How Your Mobile Can Make Your Money Go Further

We all like to save a bit of money here and there. With the economy still going through rough patches and prices continuing to rise, it is reassuring to know that there are still simple and easy ways of getting a little bit of extra cash. Mobile phones are a way you could save and even make money. Plenty of people are realising that they get cash for phones by selling on old handsets, but there are other ways your mobile can work for you.

Contracts And Upgrades

Mobile phones have really established themselves over the last decade. Once there were only a handful of phones to choose from, and just as many contracts. Now however there are thousands of different models and different contracts to suit specific needs. It is now common practice for mobile phone users to upgrade their phones frequently, but what happens to the old handsets? More often than not they are left in drawers and forgotten about, but there is money to be made if you sell mobile handsets. Contracts frequently offer replacement handsets throughout their tenure, so make the most of them and cash in your old model.

How To Cash In

Getting a quote for your old handset is quick and easy. Every mobile has an IMEI number, which stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. Typing this number into a website’s search bar will identify your phone, then you can start filling out other questions. Usually you will be asked about the state of the handset, and then you will receive a quote. After that it is up to you, you can arrange a bank transfer or order a cheque, both of which should occur within 48 hours. If for any reason the full amount of quoted money cannot be awarded then you will receive your phone back free of charge. Seeing as upgrades are so common it could be worth waiting and sending ten or more mobiles off at once, this will make you eligible for free courier delivery.

Money Saving Contracts

Mobile phone technology is increasing at such a rate that the next innovation is only around the corner. From Near Field Communication, which acts as an e-wallet, to high speed internet access, phones are becoming powerful, multi-purpose tools. In terms of handsets, this means that some models may become outdated fast, especially if you cannot live without the latest technological update. Signing into a long term contract will usually work out cheaper than a shorter one, and in many cases replacement handsets are free. So not only can you sell mobile phone handsets for cash, but you can stay up to date with the latest trend and end up paying less.

With millions of old mobile phones going to waste all over the country, they are money waiting to be made. Cashing in a mobile phone will not just make you money, but it is also an environmentally friendly alternative to disposing of them.

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Protect The Environment When You Recycle Mobile Phones

Recycling is a great way to make the most out of available resources while protecting the environment at the same time. As a society we are becoming more proficient at recycling, finding innovative uses for products that previously we disposed of. Whether it is crushing down aluminium cans and sorting paper from glass, recycling is now commonplace and a way of life. However, many people do not realise that they can recycle mobile phone handsets too.

Upgrades and Recycling

Phone upgrades can happen very frequently. Perhaps your handset has been damaged, or your contract allows upgrades at certain times of the year. While people are always eager to upgrade their phone to get the latest features and deals, all too often the recycling opportunities are overlooked. Once the new model has arrived, old phones are discarded, usually left in the back of an old draw or simply thrown out. A recent report by Ofcom has estimated that there are up to three hundred and fifteen million phones gathering dust in homes across the country. These phones can easily be recycled and help others in the process. So next time you upgrade, just remember to deal with your old model at the same time.

How You Can Recycle

If you want to recycle mobile phones, it is good to know that there are two main options available. The first option breaks down the phone into its main parts, to see if the components can go towards making another handset. This not only makes the most of available resources, but it also requires very little energy and therefore saves on emissions.

The second option helps other countries who do not have such easy access to mobile phones. By sending phones away to countries where mobile phones are a rarity, you can help keep families and communities in contact with one another. We are all aware of how important it is to keep in touch, so help spread the privilege to others.

Recycling And The Environment

Taking a phone apart to use it to make other phones is just one way that you can help protect the environment. Mobile phones contain certain materials that either do not decompose well in landfill sites, or can pose a serious risk to their surroundings. Mobile phones are ranked as low, medium and high concern when it comes to measuring how hazardous they are. With dangerous chemicals that could infect soil and therefore ecosystems, it is important to see whether these parts can continue to be used elsewhere. If they are kept in use, then they do not harm the environment, and save the cost and energy required to make a replacement.

Recycling a mobile phone handset is both charitable and good for the environment. The quick and easy process makes recycling your mobile as simple as any other recycling process. So next time you get a new handset just remember, ‘now it is time to recycle my mobile’.

