Trade in Your Mobile and Help the World to Communicate

Sometimes, we at Mazuma Mobile get correspondence from people who want to recycle their mobile phones for cash, trying to understand how our business works. How is it, they say, that we can offer such good prices when you sell old mobile phones that have been left for ages in the kitchen drawer? How is it they continue, that if we are taking most of the risk with out of date equipment that we can ever hope to turn a profit?

It is, to be fair, a valid question, and it’s very easy to suggest that we rely on our excellent knowledge base to do this, but that doesn’t really explain the process.

We specialise in buying, reusing and recycling your old, unwanted mobile phones. This technology that we have for so long kept close to our hearts may have become obsolete to us, but to many people around the world that cannot afford the latest iPhone, or HTC Desire, older mobile phones are a lifeline. Countries in Eastern Europe, South America, and some Asian countries, as well as the markets of Africa, are desperate for cheap mobile communications.

As the infrastructure of mobile communications becomes global, reaching out to the farthest corners of the globe, so the availability and cost of mobile telecommunications must stay as low as possible. Imagine the support and advise an Ethiopian farmer can get with an internet connection, or how useful it is to an Argentinian fisherman to know what the weather will be in the morning.

Mobile phone recycling isn’t an easy business, but it is a worthy one.

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IDC Insist More to be Done on Mobile Recycling

The International Data Corporation provides market intelligence around the world. They advise electronics companies who specialise in information technology and telecommunications. In a recent report however, the IDC told phone manufacturers that they need to do much more to improve their environmental impact and work towards a greener mobile phone industry.

The IDC welcomed some recent improvements to mobile phone technology. The new solar powered charger currently in development by LG is a good start to the reduction of waste, also Samsung’s efforts to reduce the amount of brominated flame retardant materials used on most mobile phone circuit boards, and totally phase out the use of hard to break down polyvinyl chlorides (PVC) from all their mobile phones.

Apple received some praise too as a leader in influencing its supply chain towards greener technology. Apple also has recycling facilities in 95% of the nations where they sell their products, but according to the IDC only 10% of all mobiles get recycled.

Nokia was found to be good in the area of recyclable materials, with up to 80% of their phone materials being used elsewhere at the end of the phones lifetime. Nokia also does very well at using recycled materials in their new technologies. And Sony Ericsson have done well on their reduction of packaging, using lighter materials and moving to electronic manuals to reduce the need for paper.

With all these efforts to make phone recycling more efficient, why not do your part by selling mobile phones you no longer need to us at Mazuma Mobile.

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Sell your old iPad for cash

sell ipad

sell ipad

Mazuma Mobile has now introduced tablet recycling and the company anticipates there will be a considerable increase in people wanting to upgrade to the latest model, particularly with the launches of new tablets such as the Apple iPad 2, Dell Streak, BlackBerry PlayBook, Motorola XOOM and HTC Flyer.

The recent launch of the iPad 2 and announcement of equivalent Android devices has seen a surge in demand for tablet recycling from Mazuma customers. The Mazuma service has been expanded to provide the same level of customer service and payment options to tablets that Mazuma consumers are used to expecting when they recycle their mobile phone.

Consumers understand that they can use the value of their old phone or device as a way to offset the cost of upgrading to a new model. Apple iPad owners are more likely to upgrade to the new iPad 2 if they are able to easily sell their old iPad and offset the value against the purchase of the iPad2.

Mazuma currently pay upto £165 for your old Apple iPad and upto £125 for your old Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab.

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Big Step in Reducing Carbon Footprint

Sony Ericsson has agreed to the European Commission’s request, and will soon be changing to a universal phone charger. It is a surprising about face for the Swedish company that joined with Japanese electronics giant Sony in 2001. Previously they had always been resolute about keeping their own design for a mobile charger, but the pressure from the European Commission to reduce the waste has meant big changes ahead.

Apple also will be dropping their own charger in favour for the mini USB port, along with a whole host of other mobile manufacturers such as LG, Motorola, Samsung and Nokia. For Apple it is a big surprise as all their current technology runs on their own dock connector, and they have had good success it leasing the technology out to other firms.

From the consumer’s point of view there are many advantages. For a start there is no reason to throw out all those old phone chargers. With just one simple connection people will soon stack up a fair few viable chargers. With that in mind there will come a time where manufacturers can omit the charger completely and have it instead as a separate purchasable entity. Less chargers being produced has to have a good impact on their carbon footprints.

