If you want to sell a mobile phone you will need to find the exact make and model. That will help you figure out roughly how much you can expect to get for it and once you have the right information, you can pass it on to us so we know what to expect. Few people remember the precise model names of all their old mobile phones but don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to find out.

The first and simplest is to take a look at the phone itself. Some (but by no means all) mobiles have the model code or name printed on them somewhere. At the very least you can almost always find the manufacturer, which will help narrow down the search. Elsewhere on the phone there may be a 15 digit code. This is the IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity number. Sometimes it will be hidden inside near where the SIM card goes, so open up the phone to take a look. You can also get a mobile to report its IMEI by entering *#06# into the phone itself.

If you have trouble you can always search through our gallery of images. Just click on the manufacturer and find the handset that looks most like the phone you want to sell. The model number or name will be written underneath. It’s easy to sell mobile phones for cash, even if you don’t know the model number when you start out. All the information you need is right here on this website.

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