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Sell Your Ageing Nokia For Instant Cash

Nokia have unfortunately fallen on some hard times recently. The emergence of smart phones such as the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy has resulted in their domination of the market, when once Nokia was one of the big players. The unfortunate side-effect of this is that many old Nokia phones are now entering the market as consumers are asking “how can I sell my Nokia?” With the cost and trouble of listing the phone on a website or private listing, it might not be worth even bothering. This is cause for concern because many of these phones could simply find themselves being thrown away. Everybody loses in this scenario, because the phone goes to landfill along with its accessories and simply sits there gradually breaking down until it releases more toxic materials into the environment. At Mazuma Mobile we do everything we can to stop this from happening. Nokia didn’t become a bad mobile phone manufacturer overnight, it was simply market forces turning against them. Indeed, many Nokia phones can still play with the big boys but for whatever reason, they have been deemed unpopular. We can give you highly competitive prices for your phone, where you will receive the money as soon as we receive your phone. We can even pay you if the phone is damaged in some way. We truly do give a home to unwanted phones!

A Nokia N95, for instance, has been around for a long time but it still has many great features that make it a fantastic piece of technology. With a quality 5 megapixel camera, built in A-GPS, WLAN and HSDPA, it can find a lot of use in emerging markets across the planet. This means places such as India, China and Africa where the mobile phone industry is only just taking off. This truly is the best answer to the question, “how do I sell my mobile?” Its fast, reliable, helps save the planet and also gives someone else a chance to make use of life-changing technologies. Mobile phones depreciate in value all of the time, so the sooner you act, the more you can get for your aging Nokia.

To make life easier, we have created a free data deletion tool which can guide you through the process of erasing all personal information. We realise that doing this on many phones can be an arduous process which could result in you thinking again about recycling your phone. By providing you with information about how to erase data quickly and effectively, we hope that you will be able to pass on your phone to us with complete assurance over security. We have step-by-step instructions for the overwhelming majority of phones so even if you are not technically minded, you can quickly and easily erase your data and be sure it won’t fall into the wrong hands. Our hands are completely trustworthy, however, so even if you do leave data on your phone, we will make sure it isn’t there when we pass it on!


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How to Sell My Mobile Phone with Mazuma Mobile

Selling your mobile phone couldn’t be any easier than coming to us here at Mazuma Mobile. We can provide a free quotation and service for most makes and models, and you can sell you device at the click of a button. So, how do you start? Follow our step by step guide below and you can’t go wrong.

Step 1 – Tell Us What Phone You Have
You’ll find a search box on our homepage which requires you to enter your model or IMEI number. If you don’t know your IMEI number off by heart (who does?) then you can find the unique 15 digit serial number either on the back of your phone or, if you have an Apple phone, on the SIM tray. However, if that doesn’t work, simply type *#06# onto the keypad and the number will pop up. Then click the search button and a quotation will appear on your screen.

Step 2 – To Sell or Not to Sell
Once you’ve stated whether your phone does or does not work, you can then decide whether or not to accept the quotation. If the decide that you’d like to then you can pick a payment method from cheque or an EFT bank transfer.

Step 3 – Enter Your Information and Pick a Free Post Option
We will then require some personal information from you to make the payment. You can then decide on whether you would like us to send you a free post pack or if you’d like to print your own sales pack on your printer. You can then send your device to us free of charge. However, if you send us 10 or more handsets then you will qualify for a free courier collection.

Step 4 – Payment
We aim to provide a quick and efficient service to our customers, which is why we promise to put the money into your account or send the cheque to your address within 48 hours. We will pay you the full amount stated or you’ll get your phone back, free of charge.
Four steps – that’s all it takes to sell your phone and have the money in your account. Also, we are dedicated to providing an environmentally mobile phone recycling service, which is why 95% of the recycle mobile phones will be reused. The other 5% will be recycled in an environmentally friendly manner. So our service is good for your bank balance as well as being good for the planet.

Interested? Send us your mobile phones to us here at Mazuma Mobile – a responsible and reliable mobile phone recycler. You can also contact us today for more information on our unrivalled services.

