Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S23, Plus and Ultra

The latest Samsung Galaxy phones were released on February 17th 2023, and we were excited to see what Samsung had to offer in its top-tier series of phones. Although their many other phones have plenty of merits, the Samsung Galaxy S range has always been top of the range with all the latest technology. They have become the standard to which many other Android manufacturers aim to beat. From excellent reputation, reliability and features ahead of its time, the Galaxy S collection really is a staple in the world of smartphones.

As a phone recycling facility, we couldn’t help but look into this latest release, and we shall be exploring the many elements that make the S-range such a desired phone. So, if you are considering Samsung trade-in for the newest phones available, have a gander at all they have to offer.

A significant upgrade in battery life!

Android phones have always had a reputation for excellent battery life, but the new S23 series have gone above and beyond with its latest upgrades. Although the Samsung Galaxy S22 was a great device for many reasons, there were serious disappointments with the battery life. Although it still has an impressive capacity at 3700 mAh, the S23 range has given this a big upgrade. The Samsung Galaxy S23 has an improvement at 3900 mAh, but the most impressive phone of the range has to be the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, with one of the best capacities on the market of 5000 mAh and the S23+ sitting at an impressive 4700 mAh. This battery life will give you all the juice you need to keep scrolling, streaming, and capturing those Instagram-able moments all day without reconnecting to charge up.

However, when it does come to charging, Samsung has offered the same great charging rates as it did in the S22 series. The S23+ and S23 Ultra range provide the capability for charging with 45W fast charging, getting your phone from 0 to 50% in around 20 minutes. The Samsung Galaxy S23, however, only offers 25W charging abilities, which, although great as per the industry standard, doesn’t quite compete with the other two phones from the series.

What about the cameras?

Cameras on smartphones have quickly replaced the mini digital cameras we all used to carry for those highly edited Myspace and Bebo profile pics. Even professionals are taking advantage of the incredible cameras on the modern smartphone. From influencers looking for the perfect video recording abilities for TikTok to amateur photographers capturing amazing impromptu images of a scenic view, the camera has become a desired part of buying a phone.

So, how does the S23 series compare to its previous editions for the camera? Well, as per our last blog, Find Your Inner Photographer With a Smartphone, we noted that the S22 Ultra was one of the best phones on the market for capturing images. Whilst this remains true if you want to take the most detailed selfies with the almighty 40MP front camera, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has smashed it out of the park for landscape photography. The wide-angle camera has been upgraded to 200MP and an even more exciting 100X Space Zoom. This means that whatever mountain you are climbing, you can share every pixel in life-like intricate detail.

And the video?

Of course, with such impressive camera specs across the entire S23 series, the video capabilities have also received a tweak compared to the S22 collection. Although the front camera has received a significant downgrade from 40MP to 12 MP, Samsung has added fast autofocus, SuperHDR capabilities and the ability to shoot 4K video at 60 frames per second on the selfie camera instead. In addition, you can even film 8K films at 30fps from the back cameras, and the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra also doubles on optical image stabilisation to help reduce video blur and provide crisp and clear footage of whatever you are filming. Even in low light, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra offers Galaxy’s most stable video with superior OIS and noise-reducing tech keeping your scenes cinematic.

A screen to suit all

The phones’ displays are the one element of this latest device that hasn’t changed dramatically. The devices are the same sizes as the previous series, with the Ultra being 6.8 inches and the S23+ 6.6 inches. The S23 is a modest 6.1 inches. However, it offers a little more than the other devices with a Super AMOLED display. This means your colours are brighter and bolder and provide better detail than the albeit impressive but standard Dynamic AMOLED displays from the S23 Ultra And S23+. The Ultra also offers a slightly better percentage of screen-to-body ratio than its last model, but only by an unnoticeable difference.

Besides the Super AMOLED display, Samsung seems to have kept the displays almost identical to the previous S22 range. The entire range all have HDR support, scratch-resistant glass and ambient light sensors to help adjust the brightness to the surrounding environment. After all, there’s no point in fixing what’s not broken.

Praise the power

We know that understanding the processors and hardware can be a little confusing, but you can be sure that there is a significant increase in power in this latest range of Samsung Galaxy phones. This entire series offers Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 system chips, which helps increase the phone’s overall performance. So, whether you forget to close apps down or like to function through multiple apps simultaneously, the Samsung Galaxy S23 family can provide the strength you need from your phone.

There has also been an upgrade in the graphics processor from Andreno 730 to Adreno 740, which means if you like to game on the go, your S23 device will offer smoother operation and even better graphics across all apps and functions.

Other exciting features to note

Last year the Galaxy Note was discontinued. Although this was an impressive phone, Samsung decided to combine the power and features of the Note with the Ultra Range of the galaxy series, which we saw in the S21 Ultra when it offered an additional option of including the S Pen as part of your new phone package. This feature has remained throughout the Ultra range and now comes built into the device. The S Pen keeps the legacy of Note alive. Plus, it helps you ditch the dependency on notebooks, making sketches and memos effortless.

Another notable element of this latest series of phones is the environmental consciousness manufactured into every phone. Manufacturers continuously improve their environmental impact in many ways, and the S23 collection is proud of offering more ethical designs. Only recycled materials have been used, from the screen to the glass casing, and even the packaging has been sourced through recycled materials. The colours of the devices even reflect a more earthy vibe with greens, creams and lavender instead of the previously popular brighter colours such as gold and white.

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