Incentives to Recycle Mobile Phones

Even though most mobile phones that are a few years old are perfectly operational, they are normally thrown away whenever a user buys a newer mobile phone. Indeed, there isn’t really much of a market for used mobile phones here in the UK as our consumer society is all about having the latest models rather than those that are merely functional.

However, the materials and metals which old mobile phones are made of can often cause harm to the environment when they are thrown away into landfill sites. For this reason, it is vitally important to recycle mobile phones instead of throwing them away.

But let’s think about it – can one person really help the environment by recycling an old phone?
Quite simply, the answer is “Yes”. Indeed, if everyone in the UK were to recycle their old mobile phone then around 2.5 thousand tonnes of electronic waste could be saved from Britain’s over-burdened landfill sites each year!

Here at Mazuma Mobile, we are proud to provide a service which not only benefits the environment but also benefits environmentally aware individuals’ wallets, too. We are passionate about what we do and are happy to pay good money to anyone who is willing to send us their old and unwanted mobile phones for recycling. This means that any person can sell Nokia mobile phones, Samsung phones or indeed, any type of phones for a good price and help the environment.

What more incentive do you need?

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Recycling your Mobile Phone Why and How to Do It

Getting rid of your old mobile phone isn’t just about decluttering. Cell phones have potentially noxious substances. Cadmium batteries can infect the water system and lead, brominated flame retardants and beryllium can also harm the environment if they are not disposed of properly.

So having your old handset end up in landfill is simply not an option. Even if it’s not working any more, the components can be used in different ways, and, in rare cases where event that can‘t happen, the device can be disposed of responsibly.

Most probably though, you can actually make some money when you decide “I’d like to sell my phone.” Online recycling companies will quote you a price and send a jiffy bag for the phone, which you can return freepost. (Send it by “Recorded Signed For” delivery which insures it for up to £41 and just costs a few pennies on top of standard postage.)

When you recycle Blackberry phones and the like, you should send them charged up and turned off, without the SIM or memory card, and remove any security or pin codes which could affect its testing. (Just choose “Reset factory setting” from the menu.)

When you sell Nokia phone handsets and other brands through Mazuma Mobile, we pay by cheque, bank transfer or in Argos vouchers. And we’ll offer you a free data delete tool. Get an instant quote today by just telling us what model you have. Learn more online.

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What Happens When You Recycle and Sell Mobile Phone Sets

What Happens When You Recycle and Sell Mobile Phone Sets?

If you need to sell mobile phone handsets, either because they have stopped working, or because you are due for an upgrade, you may be wondering what exactly happens to your devices once they reach a recycling centre.

Once you decide to recycle Blackberry phones or other types of mobile, and the recycling centre has received your handsets, each cell phone undergoes various tests. First, each phone’s unique International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number is compared with the Central Equipment Identity (CEIR) database to ensure it is not stolen or lost.

Thanks to mobile phone recycling, charities can donate phones to organisations in countries in the developing world, such as in Africa and Asia, where they are sold for a low price or given away.

When you recycle and sell Blackberry phone handsets, there are other benefits, too. Not only will you be putting extra cash in your pocket, but you can rest assured that your old telephone is not causing environmental damage in landfill, gathering dust or taking up valuable storage space in your home.

Use us at Mazuma and all you need do is register online for a freepost bag, post us your phone and look forward to being paid on the same day we receive it. It couldn’t be easier! We only need your handset and battery, and pay a fair price. We’ll also help you remove your data, and accept models from any network. Learn more online today.

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Pitfalls to Watch for when you Recycle Mobile Phones

If you decide to recycle mobile phones, watch out for a few potential pitfalls from some unscrupulous recycling companies. All too often, recyclers lure you with attractive prices, only to find excuses to pay less once you have sent them your phone.

Things to watch out for include companies who tell you they need to pay you less because of cosmetic wear and tear, because they have received your handset with a PIN lock or that the battery cover is loose or damaged. Others may claim that the battery on the device they have received is flat.

In such cases, you automatically receive less money. Outrageously, some companies even charge you to send your mobile back to you.

At Mazuma Mobile, Britain’s leading cell phone recycler, we don’t think this is a fair approach, so we do things differently.

If you want to sell Nokia mobile phones, or indeed any other leading brand, and we get your telephone to find that the phone isn’t up to what we need, we’ll immediately email you a revised offer for you to approve. Not completely satisfied with this? No problem, we can return your phone – it won’t cost you a penny.

People who sell Nokia phone sets and those from other leading manufacturers always appreciate this price promise.

We process redundant phones so they can be reused in developing countries, such as in Asia and Africa. Learn more from our website, and use us next time your upgrade your mobile.

