Recycle That Nokia Phone

We estimate that the UK has around a staggering £1 billion of old mobile phones lying around the homes. Amazingly, this is about four old phones per household. Now, we understand why you might want a spare phone just in case your current phone breaks and you can’t go without, but four? And we bet half of those aren’t even working anyway. Do you even have an old Nokia phone from the early Noughties in a drawer somewhere? Shame on you!

Before you go and gather up your old handsets of years gone by and throw them unceremoniously in the bin in an effort to declutter, take a look at what we can do for you instead. Not only is throwing a mobile in the bin harmful to the environment because plastic takes a long time to degrade and the batteries contain toxic chemicals which are dangerous, but you are also losing out on some extra cash! Every time you recycle a mobile with Mazuma, you’ll make yourself some money, and it’s so easy to do there’s really no excuse not to.

The most hassle you’ll have when you recycle with Mazuma is that you’ll have to take it to the Post Office in its freepost bag that we’ll send out to you. Our service is completely easy and free to use – in fact, you’ll even make money, so what’s stopping you? We have over 1,000 different handsets listed, so you can recycle Blackberry phones or those old Nokias at the push of a button.

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Another Means of Money Making

Making a bit of extra cash, even if it is only a few pennies, is becoming a big thing in the UK, with thousands of people using cashback sites regularly and looking out for other money saving tips on forums. Selling unwanted and unused mobile phones is another great way of making yourself some extra money, and we estimate that around £1 billion is sat around waiting to be collected through old handsets in the UK!

As well as making yourself some cash, there’s another important reason why you should sell your mobile phone to us here at Mazuma Mobile. We recycle Blackberry phones and all the other handsets we receive from the list of over 1,000 different makes and models that we accept. Your phone is recycled by being sent to developing markets in places such as China, Africa and India, to help boost their communication system and help their economies. However, it won’t do that if it’s sat in a drawer!

Most people have got into the habit of recycling household rubbish now because it’s the right thing to do for the planet, and they do so without getting a penny. Many people take clothes to the charity shop because it will help others, and again not receive any money. So why on earth would you not recycle your Nokia phone when we are offering you cash to do so? It’s a no brainer! Just enter your phone details on our site and you’re halfway to pocketing some extra pounds.

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Get More for Your Money

There are so many reasons we are ranked number one as the UK’s best mobile phone recycling site. In fact, we have paid out over £120 million – the highest amount in the world! We offer you great prices for your old handsets, but we also stick to them too, which many other retailers don’t. Some like to knock your price down for ridiculous reasons such as the battery being flat or there being some wear or tear on the casing. We don’t do that here at Mazuma Mobile. If you meet our conditions for either working or non-working phones (yes, we take phones that don’t work too!) then we’ll pay you what we said when you registered – that’s the Mazuma Price Promise!

So how much could you make when you sell your phone? If you sell a Blackberry Storm that’s working, for example, you could get a nice £25 straight into your bank account the very same day as we receive it, or if you have something in mind that you want to spend it on, you can get even more as an Argos voucher, also dispatched the same day. Buying yourself a nice little treat from Argos is much more fun than spending the money on paying a bill or at the supermarket after all, so we like to give you a little bit extra when you choose this payment method to recycle Blackberry phones! Find your model easily by typing in its IMEI number or just browsing for the model number and picture that corresponds.

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Why Should I Sell My Mobile?

If you’re having a clear out as part of your spring cleaning, then we urge you not to throw any of your old mobile phones away. Sell your old phone to us and make yourself some extra cash at the same time instead! Plus, you’ll be getting rid of your phone in an environmentally friendly way too. Mobile phones which are thrown away end up in landfill sites, where their batteries damage the environment and their plastic casings take thousands of years to degrade. AND they make you no money at the same time! What’s good about any of that?

Recycle your Nokia phone or sell your Blackberry phone that’s been sat at the back of a drawer since you stopped using it in favour of your shiny new handset and you’ll make yourself some cash which you can spend on whatever you wish, or you can even make a bit extra by receiving your money as an Argos voucher. Selling your old phone has never been easier either. Simply find out how much it’s worth by looking up your make and model on our site. If you don’t know the model number, there’s a handy photo to help you out, or you can find it easily by putting in the IMEI number (type *#06# and it’ll come up on the screen). Choose how you want to get paid and then we’ll send you out a free postage pack, or you can download a freepost label from our site and send your handset out straightaway.

