Imagine the support and advise an Ethiopian farmer can get with an internet connection, or how useful it is to an Argentinian fisherman to know what the weather will be in the morning.

Mobile phone recycling isn’t an easy business, but it is a worthy one.

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IDC Insist More to be Done on Mobile Recycling

The International Data Corporation provides market intelligence around the world. They advise electronics companies who specialise in information technology and telecommunications. In a recent report however, the IDC told phone manufacturers that they need to do much more to improve their environmental impact and work towards a greener mobile phone industry.

The IDC welcomed some recent improvements to mobile phone technology. The new solar powered charger currently in development by LG is a good start to the reduction of waste, also Samsung’s efforts to reduce the amount of brominated flame retardant materials used on most mobile phone circuit boards, and totally phase out the use of hard to break down polyvinyl chlorides (PVC) from all their mobile phones.

Apple received some praise too as a leader in influencing its supply chain towards greener technology. Apple also has recycling facilities in 95% of the nations where they sell their products, but according to the IDC only 10% of all mobiles get recycled.

Nokia was found to be good in the area of recyclable materials, with up to 80% of their phone materials being used elsewhere at the end of the phones lifetime. Nokia also does very well at using recycled materials in their new technologies. And Sony Ericsson have done well on their reduction of packaging, using lighter materials and moving to electronic manuals to reduce the need for paper.

With all these efforts to make phone recycling more efficient, why not do your part by selling mobile phones you no longer need to us at Mazuma Mobile.

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Sell your old iPad for cash

sell ipad

sell ipad

Mazuma Mobile has now introduced tablet recycling and the company anticipates there will be a considerable increase in people wanting to upgrade to the latest model, particularly with the launches of new tablets such as the Apple iPad 2, Dell Streak, BlackBerry PlayBook, Motorola XOOM and HTC Flyer.

The recent launch of the iPad 2 and announcement of equivalent Android devices has seen a surge in demand for tablet recycling from Mazuma customers. The Mazuma service has been expanded to provide the same level of customer service and payment options to tablets that Mazuma consumers are used to expecting when they recycle their mobile phone.

Consumers understand that they can use the value of their old phone or device as a way to offset the cost of upgrading to a new model. Apple iPad owners are more likely to upgrade to the new iPad 2 if they are able to easily sell their old iPad and offset the value against the purchase of the iPad2.

Mazuma currently pay upto £165 for your old Apple iPad and upto £125 for your old Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab.

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