5 Free Apps to Save You Money

With the upcoming festive period and the issues many people are facing through the cost of living crisis, saving money is a priority for most people right now. Organisation and planning are key to keeping hold of those pennies, and many apps are out there to help.

Although you could sell your Samsung phone for cash, with the likes of Mazuma’s incredible sell my mobile services, there are so many ways to save with your phone. Let’s take a look at the top 5 kinds of apps for your phones that will keep you from a world of unorganised finances.

1. Your online banking app

Online banking has been around for many years and provides easy access to all your accounts. But, whilst most people will know that they offer apps for you to download, have you explored all the functions of your banking apps? Many apps, such as Barclays, allow you to view your regular direct debits and standing orders in a calendar view, allowing you to see when you can afford to splash out a little more than usual or when you need to cut back. It also offers an excellent opportunity to view all your bills and see where you can cut back.

Out of sight, out of mind. Another option you can explore on your online banking app is the saving pots many banking apps offer. This helps you put little pockets of money away for a rainy day. You can have one set up for car maintenance, general savings or even one specifically for gifts. Whatever you are saving for, you can keep the money separate from your regular account without opening more bank accounts.

You can also set spending limits, preventing your card from being overused on nights out, shopping trips or weekends away. All banking apps will also provide a breakdown of which areas you spend your money, offering you the chance to sort out any overspending that occurs regularly. Your regular banking app has many features to help you save, so why not explore what your banking app does for you?

2. Budgeting apps

Although most banking apps have many features to help with budgeting, you can combine all your current accounts, savings accounts and even credit accounts under one helpful app. These vary, and of course, using an unregistered one can put your finances at risk if you don’t ensure the safety and reliability of the platform. Any budgeting app that requires access to your bank account should be registered with the Financial Conduct Authority. It is easy to check. If you find an app you like the look of, and a quick search online will let you know if it appears to be a safe one to use.

The most popular free budgeting app that offers some of the best functions is the Snoop app. It is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority and provides a free platform to register multiple accounts to keep track of all spending. It can register credit cards, credit accounts and debit cards, so you can see them all in one helpful app. It can also recommend helpful ways to improve your spending. For example, if it registers that you have spent money in a particular shop, you may receive updates about offers they have to help curb overspending. It is ideal for getting a complete overview of wherever you may spend your money.

3. Save the pennies, and the pounds take care of themselves

Couponing is a hobby that has long been forgotten. Every week people would sit down with various magazines and newspapers and cut out the many coupons that would be featured to save money. They would be useful for many shops and facilities, even providing families with caravan holidays for as little as £11. However, with the birth of the internet, couponing seems to have disappeared…. Or has it?

How often have you put something in your online basket to buy when there’s a deal offered? How many of us check through our promotional inbox to see what sales are on? Black Friday is a prime example of people looking for the best deals. However, deals and sales happen throughout the year, and many big branded sites offer significant savings with promotional codes. But without magazines and newspapers, where can you find these codes?

Well, there’s an app for that!

Search your app store for voucher codes, and there are loads of apps to choose from, offering great discounts for many stores. They update regularly and provide you with various savings, which over time, will build up, leaving you with more in the bank. The more apps, the merrier. However, if you have an iPhone that you struggle to find space for all the apps, why not trade in your old iPhone and upgrade to one of our new refurbished phones? You can save money on a new handset and have the space for all the voucher apps you need!

4. It’s all about the points

Supermarkets are where most people spend their money regularly. Food is essential and not something you can really cut back on. However, we are in a pivotal time for competitive supermarkets. Each one claims to have the lowest prices, the best deals or even better rewards. Most national chains of supermarkets offer some form of discount or loyalty scheme, which could save you money each time you shop.

It all works through the app on your phone, so there’s no need to worry about remembering your card. All you need is your phone and payment method (which, let’s be honest, is usually your phone anyway). And you aren’t just limited to one supermarket, download all the apps and never miss a point! Simply scan your barcode available in the app for that supermarket and watch the savings build. Most of them will only let you redeem them in-store, but some do partner with other major retailers to offer you even more points or discounts.

Some supermarkets even provide discounted prices when using your loyalty code, saving you money even further. They offer milestones to hit, offering even more savings, and if you are already shopping there anyway, why not pick up some savings too?

Top supermarkets offering loyalty schemes include Asda, Lidl, Sainsbury’s, Tescos and even your corner street Co-Op. So make sure you download their apps and start saving each time you fill your basket or even your car with Sainsbury’s Nectar Card app.

5. Sell and buy second hand

Whether it’s a pre-Christmas decluttering or preparing for a spring clean, you may have many household items, clothes and much more which could save you money. Although it is always kind to donate items you no longer need to charity, consider holding a few back to earn more pennies. Many apps offer you the chance to take a quick pic and upload it for others to buy. A popular app for this is Vinted. You can sell many items without fees or costs that other platforms expect. Totally free to sell and also free to buy.

We know that no matter how tight the purse strings may be, there is something quite satisfying about picking up a treat for yourself online. Using the likes of Vinted, you can treat yourself for a fraction of the price, and most of the items are nearly brand new! So, not only will you be saving money, but you will also be helping the environment by reducing what goes to landfills. Many free apps available to download offer this kind of shopping, so why not look at your app store and see how you can save money?

However, if you want to dispose of your old tech more sustainably, why not consider our phone recycle service? You can get money for your old devices, knowing they have been recycled in the best way for the environment. Get a quote today and see just how much you can get for your old phone.

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