Ho-Ho-How Much Could You Save?

If that old iPhone 4 is burning a hole in your pocket, or maybe you want to sell Blackberry phones that are no longer in use at your company, we can help! We reckon the average iPhone could net you around £100+. So, what could that old iPhone get you at our partner store, Argos? Two words… Christmas presents!
With the festive season well and truly here (are you up to date on the top ten kids toys for this Yule?), it’s time to start thinking about one thing (hopefully lots of things)… presents! Gift giving in a frugal time can be a bit of stretch for many folks, which is one of the great benefits of our partnership with Argos. You trade in your mobile, we give you Argos vouchers!
Games and Toys
Of course, we’re Xbox lovers and Wii junkies here at Mazuma H.Q, so we LOVE being able to buy games and stuff from Argos. It’s so simple – sell old mobile phones like the iPhone 4, and you’ve got a great selection of games and toys covered (so that’s little kids AND your big kid mates done and dusted!)
Useful Stuff
There’s always that ONE uncle who’s a massive chore to buy for, or that ONE friend who has everything! For the price of your traded in Nokia N900, you could put a few precious pounds towards the Weird Presents fund. Digital photo key ring? Stealth video sunglasses? Battery powered wine opener? Come on, no-one has EVERYTHING!
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Samsung Sales Trounce Apple

With the sad news of Steve Jobs’ death, Apple has still enjoyed a massive retail surge with the release of the iPhone 4S. But according to Time Magazine’s online arm, Techland, Samsung is still set to beat Apple in the festive quarter smartphone sales race.
The figures speak for themselves. July-September Samsung saw shipments blossom by 44%; not bad at all in the run up to the iPhone 4S release. So, with 24% of the market, what’s ahead for Samsung in the festive season, and how could it affect us here at Mazuma?
Aside from Uncle Bob definitely drinking too much sherry, festive predictions foresee a possible total of around 30 million Apple handsets being sold during the holiday season. According to analysts, this still won’t put them ahead of Samsung in the race for global smartphone domination.
Here at Mazuma
We’re not exclusively market analysts, but we do spend a great deal of time plotting phone recycling trends and studying the world market to make sure you get the best deals and we provide the best service. In the run up to a new handset like the iPhone 4S being released, we usually see a little dip in mobile recycling (die-hard fans holding off an upgrade until the new release), but after the holiday season, we’re likely to see a BIG increase in demand for our services from lovely folks like you looking to recycle their old handset ethically.
So, if you want to trade in your mobile, we recommend getting in before the seasonal rush!
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The Lazy Guide to Recycling

Want to sell things on eBay? Oh but wait, that involves taking photos, writing the listing etc. Seems like a lot of effort for a lazy person. Don’t get us wrong, we’re certainly afflicted with the laziness gene here at Mazuma H.Q (why wash your coffee mug when there are shiny clean ones sitting right by the kettle!?) but here are a few reasons to make the effort!
Of COURSE this is our first titbit of advice! The Mazuma mobile phone recycling service is pretty much designed to give even the laziest of sloths a little boost! You don’t even need to leave the safety of the online world; just fill in a few make and model details, find out how much we’ll give you to recycle old mobiles, accept the quote if you’re happy, and wait for the free postage bag to arrive on your doorstep!
Selling Online
Although a bit of a chore sometimes, a day spent cataloguing surplus items like DVDs, hair straighteners, books, homewares, car parts, unopened birthday gifts etc. could make more pennies than you might think. Using websites like freecycle.org could unearth a straight swap, too!
Donating to Charity
The Charity Retail Association – charityshops.org.uk – is a great resource for lazy folks. They maintain a massive database of U.K charity shops and depots that can collect all kinds of items straight from your front door. So, there’s no excuse not to prepare a few donation bags and maybe FINALLY get rid of that old furniture from the loft/garage/shed!
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Is Mobile Phone Insurance Worth the Pennies?

In a word – sometimes. As phone recycling experts we hear our fair share of sob stories and mishap tales; the iPhone 4 dropped in a puddle, the Nokia N900 crushed under the wheels of Grandma’s car, and the insurance policy which refused to pay out for a new handset! Taking measures to protect your smartphone means simply that you won’t be stuck without your £850 smartphone lifeline if the worst should happen. Well, that’s the idea.
So, when is phone insurance not really necessary? For most people it all comes down to the cost of insurance versus the cost of paying outright for a new phone.
Not everyone can stomach reading all the Terms and Conditions of even the toaster warrantee in one sitting, but it’s important to make sure the policy suits you. Insurance fraud is common and shocking simple, so most companies are incredibly strict about payment terms.
Home and Contents Insurance
Check your existing policy to see what kind of smartphone calamities are covered. It could be that sole mobile phone insurance isn’t necessary in your case.
In-Store Pressure
Just because you’re buying a handset and taking out a contract with a particular service provider doesn’t mean your insurance must be exclusively with them. For example, smartphone cover could be available through your bank at a better rate. It’s clichéd advice, but shopping around really DOES unearth the best deals.
If you want to make some cash from used mobile phones, use our easy online quote tool to recycle old mobiles ethically.
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Want to Sell Nokia Mobile Phones?

