Mazuma cash for mobiles

Getting cash for mobiles sounds like a great idea, particularly if your household, like many of those in the UK, has four or five just lying around unused.

But how can you be sure you’ll get a reliable service and the right deal when you sell your mobile? After all, it can be a valuable asset and you need to make sure your deal goes according to plan.

And that’s where our Mazuma promises come in. It’s our belief that you should receive the money for your old mobile phones as quickly as possible, so we promise that you will receive payment for your phone on the same day we receive it (subject to terms and conditions that you can check out on our site).

It’s easy to try phone recycling for cash through Mazuma. Once you’ve put in the details of your phone on our site, we will let you know how much the phone is worth and we’ll send you an envelope for you to post it to us completely free of charge.

Once we receive the phone and check it, if we find it doesn’t quite meet our terms and conditions and the price needs to be changed, we’ll email you a further revised offer. If you are not happy with that revised offer, we will send your phone back to you.

Of course, if your old mobile phones meet our terms and conditions, we guarantee that you will receive the full price for them.

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Mazuma phone recycling for cash

So what happens when you say to Mazuma, ‘Sell my mobile’? It may be a process you have never gone through before, and you may have some questions and misgivings.

You don’t need to have any worries when you try phone recycling for cash with us. The process of selling mobile phones with Mazuma is simple, reliable and great to use. First, you fill in the kind of mobile you have and let us know if your handset works or not. We then show you how much you can receive by recycling your mobile.

If you decide to go ahead, we will then send you a freepost envelope, and all you have to do is pop your mobile in the envelope and send it off to Mazuma. As soon as it arrives, we check your order and then we send you a cheque. Old mobile phones have never been so valuable.

It certainly beats leaving your old phone lying around at home. Some estimates reckon that UK homes have, on average, four old mobile phones or more just doing nothing except losing their value.

If you recycle mobile phones for cash with us, we will then process the phones you send to us and send them to be reused in developing countries such as India and Africa, where they are of enormous use to people keen to build up their communications.

Our service is totally reliable, quick and efficient, and releases the value locked into the mobile you don’t need any more.

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Mazuma mobile phone recycling

Mobile phone recycling is a brilliant idea for a number of reasons. First, in the UK we have a huge number of old mobile phones available for recycling at any time –  it’s estimated that in this country there are as many as 20 million mobile phone upgrades every year.

In some other countries, however, it’s not so easy for people to get hold of a good-quality mobile phone. And doesn’t it seem a good idea to let your old phone go off to help someone in a developing country rather than leaving it to gather dust and lose value in your kitchen drawer?

At Mazuma, we take the old mobile phones we buy from our customers and process them so they can be reused in countries including China, Pakistan and India, where communications networks are still being built up and mobile recycling provides a valuable phone resource for ordinary people.

But while it means your old phone is going to a useful new home, we don’t expect you to give it up for nothing. We specialise in phone recycling for cash, and it’s easy to find out how much we will be able to pay for your phone.

All you have to do is enter the kind of phone you have on our website, and tell us if the handset is working or not. We then show you how much money we will pay for your phone if you sell your mobile – and the recycling process can begin. Simple.

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Mazuma old mobile phones

It’s a strange but true fact that on average, every UK household has at least four old mobile phones lurking in dark drawers and losing any value they once had.

It’s partly because we love our mobiles so much and get such a lot of use out of them. And one of the things we like the best about our mobiles is upgrading them to the latest model – we enjoy the new features that come along on a regular basis, and we also like the fashion aspect of having the latest handset.

Many of us don’t like throwing our old mobile away. We have a vague feeling that it might come in useful in the future, and of course, we’ve often spent quite a bit of money buying it in the first place.

There are also good environmental reasons for not dumping your phone in the bin. Although a lot of people are not aware of it, a mobile phone contains a number of toxic elements that should not be allowed to pollute the planet if they end up lost in a landfill site.

So what to do with that once-precious device? Easy; selling mobile phones is a great way to recycle your handset and get good money for it at the same time. If you recycle mobile phones for cash, you are doing a favour to the planet while benefiting yourself; now, that’s a situation where there are no losers.

Don’t chuck it away, recycle it with Mazuma. Everyone wins.

