Who are we?

Mazuma Mobile is UK and Australia's leading online mobile phone reuse company.

What do we know?

What do we know?

Mazuma Mobile is part of the Ventura Telecom Group. We've spent many years finding new homes for unwanted, rejected, mobile phones - some broken and second-hand, some new that sadly became unfashionable before even reaching the shops (life can be so cruel...).

We re-home, on average, 150,000 mobiles per month - we're one of the leading mobile phone REUSE specialists in Europe.

You'll see that, for us, two things are extremely important: Quality Service (for you) and Mother Nature (for everyone). That's why we are accredited to the standards to the right.

Why trust us?

Good question. Our mums taught us to never talk to strangers never mind sending them our mobile phones!

We know that trust is important, so we've tried to answer all of your questions, and tell you who we are, so that you can trust us with confidence. But don't be shy if there's anything further you'd like to know about us, or our service, then we'd love to hear from you.

A message from our Managing Director, Charlo Carabott

A message from our Managing Director, Charlo Carabott

"I hope that you find our service both easy to use and very rewarding. We are dedicated to delivering all of our promises and offering you a service and experience that surpasses your expectations.

If you have any feedback or feel we can improve any aspect of our service, I would urge you to contact me by phone on 0845 872 3000 or by email on charlo.carabott@mazumamobile.com."