As one of the leading makers of mobile phones, Nokia is working on new models all the time. And if you want to upgrade to the newest product, with all the latest features, no-one could blame you!
But you need to work out what to do with your used mobile phone. You can’t just throw it in the bin –  its battery releasing all manner of toxic nasties. But neither do you want it lying around gathering dust.
The answer is to recycle Nokia phone models you no longer want. And the good news is that Nokia designers think very carefully about the materials they use, and consider the whole life-cycle of the products so that it is as easy as possible to recycle them. In fact, up to 75% of the materials in a Nokia mobile phone can now be recycled and given a second life.
With Mazuma Mobile, you can sell Nokia mobile phones to get cash whilst also doing your bit for the planet. Send us your redundant telephone and we’ll offer you free postage, a free tool for deleting all the data from your old phone, and we won’t muck you around. The price we quote is they price we pay.
We aim to use 95% of phones we receive in various developing markets, but, where we can’t, we will dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way. We pay the same day, by cheque, bank transfer or in Argos vouchers. Learn more from our website.
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I Want to Sell My Blackberry!

Most of us can’t imagine life without our phones, especially if you have a Blackberry, used for so much more than sending texts or receiving and making calls. However, in common with other devices, Blackberry phones quickly become updated as people move on to a newer model. That’s especially true now, as so many retailers allow you to trade in your mobile and get a more modern version as a free upgrade. Equally, if they are broken, it is generally more cost-effective to buy a new one, rather than to pay for costly repairs.
The problem comes when these units end up in a landfill site. There are toxic substances in these units which can pollute the ground for many years.
The answer is, of course, to recycle Blackberry phones responsibly.
Not only is this the right thing to do for the environment, but can also be kind to your pocket as well! Why not make some cash from your old Blackberry rather than having it gather dust in a drawer somewhere?
That’s especially important if you are a corporate buyer, with a high turnover of phones as staff join and leave your organisation or get their company devices upgraded.
If you decide I want to ’Sell My Blackberry’, check out Mazuma mobile before you do anything else. We’ll always give you the full quoted price, and can pay you by cheque or bank transfer or in shopping vouchers. We also have a same day payment promise.
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What Happens to Your Handset When You Recycle Mobile Phones?

When you decide ‘It’s time to sell my mobile’, it’s about more than just decluttering your home. Old phones contain potentially toxic substances, and cadmium batteries can pollute the water system and lead, brominated lame retardants and beryllium could all cause harm to the environment if you don’t recycle mobile phones responsibly. So don’t throw your old model out with the garbage!
What generally happens is that, once they’re tested, most used mobiles are shipped overseas to be sold. Examples of countries where his happens include the Middle and Far East, South America and Africa.
Especially for phones of a lower value, it will probably be broken down and sold as component parts. But even if it’s totally worthless, recycling companies will at least give you peace of mind that your mobile is being disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.
At Mazuma Mobile, we recycle mobile phones for cash, and we take our responsibilities towards the planet and our customers very seriously. We believe reuse is a hugely important part of recycling, and so make what we offer as attractive as possible.
We process redundant mobiles, allowing them to be reused in developing markets such as Africa, China, India and Pakistan. So we help these emerging economies at the same time.
You’ll find our free online process very straightforward and user-friendly. We even pay for postage, only need your handset and battery, and take an extensive range of models. There’s more online.
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Get Cash for Phones: Damaged Mobiles

When it comes to getting cash for phones, most phone recycling companies will look at non-functioning models, or at least recycle them.
Examples of damage, for which you might have to accept smaller payment, include damaged casing, a pin locked phone or a unit which doesn’t power up properly. If yours has been damaged by water, has a badly cracked or unresponsive screen or is physically broken, expect less cash.
Make sure that you tick the ‘damaged’ box when you search online for the best quote.
You could also try trading in your phone with the company you’re buying the new one from, if it’s low value. However, you are generally better off going through a mobile phone recycling company.
At Mazuma Mobile, we’re a leading mobile phone recycler – in fact we’ve been named Britain’s number one! Our upfront approach means we always pay you what we say we will pay, unlike our competitors who often quote attractive prices then reduce after receiving your mobile.
For working phones, we expect to be able to turn the unit on and off, and for it to be fully functional – cosmetic wear and tear is perfectly fine. It should also have a working screen and not be water-damaged. Make sure you include the battery.
We also accept non-working phones as long as you include the battery – you can keep the memory card and charger. The model should also be intact and not crushed in half. Learn more online.
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