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An Honest and Reliable Recycle Mobile Service from Mazuma Mobile

At Mazuma Mobile, we value 100% honesty, which is why we guarantee that the price you’re quoted for your mobile phone will be the price you receive – which is why we are one of the leading mobile phone recyclers in Australia and Europe.

We understand you will be tempted to head to the company that provides you with the highest possible quote for a phone, but many of these companies quote high and then pay low. We’re not like that.

We are dedicated to staying true to our word, which means not only will we provide you with the amount quoted, but we will transfer it into your account within 48 hours of receiving your mobile phone. However, you can also opt for payment by cheque within 48 hours. Also, you don’t have to pay a penny towards deliver costs, as we can provide you with free postage options.

We reuse 95% of the phones we buy, and will recycle all the devices that cannot be used in an environmentally responsible way. So, not only can we provide unrivalled rates for a mobile phone recycling service, but we help to protect the earth.

Our service is simple to use as we accept most makes and models and only require the handset and battery. You don’t have to send us any chargers or accessories. So, whether you own an iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia, Samsung, HTC mobile phone or more, you should enter your model or IMEI number on our website to see how much cash we can give you for it.

We understand that you will want to keep your private information just that – private. For this reason, we can provide a free data delete tool which will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to remove personal information from your device. This service is available for most makes and models and is the first of its kind in Australia.

However, if you’re still a little sceptical on our easy to use, reliable service, then we encourage you to browse our reviews on TrustPilot, and we believe our TrustScore speaks for itself. However, if you have any additional questions that need answering, then don’t hesitate to contact us. Our friendly and professional staff are happy to take your call.

We accept any handsets on any Australian network. So what are you waiting for? Get a quote, send us your old phone and receive your payment – and the cash can be in your bank in no time at all. It really is that simple.

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Get Paid For Helping The Environment

At Mazuma Mobile we can give you excellent prices on your old, used mobile phones. Mobile phone recycling is a big thing to us because it it not only provides us with a means of business, it also allows us to save the planet. We know that throwing away a mobile phone, particularly if it is still working, results in a 100% loss for everybody. And this goes for any phone, no matter how old. We might not be able to pay you a whole lot for it, but we can still save it from ending up in the landfill. With more than 20 million handsets to be upgraded alone in the UK this year, it means a lot of phones will become available. Of course, many will be sold on through various means, but you should give consideration to us because we can offer you instant cash for working or non-working handsets. If you are asking yourself how can I sell Blackberry Storm without going through the trouble of listing it and advertising it, then we are a quick, easy solution. Simply come to our site and enter the model or IMEI number to find out how much we can give you for it. Typically, our bank transfers will clear on the same day that we receive your phone! So if you send it to us by express delivery, then you’ll get your cash all the quicker. It is literally the fastest way to turn your old mobile phone into some extra cash.

We can also offer you varying prices through different formats. Typically the cheque and the bank transfer will be the same amount, but if you are interested in having it exchanged for an Argos Voucher, then you might be able to get a little bit more for your phone. If you opt for the cheque option, we will post it to you as soon as we receive your phone and will be made payable to the name you put in your account details. Quick and simple services like this are exactly what the world needs. Particularly when these phones have working batteries in them which end up in landfill. The batteries themselves contain toxic elements which take many decades or even hundreds of years to break down. This means that your old mobile phone could be around for a long time to come.

The good news is that your old Blackberry phone can find a new use somewhere else as a reconditioned unit. There is an entire world of developing markets who will take your old unfashionable phone and put it to great use. So by using Mazuma Mobile, you are not only helping the environment, you are actually helping people across the world gain access to a vital piece of technology that could revolutionise their lives, as it once did yours. The greatest thing about all of this is that you get paid for it! It is a minor inconvenience when considering the potential payoffs to everybody involved.

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Why and How Mobile Phones get Recycled

Like most people these days, you may be quite aware of mobile phone recycling. Indeed, you may well know that it is quite possible to make quick, easy and sometimes even quite significant sums of money from sending off your unused Nokia, iPhone and Blackberry phones to us here at Mazuma Mobile.