Recycling has become very important in today’s world, so don’t forget to sell your old phone to us at Mazuma Mobile. We are leading mobile phone recycling specialists and proudly boast that we reuse up to 95% of all the mobile phones we buy.

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The Easiest Thing in the World

Getting money for selling mobile phones to us at Mazuma Mobile is one of the simplest processes around. We endeavour to ensure that everything from pinpointing your phone’s model and make, to getting the most money for your phone is as simple as possible.

We realise that the tough financial times may mean that you are looking to make money by whatever means you possibly can, and that by getting cash for your old phones froma  company like Mazuma Mobile, you can easily make yourself a little extra money.

Selling your old mobiles for cash is a great way to earn money from something that is probably laying around your house unused. First go to our website and see how much money you can get for selling us your old mobile phones. It’s all so simply laid out. Just find the manufacturer from the list, and click on the phone you are selling to get a quote. Fill out the address forms and tick the agreement buttons and hey presto, the process has begun.
Next wait for our package in the mail. Just pop your old phone in the freepost mail, and stick it in the letterbox. Once the phone is checked out, you will receive a cheque in the post. Finally, cash the cheque and count the readies.

Recycling your old mobile phones couldn’t be any easier. And not only do you get a little extra cash, but you help the environment a little too.

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Mazuma Mobile TV Advert Lyrics

Mazuma Mobile Jingle

Mazuma Mobile

The recent Mazuma Mobile TV adverts have featured a catchy Mazuma jingle. Since the jingle was released in November of 2010 we have had a large number of people enquiring to know the lyrics of the jingle.

For all you Mazuma Mobile jingle fans out there, here are the lyrics:

Mazuma Mazuma, sell your old phone
We’ll give you cash and find it a new home

Mazuma Mazuma, so easy to do
Pop your phone into the bag and cash comes to you

Mazuma Mazuma, its easy you see
Get the value on the site or your phone back for free

Mazuma Mazuma, what you waiting for?
Turn your old phone into cash right now!

Click here to watch all Mazuma Mobile adverts.

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More Colour to Brighten Up Those Dull Nights

The leaves may be falling but there’s no reason for your mood to dip. With plenty of new phones out there to play with and test, now is a great time to sell your mobile and invest in a new one.

With so many great phones out at the moment, there is great choice, great value and lots of fun. Take the brilliant new iPhone 4, the most attractive phone ever with its toughened exterior of glass and stainless steel, black sleek look and discrete but professional side buttons. Its brilliant display and fantastic sound give you a great experience and the multitasking facilities work fast and efficiently allowing you to play games and use apps quickly and easily.

Perhaps the 12mp Camera with Xenon flash on the new Nokia N8 will take your fancy. The dual microphone means the N8 will give you excellent sound recording when filming. And linking the 720p HD video output to your TV set means you get to see your movies on the big screen.

Or the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini. This tiny phone, about the size of a credit card, has only three buttons. Coming in a variety of different colours including hot pink and passionate red this elegant little device is incredibly simple.

Whichever you decide to go for this autumn, don’t forget to log on to us at Mazuma Mobile where you can sell your old mobiles for cash.

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Trust Us With Your Old Mobile Phone

Everybody could do with a little extra cash, and selling your old mobile phones seems like a good way to do it. We at Mazuma Mobile have been dealing with mobile recycling for many years now and know how nervous people get with the idea of posting their phones to us, so not only have we made it as simple as we possibly can, but we also give our 6 cast iron promises to ensure you are happy with every step of the way.

First off, our Price Promise means we guarantee the full price quoted, provided it matches our terms and conditions, and if there is a problem, we will send you a revised quote. If you aren’t happy with the revised deal, we promise to send it straight back free of charge.

We promise to make payment on the same day as we receive the phone. That means you get your money as quickly as possible. Once you have agreed to our terms, we promise to send you a freepost package so all you have to do is drop your phone in and send it off.

We promise our website will keep all your personal details completely safe. Also all phones sent to us are totally cleared, so any of your personal information is totally wiped from your phone before we consider recycling. And finally, we promise to do our best to reuse every phone we get, and any we can’t we will recycle in the most environmentally friendly way.

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