Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2024: Everything to Expect

Samsung will be holding their next “Unpacked” event on July 10th at 2pm.

The last Galaxy Unpacked event took place all the way back in January, where we got a proper look at the new Galaxy S24, Plus, and Ultra. These devices have now been in our hands for 6 months, which would suggest something completely new is likely to be unveiled at the upcoming July event. But what?

What to expect

If you’ve had a glimpse at the preview video Samsung released alongside this announcement, you’ll have picked up on a few of the obvious hints.

The big rumour is that Samsung will announce the latest models in their Flip/Fold series of phones. The Flip is likely to be a less substantial upgrade, with small cosmetic tweaks, as well as battery improvements.

The last Flip/Fold devices released back in 2023 to generally positive feedback. With improvements to the hinge, cover screen, and water resistance, the 6 will certainly have a solid basis to improve upon.

You should also expect to see some significant AI additions to these new devices. Back in January, Samsung made AI a large part of the launch of the S24 series, so it’s likely they’ll follow suit here.

Galaxy Ring announcement?

If you watched the last Samsung Galaxy Unpacked back in January, you’ll have seen Samsung tease a pretty exciting piece of tech. Yes, of course, we’re talking about the Galaxy Ring.

We’ve not yet seen this device, but the prospect of a new type of wearable is very exciting. Of course, the popularity of Apple Watches has been significant for Apple, who have continued to release new skews of watches and accessories to fulfil the high demand.

Although smart rings aren’t exactly new, as brands such as Evie, Ultrahuman, and Oura have made significant leaps here, it’s a pretty exciting development to come from one of the two big phone manufacturers.

The ring will likely be great for those keenly interested in their fitness. Expect many of the perks of a smart watch condensed into a compact and stylish ring.

Trade in and upgrade your Samsung device

The chances are this will be a really exciting event for Samsung lovers, with a few new pieces of tech to pick up. However, Samsung devices can be expensive, and if you’re looking to buy a new Flip/Fold outright, you might be paying well over £1,500.

That’s a significant cost, and if you needed a quick way to upgrade for less, you wouldn’t be alone.

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