Which is the Best Starter Smartphone for Your Teen?

We all know how incredibly skilled new generations are at using all things techy; it’s like they were practically born with a phone (or a tablet) in their hands! But when the time comes to buy your kids their first phone, let’s be honest: as much as it’s a big step for them, it is often overwhelming for you. There are so many options and so many aspects to prioritise, from storage to camera quality to parental controls (because you want them to be safe, of course!).

So, the question is: do you go for the cool design that all their friends have or something that will survive the rough ups and downs of teenage life? But don’t worry; we’re here to help! In this blog, we’ll dig deeper into what really matters when choosing your teen’s first smartphone and see how, at Mazuma, we will help you sell your phone to get cash to buy a new one right away! Ready to find the perfect phone for your teen? Let’s go!

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What matters most for a teen’s first smartphone

Teens have a highly active and social life; they hang out with their friends, take videos and selfies, share them, go on social media, and text each other constantly. So, when picking the right phone for them, it’s obvious to prioritise aspects like durability, design, camera quality, ease of use, and parental controls; it’s essential to find a balance between functionality and fun! Let’s break down every one of these aspects to see why they’re so important.

  • Durability is key because, let’s face it, teens aren’t always the most careful with their electronic gadgets. You definitely want a device that takes drops and spills like a champ.
  • The design also plays a big role! Of course, kids care about how their phones look and how sleek and stylish they are.
  • Camera quality is the core around which the social media-savvy generation revolves; they love to snap and share, so choose a phone with a good camera.
  • Ease of use is also important, especially if this is their first smartphone. No teen wants overcomplicated devices where reading a text becomes an epic task!
  • Finally, parental control features are critical; with countless online platforms and apps available, you never know what hides around the corner. So, these functions help you keep them safe online.

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Find a phone that lasts and looks good

As we’ve said, the first step is to find a smartphone that is both resistant and stylish. Of course, when thinking about these characteristics, your thoughts might go straight to Apple, with its exceptional designs and functions. However, we appreciate their models might be on the pricey side, so what are your other options? Luckily, there’s plenty! Our advice is to look for phones with sturdy screens and cases. For instance, both Nokia and Samsung offer fantastic devices with these qualities, thanks to features like durable Gorilla Glass screens and water-resistant elements to handle the occasional drop or spill with no issues.

And let’s be clear: just because a phone is strong and long-lasting, that doesn’t mean it can’t look trendy! We know teenagers love a phone that looks as good as it performs. Although iPhones might be expensive, affordable models like the iPhone SE are still great for the purpose, just like the Samsung Galaxy A series (pictured above) strikes the perfect balance between durability and style. Despite their robust build quality, they’re still cool enough for your kid to show off to their friends!

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Social media-savvy teen? iPhone SE’s camera works magic

These days, it’s all about TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. So, it’s just natural that today’s teenagers love to capture every moment with a phone camera capable of offering crystal clear quality!

As we mentioned above, Apple’s iPhone SE is a fantastic option in this regard. This phone was designed to provide amazing quality whilst maintaining its affordability. It’s equipped with a 12-megapixel camera that takes stunning photos, so it’s perfect if your kid is passionate about posting on Instagram or TikTok. Whether it’s a selfie with friends or a breathtaking shot on a family holiday, the iPhone SE never disappoints and delivers high-quality images every time! Why not trade in an old iPhone for a new SE?

Photos aside, we can’t forget to praise the iPhone SE’s impressive video capabilities! It supports 4K video recording, which means your teen can easily create professional-looking videos and maybe start a career on YouTube. That’s right, the iOS system features various intuitive and handy editing tools, so both photos and videos are effortlessly edited before being shared online. This phone is ideal for the rookie photographer or the social media enthusiast who wants to make a splash!

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Google Pixel 4a: the best choice for first-timers

As we’ve mentioned, ease of use is one aspect that needs to be prioritised. While it’s true that younger generations are super techy-savvy, nobody wants a device that is super complicated to use, with hidden functions and an unintuitive user interface!

In this case, you could trade in your phone for the Google Pixel 4a, which stands out as an excellent choice because it’s extremely simple to navigate from day one. With its clean, uncluttered interface, powered by pure Android, the Pixel 4a, unlike some other smartphones bogged down with pre-installed apps and software, provides a streamlined experience.

Going through apps, settings, and menus is a breeze, and when your teen needs a helping hand, Google Assistant is ready to assist. For instance, popular features included are:

  • Set reminders for homework deadlines.
  • Get directions to a friend’s house.
  • Ask a simple question.

The best part of this phone is that it likes to stay up to date with regular updates from Google to avoid sluggish behaviour. It’ll always run the latest software, complete with the newest features and security patches, to stay ahead of the curve. This is good for two reasons: number one, it improves the user experience; number two, the smartphone remains safe and secure!

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Keep your kids safe online with iPhone 12 Mini

Last but not least, we understand that, as a parent, you want to make sure your teen is always safe online. As all the models we’ve discussed so far give you peace of mind when it comes to this, we’d like to highlight how the iPhone 12 Mini is a real star, offering a great mix of control and freedom with its inclusive parental control features. So, why not sell your old phone and buy a new iPhone 12 Mini? Here’s why, in a nutshell:

  • The Screen Time function allows you to set limits on how much time your kid spends on their phone and restrict access to certain apps and content. This is extremely handy in ensuring they’re not spending too much time on social media instead of studying or accessing inappropriate material that shouldn’t be suitable for them.
  • Family Sharing: This lets you share apps, music, and more with your teen without having to share the same account, which we’re positive they appreciate! By using this setting, they can enjoy whatever they like, but you still oversee what they have access to.
  • Its built-in privacy features ensure all data is protected 24/7!

Sell your phone with Mazuma and buy a new one straight up!

So, as we’ve seen, choosing the right smartphone for your teen can be a bit stressful, but it’s definitely not impossible or expensive! At Mazuma Mobile, we allow you to sell your phone and get cash straight away, which you can then put towards your teen’s new phone in no time, making your kid happy! Just send us your old phone —even if it’s broken—and we’ll do the rest.

And don’t worry—when selling your old device, we wipe it clean of any personal data, making it 100% safe. And if you’re unsure about what model to pick, remember Apple and Samsung are not the only choices; there’s a whole world of lesser-known smartphone brands out there waiting to be explored! Browse our website to learn more, or contact us to speak with our team!