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Mazuma sell your mobile

We love our mobiles, but no matter how beloved a particular model is, there comes a time when we have to replace it. At one time, many people would just stuff their old mobile in the back of the drawer and leave it there, forgotten; or even worse, they would throw their old mobile away.

Nowadays, though, Mazuma offer you a much better option; sell your mobile to us. Phone recycling has become a big business, and it makes lots of sense. You swap your phones for cash, while we recycle your phone to make sure it has plenty of use elsewhere.

There are many good reasons for not throwing your old mobile away. One of them is that phones contain a great deal of toxic ingredients, and it’s really not environmentally friendly for them to end up in landfill.

Another good reason is that your phone, while not of any use to you any longer, can be of great use to someone elsewhere. The redundant phones we are sent by people like you are processed for reuse in developing countries, which might be India or China. You can be confident that your phone recycling is helping countries who are currently building up their communications network.

And of course, another benefit to you of using Mazuma to recycle your old mobile phone instead of throwing it away or sticking it in the back of the drawer is that we pay you money for it.

It’s really a win-win situation, for both you and the planet.

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Mazuma Mobile Review

Mazuma Mobile is the UK’s most reviewed Mobile Phone Recycling service. It has over 30,000 independent customer reviews with an overall 98/100 review score, making it not only the most reviewed but the best reviewed Mobile Phone Recycling website.

Mazuma Mobile pay a huge amount of importance to customer service and has built a strong reputation in its industry for providing excellent customer service. The Mazuma Mobile service boasts the fastest payment times and payment methods in the industry.

Mazuma Mobile are committed to offering the very best value and service when it comes to recycling your old mobile to cash. Its pledge to this commitment comes in the form of a host of customer promises.

Customers are encouraged to give feedback through a number of methods including the Mazuma Testimonials page, Trustpilot (independent review site) and the Mazuma Facebook page.

Please click here to read some of our many independent customer reviews written by real Mazuma customers: Mazuma Review

Mazuma recommend that customers looking to sell their phone consider customer reviews when selecting which company to choose.

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Small Phones, Big Problem

These days you are hard pushed to avoid all the warnings we receive through the media about the state of the planet and the ways in which humans are harming it. Whether it be flooding in Pakistan, droughts in Australia or melting polar ice caps, there is always something in the news to remind us of the impact of global warming.

Indeed, some claim that even here in Britain we do not need to switch on the TV or open a newspaper to observe the destructive impact of industry on our environment, with weather conditions becoming less predictable.

There are many causes of such issues and it is important to bear in mind that no step towards reducing the destruction of our planet is too small. With this in mind, you might want to think about mobile phones.

Although each individual product of this nature is relatively small compared to many items that you can buy, when taken as a sum total across the globe, it is easy to see how they can contribute to problems for the environment in a big way.

Each year, millions of new handsets are manufactured to satisfy the demands of the market and this trend shows no sign of abating.

However, it is important not to despair at the thought of challenging the problem. By taking small steps such as engaging in phone recycling, you can help do your bit to reduce climate change.

And mobile phone recycling has never been easier, with firms such as us here at Mazuma Mobile ready to take your devices off you and deal with them in an eco-friendly way.

So don’t just throw old mobile phones away, make sure you do the right thing.

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Phone Recycling Should be Part of a Broader Effort

You may be among the increasing number of responsible consumers who takes it upon themselves to engage in mobile phone recycling. After all, by doing so you stand to lose nothing and can help the planet and save money at the same time.

However, it is vital that you do not stop simply at phone recycling for cash. In addition to this worthy activity, you should also bear in mind certain other things in relation to your phone use.

One issue that is rising on the agenda of firms in the industry is that of electricity wasted in the charging process. Each handset needs its batteries to be rejuvenated after a certain length of time. And, as the technology involved in the devices has become more sophisticated, their use of energy has risen.

This means that modern handsets often need to be re-powered more often than their older counterparts.

For this reason, it is particularly important that you adhere to certain principles when you are charging your phone.

One of the most basic things to bear in mind is that even when your mobile has been recharged, if you fail to remove the charger from the power source, it will continue to use electricity.

Not only is this bad for the planet, but it also has a damaging effect on your wallet thanks to higher energy bills.

So, by ensuring you disconnect the charger when the time comes, you can rest assured you are doing the right thing.

This is just one of many measures you can take in addition to phone recycling to lessen your carbon footprint.

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