As smartphones become more and more advanced, prices have increased too, with the very latest devices costing as much as £1,000!

Even though you may be planning to pay it back month by month on a contract, that’s still a lot of money, no matter how you look at it.

Another option is to either buy a second-hand phone or pick up a refurbished one here at Mazuma. But what’s the difference between ‘used’ and ‘refurbished’?


What is a ‘refurbished’ phone?

To begin with, let’s explain exactly what we mean by the term ‘refurbished’. A refurbished phone is one which has been returned by a previous owner, before being rigorously tested and repaired to a standard that’s essentially as good as new.

Some refurbished phones may have been returned because they were faulty, while some may have been because the owner changed their mind, but either way, they’ll always be fully repaired and up to standard when they go back on sale.

While all refurbished phones will work as if they were brand new, their physical condition can vary, which is why we use a grading system for all of our phones, from those which are like new, to those which work fine, but may have a few moderate signs of use, such as scratches and marks.

Refurbished phones will also always come with a charger or charging cable and a one year warranty, but they won’t come in the phone’s original packaging.


What’s the difference with a used phone?

The similarity between refurbished and used phones is that they’re both second-hand, in the sense that somebody else has previously owned them, so they can’t be sold as ‘new’.

However, the key difference is that a refurbished phone has been fully tested and repaired, meaning that you’re guaranteed to be receiving a fully working product.

Whether it’s through Mazuma or direct from one of the manufacturers, you know that you’re dealing with a reputable company and can trust that the phone is in full working order.

But with a used phone, you don’t have the same guarantees and you don’t have any real assurances about the phone’s history.

Used phones are a bit more of an unknown entity, so if you do choose to buy one, be sure to do as much research as you can to ensure that you know exactly what you’re buying.

You also might not be entitled to a warranty with a used phone and there’s no obligation to provide you with any accessories such as a charger.

Of course, depending on exactly where you’re buying a used phone from, you can expect a different level of assurance. For example, sites such as eBay and Amazon are regulated, so you’re much more protected if the phone isn’t as you expected, but if you’re buying from someone you’ve found on social media, it’s their word against yours.


Which is better: refurbished or used?

While the two terms are very similar, there are definite benefits to choosing to go for a refurbished phone ahead of one which is simply labelled ‘used’.

Ultimately, you get an extra sense of security and peace of mind with a refurbished phone, because you know that it’s been tested, cleaned, repaired and fully wiped of the previous owner’s data and will be in full working order when you receive it.

However, the term ‘used’, is much harder to define, so you’ll be a lot less sure of the condition of the phone that you’re receiving.

A used phone may well be in like-new condition, but it could also have a lot of cosmetic damage, or even not fully functional, which means you’re taking a much bigger risk than you would be with a refurbished model.

If you can get a better deal, you might be tempted to go for a used phone, but always be aware of the risks before doing so.


Now that you know the main differences between a refurbished phone and one that is simply ‘used’, be sure to check out our range of refurbished mobile phones here at Mazuma. Why not trade-in your old phone by visiting our Samsung trade-in or iPhone trade-in pages. Or, alternatively, find your phone’s make and model here to see how much cash you can get back to put towards your newly-refurbished mobile.

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  1. Qwikfone Reply

    Informative blog!
    If we compare these used and refurbished phones we will find lots of differences whether it is related to its parts or buying benefits. Used phones can be bought from any person to person and from a used phone seller but they will not provide any warranty or extra benefits with these phones. On the other hand, buying refurbished phones will get all the benefits which we get with brand new phones.

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