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We love our mobiles, but no matter how beloved a particular model is, there comes a time when we have to replace it. At one time, many people would just stuff their old mobile in the back of the drawer and leave it there, forgotten; or even worse, they would throw their old mobile away.

Nowadays, though, Mazuma offer you a much better option; sell your mobile to us. Phone recycling has become a big business, and it makes lots of sense. You swap your phones for cash, while we recycle your phone to make sure it has plenty of use elsewhere.

There are many good reasons for not throwing your old mobile away. One of them is that phones contain a great deal of toxic ingredients, and it’s really not environmentally friendly for them to end up in landfill.

Another good reason is that your phone, while not of any use to you any longer, can be of great use to someone elsewhere. The redundant phones we are sent by people like you are processed for reuse in developing countries, which might be India or China. You can be confident that your phone recycling is helping countries who are currently building up their communications network.

And of course, another benefit to you of using Mazuma to recycle your old mobile phone instead of throwing it away or sticking it in the back of the drawer is that we pay you money for it.

It’s really a win-win situation, for both you and the planet.

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