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How to Sell Your Mobile Phone Quickly

There are loads of ways in which you could sell your mobile phone, including sites like eBay. The disadvantages of using these sites, however, is that the listing process is time consuming, then you have to wait to see if anybody actually wants it, then pack and post and kindly hand over 10% to eBay (and more to PayPal!) for the privilege of you doing all that hard work! Never fear though, because there is another way. At Mazuma mobile, you sell your Blackberry phone to us (or any of the other 1,000 handset makes and models listed on our site) and we pay you a fixed price. We won’t knock any money off for handling fees or for reasons that other retailers give, such as general wear or tear or leaving your PIN lock on. It doesn’t matter whether your phone is working or not, as long as it meets the conditions listed on our website.

However you choose to sell a Nokia phone or any other make, you should always make sure that all data is thoroughly deleted from it first. It is not enough just to remove the SIM card, as with most phones now all your contacts and texts are stored on the handset itself. These hold clues to your identity and can be used maliciously if the phone ends up in the wrong hands. We have a free data delete tool on our website, which will give you the instructions for your specific phone make and model to quickly and simply erase everything.

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Recycle Unwanted Mobile Phones and Make a Few Quid for Xmas

With thousands of new smartphones being bought by app-hungry consumers all over the UK every month, it’s no surprise that the number of unwanted mobile phones being thrown away into landfill sites is now greater than ever before

So why is this bad?

Over time, the components that are contained within mobile phones break down and release toxins into the surrounding air or water, thereby causing pollution that can harm and kill animals and plant life.

What’s the alternative?

If you no longer want your old phone and prefer not to donate it to charity, you can always use us here at Mazuma to dispose of your it and make a few quid to boot. Indeed, Christmas is just around the corner so any bit of extra cash you can get your hands on will surely come in very handy.

How do I use Mazuma’s service?

All you need to do to benefit from our mobile phone recycling service is find out how much your phone is worth on our homepage; send us your phone in the free packaging that we’ll post to you, and then receive your payment on the same day we take delivery of your phone.

So, for no more effort than putting a phone in an envelope; you can sell Nokia mobile phones or recycle Blackberry phones and get some extra cash for your Christmas shopping whilst also helping Britain’s animal and plant life.

No brainer?

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Three Steps to Phone Recycling Heaven

There are only three simple steps to follow when you sell Nokia mobile phones or recycle Blackberry phones with us here at Mazuma Mobile:

Step One

To get the ball rolling, simply enter the make and model of your handset in to our site’s ‘Model Quick Search’ feature and you will immediately see the amount of money your phone is valued to be worth. The exact details of your make and model can usually be found by taking off your phone’s back cover and looking underneath the battery. If you decide to proceed, you will then need to finish your order and enter your personal details. You must ensure that your address details are exact as these are what we will use to send your returns pack and payment to.

Step Two

Remove your SIM card and enclose your handset to us in the free packaging envelope which we will post to you. Unfortunately, we cannot pay you for any accessories you send in, but we can recycle mobile accessories free of charge. Of course, if your mobile phone is quite high in value, you would be wise to send it by recorded delivery.

Step Three

Once we receive your unwanted mobile phone, we will send you an email confirmation. On completion of testing, you will receive a second email confirming the value of your mobile phone. Last but by no means least; we will send out your payment cheque within 48 hours.

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Make Money, Help People and Save the Planet with Mazuma Mobile

We here at Mazuma Mobile provide a straightforward mobile phone recycling service that offers cash for unwanted mobile phones. In just three easy steps, you can sell your old mobile phone and receive payment for it in no time at all. All you need to do to take advantage of this great service is search for your handset model on our homepage; send your unwanted phone to us by way of the free packaging envelope that we will post to you; then simply sit back and wait for your cheque to come through (which will happen within 48 hours of the day we receive your phone).

Our prices are amongst the most competitive around so you’ll know the deal you’re getting is a good one. What’s more, our website is incredibly easy to use so if you wake up one morning thinking “I must sell my Nokia”; you can rest assured that you will be able to find an up-to-date valuation within moments of logging on to our site.

In addition to making a quick quid; Matzuma Mobile also enables you to recycle your old mobile phone by sending it to parts of the world where it can really help people in their daily lives. So, if you do wake up one morning with an overwhelming urge to recycle Blackberry phones, Nokia phones or any other types of phones; ensure you make us here at Mazuma your first port of call.

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