When Is it Time to Get a New Phone?

When is the best time to upgrade your old phone and recycle it? There are many things you need to consider before you decide. Although new smartphones seem to have a better lifespan than they did a few years ago, there is a point where every device reaches the end of its life. Even if it appears to be working, it may be incapable of particular abilities which are often essential. For example, if your phone is more than a few years old, the odds are pretty good that it doesn’t have a security patch from August or September 2016.

Alternatively, there could be any number of reasons, including things like the image quality of your photos gradually deteriorating, slow loading and scrolling speeds, signal regularly dropping, or Apps not working correctly. If this sounds like your mobile, you may need to consider a phone trade-in service. As experts in phone recycling, we explain a few examples of when your phone is showing signs it is coming to the end of its life.

New updates don’t work

It’s essential to determine why your phone can’t update before deciding whether or not it’s time for a new one. Sometimes, the latest update can relate to the development of the system and not your phone; waiting a few weeks to see if the software development team amends the bugs is always the best option. However, some phones have been built with older operating systems, so even though they’re compatible with newer versions, they can only take advantage of some features. If your phone is compatible with more recent operating system versions and still can’t update, it may be time to replace it.

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A few years ago, big brand manufacturers used the updates to discontinue older versions of phones. The scandal meant that people who had been using their phones for years suddenly could not update or upgrade. This is no longer the case, but each model and make of the phone will have constraints to how much data it can store, and due to the developments in newer devices, this could mean your phone is not making the most of the functions which the operating system can provide.

Photos leave you disappointed

We’re living in a fantastic time for smartphone photography. As phone cameras continue to get better, we are seeing more and more people taking up photography as a hobby and just enjoying their phones to capture their life’s valuable moments.

smart phone taking photo of food

If you love taking photos with your phone but have always been disappointed by the results, upgrading to a new device could be just what you need. Your old smartphone may have been good enough to capture and share quick moments with friends, but it probably couldn’t handle more complex shots or zoomed-in details. The Samsung Galaxy S series is an excellent example of a camera upgrade. The S10 offered a 12MP camera, whereas the S23 offers an almighty 200MP and an additional telephoto lens. Taking you from novice to professional with ease, capturing all those microscopic moments. So you may need to consider whether you could benefit from the upgrade and sell your Samsung S10 for cash, which you could put towards your new device.

Slow scrolling speeds

It’s important to have a fast and reliable connection on your smartphone when you’re using it for work or entertainment. It can be frustrating if you experience slow loading times or lag with scrolling. This can hinder navigating the device, reading emails, and loading pages easily. The older the hardware in your device, the more likely it is to have slower processing times and less responsive screens.

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A faster processor can make all the difference in how quickly your phone opens apps, how well it runs games, how smooth scrolling is when scrolling through social media or newsfeeds, and more. Newer devices such as the iPhone 14 pro boast incredible processors with its Apple A16 Bionic chip, providing quick response and the capability to operate multiple apps simultaneously. Luckily, with our sell my iPhone services, you could have money for your old series of iPhones and upgrade with the money you receive for your old device.

Signal dropping regularly

With the advance of smartphones and 4G technology, it’s easy to forget that an older phone can handle a different signal strength than a newer one. This problem often goes unnoticed until you run into it—and then you’ll feel like you’re living in a cave without any reception or internet connection.

user without internet on phone and laptop

If you’ve noticed that your phone is struggling to connect to mobile data or Wi-Fi and dropping calls, this could be because it isn’t designed for 4G and doesn’t have the power to handle it and with 5G already being rolled out, and 6G in development, making sure your phone can handle these data speeds and signal strength is essential. If you have contacted your network provider, and there appears to be no issue with your local network, it could be time to sell your mobile and upgrade to a new one if you find the signal and connection an ongoing problem.

Slow scrolling and loading speeds

There’s nothing worse than having your phone freeze up on you—and when it happens at the worst possible time, it can be downright infuriating. But what do you do if this keeps happening?

Older phones may struggle to keep up with the latest and greatest apps or even some of the older apps. This is because of the changes in operating systems, which can require more processing power than older smartphones have.

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A newer device will have much more accessibility to all the latest apps and apps, which may make your experience much more seamless for scrolling, playing, and checking the various apps that keep you connected and entertained. For example, suppose you have an older phone that runs on Android 4.4 (KitKat). In that case, the operating system will need to be able to run more quickly and efficiently than newer versions of Android. This means you may notice your phone freezing more often or responding slower when opening certain apps.

What can you do with your old phone?

When you notice your device is showing signs that it’s time for an upgrade, don’t let it gather dust. Upgrade your old phone with ease at Mazuma Mobile! Instead, you can turn it into cash with our hassle-free, four-step process. Register your sale, pack up your device, post it, and receive a fast payment. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and ensuring the best value for your old devices.

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You will benefit from a seamless experience and contribute to a more sustainable future by promoting the recycling and reuse of electronic devices. So why wait? Make a positive impact on the environment while getting the most out of your old phone. Trade in your old device with Mazuma Mobile and get a quote today. Even if you want to sell a broken phone, we can offer you the best prices online.


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