Mazuma’s School Roadshow

This summer Maz and the team from Mazuma Mobile are hitting the road and visiting local schools in North Lancashire and Cumbria to teach children about the importance of sustainability and recycling in the tech industry. We’ll be explaining what exactly we do, how it helps the environment and how everyone can get involved. Everyone who attends our talk receives a goody bag to take home and, best of all, gets to meet Maz! So, what exactly will we be getting up to on our roadshow?

Who Are We and Why We’re Visiting Schools?

Here at Mazuma Mobile, we recycle old or broken mobile phones, as well as smartwatches, laptops, tablets and game consoles. We give our customers money for old tech they no longer need, so they get a bit off spending money, and the tech they give us gets recycled properly – it’s a win-win situation! Maz and the Mazuma team are on a mission to help people understand why recycling their old phones is good for the planet and how people can help.

Sustainability and the Small Changes We Can All Make

We’re all about spreading the word about sustainability and its importance. Sustainability is about changing how we live every day to reduce our negative impact on the planet. Even something as small as heading over to our sell my mobile page and trading in an old phone for money can add up to make a big difference and help protect:

  • Our planet
  • Plants and ecosystems
  • Natural resources

Developing good habits around reusing and recycling is an excellent place for people of all ages to start, ensuring that the things we use don’t immediately get dumped into a landfill because we didn’t recycle them correctly. Cardboard, plastic, and even electrical devices can all be reused and recycled, and it’s up to everyone to do their bit.

  maz meeting school children

The Trouble with E-Waste

In the UK, 98% of households have at least one mobile phone, and one in five homes has four or more devices. That’s a lot of phones, but what happens when they stop working, break, or someone upgrades to a newer model?

Millions of phones go to waste every year, either left lying in drawers at home, or worse, in the bin. These devices are known as electronic waste or e-waste and are a big environmental problem. E-waste includes everything from phones, laptops, consoles, computers, and other electrical appliances that aren’t in use anymore. The average UK household has sixty individual items of unused or obsolete tech, and it’s estimated that there are around 57 million tonnes of electronic waste currently in landfill sites. That’s the same weight as 11.4 million elephants!

E-waste is a growing concern for our planet. Mobile phones are full of harmful chemicals that pose no risk when they’re safely inside the device, but if discarded and left in a landfill for years and years, those substances can leak out and harm the surrounding ecosystem. The chemicals have the potential to contaminate water sources and soils, causing harm to the creatures that live there.

People like having the latest phone, but the more we replace our devices, the more e-waste we create. More importantly, half of the e-waste is still in a useable condition and could be repaired, reused or recycled in the right hands – that’s where Mazuma comes in.

Mazuma’s Mission

Our goal is to stop millions of old mobile phones from being thrown in the bin by buying them from people for refurbishment or recycling. Every month we recycle over 20,000 mobile phones, either by cleaning them up and finding them a new home or by recycling them correctly if they’re broken beyond repair.

Our services help to:

  • Reduce the amount of e-waste
  • Reuse old devices instead of throwing them away
  • Recycle anything we can’t reuse

We even have our very own Mazuma scientist who is working on how to extract metals from old phones so they can be melted down and used to make new things like jewellery.

maz outside with school children

What Can You Do to Help?

Making small changes to how we all live is the best way to combat e-waste and its negative effects on our environment. This includes digging out all those old mobile phones and trading them in for cash so that the experts at Mazuma can reuse or recycle your old tech properly. We’ve made it as easy as possible to find out how much you could get for your old devices. For example, if you’ve got old Samsung phones that you’re interested in selling, head to our Sell my Samsung page to get a quote in minutes. Alternative, if you have an iPhone, go to Sell my iPhone and find out how much money you could get today.

We’re really looking forward to getting on the road and teaching people about sustainability and how what we do here at Mazuma helps the environment. If you see Maz out and about this summer, give him a wave!

We’re always happy to hear from any teachers or schools in North Lancashire and Cumbria interested in the Mazuma Roadshow. Get in touch with us by emailing to arrange a visit from Maz and the team.

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