Many of us want to make a difference, but we don’t know quite how. Mobile phone recycling can help.

At Mazuma Mobile, users of our service are on the increase. People are starting to realise the importance of mobile phone recycling and taking advantage of the fact you can receive cash for your phones in doing so. However, many people often ask us what we actually do with the phones that you so brilliantly provide us.

One of our simple policies, is that re-use is one of the most important aspects in any recycling scheme. A product that may be junk to you could indeed be treasure to someone elsewhere. That’s why many of your old phones will end up in places such as China, Africa, Pakistan and India. In such developing markets, this is a highly beneficial practice as it helps to expand technology and economy in areas that are not perhaps as financially thriving as the UK. Often these economies do not have access to landline telephones or such systems, so a simple process of mobile phone recycling can help to heavily enhance communication systems across the planet.

If the phone cannot be re-used directly, we may take parts from it to help build a snazzy new product that may find itself in a shop near you. At Mazuma Mobile, we ensure that no recycled mobiles go to waste and certainly that they do not end up on landfill sites where harmful toxins within phone batteries could pollute the environment, making its way into our soil and water systems.

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