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Recycling Mobile Phones How it Works

Your old mobile is not rubbish – it could be hidden treasure! Each year, networks commonly agree to upgrade people’s phones, meaning some 80 million old ones are gathering dust when they could be making their owners hard cash. If you decide “I want to sell my mobile”, it could earn you potentially up to £150 per handset.

Ideally, your phone should be in good working order, have only minor cosmetic damage, with its original battery, and you should be able to turn it on. You don’t usually need to provide the charger, although many companies will also recycle that for you.

However, most companies will still look at non-functioning mobiles and offer a reduced price for them, generally between 10 and 50% of the working price. At the very least they will recycle them for you, so that your handset doesn’t end up in landfill.

There are a few other options you could go for, including giving to charity, trying to sell it on an auction website, selling to a friend or reusing or trading in your old handset. But if you want the best deals, from the UK’s highest rated website, sell Blackberry Storm phones and other leading brands through Mazuma Mobile.

We offer a fair price, pay you on the same day we receive your phone, and the phones we recycle get sent to countries in the developing world, so everyone benefits. Next time your think “I’d like to sell my Blackberry”, make us your first port of call.

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Mobile Phone Recycling Myths Uncovered

If you’ve recently bought a new mobile, it can be tempting to look on recycling your old handset as a waste of time. After all, you may think you need your old mobile in case the new one gets damaged or stolen.

You may also think that it’s not possible to say, recycle Nokia phone sets, because they have no value. In fact, there’s high demand for old mobiles, and even the oldest sets have some value. And, actually, only between three and four per cent of phones are completely beyond repair.

Most headsets can be refurbished, contrary to what you may have thought, while traces of metal can be used in jewellery, even if the item itself cannot be repaired. And the nickel in batteries can be used in saucepans, while traffic cones and sheeting can be fashioned from melted down plastics.

And of course, if you decide “I want to sell my Nokia” to a reputable recycling firm, you will be doing your bit for charity at the same time as doing the environment a huge favour.

At Mazuma Mobile, we’re ranked as the UK’s top rated mobile phone recycling website. We provide a straightforward, user-friendly service and pay you on the same day we receive your phone.
Unlike some of our competitors, we’re upfront about our pricing structure. And if we get your mobile and find it doesn’t meet our conditions, and our quote needs to be changed, we’ll email you a revised order. Learn more from our website today.

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Beating the Post-Christmas Money Shortage

You may have got a wonderful new mobile phone for Christmas, which you have been enjoying the benefits of ever since. However, rather than leaving your old phone languishing in a forgotten corner of the house, you can sell your mobile phone and get some much needed cash to boost your bank balance following all that spending over the Christmas period and in the January sales.

If you sell your Nokia phone or old Blackberry to us here at Mazuma Mobile, you will get your cash sent out to you the very same day that we receive it. You can find out exactly how much you will get to sell your Nokia mobile by logging on to our site and filling in our simple online form. Unlike other companies offering a similar service, you can rest assured that the price that we offer you for your phone will be the one that you receive, so you can start planning how you’re going to spend it straightaway.

Obviously, newer phones and ones with a higher specification will generate more cash, but even a few pounds can help when it comes to the post-Christmas lull. We believe that every penny counts, so you should get what you can for your phone rather than leaving it to slowly depreciate in value before you eventually decide to just throw it away, which earns you precisely… nothing! We are the leading mobile phone recycling site in the UK, so choose us to get some extra cash today!

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Upfront and Honest Pricing for Your Phone

If you’ve decided to sell your Blackberry phone, you want to get the most money possible. This is why you should choose Mazuma, the UK’s leading mobile phone recycling site. Unlike some of our competitors, when we offer you a price on screen, that’s the price we pay you (provided you’ve given us the correct details about your phone, that is!). Some retailers will deduct amounts from your original offer once they receive your phone due to reasons such as it having a flat battery or it still having its PIN lock activated. At Mazuma, we think this is an unfair and dishonest practice, which is why we introduced our price promise.

When we recycle Blackberry phones, we can make money by reselling them on to under-developed countries to help improve their communication networks. This is money that we give to you as a thank you for sending us your phone. We use a very simple pricing structure for both working and non-working phones, and as long as your phone meets the conditions laid out on our website, we’ll pay you the price we offered you when you first completed the online form. Should your phone not meet these conditions, you can have it returned to you free of charge, or alternatively accept a revised offer – it couldn’t be simpler. We also pay you as soon as we receive your phone, so there’s no hanging around waiting weeks to receive a cheque or bank transfer, which we believe just isn’t necessary.

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