However, you may not know exactly why or how mobile phones get recycled

Why mobile phones get recycled
Unfortunately, the physical components that are contained within modern mobile phones can be harmful to the environment if they are left to decay. Therefore, mobile phones need to be recycled otherwise the harmful substances within them will contaminate our planet when they end up rotting away at the bottom of a landfill site. In addition to preventing the release of harmful substances, the recycling of mobile phones can also help to retain valuable materials such as copper for future use.

How mobile phones get recycled
When mobile phones are recycled, they take one of two journeys.

The first journey is the most well known as it involves unwanted phones being either repaired and passed on as entire units or broken down into component parts so that they can be used in other phones. These processes are very environmentally friendly as they require very little in the way of energy (thereby reducing emissions) and raw materials.

The second journey is less well known, but by no means less worthwhile.

This recycling journey involves taking unwanted mobile phones from the UK and sending them overseas to developing countries and less fortunate parts of the world where the people regard any type of mobile phone as being something of a luxury.

Certainly, access to landline telephones can often be very hard to come by for people in parts of Africa, Asia and the Indian sub-continent; therefore, mobile phones can be invaluable as they can provide people with the ability to communicate, regardless of where they might be.

Of course, this can provide great comfort to people in remote communities as it can enable them to keep in touch with family members who may have left the area to look for work. In addition, improved communication links can also be very beneficial to entrepreneurs and business-minded individuals who are looking to improve their country’s economy by setting up their own enterprises.

So, whilst this second journey may be less well known, it is clear to see that it is indeed very worthwhile. Indeed, people who choose to recycle Blackberry phones, Nokia mobiles or iPhone handsets by sending them to countries like China, India and Pakistan will not only help separated family members to stay in touch; they will also help developing markets to become more established and hopefully, prosper. This in turn will increase financial opportunities and raise the local population’s expectations to achieve an improved quality of life.

So don’t throw away your old mobile – send it to us instead. You can be sure that it will be worthwhile.


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British Recycling at its Best

There are relatively few things that we British could be considered to be truly world class at. Indeed, fields like sport, fiscal economics and international peace are hardly our strong points. However, there is one very important field in which Britain really does punch well above its weight – environmental awareness.

Indeed, we Brits have grown to embrace our environmental responsibilities with great vigour over the last decade. This can be seen in the fact that nearly 40% of UK households now recycle their waste on a regular basis. Much of this success can be attributed to the ease with which local authorities have made recycling. Certainly, putting cans, bottles and wrappers in a box or bin and getting them collected once a fortnight is far more convenient for people than throwing all their waste into the car and hunting down a bottle bank and recycling station.

However, recycling isn’t just for cans, bottles and wrappers.

In fact, there are a whole host of items that can be recycled these days and we here at Mazuma Mobile are very pleased to say that mobile phones are amongst them.

Why recycle mobile phones?
Most mobile phones contain toxic substances which can leak into the environment and cause damage when they are thrown into landfill sites. Now, it has been estimated that the average household in the UK has at least four unused handsets lying around and collecting dust in various drawers, cupboards and garages. Of course, when consumers upgrade their phones, they (usually) throw their old handsets away. This means that millions of toxic handsets could potentially be going into landfill sites each year and causing our planet serious, irreparable harm.

What we here at Mazuma Mobile want to do is encourage people to sell their old Nokias, iPhones and Blackberry’s to us so that we can recycle them and put them to good use. This will help to ensure that landfill sites become less contaminated and reduce further damage to our wounded planet.

Oh, and as well as that; the people who sell Nokia mobile phones, Blackberry handsets and iPhone devices to us will also get a nice financial reward for their efforts.

What happens to recycled phones?
We aim to make the process of recycling mobile phones just as easy as recycling cans, bottles and wrappers. First off, we will reimburse anyone who sends us their phone with a nice cheque, bank transfer or Argos voucher for the sum they were promised online. Next, we will send their phone to a part of the world where it will be very much appreciated (i.e. the developing world). Indeed, people in places like Asia, Africa and the Indian sub-continent will benefit greatly from having a working mobile phone as communications in some parts of the developing world are very limited indeed.

Whilst this type of recycling may be a little unorthodox, it is very effective and without doubt, incredibly worthwhile.

Explore our pages further to find out more.


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